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Full text of "4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Proceedings, Nov. 2006"

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4" Annual 
UFO Crash Retrieval 
Conference Proceedings 

— ~ - 

November 10-12, 2006 
Las Vegas, Nevada 


Wood & Wood Enterprises and would like to acknowledge 
and thank all the speakers at the conference: Stephen Bassett, Richard M. Dolan, Stanton T. 
Friedman, Frank Feschino, George Knapp, Linda Moulton Howe, Michael Liridemann, Dr. 
Bruce Maccabee, Peter Merlin, Nick Redfern, Dr. Michael Salla, Paul Schatzkin, Matthew 
Thuney, Dr. Robert Wood, and Ryan S. Wood. 

Sincere appreciation goes to the organizing committee of John Hale, Michelle Buysse and 
Ryan S. Wood. Their steadfast dedication to the mission of exposing the extraterrestrial truth to a 
wider audience has not faltered. 

The information contained in these papers is the copyrighted material of the author. 

For further information about next year’s conference or questions contact: 

Wood & Wood Enterprises 

14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020 

Phone: 720-887-8171 

Fax: 720-887-8239 



The UFO “Why?” Questions 
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The Covert World of UOF Crash Retrievals? 
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UFO Crash Retrievals: The History of Leaks and Structure of Secrecy 
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Defying Gravity: The parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown 
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The Devils Hole UFO Crash 
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Scenarios of Contact: 
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After the Fire: How the Government Responds to Top Secret Crashes 
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Braxton County Monster 
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Alien Viruses & Leaked Documents 
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1974 The Year of Crashed UFOs Alien Viruses and Biological Warfare 
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Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies About Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 
LING EEMOUHOMHOWS sicccecsecacesesvccusnswcstvetesasavexeuetaensnecpameaatiacumssunsees sezevescnuansereccasvceuerearesene 136 

The Mystery of December 6, 1950 
Diz Brie MOC COIS S ace csc sesccwcicicoasenscas eecushivcoee cxaceseanepuscdul ao Casa ian ia ad ce A ca stn sooa 16] 

Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell 
Mathew E. Thuney 

The Bigelow Foundation: Historical Review October 1992 — April 1994 
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“The UFO “WHY?” Questions” 

Stanton T. Friedman 

Copyright 2006 Stanton T. Friedman 


I have been fortunate enough to lecture (usually “Flying Saucers ARE Real’) over 700 
times in 18 countries. My audiences, mostly college and professional groups, seem to have 
no problem accepting the detailed factual data that I present leading to my conclusions that 
SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft and that the subject of flying saucers represents a kind of 
Cosmic Watergate. But what seems to be of most concern, judging by the Question and 
Answer sessions, are the “WHY?” questions. Why would saucers crash? Why would aliens 
visit Earth? Why doesn’t the government tell us what it knows? Why would aliens not land 
on the White House lawn or at the United Nations? Why would people fake MJ-12 
documents? Why do you say SETI stands for Silly Effort To Investigate? Why have you kept 
at it for 39 years? Why hasn’t the government taken you out? Perhaps my answers will help 

the reader answer his “why” questions... or lead to more such questions. 


WHY have you concluded that the evidence is overwhelming that earth is being visited 
by intelligently controlled Extraterrestrial Spacecraft? 

The simplest answer is that is the only conclusion merited by the enormous amount of 
evidence. In my lectures I review 5 large scale scientific studies and ask after each one how 
many have read it. Typically fewer than 2% have read any. I note the 5000+ physical trace 
cases that Ted Phillips has collected from over 70 countries. In these people see a craft land 
and then take off leaving behind various markings on the soil such as burn circles, landing 
gear marks, small footprints, dried out rings of soil, etc. These are not crop circles where 
normally no saucer is seen. About 1/6" of these cases involve reports of small beings. | refer 
to the more than 1000 abduction cases that have been investigated by Budd Hopkins, David 
Jacobs, John Mack, Raymond Fowler and the Betty and Barney Hill case as recorded by John 
G. Fuller. I review the outstanding work by Marjorie Fish clearly indicating that Betty’s star 
map makes sense and provides information not previously known to us. Furthermore, I have 
spent time at 20 archives, had a security clearance for 14 years, and find it perfectly obvious 
that crucial data has been withheld and many government people have lied with regard to 
UFOs. Saying some UFOs are of ET origin, of course doesn’t answer other questions such 

as WHY are aliens coming here, WHY haven’t I seen one, where are they from etc, etc. 

2. WHY don’t the aliens, if they are real, just land on the White House lawn and say 

“take me to your leader’’? 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Obviously I don’t speak for any aliens. However, let us note three facts: 

A. The White House is in a forbidden flying zone. Our response to intruders in such 
zones is to take immediate action to escort the intruders away or shoot them down. As far 
back as the summer of 1952 when, in July, UFOs did fly over the White House, orders were 
given to military interceptors to shoot down UFOs if they don’t land when instructed to do 
so. This is described in detail in Frank Feschino Jr.’s new book “Shoot Them Down”. 
Major General Roger Ramey proclaimed that interceptors had been scrambled hundreds of 
times without any luck. As an indication of the zeal of pilots, I have heard of at least 7 
specific cases in which the UFOs zapped attacking Earthling aircraft. Tim Good in his new 
book “Need to Know” recounts similar cases. I am working on a claim by a pilot that UFOs 

took out 20 of our planes in Europe in the early 1950s. 

B. It may come as a surprise to many Americans, but the President of the USA doesn’t 
speak for Planet Earth. After all who elected him World President? Certainly not the billion 
people from India or the 1.3 Billion people in China. Obviously, the UN also does not speak 
for Planet Earth either. 

C. Normally negotiations only take place between roughly equal parties. Surely it is not 
difficult to see that aliens have technology far in advance of Earthling technology. Their 
vehicles are clearly faster, more maneuverable, and have access to huge space carriers 
(mother ships) with lord knows what capability. They have no reason to negotiate when they 
can already do what they please. 

3. WHY in the world would aliens want to come here if, as you have claimed, we are a 
primitive society whose major activity is clearly tribal warfare? 

Answers to this question are very much dependent on one’s picture of the local galactic 
neighborhood and of the situation on our planet. The SETI cultists seem to think we are the 
Crown of Creation and that there may be “as many” as 50,000 civilizations in our Milky Way 
Galaxy, which has a few hundred billion stars. It is almost 100,000 light years across which, 
according to Frank Drake, means there may be another civilization “only’’1000 light years 
away. This would, of course, make us very special as one of the elite civilizations. I think that 
there are probably many advanced civilizations within our local neighborhood on planets 
around some of the 1000 stars within 54 light years, especially the 46 that are very similar to 
the sun. The driving fact here is that we have only had fancy technology for perhaps 100 
years. But the earth is about 4.5 billion years old and has been suitable for life for well over a 
billion years. Just down the street, 39.2 light years away, we find a pair of sun like stars, Zeta 
1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli. These are only 1/8" of a light year apart from each other, but are a 
billion years older than the sun. In other words, there has been a great deal of time for other 

civilizations to establish themselves. Having an easily observable neighbor nearby would 

provide far more incentive for the development of interstellar travel than we have out here 


in the boondocks. My view is, per a fine analogy from physicist Beatriz Gabo Rivera, that we 
are like the gorillas in a nature preserve in Africa who know nothing about what is going on 
outside the preserve. I think aliens have been traipsing around the neighborhood for a very 
long time indeed. 

I think it is hilarious that Dr. Seth Shostak, one of the noisier SETI, guys says there is 
nobody at ZR 1 or ZR 2, because they were listened to by a Southern Radio Observatory 10 
years ago. One would think he knows what equipment and frequency alien communicators 

way ahead of us would use and they are trying to attract our attention, which is totally 


Answers are also very much dependent on how difficult it is to travel within the 
neighborhood. If one is a SETI cultist noting (as on the terrible Peter Jennings, Feb. 24, 
2005, TV mockumentary), that our fastest spacecraft is the Voyager spacecraft and that it 
would take 70,000 years to get to the nearest star, trips would be very uncommon indeed. A 
much more realistic approach is to note that Voyager hasn’t had a propulsion system on it 
since it left earth. It is coasting, helped by some cosmic freeloading. Can we estimate the 
time it takes to cross the ocean by throwing a bottle in? Can we tell how long it would take 
to fly from New York to Los Angeles by putting a feather in the air? It took Charles 
Lindberg 33 hours to cross the Atlantic. The Concorde did it in just a few hours. The space 
station goes around the entire Earth in 90 minutes. Electromagnetic signals take 1/7" of a 
second to circumscribe the Earth. Remember we have just started on our technological kick. 
Think back to 1900. Note: no TV or radio or microwaves or nuclear power plants or 
satellites or DNA testing or lasers or computers or airplanes or rockets or nuclear weapons 
or transplanted organs or blood transfusions. I am convinced that, unless we stupidly 
destroy ourselves, there will be a time when star travel is not considered any more far out 
than crossing the Atlantic on a 747 is today. I recently flew nonstop from Newark, New 
Jersey, to Hong Kong, China, in less than 17 hours... Nuclear submarines circumnavigate the 
globe without surfacing. Obviously there are those who think star travel is impossible. If that 
were true, which it isn’t, obviously nobody could be coming here from the stars. 

Think of all the people going through O’Hare Airport in a year and the huge variety of 
reasons for travel.... Here are some reasons for coming here to get the ball rolling. I am sure 

the reader can think of more. 

A. Graduate students doing their thesis work on the development of a primitive society, 
on a planet where, amazingly, there is no planetary government, where there are many 
different languages; on various strange biological specimens, on genetic variations of the 
intelligent beings. 

B. Broadcasters with weekly shows such as “Idiocy in the Boondocks”. 

C. Mining engineers similar to those who went to California and the Klondike and 
Australia for gold or to Texas and the Middle East for oil. As it happens the earth is the 


4» Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

densest planet in the solar system, so would be expected to have more of the rare but very 
important very heavy metals such as gold, uranium, rhenium, platinum, tungsten, osmium, 
etc. These are all much denser than lead. We know from studying star spectra that they are 
rare. They also have very special properties. 

D. Mining engineers mining more common metals from the nodules on the bottom of 
the ocean and from the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. We have been talking about 
doing this. Obviously war is much more important than ocean mining to us, so we build 
nuclear submarines to stay in the depths of the ocean carrying their multitude of nuclear 
tipped missiles. There are also abundant supplies of so-called rare earths, many used in the 
electronics and nuclear industries. It should not be forgotten that a century ago the primary 
use for uranium was to prepare yellow glazes for pottery. Zirconium and titanium were 
essentially worthless. Now nuclear navies use zirconium based alloys because of their 
splendid nuclear and anticorrosion properties. Titanium is used in aircraft like the SR-71 
because of its high strength and low density. 

E. Operators of refueling and rest and relaxation centers on the back side of the moon 
or in the depths of the ocean or in the asteroid belt. 

F. The visitors may be checking on old colonies established by their ancestors. Perhaps 
there were many different ones which might explain why we have black, brown, red, yellow 
and white races. 

G. This may be a penal colony on which aliens dropped off their bad boys and girls and 
that is why we are so nasty to each other. Georgia and Australia were first settled by 
convicts. Letting the convicts go bother other civilizations who, unlike us, have learned to 
live peacefully, may be a no-no in the galactic rule book. 

H. This may be a recreation center. Notice how many people visit Hawaii and Las 
Vegas and Orlando. If the travel wasn’t easy, how many would venture forth to see Mickey 
Mouse or gaming tables or surfing beaches? 

I. They may be specimen gatherers for ET zoos and aquariums. We are still finding new 

J. The local galactic horticultural societies may be collecting specimens for their displays 
and genetic cross breeding. 

K. Medical researchers may have to evaluate the genetic material of loads of specimens 
to find genetic defects or super special genes. There are a number of conditions whose 
frequency in the population is quite small (only one person in 10,000 has hemophilia) so 
many specimens must be checked. 

L. Perhaps this is the honeymoon capital for this corner of the neighborhood. Special 
rates for a week on Earth... side trips to the moon and Mars... 

M. Local neighborhood maps may describe the equivalent of English coaling stations in 
the 19" century. 

N. There may be special excursions to observe various sporting events. Don’t forget 

that a World Championship Chess match was held in Iceland 


O. They may be advance men seeking the best site for a new amusement park in the 
solar system. 

P. If we make the eminently reasonable assumption that every advanced civilization is 
concerned about its own survival and security, than we would expect that our development 
of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the means for delivering them in the local 
neighborhood would be of great concern. Clearly after WW 2 it should take less than a 
century for us to master fission and fusion and other new technologies to allow us to take 
our brand of friendship—hostulity...out there. Thus, a logical reason to visit is to quarantine 
us until we develop a technique for learning to live at peace with each other. No galactic 
federation new-member committee would allow us to join. Too primitive. I suspect that the 
SETI cultists think they would be welcome guests. Not very likely. 

Q. Having worked on a lot of motion picture documentaries at many locations, I would 
suggest perhaps some visitors are planning epic fiction and factual movies for film 

companies at home... shooting on location hither and yon. 

[Yes, indeed, secrets can be kept. The annual US Black Budget is estimated at 30-40 
Billion dollars... that is a lot of secrecy]. 

4. WHY is the government not telling what it knows? Are they afraid of War of the 
Worlds Panic? I hardly think so. After all, New Jersey was being destroyed by Martians. 
What could we do against them? Panic was not inappropriate. First we have to recognize 
there is a Cosmic Watergate and a long history of government lies about UFOs such as | 
described in Ref. 1, which lists lies from the FBI, CIA, USAF, NSA, etc. Some want to insist 
that A. governments can’t keep secrets and B. the real secret is that they don’t know what is 
going on and can’t admit that either. I disagree with both. A few examples of secret keeping 
that have leaked out: The Manhattan Engineering District employed 60,000 people to 
develop the atomic bomb at a cost of several billion dollars in total secrecy during WW 2. 
The Allies broke the German code during WW 2 and had 12,000 people working at 
Bletchley Park in the UK intercepting, decoding and translating German military 
communications. If the secret had come out, the Germans would have changed their codes. 
There was really nothing in public until 25 years later despite the obviously great 
improvements in technology. We also had broken the Japanese military codes... again in 
secret. With regard to B, note that the military agencies have monitoring systems that 
provide far more information than we civilians can obtain...and in secret. 

The Naval Research Laboratory finally admitted in 1995 that it had launched a bunch of 
Corona electromagnetic intelligence satellites to monitor Soviet radar and communications 
systems starting in 1960, after 12 secret failures. The first one that worked provided more 
data than all the previous secret U-2 flights that preceded it. The Soviets knew about the U- 
2, but dared not admit that they couldn’t do anything about it. The American people had not 
been informed. Similarly, the Soviets had shot down a number of military reconnaissance 

aircraft probing Russia, North Korea, and China causing the loss of 166 crew members. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Their families were lied to... unfortunate accident, crashed at sea. It was not until 2001 that 
the USA had a meeting with families of the crew members that they were told what 
happened even though most of the losses occurred in the 1940s, 50s, 60s. Medals were 
distributed. The story is told in William Burrows book “By Any Means Necessary” (Ref. 2). 
The National Reconnaissance Office first admitted in 2005 that it had launched 7 Poppy 
satellites between 1962 and 1971. Their function was to conduct very sophisticated 
monitoring of electronic and radar installations on Soviet ships. Thousands of people were 


So WHY keep UFOs secret? 

A. All major countries and many terrorist groups would very much like to duplicate the 
flight technology of the saucers. They can literally fly circles around our vehicles, move at 
very high speed, make right angle turns, move straight up and down, typically with little 
noise, no visible engines, and no exhaust. They would make wonderful weapons delivery and 
defensive systems. Since we have recovered wreckage at least as early as 1947 (see “Crash at 
Corona”, Ref. 3) we would have set up a highly classified Project (call it operation Majestic 
12 as described in my book TOP SECRET/MAJIC (Ref. 4) to try to both evaluate the 
wreckage and obtain measurements of flight characteristics using airborne and space borne 
and earth based radar sets, cameras, electromagnetic sensors, and other instrumentation. 
Surely governments have very much more sophisticated instruments and observation 
platforms than do private individuals. The key rule here is that one can’t tell one’s friends 
without telling one’s enemies. It appears that there have been many UFO crashes including 
ones overseas (Varghina, Brazil, for example). There is a long history of countries gathering 
and evaluating crashed vehicles of their enemies. This does not require a conspiracy... 
everybody has the same self-interest concerns. 

B. Each country worries about its enemies determining the secrets of saucer technology 
before they do and must be concerned about how to defend against new vehicles and also 
how to learn what the other guy has already learned. Soviet spies at Los Alamos apparently 
shortened the time it took the Soviets to test their first A~-bomb (1949) by at least a year. 

C. What if an announcement were made, by highly trusted individuals around the world, 
such as the Queen and the Pope, saying that indeed SOME UFOs are ET spacecraft? Here 
are some things I believe would happen: 

A. Church attendance would increase. 

B. Mental hospital admissions would increase. 

C. The stock market would go down... uncertainty is always the enemy. 

D. Based on my more than 600 college lectures, the younger generation, which, unlike 
me, was never alive when there wasn’t a space program, would push for a new view of 
ourselves as EARTHLINGS instead of as Americans, Canadians, Greeks, Peruvians, etc. 

Many would think that would be great. But I know of no government on Earth that wants 

its citizens to owe their primary allegiance to the planet (where it belongs) instead of to 


individual national governments. Nationalism is the only game in town. I believe that alien 
visitors (they may be our landlords, for all we know) think of us as Earthlings even though, 
because of our military traffic, they would be well aware of different ruling groups in 
different places. 

D. A small group of religious fundamentalists (Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson come to 
mind) have already loudly proclaimed that UFOs are the work of the devil and there is no 
other intelligent life outside Earth. What an insult to the notion of an all powerful GOD!. 
They would be up the creek without a religious paddle if an announcement were to be made. 
They have had a great deal of political clout. 

E. Making an announcement would require that governments admit they have been 
lying through their teeth for decades. I don’t know of any government that wants to do that. 

F. If an announcement were carefully made without the scare-mongering of “War of the 
Worlds”, a lot of people would think that surely, aliens, who can come here, must be far 
more advanced technologically than are we, since we can’t go out there. This would strongly 
suggest that soon there would be new methods of energy production, air and ground 
transport, computers and communication systems, i.e. economic chaos. We are not very 
good at large scale economic changes in a hurry. Think of the Soviet Union which, at our 
strong demands, had democracy, elections, freedom, capitalism. On the average, except for 
the high price of oil, are Russians better off today than they were 17 years ago?? 

G. Because I am convinced that military pilots in many countries have been 
disintegrated or “disappeared” by UFOs, I think governments would all be very resistant to 
telling their citizens that we tried to attack UFOs and they returned the favor, only they 
succeeded. The head of the American Rocket Society in 1952 took President Truman to task 
for the attack orders. Frank Feschino Jr. (“Shoot Them Down’) has gathered hundreds of 
reports of supposed airplane crashes in the USA (and overseas) in the early 1950s. Three 
military pilots, who each had over 100 missions in Korea, where they had to deal with 

marauding MIGs, crashed when they came back home. That seems very suspicious to me. 

5. WHY would saucers crash? Usually this is accompanied by a comment that it makes 
no sense that a sophisticated vehicle coming from many light years away could possibly 
crash. Please note that the vehicle could have come from a base on the back side of the 
moon, in the asteroid belt, on Mars or some Alien “Coaling Station” in the local 
neighborhood. I once did 25 college lectures in 35 days in 15 states. I was gone all the time 
from when I left home until I returned rather than going back and forth to home after each 

In the first place, there are many indications that what crashed at Roswell and in the 
Plains of San Agustin in New Mexico in early July, 1947, were small Earth Excursion 
Modules rather than the interstellar very large vehicles (space carriers? Mother Ships?) which 
would have brought them to earth just as our large aircraft carriers carry 75 or so small 

airplanes whose mode of propulsion is distinctly different from that of the carrier. Secondly, 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

when we examine major efforts by the Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause 
of aircraft crashes, we often find, after much effort, that it was simple unexpected things 
ranging from loose bolts, to ingested birds, to faulty wiring, to pilot ice in the 
wrong place. It could have been very high atmospheric electricity levels because of storms or 
the great dryness of the desert air. Or unexpected high altitude hail. We know a radar set was 
on over at White Sands because of an impending rocket launch and the fact that it used 
vacuum tubes. This was a tracking radar pointed north. Crossing the beam might have led to 
a small hiccup in the control system for a magnetoaerodynamic propulsion system leading to 
a collision and subsequent collision of the lead saucer and its wingman’s saucer. Perhaps a 
US military rocket launched in the neighborhood might have inadvertently homed on a 
saucer. Perhaps there was a momentary loss of attention when the Trinity highly radioactive 
site, at which the first atomic bomb was tested, was noted. We certainly have no reason to 
believe that aliens never make mistakes, never run into the unexpected. Some day perhaps 
the government will release the report that was undoubtedly written as to the causes of the 

crashes. Because we don’t have that report doesn’t mean the event didn’t take place. 

6. WHY haven’t you seen a flying saucer? I have no idea, though I have mostly lived in 
cities and am watching for traffic rather than looking to the skies. I check my audiences after 
my lectures and find that typically 10% have seen one, which covers many decades. Only 
10% of those were reported. I have never seen Tokyo either or had polio or HIV. I know 
people who have seen Tokyo, had polio, or HIV. I spent many years chasing neutrons and 

gamma rays. Never saw one of them either. They are also real. 

7. WHY do you say SETI stands for Silly Effort to Investigate? Frankly I find that there 
is very little science behind the SETI effort. It is assumed that there are civilizations using 
communication technologies similar to ones we have developed to try to attract our 
attention. It assumes there is no colonization and no migration and that nobody is coming 
here. They assume, because it takes less energy to send signals than to travel, that nobody is 
traveling. Of course nobody flies from Newark to Hong Kong because the internet and 
telephone is cheaper! Hah. It is all fancily dressed hogwash. They could easily be thousands 
or millions of years ahead of us. An AM radio doesn’t pick up FM signals. A German 
General just before the start of WW 2 in Europe noted (see Ref. 2) that the Brits were 
building a whole array of tall(more than 200”) towers with cross pieces which he figured had 
to be part of a radar net. The Graf Zeppelin slowly moved parallel to the array and listened 
and found no signals. The frequency being used was 10 times higher than the Germans were 
using and they fortunately never were aware of how well their planes were being tracked. If 
civilizations, with a great deal of common heritage and similar background and access to 
similar science, can’t correctly predict the technique to be used by similar people a few 

hundred miles away, why assume we can second guess aliens? They persistently say there is 

no evidence for UFOs, but always avoid dealing with the large scale scientific studies. Check 


their references. Look carefully at the Drake Equation, their Holy Grail. We have no way to 
determine the lifetime of a civilization, the fraction of planets that have intelligent life or 
develop technology. We have data on one “civilization” on one planet in one solar system. 
Real scientists don’t extrapolate or interpolate from one data point. They omit colonization 
and migration which could greatly lengthen the life span of a civilization. That is 
pseudoscience, no matter how many degreed professionals are involved. Admittedly their 

job security is dependent on nobody coming here... 

8. WHY hasn’t the government taken out Stan Friedman, if what he is saying about a 
Cosmic Watergate and overwhelming evidence that we have visitors, is true? Obviously | 
don’t speak for the government. I am careful in what I say; I don’t break the law in seeking 
classified data from people with clearances. I may be doing exactly what they want, that is 
preparing the public for the date when the great secret is released. I have never had an 
unlisted telephone number. It is in my books and on my website. All those lonely drives to 
Roswell would provide plenty of opportunity. My answering service is instructed to give out 
my travel information to callers. Frankly, 1 can’t live my life looking over my shoulder. Some 

have suggested I was too well known and a sudden death would be suspicious... 

9. WHY would people fake a bunch of MJ-12 documents? I am not a psychiatrist, but I 
would suggest to enhance status, to think “Gotcha”, to disinform the public so that the fake 
documents would be an excuse for labeling such genuine documents as the Eisenhower 
Briefing Document, the Truman-Forrestal memo, and the Cutler-Twining memo as frauds. 
Perhaps to be able to claim that the proponents are stupid or disinformation specialists? The 
same old tired false anti-MJ-12 arguments keep being put forth despite the fact that I have 
demonstrated that they are nonsense. The Majestic 12 article in Wikipedia is loaded with 
false and misleading claims For example, in the 5000 word afterword in TOP 
SECRET/MAJIC 2™ Edition (2005), in “Update on Operation Majestic 12.(see ), in “Roswell and the MjJ-12 Documents in the New 
Millennium” (Ref.5), and in my “Review of Case MJ-12” also on my website I demolish the 
antis and show that other MJ-12 documents are fraudulent.. Remember one of the key rules 
for debunkers is “Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is made up.” Another is “Do 
your research by proclamation, investigation is too much trouble and the public won’t know 
the difference”. I distinctly showed that at least seven of the supposed MJ-12 documents 
provided to Timothy Cooper are emulations of real documents published in books and 
generally available. They were retyped, much hand written material was Xeroxed or scanned, 
and the two combined. And there were often factual misstatements. Deuterium is NOT light 
hydrogen. Sandia IS in New Mexico, etc. General Spaatz was NOT in New Mexico on July 
7, 1947 (1 found his flight log and a newspaper article and desk calendar indicating he was in 

Port Aransas, Texas, fishing). 

4% Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Some of the statements from the phony emulations were repeated in other documents, 
which mean the latter ones were also phony. I have been told that when good information is 
leaked, bad is put out so as to confuse and imply the real ones are phony... guilt by 
association. It is interesting that Colonel Richard Weaver, author of the grossly misleading 
USAF Book “The Roswell Report: Truth vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert” (see Ref. 5) 

had as his military specialty “Disinformation”. He provided the fiction. 

10. WHY have you kept at it since reading Ruppelt’s book in 1958 and giving your first 
lecture in 1967? I enjoy being on the stage and the very enthusiastic response | get from my 
audiences, especially from the technical societies. | am pleased when people tell me that they 
decided to teach a course about UFOs, after hearing me talk. I can think of no subject more 
important to the future for my children and grandson than the notion of an Earthling 
orientation in the hope of helping stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. What is more 
exciting than alien visitations and government cover-ups? I believe I bring a unique 
background to my presentations: A. So far as 1 know I have worked on more cancelled high 
technology classified programs than anybody and so can deal with those silly “It would 
violate the laws of Physics” arguments. Not many have worked on nuclear airplanes, fission 
and fusion propulsion systems. B. Because I worked on many classified programs and have 
visited 20 archives, I am in a better position than most to deal with the silly “Secrets can’t be 
kept” notions. C. Because I have probably had to answer about 40,000 questions at lectures 
and on talk shows and in classes, I have been forced to think about the questions such as the 
why questions, more than most. D. I was very fortunate to be able to find that my memory 
was good and reliable (at least until recently) and I could give acceptable answers in a hurry. 
Being on debate teams in high school probably helped a lot. 1 have been very lucky, first to 
have worked on so many leading edge classified programs, and second to be able to provide 

sO many presentations to attentive audiences. 

1. Friedman, Stanton T. “Government UFO Lies”, MUFON 2005 Conference 

Proceedings and at 

2. Burrows, William E. “By Any Means Necessary: America’s Secret Air War in the Cold 
War’, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, 2001, 399 pages. 
3. Berliner, Don and Friedman Stanton T. “Crash at Corona” Marlowe and Company, 

(Paraview Special Edition, 2004) 227 pages. $17, including S and H from UFORI, POB 
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4. Friedman, Stanton T. “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” 2™ Edition 2005, Marlowe and Co., 296 
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5. Weaver, Colonel Richard L. “The Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico 
Desert”, US Government Printing Office, 1995 (about 1000 pages) 


The Covert World of UFO Crash Retrievals - An Overview 
of Personnel Management in Black Operations 

Michael E. Salla, PhD. 
Copyright © 2006 Michael E. Salla, PhD 


The evidence concerning UFO crashes that are extraterrestrial in origin, and their covert 
retrieval by highly specialized teams involving joint military and government personnel, is 
extensive and persuasive. Evidence has been accumulated by pioneers of UFO crash 
research such as Leonard Stringfield, and more recently by Dr. Robert Wood and Ryan 
Wood. Understanding the highly classified procedures established to manage the retrieval of 
crashed UFOs received a significant boost with the public emergence of the Special 
Operations Manual — SOM1-01 in 1994, SOM1-01 provides an important analytical 
framework for understanding, and answering questions about, classified procedures used for 

locating, isolating and recovering crashed UFOs that are extraterrestrial in origin. 

In addition to SOM-01 providing such information, there are the testimonies of a 
number of whistleblowers who claim to have participated in UFO crash retrieval operations 
or participated in a number of highly classified extraterrestrial related projects. I will 
concentrate on two whistleblowers, Clifford Stone and Dan Sherman, whose respective 
testimonies provide important insights into the nature of ‘black projects’ designed to 
facilitate UFO crash retrievals, and the procedures used for managing personnel recruited 

into extraterrestrial related projects. 

In this paper, | will use both SOM1-01 and whistleblower testimonies of Stone and 
Sherman to outline the main procedures used in UFO crash retrievals; and to identify key 
elements of how personnel are covertly managed when recruited into extraterrestrial related 
projects. I will contrast the testimony of Stone with key elements in SOM1-01, in order to 
better understand how SOM1-01 is applied in practice, and to help substantiate Stone’s 
testimony of being covertly employed as a telepathic interface in UFO crash retrieval 
operations. | will also use Sherman’s testimony concerning his employment as an “intuitive 
communicator” in another extraterrestrial related project as a means of corroborating 
Stone’s claims with regard to his covert training and UFO crash retrieval duties. Finally, I 
will provide an analytical framework derived from Stone’s and Sherman’s testimonies for 
understanding how personnel are recruited, trained and managed for extraterrestrial related 

projects in general, and crash retrieval operations in particular. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Authenticity of SOM1-01 as a 1954 document 

There continues to be debate over the genuineness of SOM1-01. One approach is to 
analyze it as a historic document that can be authenticated by comparing its chief elements 
to similar documents produced in the 1950’s, and to identify possible anachronisms. The 
idea is that if it is shown that SOM1-01 was created in 1954 without any modern 
anachronisms, then it is extremely unlikely that its public emergence forty years later would 
be the product of a modern hoaxer. The more likely possibility is that it is a genuine 
document that was leaked for reasons related to government or military personnel 
dissatisfied with the pace of official disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence. Both Dr. 
Robert Wood and Ryan Wood take this approach. They have provided a number of 
persuasive arguments for the authenticity of SOM1-01 as a document produced in 1954 
replicating the standards used in that era for similar government issued documents. 
Significantly, they find it devoid of modern anachronisms, and have yet to find any evidence 
for it being a hoax. In his latest edition of Top Secret/Majic, Stanton Friedman is in agreement 
with the Woods’ analysis suggesting the authenticity of SOM1-01 as a document produced in 
1954. Friedman believes that the stage has been set to analyze it in comparison to other 

leaked “‘Majestic documents”’ to conclusively determine its genuineness. 
é Cc 

A contrasting approach is taken by UFO researchers such as Jan Aldrich, a former 
Assistant Adjutant for the U.S. Army. Aldrich points to significant departures from standard 
military manuals that are developed in a meticulous fashion to eliminate discrepancies. In 
1996, Aldrich identified 50 discrepancies in SOM1-01 that in his view indicate the kind of 
‘sloppiness’ found in a fraudulent document. He dismissively speculates that SOM1-01 was 
produced by an “Air Force buck Set., with some training in military intelligence,” together 
with some friends cutting and pasting from Army manuals. He therefore concludes that it is 
highly unlikely that SOM1-01 is genuine. Aldrich overlooks that such discrepancies may not 
be evidence of a fraudulent document, but evidence of a significant departure from the 
normal military procedure for creating such manuals. Such a departure might result in the 
kind of “sloppy” formatting and discrepancies that would stand out for (former) military 

professionals skilled in the preparation of similar manuals. 

The discrepancies in SOM1-01 from standard military manuals can be explained by the 
highly classified security procedures created not only for managing UFO crash retrievals, but 
for creating manuals such as SOM-01 itself. Indeed, I will argue the existence of a parallel 
organization to the conventional military that borrows military personnel for a variety of ad 
hoc duties that are overseen by a covert management group — Majestic-12 Group. 
Documents such as the Eisenhower Briefing Document, the Truman Memo, and the Cutler- 
Twining memo suggest that the Majestic-12 Group was created by Presidential Executive 
Order as highly classified part of the executive branch of government that recruits 

extensively from the military, but is not itself a military department. 



The MJ-12 Group sits at the apex of an extensive network of government-military- 
corporate organizations and joint projects engaged in classified activities concerning 
extraterrestrial technologies and extraterrestrial life forms. Chief among these classified 
activities is overseeing the location, retrieval and reverse engineering of crashed UFOs that 
are extraterrestrial in origin. This extensive network of classified organizations and projects 
that can be described as Manhattan II. The development of manuals such as SOM1-01 may 
not be a product of military professionals in the normal course of their duties. Instead such 
manuals are likely produced by military personnel co-opted into MJ-12 classified projects on 
an ad hoc basis due to their skills, who then revert back to their normal military duties. A 
more informed speculation to Aldrich’s about the production of SOM1-01 may therefore be 
offered. SOM1-01 likely emerged from a ‘master sergeant’ and other individuals with the 
necessary security clearance and experience in UFO crash recoveries, being asked by their 
superiors in the Majestic-12 Group to prepare a crash retrieval manual using existing army 

manuals as templates. 

This explanation accounts for the number of discrepancies found in SOM1-01 when 
compared with the normal standard for a military manual, but does not dismiss the 
authenticity of SOM1-01 as a government issued manual produced in 1954. If this is the 
case, then the discrepancies found in SOM1-01 can be explained as a function of the peculiar 
system used to create it. This explanation provides an answer to the apparent genuineness of 
SOM1-01 as implied by its authenticity as a 1954 document (confirmed by the Wood team 
and Friedman); while containing numerous discrepancies as identified by Aldrich and others. 
In short, discrepancies in SOM1-01 as a 1954 document suggest its genuineness as a product 
of the covert system that created it, rather than evidence of it being a modern fraud. 
Consequently, I will use SOM-01 as a reference tool for helping corroborate the testimony 
of a whistleblower, Clifford Stone, who claims to have directly participated in UFO crash 

retrieval operations and Project Moon Dust. 

Clifford Stone’s Claims Regarding UFO Crash Retrieval Operations 

Staff Sergeant Clifford Stone served in the U.S. Army for a 22 year period from 1969 to 
1990. He claims that he was recruited into an elite UFO retrieval team due to his natural 
ability to telepathically communicate with extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs). He 
claims that he was picked out during his childhood by the U.S. military and had an Air Force 
Captain regularly visit him on a weekly basis who encouraged Stone to pursue his interest in 
UFOs, and eventually influenced his decision to join the military. Upon joining the Army, 
Stone found himself starting a very untypical military career in a highly classified project he 
subsequently learned was called Project Moon Dust. Stone says he was initially given training 
in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare at Fort MacCallum, Alabama; and then given 
regular army assignments until called away to perform his UFO crash retrieval duties when 

required. A mysterious ‘Colonel’ was the individual who supervised Stone while performing 


4» Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

his covert duties. Stone claims that when required for UFO retrievals he was typically called 
out for temporary duty (TDY) to serve between three days to a week, but in some 
international cases these could take longer with one month being the longest. His army 
service record refers to him only performing clerical duties as a typist; and has no reference 
to his alleged training for, or assignments with, UFO crash retrieval teams. Finally, Stone 
described how his effort to retire from the Army in 1989 (after twenty years of service) was 

opposed by the ‘Colonel’ who said his crash retrieval services were still required. 

Some support for Stone’s claims of having worked in covert UFO retrieval projects is 
extensive documentation Stone uncovered to support the existence of classified UFO crash 
retrieval teams associated with Project Moon Dust, and of crash retrieval operations in 
various countries. Stone began, in the late 1970’s to use Freedom of Information Act 
(FOIA) requests to uncover information disclosing the existence of project Moon Dust that 
was created to recover debris of UFOs. In addition, Stone’s military service was 
characterized by his dogged determination to disclose UFO information even though this 
was highly unusual for someone engaged in full time military service. His efforts were not 
viewed favorably and even opposed by his Army superiors. His FOIA activities led to 
punishments such as censure, being confined to base, relocation to foreign US bases, and the 
failure to progress in rank beyond Staff Sergeant. Stone’s conflict with Army authorities over 
his FOIA requests, and the actual documentation on Project Moon Dust are circumstantial 
evidence for his claim that he was secretly recruited into covert UFO retrieval teams without 

the knowledge of his military superiors. 

Stone’s use of FOIA was particularly important since this would be a logical legal 
instrument used by an individual who desired to disclose the nature of his activities without 
making unauthorized disclosures of classified information. Stone’s FOIA research led to him 
being acknowledged by UFO researchers such Major Kevin Randle who described his 
“pioneering research”; and Stanton Friedman who described him as a “dedicated researcher” 
who brought into the public arena “a multitude of government documents, many never 
before published.” Both Randle and Friedman subsequently distanced themselves from 
Stone when he publicly announced that he worked with UFO crash retrieval teams, and did 
not have the documentation to verify this. To help substantiate Stone’s claims, I will now 
examine them in relation to SOM1-01 to find parallels and consistencies in terms of 
procedures and policies. If Stone’s claims are consistent with SOM1-01, then this helps 

confirm his testimony. Also, such consistency would help identify the security procedures 

used to manage personnel recruited into covert UFO crash retrieval projects. 


Contrasting Clifford Stone’s UFO Crash Retrieval Claims with SOM1-01 

Stone claimed that he was part of a highly classified advance team for crash retrievals 
that would check for biological or radioactive contamination. This was combined with his 
most important duty which was to be the telepathic interface in case communication was 
required with any EBE found at the crash scene. Stone claimed that these operations were 
led by an individual who wore civilian clothes whose rank he was never told but whom he 
called 'Colonel' due to his behavior in terms of taking charge of retrieval operations, and 
leading the debriefing sessions. This appears to be very odd given the propensity for 
operations involving military personnel to be led by military officers where rank dictates 
authority. However, the ‘Colonel’ and the covert team Stone was recruited into appeared to 

be one of the “Special Teams” described in SOM1-01 as follows: 

4.a. The recovery for scientific study of all materials and devices of a foreign or 
extraterrestrial manufacture that may become available.... 

4.b. The recovery for scientific study of all entities and remains of entities not of 
terrestrial origin which may become available... 

4.c. The establishment of Special Teams to accomplish the above operations 

These special teams would not require any distinguishing uniforms specifying rank since 

they were given “Top priority” at UFO crash retrieval locations: 

24d. OPNAC Team personnel will be given TOP Priority at all times regardless of their 
apparent rank or status. No person has the authority to interfere with the OPNAC 
Team in the performance of its duties by special direction of the President of the United 

In addition, Stone claimed that he sometimes traveled internationally to perform crash 
retrievals that were led by the ‘Colonel’. This is consistent Stone’s overseas assignments and 

with the following SOM1-01 passage: 

4.e. Establishment and administration of covert operations to be carried out in concert 
with Central Intelligence to effect the recovery for the United States of extraterrestrial 
technology and entities which may come down inside the territory of or fall into the 

possession of foreign powers. 

Stone’s testimony of his ‘special team’ being led by a civilian who took charge of the 
crash retrieval operations, despite the possibility of high ranking military personnel at the 

scene, is consistent with SOM1-01. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Stone further claimed that the ‘Colonel’ allowed him to read a three inch thick booklet 

that contained information on 57 known types of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs): 

That information was from a little publication that they had that the person I called the 
Colonel always carried [with] him. ... It was a little booklet that he carried, actually a 
little thick booklet, a loose leaf notebook type situation. But the intent of cataloguing 
the different species was so that they could render the best first aid they could in 

identifying which species they had at any given location. 

Stone claims he first saw the Heinz 57, "EBE Guidebook" in 1979 and said that it 
contained much information on each of group of EBEs in terms of their physiology, food 
requirements and medical information. He claims he could read the Guidebook when he was 
serving on the retrieval teams up until 1989. Stone says that the Guidebook was to be used 
in case First Aid had to be administered to any EBEs found at crash sites. In a July 2005 
interview, Stone gave the example of Iodine which could be administered for first aid 
purposes for humans and some EBEs, but could be deadly for other EBEs. We can now 

compare his claims with a passage from SOM1-01: 

24, b. Injured or wounded entities will be treated by medical personnel assigned to the 
OPNAC Team. If the team medical personnel are not immediately available. First Aid 
will be administered by Medical Corps personnel at the initial site. Since little is known 
about EBE biological functions, aid will be confined to the stopping of bleeding, 
bandaging of wounds and splinting of broken limbs. No medications of any kind are to 
be administered as the effect of terrestrial medications on non-human biological 

systems are impossible to predict. 

Stone’s testimony is consistent with the first aid assistance described in SOM1-01. As 
part of the advance team attending crash retrieval sites, Stone would have a “need to know” 
when it came to administrating first aid to injured EBEs. Stone’s testimony however 
indicates that knowledge of EBE physiology had considerably advanced since 1954 when no 
substances were prescribed for dealing with EBE injuries by SOM1-01 since the effects were 
“impossible to predict”. By 1979, however, a medical manual was made available to detail 
what substances could or couldn’t be administered. This indicates that in the 25 years since 
SOM1-01 was crafted, a great deal of information had been acquired on EBE physiology. 
This is consistent with the number of crash retrieval operations that have been estimated to 

have occurred over these years, and the knowledge gained through them. 

In a July 2005 interview, Stone describes the codeword he would receive for leaving his 

normal duties to go on TDY assignment with the Project Moon Dust crash retrieval team. 



The code word that was used with me was “the general sends his regards”. I didn’t 
know if there was a general involved or not since I never saw the general. I was told 
“bags to go”, so you grab your DA-50 bag, all your equipment will be packed and you 
kiss your wife and your children goodbye and you left. You never knew if you were 

going to see them again. There were accidents where people didn’t return. 

This reveals how his crash retrieval duties would be conducted without knowledge of 

his immediate army superiors. As far as they were concerned, Stone would be called away to 

perform TDY duties or training, and would then have to return to complete his normal 

military duties. The following quote describes the nature of the security clearance required by 

Stone when called away from his normal Army duties to participate in crash retrieval 


Well any time I needed a security clearance, I had whatever security clearance to do 
whatever it was they wanted me to do. You were debriefed afterwards and you signed 
the non-disclosure agreement, but it’s not supposed to work that way. It’s supposed to 
be that they give you that on a one time basis, on a “need to know” and that’s where it 

stops short of getting the actual clearance and being fully briefed into the job. 

We can evaluate Stone’s statements concerning being called away through the use of 

secret codes and the issuance of temporary security clearances in terms of section 23.b. from 


Contact with EBEs by military personnel not having MJ-12 or OPNAC clearance is to 
be strictly limited to action necessary to ensure the availability of the EBEs for study by 
the OPNAC Team. 

This supports Stone’s claim of being clearances on a one time “need to know” basis, 

where he was not given the higher security clearance of MJ-12 personnel. The use of codes 

to summon Stone to his covert duties would be a means of maintaining “absolute top 

secrecy” as required by section 4.f in SOM1-01: “The establishment and maintenance of 

absolute top secrecy concerning all the above operations.” 

Stone’s reference to getting the “actual clearance and being fully briefed into the job” 

involved completing training at what he described as “the school:” 

I was not aware of where it was located, what was taught. I got to meet some people 
who went there and to me they were scary. It was like, you know, even enlisted people 

were above reproach. I mean, it was like “your station in life is less than mine because I 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

know secrets that no one else knows.” It’s hard to explain but there was something 

sinister about the people when they came back from the school. 

The “school” was something for those interested in making more of a commitment to 
working with MJ-12 and experiencing the career advancement such covert work would 


Finally, Stone claims that during his first recovery operation for Project Moon Dust in 
1969 he was assigned to guarding a captured EBE. The EBE revealed to Stone during their 
telepathic communication that it intended to escape. Stone claims that the EBE would have 
been terminated by security in making such an attempt. In order to ensure the EBE’s safety, 
Stone decided to help the EBE escape. This extraordinary claim that extraterrestrials can be 

terminated out of security concerns is corroborated in the following section of SOM1-01: 

24.c. In dealing with any living Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, security is of 
paramount importance. All other considerations are secondary. Although it is preferable 
to maintain the physical well-being of any entity, the loss of EBE life is considered 
acceptable if conditions or delays to preserve that life in any way compromise the 

security of the operation. 

Like many whistleblowers revealing classified information concerning UFOs, there is 
controversy Over inconsistencies between Stone’s testimony, and lack of documentary 
evidence to verify his alleged training and service in covert projects. Stone claims that all his 
covert training for, and duties with crash retrieval operations, were not recorded in his 
military records. The exclusion from military records of all reference to training and 
deployment for crash retrieval operations is consistent with a policy of maintaining “absolute 
top secrecy” as detailed in section 4.f of SOM1-01. Sanitizing the training and service 
records of personnel associated with crash retrieval teams would be a means of maintaining 
the ‘absolute secrecy’ required for these operations. The absence in Stone’s military records 
of any reference to covert projects related to EBEs replicates what occurred for Dan 
Sherman. Sherman claims that his covert training for telepathic communication with EBEs, 
and his actual service in that capacity was not recorded on his military service record. I will 
now examine Sherman’s background to provide a means of contrasting with and 
corroborating Stone’s crash retrieval testimony given the lack of documentation to confirm 

the latter’s claims. 

Dan Sherman and Project Preserve Destiny 

Dan Sherman served with the US Air Force for twelve years (1982-1994) and received a 
number of awards including the Commendation Medal and the Achievement Medal. He was 

recruited into a classified program, "Project Preserve Destiny” (PPD), conducted under the 



auspices of the National Security Agency (NSA). The training was for Sherman to become 
an “intuitive communicator” with EBEs. Essentially, Sherman would learn to telepathically 
interface with EBEs and pass on this information through a secure computer system to his 
handlers within the NSA. Sherman’s training for PPD was conducted at the same time while 
training for a conventional military career in electronic intelligence (ELINT), which itself 
was classified. Significantly, Sherman was told that he suited to the task since he was 
identified early in his childhood by the military as someone that was capable of 
communicating with EBEs. He claims that his desire to join the Air Force was stimulated by 
a Major Roberts stationed at nearby Beale Air Force base who regularly visited Sherman’s 
home when he was between 10-11 and talked to Sherman about how great life was in the Air 


Sherman described that his ELINT training acted as a cover for his participation in 
PPD. In his book, Above Black, and subsequent interviews, Sherman revealed how he was 
recruited and trained in a way unknown to his normal ELINT military trainers. The training 
occurred over the same period as his normal training in ELINT. When he was subsequently 
assigned to the NSA, Sherman worked on a specially designed computer where he could 
perform both his normal ELINT work, and also work as an intuitive communicator when 
required with EBEs. The individuals responsible for Sherman’s training and subsequent 
covert work within the NSA were officers with the rank of Captain who would not operate 
through the normal chain of military command either within the USAF or within the NSA. 
The responsible organization appeared to be a parallel system that operated through but was 

not part of the NSA. He worked on PPD for almost three years. 

Significantly, Sherman’s military record does not reflect his training as an intuitive 
communicator, nor his subsequent work as a telepathic interface with EBEs. Nor is there 
any record of who the officers were that he reported to in performing his intuitive 
communicator work. Sherman’s experience offers an independent means of corroborating 
the testimony of Clifford Stone. The following seven elements appear in both the 
testimonies of Sherman and Stone, and suggest that they were recruited into projects 
overseen by the Majestic-12 Group who had created a system for recruiting personnel that 

would be a very effective means of maintaining secrecy. 

Table 1. Sherman and Stone experienced many identical circumstances. 

Dan Sherman (Project Preserve Destiny) Clifford Stone (Project Moon Dust) 

Recruited due to innate telepathic skills Recruited due to innate telepathic skills 
recognized during childhood 

recognized during childhood; 

Inspired to join the Air Force by a Major Inspired to join the Air Force by a Captain 
Roberts who regularly talked to him who visited his home on a weekly basis 
between the ages of 10-11 

PPD duties overseen by succession of 

Crash retrievals overseen by a civilian (the 


4™ Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

captains outside of the normal chain of 

Covert training occurred without the 
awareness of normal military commanders 
Employment occurred without normal 
military commanders being aware that he 

was performing duties for a covert agency 
operating through the USAF/NSA 
Military records have no details of either 
the training or service he performed in 
relation to communication with EBEs. 
Experienced great difficulty in being 
released from PPD due to relatively few 
individuals that could replace him. 

Colonel) outside of the normal chain of 

Covert training occurred without the 
awareness of normal military commanders 
Employment occurred without normal 
military commanders being aware that he 
was performing duties for a covert agency 
operating through the US Arm 

Military records have no details of either 
the training or service he performed in 
relation to UFO crash retrievals. 
Experienced great difficulty in retiring 
from Army due to the ‘Colonel’ stating that 
his services were still required. 

Sherman’s whistleblower testimony offers important corroborating support for Stone’s 

claims for having worked on UFO crash retrieval teams. Combined with a number of 
consistencies with SOM1-01, Stone’s highly specific FOIA requests on Project Moon Dust, 
his long military service, it can be concluded that Stone’s testimony is very likely an accurate 

reflection of his experiences while working on UFO crash retrieval teams. 

Conclusion: Identifying the Procedures Used in MJ-12 Group Projects & 
UFO Crash Retrieval 

The parallels in Stone’s and Sherman’s whistleblower testimonies suggest that a similar 
template is used for recruiting, training and employing individuals for MJ-12 Group projects 
involving extraterrestrial technologies and/or EBEs. Such a template for personnel involved 
in MJ-12 projects appears to be primarily oriented towards maintaining absolute secrecy by 
minimizing the impact of unauthorized disclosures by individuals recruited into MJ-12 
Group projects; minimizing the number of personnel aware of such activities; and exerting 
maximum pressure on recruited individuals to remain loyal to their covert program 
supervisors. The template appears to be generic for a range of MJ-12 Group projects 
including UFO crash retrieval operations. Hence the following can be described as a 
template used for the security procedures used for managing personnel in MJ-12 Black 


1. Individuals are identified during childhood as having unique skills (e.g., 
telepathic communication) that can be of use to MJ-12 Group projects, and are 

cultivated for specific tasks, such as telepathic interface, in UFO crash retrievals; 


Individuals are encouraged to join a particular branch of the military and pursue 
a conventional military career that provides a suitable cover for MJ-12 Group 





Individuals are contacted by officials outside of the normal chain of military 
command and recruited into the MJ-12 Group project. 
4. Training occurs in addition to the normal military duties performed by the 

individual, and without the awareness of normal military commanders. 


Deployment and work with the MJ-12 Group project occurs without the 

awareness of normal military commanders. 

6. Clearances for MJ-12 Group projects are given on an ad hoc temporary basis, 
unless the individual completes further training or commits more fully to the 

7. Military service records contain no mention of an individual’s training, activities, 
awards or clearances that are associated with MJ-12 Group projects. 

8. The lack of paper trail or awareness by normal military commanders of 
participation in MJ-12 Group projects leaves individuals subject to manipulation 
by MJ-12 Group. 

9. Efforts are made to persuade individuals to make a greater commitment to MJ- 
12 Group projects by attending more advanced training, and not leaving MJ-12 
Group service. 

The MJ-12 Group template reveals the effectiveness of the system developed by the 
MJ-12 Group in recruiting, training and employing individuals on covert projects such as 
UFO crash retrievals involving extraterrestrial technologies or EBEs. The “MJ-12 Group 
Personnel Security Procedures for Black Operations” leaves no paper trail, minimizes the 
number of individuals aware of MJ-12 projects, and provides no means for personnel to 

substantiate their claims regarding training and employment in MJ-12 Group projects. 

Significantly, it is highly likely that something similar to the above template was used in 
the development of SOM1-01. This would account for the number of alleged discrepancies 
in SOM1-01 when compared to standard Army manuals. The discrepancies of SOM1-01 
were likely a result of the ad hoc manner that those familiar with crash retrieval operations 
were coordinated by the MJ-12 Group in producing SOM1-01. Its creators, out of security 
concerns, were not able to share the manual with other military professionals to exclude 

possible discrepancies, which is a normal part of the drafting process for new Army manuals. 

Overall, the MJ-12 Group may be considered to be a parallel branch of executive 
government that runs an extensive network of projects involving personnel recruited from 
the military sector while maintaining extraordinarily high levels of security. When combined 
with contents outlined by the SOM1-01 manual, the testimonies of Clifford Stone and Dan 
Sherman provide an overview of the procedures used to manage personnel involved in UFO 
crash retrievals and other MJ-12 Group projects. SOM1-01 and the Stone and Sherman 
testimonies provide clear insight into how UFO crash retrieval operations have been 

conducted for over five decades and successfully kept out of the public arena. 


UFO Crash Retrievals: 

History of Leaks and the Structure of Secrecy 
Richard M. Dolan 
Copyright 2006 Richard M. Dolan 

UFO Crash Retrievals: 
History of Leaks and the 
Structure of Secrecy 

Richard Dolan 

4° Amual Crash Retneval Conference 
Las Vegas 2006 

Wilbert Smith 

piece ofa flying saucer 
UsS.Air Force kindly 
id to. me for examination. Tha 
tis notthe USAF but “a 
small gréup very high up in the 
government" who determine UFO 

Ufology in 1970s 

* Little to no emphasis on crash retrievals. 

* Limited attention (till late 70s) on cover-up. 

* “Scientific Ufology,” collection and analysis of 

+ Pretty safe stuff. 

Part 1 — History of Leaks 

* Leaks occurred from the beginning 

* Few listened for a long time. 


* 1950s and 1960s 
* Received 10 or 15 crashed UFO leads. 

* Limited but unsuccessful follow-up, and no 

Leonard Stringfield 

* 1977: Publishes Situation Red: The UFO 
Siege. Briefly includes theme of crash 

* Late 70s and 1980s: Collects scores of first- 
hand accounts of UFO crash retrievals and 
sightings of dead alien bodies. 

UFO Crash Retrievals: The History of Leaks and Structure of Secrecy 

Stringfield’s Sources 

US mit hag radar system to detect UFOs; Navy nuciear 
subs equipped ry wan Banenstane entation to detect submerged UFOs. 

Southwest retrieval in 1957: 4 humanoid bodies rec8Vered with great 
difficulty. “ 
Nellis AFB in 1968: 
= UFO hovers for 3 days; 3 small ce staeonn ne 
and et detachment greet it. ‘ 2 

t paralyzes Colonel, a 
ts to parent craft and 


* 1/20/78. Stanton Friedman, in Baton Rouge for a lecture, learns 
of the existence of Jesse Marcel 

* Stringfield interviews Marcel a few months later. 


Genera! Botieves n eather Godget 
Autovce Saye HeEmALS AEH “ a S| 

Planter Pickers seria x: 

Bill Hamilton 

Leaks during 1980s 

Source. former USN. Driving In Jeep with fiend 
near town of Globe. Arizona. Jan, 1947. Reaches 
military blockade. sees large saucer with a 

banter on trij Looks like it 
pea (eave the area and 

Another source leads him to a producer who 
claims to have 17-minute film segment showing a 
retrieved saucer and five alien Domes. ay taken 


Another source, stationed in San Antonio in the 
Army In 1948. Loaded with other troops in trucks 
and driven to a remote site in the . Assigned 
to retrieve fragments of metallic m 

extreme and weight. Hamilton 
wonders if ine man meant 1947. 

Siringfield’s Sources 


Bry Laomaard MM Seeptenptinhd 
Kegnente OR Leen Me 


Radar specialist at Ft. Monmouth NJ in 1953. Shown film of crashed UFO in 
a desert, interior of craft, and dead aliens inside a tent. No expianation or 
debriefing. Several such stones. 

Contractor at Wright-Pat in the 60s. Saw 7 alien bodies under conditions of 
extreme security. 

Former G-2 Air Force officer. in 1948. saw TS manuscnpt about UFO crash 
in New Mexico: craft and bodies retrieved 

Limited information about alien bodies from an overseas source 

Lt. Colonel tells of intimate knowledge about underground installations 
(specifically at Ft. Hood in Texas) and other remote military bases with 
squadrons of unmarked helicopters that are dispatched to areas of UFO 
activity, including airiift operations. 

Project, Monet 
"a ; ili 25 

wicomdae ‘eel 

test any 

Ouinams LTR. 4 

surat: (0) MON OMT Reparting 
‘TO M1) Aty Fores Gollection Aetivitios 

The Smith/Sarbacher Revelation 

Early 1980s Canadian ufologist Arthur 
Bray finds key memo by Wilbert Smith 
from 1950: UFOs “above top secret” 
and discussing meeting with leading 
Defense scientist Robert Sarbacher 

Sarbacher, still living, confirms the truth j 
of Smith's private notes in meetings 
with numerous ufologists. 

Confirms crash/retrieval cases, 
implicates other prominent scientists 
(e.g. Vannevar Bush and Robert 
Oppenheimer), states he was 
personally involved in analyzing 
physical trace evidence at UFO landing 


4h Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Dr. Eric A. Walker 

Former president of Penn State University 

onversation will 

Knew of M12 since 1947 
nto an area that you can do 
and to “leave it alone 

0 Sarbacher had to teinman that Wv y 
ed ) attende 3d UFO meetings at Wraht-Pat in the early 

“yes, | attended meetings conceming that 

ir q S about recovery operations, etc , Walker 
“lam sure that | have 
restings at Wrght-Patters 
to dig them out and read them over in order to jog my 

Walker d UFO researchers after this: died 1995 
None o if hi ¢ presumably relevant papers have been fo 

Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks 

As reported by Jan Harzin, UCLA School of Engineering Alumni Speech, 3/23/93 

“We now have the technology to take ET home.” 
“We now know how to Iravel to ihe stars.” 

“There Is an error in the equations, and we have fiqured 
‘lout, and now know howto travel to the stars andit 
won't take a lifetime to doit” 

ts time to end all the secrecy on this as it no longer 
$ a nation seounly threat and make ine 
techno logy available for use inthe pnvate sector.” 

(Paraphrase). “There ae many in the intelligence 
communty who w ould like to see ths stay inthe Black 
and not see the light of day.” 

Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14 

Alien bodies 
Alien technology 
Studied in deep secrecy 

James Goodall 

“That SOB from Minnesota” 

Writer for Jane's Defense, AST, Interavia. 

Many 1st-person interviews through the 

1980s and early 1990s. 

At least 8 black programs fiying out of Groom oa ; 
Lake (not counting the B-2, etc.), including a 

silent flying triangle. 

e “Unconventional” technologies in use 
@ One contact (12 years at Groom Lake) says, “Absolutely, positively, 

[UFOs] exist.” “Can you expand on that?” “No, | can't.” 

Later says, ‘we have things in the Nevada desert that would make 
George Lucas envious.” 

Another source (1985-1986): “We have things out there that are literally 
out of this world... Better than Star Trek or anything you can see in the 
movies.” Would not expand. 


encounters make 

crashes more 

UFO Crash Retrievals: The History of Leaks and Structure of Secrecy 

Many Close Military Encounters 

5 US. and Canadian border area 
€ !ranian F-4 encounters 

3 h Mirage fiohter intercept, radar-visual. COMET A Report. Bnaht 
object approaches them at high speed 

ounter with UFO. Dark object approaches, pilot 
lane, regains treetop leve 

nt from Cerro Morena AFB and “square off with 
Electronic Warfare Range T 0 i 
nected arspace. Detail ount of Navy radar tr 
UFO ) with body lights, illuminating the terrain, seen by citizens Object hovers 
accelerates, etc 

6/11/78. U.S Naval Ammunition Depot, New Shrewsbury, NJ Odject 200 feet 
ab — away 

778 urity personnel shoot at UFO Bakonur Cosmodrome 
K azakstan (world's St and largest launch facility) 

7/4/78. Two Italian soldiers claim to seen landing of UFO at Mount Etna 

Soviet Military Orders, 1980 

Soviet Ministry of Defense receives thousands of LI 
cases during the 198 ccording to Col Bons S 

40 cases where pilots encountered UFOs 
Initially commanded to chase, then shoot 
Three fighter crashes, two fatalities 

New order evade UFOs 

American attitude more agaress says Sokolov they set 
up some 30 radar stations fo track UFOs 

Soviet Deputy Minister of Defense, Ivan Tretyak, confirms 
in 1990 that fighter-interceptors had encountered UFOs in 
Soviet air space 

More Failed UFO Intercepts 

3/6/94 3/15/96 

Alabama Air National Guard F-15 from Scott AFB chases 
F-4 explodes in mid-flight over UFO near Evansville, Indiana. 
Heard County, Georgia. 

County fire fighter states that 

Just before the explosion, F-4 “Strange orange bail of light in 
was chasing a missile-like or the sky moving very slowly. 
cigar-shaped UFO. 

Numerous witnesses. 

Suddenly accelerates and splits 

Gray or silver-colored, about into “four or five smaller globes,” 

“a third to half the size of the which vanished one by one. 

saclonreasince F-15 from Scott AFB seen in 
USAF says mish _ pursuit. 
caused by bad weld: 

And many others from the 1990s 

unidentified flying object 

Radar detected alow, slow-flying aircraft about 1 
am. yesterday, according to a military official 
Controllers were unable to establish radio 

Encounters and Interceptions 

5A-10/80. Two UFO sightings by Peruvian Air Force, noted in US DIA 
documents. Round UFO hovering near airfield; commander scrambles SU- 
22 aircrafi to intercept. Pilot fires al close range, no damage. Pilot makes 
second pass, UFO out-runs him. Second sighting; SU-22 scrambled, vehicle 
a lg eg aircraft. “Origin remains unknown.” Distribution list: NSA, 

c. State, 

12/80. Rendelsham Forest. Landing of UFO by NATO base. 

7/22/85. Two jets of the Zimbabwe AF encounter extraordinary UFO. 
Attempted interception. Good case and documentation. 

5/19/86. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Radar visual and pilot 
sightings, military jet interceptors scrambled in pursuit. 

led UFO intercept attempt in SE Ghana. US Defense Information 
port . 

Washington, DC 2002 

The Washington Post 

F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft | 


Over Region 
Steve Voge! Washington. D.C 

was this object, thes light-biue object, 
| traveling al a phenomenal rate of 

duly 27 - Military officials confirm that two F-16 speed. This Air Force yet was right 

jets from Andrews Aur Force Base were scrambled behind it, chasing it, but the object was 
early yesterday after radar detected an unknown 
amrcraft in area airspace. But they scoff at the :dea 
that the jets were chasing a strange and speedy, blue | — Ground eyewitness Renny Rogers 

just leaving him in the dust.” 



4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 


Interceptions and military close encounters continue 
through the 1990s and 21* century 

Plausible to assume some of the encounters could have 
been “very” close, ¢.g. crash retrie 

Ft. Dix / McGuire AFB, 1978 

to thie office that toore we- 

versrts of UFO dent in crvgrees on 


Dim inetel 

3 .Pecorted 
Upen fu eit 6 that an unidentified 
,tad Deen snot by red HAFB at above loc 


1/18/78. New Jersey 

Formations of UFOs seen, MP at Fort Di shoots 
humanoid being, which makes it to runway at 
adjacent McGuire AFB 

USAF security police finds body on deserted runway 

Researched by Len Stringfield and Richard Hall who 
interview key witness named “Jeffrey Morse.” 

Also investigated by George F ler (who was stationed 
at the time at McGuire as Deputy Director of 
Intelligence for the 21st Air F orce. 

Soviet Recoveries? 

1/2986. Crash of object near Dainegorsk, Soviet Union. Possibly 

Earty 887. Near the town of Vyborg (near Leningrad) Five soldiers 
plat object of unknown ongin, about 45 feet long, 15 feet wide and 
5-9 feet high. No doors or hatches; cannot initially be opened 
Eventually entered by officers, not made for adult humans. By 
September the object disappears from hangar without a trace 

1989. Possible UFO crash in Tyumen, USSR. Alleged bodies 

Some UFO Crash Retrieval 

Obvious early cases (among others): 

1947 Roswell, NM 
1948 Aztec, NM 
1953 Kingman, AZ 
1962 Las Vegas, NV 
1965 Kecksburg, PA 

Bolivia, 1978 

5/878 Possible UF O crash in Bolwia, near 
city of Bermego 

UPI report about an unidentified object that 
fell from the sky 

U.S. State Department files (with copies 
going to CIA, NSA, NASA, elsewhere) 

Ega-shaped, metal, and about fourteen feet in 

US Ambassador: "The Bolivian AF plans to 
investigate to determine what the object might 
be and from where it came Request the 
Department check with appropriate agencies 
to see ff they can shed some light on what 
this object might be. The general region has 
had more than its share of reports of UFOs 
this past week Request 4 reply ASAP ” 

(Why would U.S. Ambassador know about 
the intensity of a UFO wave in Bolivia?) 

Elicits reply trom Cyrus Vance 
Moon Dust activated for this 


4/15/92. Near Buffalo. Large disc shaped craft seen 
coming out of Lake Ontario, flies erratically south 
towards Lockport, New York, crashes 

1/96. Varginha, Brazil. Major case; crash retrieval, 
live alien allegedly seen, Brazilian and US military 
involvement, etc 

3/97 Peru UFO Crash and Recovery. Disclosure 
Corps Lance Corporal John 
gandt. Detailed description of crashed object and 
overy operations, run by US. military. Believes 

UFO Crash Retrievals: The History of Leaks and Structure of Secrecy 

Substantiating the Rumors 

+ Is there tangible evidence to demonstrate exotic 
technology being covertly developed? 

The Triangles 

“Though speeds greater than the sound 
barrier have been measured several times, 
not any bang has been noticed. Here aiso. no 
explanation can be given.” 

Object moved too fast AND too siow for 
| standard airoraft. 

Norton AFB, 11/12/88 

Aviation Week and Space Technology 

October 1, 1990 article by Bill Scott: “Multiple Sightings of Secret 
Aircraft Hint at New Propulsion, Airframe Designs.” 

“Secret Advanced Vehicles Demonstrate Technologies For Future 
Military Use~ 

Hints at anti-gravity 

Anatysis of 45 daylight and night-hme sightings of strange aircrafl over 
the southwestern desert 

Conciudes there are “al least two — but probably more - types of 
vehicles* beyond the Stealth fighter and bomber 

One: a “triangular-shaped, quiet aircraft.” 
Another: a ‘high speed aircraft characterized by a very deep rumbling 

A third: is a “high altitude aircraft that crosses the night sky at extremely 
high speed .. observed asa _ bright light = somebmes pulsating - 
flying at speeds far exceeding other aircraft in the area.” 

The Nellis UFO — Nov. 1994 

(Color inverted images) 

Inside Nellis Test Range (leaked to Hard Copy) 

About 15 ft. across and 9-10 ft thick 

Low speed of about 15-20 mph 

High speed of about 500 mph 

Right angle turn at about 140 mph. 

Highly flexible ~ possibly shape shifting to some extent. 

Similar or same sightings elsewhere, esp. Central & South America 

Poveett at hay Ghenepege stewart co 
@ Rudiak ot nite Mroseetigroot herr 


4%» Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Gary McKinnon 

Looking for proof of a UFO cover-up 

eet-to-fieet transfers’, 
es. Looks them up; 

ong contret cen 

Lasi_year a dis secret Cannot remember the names 
$1¢ of 32 astror An 

Arrested in November 2002 

UK decision that he should be extradited 
to US 

Faces up to 70 years in prison 

STS-114, 8/6/05 

* Event captured by Jeff Challender 
* Appears to show object in space doing a U-turn. 

(C) 2005 Jer" Phatiender 
Source htt /Avww projectprove corm/ 


* How to pay for this? 
¢ How to hide it? 
« Whats going on? 

(C) 2005 Jeff Chaliender 

UFO Crash Retrievals: The History of Leaks and Structure of Secrecy 

The Pentagon’s Missing Money 

HS Mews Comsspandent Vince fannalen ceporn, wile in ot 

How much is that? 

ehh Hepp 

Hon am transactions ~ Kamm rbe it adenine 

am Amence 

« Where did the 
money come from? 

* Where did it go? 

* Pentagon budget FY 2001: $310 billion 7 | * How is this even 
* Missing $2.3 trillion | ee possible? 

FY 2004 Missing! 

Billion$ More ... Just Gone 

Why Is $59 Billion Missing 

Catherine Austin Fitts 

Assistant Secretary of HUD during the Bush (41) 

Asks to see the budget. 

From HUD? - United States. 
Department of Housing and 
Urban Development 

2 he Mem 


NASA costs can't be verified, GAO) 
report says 

Determines that 85% of the U.S. federal budget is ae Dy Lamy wineeter. Gannen ews Senice 
un-auditable i? ate A é WASHINGTON — MASA iailed to account tor billions of 

Gollars spam on the space shuttle and imematona! 

Determines that HUD (and probably other federal i boa ev eee eee en ee 
offices) is essentially a cut-out operation for drug 
trafficking and securities fraud tapsion 

Writes of Disappearance of over $3.3 trillion mento E vary ham mach sand each yaar a0 
from the federal government from fiscal 1998- shi te & 
2001. ("What's Up With the Black Budget?") 

Theft Black Ops and Money 

* Ona breathtaking scale. 

« Presumable into many private bank accounts 

Open Program #1 as cover for Wocwsnre tre cea 

Secret Program #2 as cover for 
Extremely Secret Program #3 

Participants can tell no one — including families. WAR 
Participants must have true cover story to account for 
whereabouts 24 hours a day 
John Piha Craven. The Silent War. 

* Presumably into deep black projects, too. 

The size of the real Money is not a problem for 
black budget is covert groups carrying out 
clearly astronomical. even large projects. 

“To help ensure secrecy the money, which at the end of the 
line was in the sole control of the Military Office at the White 
House, was channeled through a circuitous route the cleverest 

Spy. or accountant, would have trouble following.” 
Bill Gulley with Mary Elien Reese. Breaking Cover. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Special Access Programs (SAP) UFO Studies in SAP 

* Separate and independent classification procedures ¢ Virtual certainty that at least one SAP is 
Unknown number — estimated 150 within DoD UFO related. 

Includes Unacknowledged SAPs. 
Some, but very little, published work on this. 

Becoming understood that private contractors (instead of 
Pentagon) are becoming the dominant players. 


Defying Gravity: 
The Parallel Universe Of T. Townsend Brown 
Paul Schatzkin 

Copyright 2006 Paul Schatzkin 

Defying Gravity: Eden Phillpotts 

The Universe is full of 
magical things 
patiently waiting 
for our wits 
i¢ grow sharper 

S vets & SPachcnn Steines TERI 

The Paralle! Universe of 
T. Townsend Brown 


Thomas Townsend Brown Prologue 

The Universe is full of 
magical things, 
patiently waiting 

for our wits 
to grow sharper. 

An Anonymous eMail 

7 Tewmaht fot abt Ime cee whee RRM Ene Leet nn! Me ge Set om 
(ae ee OE 

Penida seihien bdedunleashtaindes tertintee:} dentalen akan antheatedadebonsed 

copa ya Sn Peas athe 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

As Seen On TeeVee! 

Reaponwe ty 

ee ke Inahewee 
Crome tat sheet 
frm Aterey 

A aaeestatee 

femme oo 
Pages Sorery 
somemary of our 
Carat overens 

Reta Merwe 


Unted States Patent #4789801 
in thy nt, Zemon Efferr is bmetiy aastr t 
Snapeelacpetiokmceb imc bg ideas Issued: 1088-12-06 - Inventor: Lee. Jimmy L 
eccroeinete PArROUENG TeCrOd: ses 
bose seem anche ; 

2. Prior Art 

Electrokinetic tansducers end apperatus and systems comprising the 
seme have been known for meny years. For exemp&, efectrokmetic 
transducers of the “diode” or “*two-array™ type, and 9/ tems comprising the 
isciosed in U.S. Pat No. 3,018,394, oc Sra 
tan 23 1962 and in US. Pat. NO. 2.399, o9 
a Aug. 16, 1960. Further, 
eectrokinety transducers of the “tr or ‘three-airay” type, and systems 

comprising the same, are disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,518,462, issued to 

Mt . be The prior art teaches thet such electrokinetic apparatus may be used 
opeehinge - 8 an electric fan, when the exciting voltage applied to said electrodes is 
such ih Sands a MENOES DO continucus, direct-ourrent voltage, of may be used as a loudspeaker, when 
sccahie' tip Ooncmat : / the exciting direct-current voltage applied to said electrodes is modulated in 
pis Sip cage accordance wth the desired sound output fom the loudspeaker. 

Sane” below summarises Why alerice Ht an ental 
ettribute of any sir purifier designed for in-home use 

The Original “lonic Breeze” The Original “lonic Breeze” 

“Expert” Testimony 

Edward Teller 

“| don't know what makes it work.” 

The Biefeld-Brown Effect 

“it is manifested as a departure 
from the Coulomb Law of 
electrostatic attraction, in that 
the opposite forces are not 
qual. The negative elsctrode 
appears to ‘chase* the positive 
electrode, so that there ts a net 
force of the system in the 
hegative-to-positive direction.” 

Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown 

A Double Life 

% - Classified military research 

% - covert intelligence operations 


The Biefeld-Brown Effect 

“itis manifested @ 

from the Coulomb Law of 
electrostatic attraction, in that 
the opposite forces are not 
equal, The negative electrode 
appears to ‘chase’ the positive 
electrode, so that there is a net 
force of the system in the 
negative-to-positive direction.” 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Col. Thomas Bearden 1928 - Townsend & Josephine 

An erticia wrinen exclusively for this mapacine, draling with the moaning 

of Eimvietn S “Field Theories” and che reiation benwern clectro-dymamics and 
creviletion. 4¢tual aperimental confirmation and prectiwal retmitt are green 

1930 — Joins the Navy 1932 — “A Complete System” 

Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown 

1932 — “A Complete System” NRL Documentation 

With application to: 
1. The propulsion of ships 
2. The pumping of fluids 
3. The measurement of flow 

FOIA: The NRL Records 1933 -The Yacht Caroline 

We've never heard of the guy 
We've never heard of the guy 
...and stop asking. 

Dining aboard the Caroline “Intrepid” 

Wiillam S. Stephenson 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

1938 - USS Nashville 

The Caroline Group 

1942 — “for the good of the service...” 

oerouk, VIRGO 


The Navy's Version 

Pre rersy 

Lele of Wl intend ot 
whch “te. offen wae etardsA, 4 
Mast 4 ape 2 oe Lbanoonreued 

- ThMaue 

Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown 

1948 - The Browns of Waimea 

Visiting son Joseph in London, 1956 

To Infinity... and beyond! 

Moving back 
to Zanesville, Ohio 
February 1953 

Sorte" PdeAlities 

"Antigravity” Propulsion 
"Stealth" Submarines 
Surveillance Satellites 

{los Angeles Cimes 

cc Me 6 1D M = 

, ne ay Flying Saucers ‘Explained’ by Men 
ee ae of New Research University Here 



4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Fite: 24-185 


The Townsend Brown Electro-Gravity Device 

“Gravity Phone?” 

1960 — Aboard the Duchess 

Hiding in Plain Sight ? 

As seen here. the ONR investigator took the vollage up to a 
maximum of 47.3 kilovolits DC (average) at which point. with 
a dissipation of 15 waits of power. the discs propelled 
themselves a! a speed of only 25 miles per hour. Carehs! study 
of the ONR data indicates that Brown may have purposefully 
modified his test set up so that it would not give an overly 
Spectacular performance in that test. The data indicate that 
he had chosen a variabie transformer that saturated easily 
thereby preventing his power supply from yielding more than 
47 kilovolts. 

“The Set” 

USS Cutlass 

Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown 

“Caterpillar” Drive? 

Nick Cook, The Hunt for Zero Point: 

“They were building a Fucking Time Machine.” 



4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

For more, visit: 


The Devils Hole UFO Crash 

Ryan S. Wood 
Copyright 2006 Ryan S. Wood 


This crash investigation started for me when preparing for the 2005 Crash Conference. 

I asked Rich Dolan if he was aware of other potential UFO crashes and he proceeded to 

mention the story of two prospectors chasing aliens across the desert after a UFO crashed 
from his landmark book UFOs and the National Security State. His book cited a 1949 San 

Francisco Examiner article. From that starting point, it has been and still is a matter of 

digging deeper for the true story, spending time and resources. 

Upon further research, it turns out that the San Francisco Examiner article dateline 

MOJAVE, August 19, 1949 was not the first article about this amazing crashed UFO story, 

but it was the second and the start of the disinformation and obfuscation of the real facts 

around this UFO crash. The first know article was published by the Inyo Register (eastern 

side of the Sierra Nevada at the edge of Death Valley) the day before on August 18, 1949, 

and is reproduced below. 


Those Little Men Went Thatta-way, Pardner 

Last week a prospector from! Meyers approached the disc 
Long Beach, name of Fred/cautiously for a close up inspec- 
Meyers, told the Los Angeles Mir-|tion. It was about 24 feet in dia- 
ror he was going back to Death|meter and was ‘topped with a 

4+ Valley. Few things he'd ake te, black box or cabin, from which 
check up on. antenna-like wires protruded. 

He’s carrying a camera, with| Meyers knows all this happen- 
which he’s going to photograph a;ed. He brought back a piece of 
flying disc. He figures nobody’ll! metal from the disc to prove it. 
believe him unless he brings back Now he’s back in Death Valley. 
pictures. He’ obably right. jlooking behind every heat wave 

“Hére’s the He tld a flab-jfor the wrerkage. But he’s not 
bergasted Mirror reporter: saying icv muéh about what he 

Seems he was agitating the |expects to find. There are times 
alkali somewhere southwest of ; when a man should go about these 
Death Valley junction when he) things with considerable care, be- 
saw a disc fall. That’s right—a/qause people are apt to scoff and 
disc. A big, shiny, whitish yellow | say unkind things. Especially 
thing that glittered with a blind--/when they hear.the other angle 
ing light as it swished in for a of the story. 
crash landing on the rocks. {| Seems that after the disc land- 


ed, two men got out. They were 
dressed in leather flying togs and |! 
wore crash helmets, | 

Now, there have been a lot of | 
strange men in Death Valley. It’s ; 
not a place where common, color- 
less people congregate. But these 
two were a bit more than extra- | 
ordinary. They were three ‘feet | 
tall. | 

When Meyers called out to! 
them, they turned and bolted over | 
a ridge and disappeared. He, 
followed, but couldn’t find a trace} 
of them. 

So maybe 

Meyers -will bring | 

back a picture of them, too. 
Trouble with Death Valley, it's | 

so darned hot. Meyers says it was 

136 that day. Mighty quiet there, | 

!too. Man can do lots of thinkin’. | 

From this article, we learn a location, craft description and more of what likely truly 

happened. Creating a timeline will help illustrate the event and disinformation process. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

What is the event Timeline? 




Crash event likely occurs over the weekend of August 5-6, 1949. 

Sometime between Monday and Friday August 7-12, 1949, Fred Meyers the 
prospector from Long Beach, CA meets with Los Angeles Mirror Reporter, tells his 

story, and shows piece of wreckage that was recovered to the reporter. 

The military, likely from nearby Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS), established in 
1943, now called the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake, 
likely tracked the craft on radar then found the wreckage and recovered it before 

Fred Meyers was able to come back with his camera to document the site and event. 

Thursday, August 18, 1949 Inyo Register Article published article likely taken off the 

newswire, however this has not been confirmed. 

Friday, August 19 & 20", 1949 several west coast newspapers run the INS 
(International News Service) wire story about the crash. However, many facts are 
omitted and changed from the original story in the Inyo Register. Fred Meyer’s name 
is removed and two new and as far as my investigation has gone, fictitious names 
have been inserted, namely Buck Fitzgerald and Mase Garney. Other subtitle details 
also changed from the temperature in the desert from 136 to 138, both of which are 
wrong the real USGS reporting station for Death Valley Junction showed 107 
degrees that day. In addition, there were now two people (Garney & Fitzgerald) 

instead of one prospector (Meyers). 

Also on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 19-21" several major newspapers, LA 
Times, San Francisco Examiner report a story titled “Air Force Tracks Down 
‘Original’ Flying Saucers. WASHINGTON, Aug 19, - (AP) _The Air Force said 
tonight that ‘there is a good chance’ that the wreckage of two battered aircraft found 

in a Maryland barn ‘are prototypes’ of the flying saucers.” 



Devils HoleScenarios of Contact 

For the entire year of 1949, there is virtually no UFO story activity except around 
this august 19-21“ weekend in the Inyo Register, San Francisco Examiner and LA 
Times. The fact the Air Force chose to make a statement on the 19" and further 

obscure the true story is suggestive of a deliberate disinformation effort. 

The author hires two world-class remote viewers to determine precisely where this 
event occurred. They both pinpoint a location near Devils Hole, Nevada and the 

general location of Death Valley National Monument. 

The Author hires NCDC of Colorado Springs, mostly former satellite intelligence 

personnel form nearby Patterson AFB to compare historical aerial photography from 
1948, 1952 and present day to pinpoint the location of the incident. Several areas of 
interest were examined and one location showed good promise as being disturbed by 

the potential removal and site clean up of the UFO crash site by the military. 

"A" Target Area 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

10. Currently, three multi-day trips have been taken to the area with both intuitives on 
separate trips. Each trip has yielded more credible and consistent information with 
the know dataset of intelligence. At present, I am 70% confident that we have found 

the correct site as depicted below. 


11. After reviewing the oral history interviews for Amargosa Valley residents created by 

Robert McCracken (RM) a local Nye County historian, several interesting and 
possibly significant correlations emerge. Three of the witnesses interviewed provide 
suggestive evidence. One for example, is from the Lina Sharp (LS) interview, in 
1992... LS: “Grandpa Hanks up here saw something to the south (near Ash 
Meadows, Devils Hole area) that scared him pretty badly. RM: What did he see? 
Something landed, a plane or something: it scared him. RM: Was it a regular-looking 
plane or was it strange? LS: Something strange, because it frightened him. (He’s an 

old-time cowboy and his speech and mannerisms and words are old-time.) 

So What Is Next? 

Taking a conservative viewpoint, what we have at present is just an interesting story a crash 
event that I would rate as neutral in my book Majie Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters with 
Extraterrestrial Technology. However, with that being said there is plenty of opportunity to 
move the case along; my future plans include a detailed magnetometer survey and the 
hopeful recovery of small artifacts that have been overlooked by the military recovery teams. 
It is only through physical evidence that this case can really move forward, because the 
witness pool is small and likely all dead with the possible exception of former military that 
were on the site. 1 hope that next year I can provide an update on the hardware that was 



Scenarios of Contact 
Imagining Societal Reactions to 
Confirmed Arrival of Non-Human Intelligence 

Michael Lindemann 

Copyright 2006 Michael Lindemann 

This text has been adapted by Michael Lindemann 
from a draft report principally written by John L. 
Petersen, with Michael Lindemann and others (see 
acknowledgements), titled Contact: Possibilities 
and Strategies — Report from the Contact 

Planning Sessions, dated September 4, 2001. 

Executive Summary 

In 1998 and 1999, two invitation-only weekend seminars were convened to discuss in a 
systematic way the possible societal implications of publicly acknowledged face-to-face 
contact between human beings and intelligent non-human entities. The 26 seminar 
participants included professional futurists, college professors, business executives, 
journalists, entertainment professionals, space scientists and a high ranking military 
officer. Michael Lindemann was a coordinator and participant in both seminars, which 
came to be called the Contact Planning Sessions. 

The approach taken in this project did not rely upon prior UFO lore, theory or evidence, 
but began from the simple premise that open, undeniable contact is possible and, if it 
occurred, would likely be a major turning point in human history. 

The scenario-planning method employed throughout attempted, first, to identify a range 
of critical uncertainties that would bracket all potential forms that the initial contact event 
might take; second, to generate a set of “scenario worlds” representing the possible 
varieties of contact; third, to imagine how key stakeholder groups—media, government, 
religious, academic, business, general public—might react and interact in the face of 
varying contact scenarios; and finally, to identify specific implications for humanity 
inherent in each contact scenario, from which pro-active, before-the-fact policy guidance 
might be developed. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Introduction and Acknowledgements 

On October 23-25, 1998 in Santa Clara, California, and July 9-11, 1999 in Denver, 
Colorado, invitation-only workshops were convened to develop a broad outline of how 
humanity might effectively deal with the first unambiguous knowledge that sentient non- 
human intelligence had made, or was about to make, contact with us. Over the two 
Contact Planning Sessions, a total of 26 participants from many professions (academia, 
entertainment, journalism, military, law, business, science) contributed to a systematic 
process of developing and evaluating a spectrum of possible Contact events. The purpose 
of the Sessions was to develop this spectrum of possibilities, extracting important 
implications from each one, and then to outline strategy for anticipating and responding 
to whatever might arise. 

Because of the unfortunate stigma sometimes associated with serious consideration of 
Contact, the participants agreed not to make public the identities of those involved, 
except as noted below. It was also felt that the quality of the thought and findings of this 
exercise should be able to stand on its own without being colored by assumptions that 
might be made about those who were involved in its development. The organizers would 
like to thank these participants, most of whom will remain anonymous, for their 
significant contributions to the process. Without the benefit of their keen intellects and 
creativity, the Contact Planning Sessions would not have been possible. 

Although the subject matter of the Sessions might seem related to the study of UFOs— 
and though some of the 26 participants have at times directly engaged in UFO-related 
research—the inquiry of the Sessions was in no way based upon existing UFO cases or 
theory, and most of the participants claimed no knowledge of the UFO subject. To the 
fullest extent possible, the organizers of the Contact Planning Sessions sought to begin 
with a blank page, save for the starting question, “What if...?” 

The Contact Planning Sessions were organized by Michael Lindemann, futurist and 
publisher of CNJ News and Global Situation Report; and Kyle Pickford, a mergers and 
acquisitions consultant. The Sessions were sponsored by the International Space Sciences 
Organization (ISSO), a research institute founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Joseph 

The Sessions were designed and facilitated by John L. Petersen, a futurist and scenario 
planning consultant, with the assistance of Susan Stickley. John, with the assistance of 
Michelle Bowers, Michael Lindemann, Kyle Pickford and Joseph Firmage, drafted the 
final report from which this paper is adapted. 

John L. Petersen kindly granted permission to Michael Lindemann to present this 
abridged report at the 2006 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference. The findings reported 
herein are the result of group deliberation and do not necessarily reflect the views of 
Michael Lindemann. 


Scenarios of Contact 

Why This Project 

Contact with non-human intelligent (NHI) life would arguably be the most profound 
event in recorded human history, a literal turning point where humankind sees clearly and 
undeniably, for the first time, that we are not the only intelligent species in the universe. 

Such a discovery would potentially threaten some of the most fundamental underpinnings 
of human social systems: our definition of humanity, our concepts of God, and our 
understanding of the physical world that we see around us. It could bring us phenomenal 
new technologies and at the same time mark an overturning of collective-cultural 
assumptions that have stood since the beginning of human life. It might represent a 
spectacularly better or unimaginably worse future for us, or some combination of both. 

Facing such a monumental prospect, one thing seems certain: many systems and 
approaches to civilized life on this world, as they are presently configured, appear 
inadequate to respond effectively to high-impact change events. 

For these reasons among many, thinking seriously about Contact is more than an 
interesting undertaking — it may be a critically important one. But this report is not about 
space aliens, UFOs, or the contention that “they” are already here. It is instead about the 
potential breadth and depth of the larger Contact process itself, and how humanity must 
adapt and respond to the many implications that are likely to arise from such an epochal 
event, if or when it definitively occurs. 

The central approach used in the Sessions was scenario development. Since there is 
insufficient evidence to suggest which particular Contact scenario (if any) will present 
itself, it is necessary to develop a full range of fundamental scenarios that would become 
a basic architecture from which to extract the complete spectrum of possible contact 
implications. From these implications, in turn, a sensible view of contact-management 
strategy might be glimpsed. 

Our goal was to ascertain the underlying logic of various future worlds precipitated by 
the interplay of certain critical uncertainties. The result was not scenario stories of the 
kind often developed by professional scenario planners. A better term of art for our 
product — which we have used -— is scenario worlds. 

Scenario World Development 

Systematic scenario development stands out as an effective method for anticipating 
futures that are hard to imagine in the present. 

In his book Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation, Kees Van Der Heijden notes 

that “The need for efficient strategic thinking is most obvious in times of accelerated 
change when the reaction time of the organization becomes critical to survival and 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

growth... Slow reaction to change is costly.”’ This certainly describes the kind of 
situation that might attend Contact. 

Scenarios as described here are not random possibilities plucked out of the air. Rather, 
our approach began with a careful attempt to isolate the most critical uncertainties 
associated with Contact and then to build our images of the future around them. 

In the spirit of classic scenario planning, we sought to attach no probability or likelihood 
of any particular scenario world occurring. Ours was not an exercise in precognition; nor 
was it an effort to justify any particular belief (or non-belief) regarding extant claims of 
alien activity. Rather, it was an attempt to develop the best possible course of preparation 
and response for whatever, if any, Contact scenario(s) might evolve. 

The major steps in this process were: 

A. Identify and test critical uncertainties: Answer the question, “What are the 
uncertainties that attend a Contact event, and which are most important for us to 
consider?” Scores of potential candidates were considered; at length, three dipolar 
uncertainties (e.g. fast-slow) were identified as the most relevant for defining and 
distinguishing the various scenario worlds. 

B. Craft generic broad-based worlds. From the interplay of these three uncertainties, 
eight scenario worlds emerged. The basic worlds were then tested for “holes” — what 
might happen that had not been addressed? Every effort was made to stretch expectations 
into unfamiliar territory, even to the point of testing comical or absurd possibilities. 

With the scenario worlds developed, exercises were conducted to assess the vested 
interests of stakeholder groups in each situation and expand those findings into policy 

C. Concerns of vested interests. Mock stakeholder groups (government, science, 
religion, business and media) were convened to assess stakeholder concerns and interests 
in each potential scenario world. 

D. Implications for humanity. With the stakeholder positions as a guide, key 
implications for humanity as a whole were developed for each scenario world. These lists 
of implications, in turn, could serve as guidance for pro-active, before-the-fact 
development of policy for dealing effectively (if possible) with the various scenarios of 

Contact Planning Session II concluded with a series of exercises to develop policy 

guidance and operational strategy for each stakeholder group across the range of scenario 
worlds. That part of the project is beyond the scope of this abridged report. 

' Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation by Kees Van Der Heijden, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Pg 2. 


Scenarios of Contact 


All processes of this type have intrinsic assumptions associated with them. We tried to 
make ours explicit. We assumed that: 

1. Contact will be made with a life form that does not fit our contemporary 
understanding of human (it could be virtually anything, but as a practical matter 
includes only life forms that we could adequately describe). 

. The life form will be intelligent and capable of purposeful interaction. (The 
fundamental condition of “non-human intelligent/intelligence” is henceforth 
abbreviated NHI.) 

3. The NHI life form will present itself in a manner such that real, physical 
interaction with earth-bound humans can be expected immediately or in the 
reasonably near term. Most probably, the life form is aware of human life on earth 
and may have come here specifically to interact with us, though not necessarily. 
Receipt of radio signals from space or discovery of life by humans on some far- 
away planet was not addressed. 


Critical Uncertainties 

A series of exercises were conducted to elicit and test critical uncertainties that, if 
properly chosen, would together bracket all varieties of contact that are likely to occur. 

Three main candidates emerged. They were: 

1. the relative speed of arrival/contact, from sudden (fast) to gradual (slow) 

2. the apparent degree of familiarity or strangeness 

3. human interpretation of the probable net effect of the event, in terms of benefit or 

Variously combined, these three critical uncertainties lead to eight main kinds of contact 
event. The event (and/or the entities involved) can be perceived as strange or familiar, 
sudden or gradual, hostile or beneficent in eight different combinations. 

If the NHI life form seems familiar (for example, more or less humanoid in appearance), 
it may be relatively easy for human beings to believe that they understand it. Humans will 
tend to assume that such a life form possesses some sort of culture, language, behavior 
patterns and motivation that can at least be grasped, if not fully appreciated. In this case, 
it is relatively easy to believe that some kind of communication and common ground are 

If the NHI appears very strange, in physical form, origin or manner of communication, 

human beings might have much more difficulty assessing the risks of contact. 
Developing a working relationship with such an entity would be more difficult. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

The perception along the familiarity-strangeness dimension is based on human 
expectations and emotions and could prove beneficial or detrimental depending upon a 
variety of things including the NHI response to human reactions. 

We arrived at three areas of familiarity-strangeness that bear consideration: 

1. the form of the entity 
2. our sense of its origin and purpose in coming 
3. how it communicates and/or what unusual capabilities it might have. 

Form: this deals with the perceived configuration or structure of the entity. It can be 
physical, having solid mass that can be seen, touched, perhaps damaged in case of 
hostility. If so, its body might assume any one of innumerable shapes, sizes, colors — 
one need only consider the astounding variety of life on earth to appreciate the 
possibilities. Then again, the entity might be relatively immaterial, for example, 
appearing as a luminous orb, in which case it might be difficult to contain, control or 
communicate with. It might radiate a quality of super-human power which would be 
highly intimidating/threatening even if the being is entirely benign. 

Origin and purpose: Where does the NHI entity come from? Is it extraterrestrial in the 
common sense, i.e. a physical being from another physical planet? Is it from some remote 
part of planet Earth, for example a subterranean or submarine habitat? Is it from a 
different dimension of space/time? Does it originate from someplace that is unimaginable 
to human beings? And why does the NHI appear among us now? Is it exploring? Seeking 
new territory or resources? Passing through our location or dimension of space/time on 
its way elsewhere? Is human life relevant or irrelevant to its interest in the Earth? Does it 
wish to meet us, understand us, cooperate with us, control us, exploit us, displace us, 
destroy us, avoid us or ignore us? 

Communication/Capabilities: How does the NHI entity communicate with or exert 
influence on humanity. Does it vocalize? Does it employ telepathy, telekinesis or other 
advanced/arcane powers that imply the ability to dominate and control us at will? Again, 
if its abilities seem super-human, it could easily provoke fear and distrust regardless of its 

The Scenario Worlds 

Once the three critical uncertainties were determined, Session participants began to assess 
the characteristics of eight possible Contact Scenario Worlds that emerge from the 
interplay of the uncertainties. It is important to note that the eight resulting Scenario 
Worlds are meant to bracket the universe of contact possibilities, not exhaustively 
describe every possibility. 

The following charts briefly describe the eight Contact Scenario Worlds. 


| Being must be clearly seen as beneficent and 
able to further humanity, or else it will be 

difficult to fully accept that it positive, given 

the short time frame in which to assess and 

react. There must be an immediate and 

| unmistakable sense of brotherhood, clear 

+ communication and harmonious interaction 

from the beginning, leading to a win/win 

situation both initially and in the end. 

Scenarios of Contact 

| The assessment of positi 


can develop through 

relatively comfortable stages, with allowance for 
testing, consultation, education and adaptive 


With little or no 
match to prior hopes 
and expectations, 
humans would find it 
difficult to see the 
NHI as positive. 
There would be fear 

_ and skepticism about 

| NHI motives & 
capabilities; threat 

| would be widely 

| Being would fit prior 
| expectations and 
archetypes for NHI 
life vis-a-vis human 
science, politics, 
religion, philosophy. 
We would see 
common ground 
between the NHI and 
ourselves in terms of 
culture, purpose and 

| Being would fit prior 
s, arousing little 
religious backlash, 
allowing social 
adaptation to occur at 
a non-disruptive pace. 
This is the optimal 

| contact scenario, with 
| prospects of 
transformative benefit 
to humankind. 

Clear perception and 
assessment of the NHI 
remains difficult, 
though with time, the 
human inclination to 
fear and distrust might 
subside. End result is 
uncertain. Social 
change toward 
acceptance would be 
less transformational 
and more metamorphic 
in nature. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

There could be widespread loss of volition to 
controlling NHI influence, with attendant pain 

and destruction, both physical and emotional. 
The world would be swept by shock, horror 
and panic. Governments and individuals 
would need to buy time, any way possible, to 
formulate effective response and forestall 

| disaster. 

There woul 


d likely be a 
contacts meant to manipulate human perception 
and gradually assume control. Once the hostile 
intent was clear, it could lead to widespread 
social demoralization, corruption and spiritual 
confusion. In one form, this kind of contact might 
include invasion of the human body or mind. 

series of staged NHI 

| Being would meet 

prior expectations 

| and archetypes vis-a- 

vis science, religion 
and philosophy. This 
would make it easier 
to develop plans of 
action to prevent total 

| domination or 

destruction of 

Strangeness adds 
another layer of 
difficulty to resisting 
or combating NHI 
hostility. The fast- 
scenario is the most 
threatening and 
imponderable of all 
possible contact 

Being would fit evil 

archetypes of religion, 

science fiction or 
urban legends, with 
recognizable features 
and behavior. 
Mobilizing of human 
resistance, military or 
ad hoc, has chance of 
success based on 
belief that the enemy 
, is understandable. 

Strangeness adds 
difficulty to resisting or 
combating hostile NHI, 
| with the prospect of 
encroaching confusion 
and disorientation 
leading to total 
breakdown of social 
order and will to resist. 
| However, time might 
allow regrouping of 

| human resolve as more 

| becomes known about 
| the NHI. 

The Scenario World Players 

Regardless of the core values and attitudes of individuals, it is clear that professional 
groups in themselves can vary significantly in how group members respond to an unusual 
challenge. Major stakeholders will have varying degrees of interest and concern. In the 
end, the net response to Contact will be some kind of a brokered aggregate of the major 
stakeholder groups, which would include government, religion, science, business, media 
and the public at large. 


Governments around the world would have distinct interests in Contact — not just in 
collective security terms, but also regarding the prospect of national advantage or the 
threat to national survival. National populations would respond differently depending 
upon whether government chose to cast a Contact event in positive or negative terms. 
This in turn would directly influence the outcome of the incident, including whether 
social order begins to unravel or stays intact. Government would therefore need to 
employ the utmost diplomatic skills in any interaction, whether negotiating, establishing 
relations, warding off hostility or serving as liaison between the NHI entity/group and the 
rest of the world. 


Scenarios of Contact 

Government would want first to protect its own interests, i.e. make sure that the NHI 
contact did not undermine government’s ability to maintain internal credibility and social 
order; then it would seek to preserve public welfare and ensure that its citizens would 
survive and thrive regardless of the form of Contact. If the NHI were malevolent, 
measures would need to be taken to protect human life both nationally and globally, 
along with the planet itself. If the NHI were benevolent, new technologies and knowledge 
might be extracted that would directly benefit government as well as further human 
economic growth, physical health and spiritual wellbeing. 

Initial government interaction with the NHI will likely set the tone for all future levels of 
NHI/human interchange; therefore it must be carried out with the utmost care and 
attention to assure that potentially beneficial contact is not squandered or turned toward 


The science community would want to learn as much as possible from and about the 
NHI, be it benevolent or malevolent. Friendly NHI could precipitate extraordinary 
human scientific and technological advances that could revolutionize or make obsolete 
what we now know. If the NHI were malevolent, the science community would have an 
imperative to learn as much as possible in order to determine weaknesses and ways to 
overcome whatever technology the NHI might possess. 

The science community might be the closest intellectual equals to the NHI and could 
serve as goodwill ambassadors. Scientists could also serve as liaisons or facilitators of 
communication between the NHI and governments and the public. Their expertise might 
be required to determine modes of communication and develop devices necessary for 


Tech-sector businesses, like the science community, would be concerned to learn as 
much as possible from any NHI contact in the hope of gaining significant advantage over 
competitors. Other business sectors might be mainly concerned to preserve economic 
stability in the wake of NHI contact; to make sure that unexpected events did not 
traumatize the local or global economy; or, if such trauma threatened, to take steps to 
protect business assets and interests. 

Under benevolent scenarios, NHI technology and ideas could result in fabulous new 
products and market opportunities; but NHI influence might also result in the collapse of 
the capitalist system that dominates the world today. All business leaders would want to 
ensure that their businesses would survive in the post-Contact world. 


Religious leaders would be concerned with any form of Contact, because it could 
reinforce, challenge or totally contradict any or all of their beliefs and traditions. Any 
NHI event would threaten established institutions, causing more conservative religious 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

leaders to put up resistance even to evidently benevolent Contact. Meanwhile, more 
progressive religionists might energetically engage in outreach and bridging efforts, even 
if the NHI seemed highly strange or potentially hostile. In the case of malevolent Contact, 
all religious leaders would be called upon to reinforce social faith, hope and cohesion. In 
many places, religious institutions would be the key factor determining whether society 
survived the psychological stresses of contact. 


The media would have a pivotal role in any Contact situation, being able to help shape 
positive, coherent human response or to fan paranoia and chaotic reactions. In any 
Contact scenario, but especially in case of hostility, governments would likely exert force 
on the media to ensure reporting that is socially responsible as well as conducive to 
maintaining order and government credibility. Under such control, media would be the 
mouthpiece of government policy and official interpretation of events. Inevitably, various 
media sources would try to get and tell the “real” story, resulting in competing versions 
of reality. The internet would be aflame with conspiracy theories, wild rumors and fringe 
news reporting. In case of a sudden NHI event, television broadcasts would likely be 
interrupted by the emergency broadcast network, and news channels would go 
immediately to non-stop coverage of the unfolding NHI story, reminiscent of past 
spectacular news events such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. Contact would be the story of 
a lifetime, and journalists worldwide would joust for inside information. Some might also 
be called upon to assume a more statesman-like role as liaisons, hosts and gatekeepers for 
NHI communications with the general public. 


In the end, the response of the public to a Contact event would influence, if not 
determine, how most of the rest of the stakeholder groups would react over time. For 
some people, Contact would seem to confirm what they had always suspected and might 
therefore be a relatively non-disruptive event in their personal lives. On the other hand, 
many people would find knowledge of the existence and presence of intelligent, non- 
human beings to be very stressful and threatening, particularly if the NHI seemed strange 
or hostile. Many people would turn to religion for support; many others might turn away, 
convinced that religion was now powerless to provide meaning or protection. Many 
people might seek to arm themselves, evacuate from cities, turn to a survivalist lifestyle, 
form paramilitary groups or engage in lawless behavior such as looting. Maintaining 
public order in the early stages of any NHI event would be among the biggest challenges 
facing government and law enforcement. 

Public reactions might vary considerably in different regions and nations of the world, 
but predicting how those differences might manifest was beyond the scope of this study. 

Reactions of Players to Different Scenario Worlds 

Session participants represented a broad range of professions and personal interests. 
Based upon personal background, participants were divided into groups of roughly equal 


Scenarios of Contact 

size representing the major stakeholders of government, science, business, religion and 
media. All participants’ views were compiled to represent the general public. Participant 
stakeholder groups were asked to react to Contact events representing each of the eight 
scenario worlds. Those reactions follow: 

Government would be obliged to assess the threat/opportunity aspects of Contact on the fly 
while organizing official response and welcome. Despite positive/familiar signs, government 
| would necessarily reserve judgment while coordinating with other stakeholders, both 
domestic and international, to make the best of an uncertain situation. Ideally, an 
atmosphere/attitude of cosmic statesmanship would prevail. Goals: to analyze, then educate; 
to protect both the people and the economy, to trust but verify intent through investigation. _ 
The science community would attempt to maintain credibility and evaluative control in the 
face of uncertainty. They would want hands-on evaluation of the NHI life form and any 
| presenting technologies. Some might assume and try to assure that they knew all along 
(which might or might not be true). Social scientists would be called upon to monitor, 
evaluate and mediate reactions among the general public. Schisms might arise among 
scientists regarding best ways to understand and exploit the NHI entities and technology. 
Business community would work with government and media to prevent sudden disruption of 
society and the economy. Ideally, there would be openness and honesty in relating to and 
utilizing NHI technologies. Realistically, some businesses would go to great lengths to 
develop inside advantage, with the aim of controlling/privatizing windfall discoveries. 
Religious reaction would range from trusting/welcoming through caution to demonization of 
the NHI. Moderate voices would urge neither deification nor demonization while working 
with government to maintain public order. Theologians would test the new reality against 
doctrine and prophecy, Biblical and otherwise. As the NHI proved its benevolent nature, the 
human tendency to deification might grow, challenging the truth and relevancy of traditional 

“We are not alone!” would quickly give way to a frenzy of story angles. The biggest media 
impulses would be 1) to penetrate the government’s thinking and 2) to talk to the NHI itself 
(“exclusive interview!”). Government will attempt to use the media as a pubic control 
mechanism; media will both cooperate as government mouthpiece and try to outflank 
government-imposed secrecy and restricted access. The internet would be rife with rumors 
and conspiracy theories. 

Public reaction would depend heavily on the government’s tone via the media as well as 
religious leadership. Initial fear would give way to a frenzy of interest as the NHI showed its 
benevolent and familiar nature. To prevent undue social/economic disruption, government 
might try to damp down the story as soon as possible, turning the event into something akin 
to the visit of a foreign dignitary (boring) rather than a paradigm-crashing intrusion. With no 
danger apparent, and no immediate change in the daily conditions of life, public 
preoccupation with the NHI might subside rather quickly. The sense of familiarity will mask, 
for many, the profound implications of the NHI contact. 

A fast-familiar-positive contact, and its aftermath, was depicted in the TV series Alien 

A fast-strange-positive event would induce more fear and apprehension in the human 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

The combination of speed and strangeness would require maximum government caution and 
preparedness for the unexpected, even as signs of benevolence invite diplomatic welcome and 
| attempts at constructive engagement. Government would lean heavily on scientific community 
| for rapid threat assessment and communication assistance. Government would lean on media 
and religious authorities to help maintain public order while buying time to penetrate 
strangeness and verify benevolence of NHI. International stakeholders would be brought in 
immediately. Strangeness of NHI would be expected to provoke violent reactions among some 
sectors of society, requiring strong law enforcement presence, possible activation of National 
Guards. Depending on nature of strangeness, government would likely keep secret certain 
aspects of the Contact event and aftermath. 

The science community would be pressed by government for rapid assessment but would hold 
out for cautious, conservative approach in the face of unexpected strangeness. First priority 
would be evaluation of NHI for signs of physical/psychological familiarity and vulnerability, 
in case of need to contain/control. Next priority would be communication; then assessment of 
attending technologies. Scientists would take the Jead in understanding and engaging the NHI. 
As such, the science community would be besieged by other stakeholders demanding insight or 
advantage, especially government and media, and to some extent business. = 
At first business community would work with government and media to prevent sudden 
disruption of society and the economy; and with science community to evaluate and exploit 
windfall discoveries. Strangeness would instill hesitation in the cautious, opening the door to 
bold or reckless players to gain advantage. Even benevolent NHI could provoke economic 
chaos if business community fails to present united front to preserve order. Some businesses 
are likely to try to outflank the government for inside access to the NHI. 

Religious leaders would need to strongly resist the temptation to demonize the strange NHI 
while also invoking the protection of Deity and the hope of NHI benevolence. Extra church 
services as well as counseling services would be offered in order to calm the people. The 
challenge for many would be the stark ambiguity/uncertainty inherent in strangeness. Some 
interpretations of scripture, Biblical and otherwise, would declare the NHI ungodly, deceptive, 
not of the light. Many inactive believers would return to strict observance, while many others 
would turn away from their faith. New cults would appear overnight. There would be a 
widespread expectation that the NHI could shed definitive light on the nature of God and the 
spirit realms, for better or worse. All religions would face profound challenge to their 
relevancy and authority. - : 
| The media would be leaned upon by government to act in the public interest but would assert 
its independence as well. Many in the media would turn first to science for explanations, and 
also mine history for similarities. In the face of strangeness, versions of truth and informed 
opinions would rapidly proliferate, fanning public confusion and turmoil. Government might 
feel necessity to constrain media by measures akin to martial law. 

Initially, the public would be mainly fearful and mistrusting, finding it difficult to regard the 
Contact as positive or even to believe that it is real. There would be a sudden proliferation of 
survivalism, with widespread hoarding of goods and purchase of firearms, and possible social 
fractures along ethnic or economic lines. For a time, many people might stop going to work, 
preferring to gather in churches or with peer/family groups for security. Many will stay glued 
to TV or the internet, hoping for clear information and reassurance. If the NHI proves its 
benevolence beyond reasonable doubt, public behavior will gradually return to normal, though 
this could take months or longer. Many people will recognize that their reality will never again 
be quite as it was. 

A slow-familiar-positive contact might take the form of a spacecraft approaching the 
earth from outside our solar system — for example, the Vulcan survey mission depicted 
in the film Star Trek: First Contact. Easily detected by earth telescopes, the ship might 


Scenarios of Contact 

send intelligible greetings and offers of benevolent engagement days before arrival. By 
the time NHI arrives, governments are informed and prepared; threat assessments are 
complete, and the general public is largely ready to accept the new visitors. This is the 
most favorable of all contact scenarios. 

The slow nature of this scenario would give governments time to analyze and manage social 
trends, build alliances, develop contingency plans, make strategic investments and help other 
sectors/stakeholders adapt. Since the NHI seems both familiar and positive, it would be easier 
to discuss openly; there would be less tendency to paranoia or secrecy. Intelligible 
| communication and diplomatic engagement should be possible. The United Nations would 
become involved almost immediately and play a key role in transitioning human society to a 
post-contact paradigm. 

| The science community would lead in establishing communication and scientific dialogue 
with the NHI, both to support government objectives and to enable harvesting of new 
knowledge. NHI technology could bring about multiple revolutions in science: interstellar 
travel, new energy sources, genetic breakthroughs and more. The fields of psychology, 
sociology and anthropology would have a field day learning about NHI culture, with the 
prospect of startling changes in human education, religion, even entertainment. 

This scenario would bring about a minimum of economic disruption and high incentive to 
cooperatively develop new technology. Some businesses would try to monopolize/privatize 
| NHI offerings; but international treaties would likely counter this. There would be negative 
growth in consumption of non-essential products, as many people begin to adopt higher ideas 
about life. Over time, NHI influence might lead to changes in tax law, investment activities 
and social welfare programs. 

Overall church attendance would grow, with notable resurgence in some liberal denominations 
that had been losing ground. The NHI would not provoke fear, but would indirectly strengthen 
identification with human institutions that provide a sense of comfort and belonging. The NHI 
might be held up as both proof and disproof of God in Heaven, as well as proof of a benign 
universe. There would be widespread ‘we told you so.’ There would be efforts to embrace the 
NHI into our culture and convert it to one or another of our religions. Equally, the NHI would 
| stimulate the rise of new religions and cults, some worshipping this being as a deity, others 
serving whatever it may call God. 

As the reality of the NHI contact becomes clear, the media would find itself playing catch-up. 
A natural skepticism would emerge: how long did the government know about this? What 
aren’t they telling us now? In the absence of crisis, investigative reporters would be free to 
mine every back-channel source for the inside scoop. Meantime, social reports would fall over 
each other seeking access to the NHI, which would gain instant celebrity status and become a 

staple of the tabloids and talk shows (the alien as Britney Spears). 

| For the majority of the public, this scenario would be more evolutionary than revolutionary. 
| Government would have the luxury of managing the disclosure in a carefully orchestrated 
manner to ensure minimum disruption. Inevitably, some people would react in fear, distrust, 
paranoia, even violence; but compared to other contact scenarios, these reactions would be 
uncommon and short-lived. It would be possible to go about one’s daily life virtually ignoring 
that an epochal event had occurred. Gradually, people might notice new technological 
products and other positive changes, for example in health care, or reduction of war and crime. 

Contact that evolved in a slow-strange-positive manner could introduce secrecy, 
manipulation and control into the human response. Because strangeness can make threat 
assessment far more difficult, slow-strange-positive might easily be mistaken for slow- 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

strange-negative at first. Some alien contact scenarios put forth by contemporary 
Ufologists have this ambiguous character. 


There would be more government secrecy regarding the NHI, not only toward the public but 

| allow greater access to the benefits it offers. Because many people across all stakeholder | 
| groups would be inclined not to deal directly with the NHI, governments might have the 

| necessarily be of greatest benefit to society. 

internally as well, because of increased intelligence needs and to protect the being from those 
intimidated by its strangeness. The government would put high priority on public education to 
reduce fear and paranoia, with strong reliance on science, media, and religion. If the NHI 
strangeness were considered repugnant, efforts might be made to disguise its true nature to 

option of exploiting the NHI contact with little public-sector oversight. This would not 

| The science community would be called upon to model reason in dealing with the being. The 
| would lead the way in demystifying the strange NHI and in establishing effective 

| religious reactions. Science would also provide the path of access to businesses wishing to 

message: see strangeness as interesting, not evil. With time to assess and explore, science 

communication. Government and science would work hand in glove to manage media and 

| to its strangeness. There would be somewhat less tendency for maverick entrepreneurs to seek 

exploit NHI technology, which might otherwise seem too inscrutable or intimidating. 
In this scenario, the business community would take longer to assimilate NHI technology due 

access/advantage. Business would be inclined to let government lead, with the backing of | 
science. Nonetheless, in time, many new products and breakthroughs could be expected. 

| would provoke considerable doubt and fear among the conservative faithful. If the NHI were 
| to promise a golden age, many would interpret it as deception. Lively theological debates 
| would ensue, with efforts to reduce ambiguity and fear and restore confidence in human 

Religious institutions would need to resist temptation to stereotype/demonize the NHI. Any. 
form of contact would pose varied threats to the current religious paradigm; NHI strangeness 

traditions. Church attendance would increase, along with cultic activity and new religions. 

| amount of distracting fluff. 

The media, like other sectors, would be slowed by the NHI strangeness and would rely on 
science for explanation, guidance and reassurance. Unlike familiar NHI, a strange NHI would 
retain an aura of inaccessibility, even if obviously non-threatening; even if direct 
communication is possible. It would never be viewed as “like us.” Hence, it would likely not 
become a celebrity icon. Media would tend to treat it with reserve bordering on indifference. 
The “alien story” would fall off the front page quickly, replaced by more than the usual 

Most people would look to government for assurance of the strange being’s harmlessness; 
once assured, most people would be glad not to think about something so unusual. The strange 
NHI would be like the 800-pound gorilla that no one acknowledges — the impetus for changes 
that would reverberate through human society for decades or centuries to come, yet rarely 
mentioned around the water cooler or on the golf course. 

The fast-familiar-negative contact scenario is a staple of literature and film; 
Independence Day is a typical example. This scenario evokes images and assumptions of 
surprise attack. As such, reaction across all stakeholder groups would tend to be 
straightforward and unified — we are at war, and defeating the enemy is our only 



Scenarios of Contact 

NHI familiarity fosters belief that we understand the enemy and have a chance to prevail. 
| Military command and control, advanced weapons systems and every kind of intelligence 
gathering would be vital to human survival. Governments would need to assert strong 
leadership and coordinate their efforts. All other stakeholders would be called upon to help. 
Keeping the public informed and reassured while managing outbreaks of panic would be 
paramount concerns. Government would call upon science to determine NHI vulnerabilities. 
Martial law would be instituted immediately. If the NHI arrival begins without violence, 
government would buy time with diplomatic overtures. The moment violence ensues, the 
assumption is all-out war. 

The science community’s first concern would be to discover vulnerabilities in the NHI life 
| form and its technology. Research would go 24/7, seeking any path to battlefield advantage. 
| Science would also be tasked with establishing means of communication with the NHI, if that 
-) is not available at the outset. Science would also need to consider best defenses against NHI 
| destructive/invasive capabilities. 

In business, there would be a universal response along the World War II model — work as one 
| military machine in close coordination with government and science. Non-essential business 
+ would close doors. Remaining businesses would focus on two things: supporting the military 
effort, and meeting basic public needs for food, water, energy, communication. 

Some would view this as Armageddon; others as a test of faith. Religious institutions would be 
| crucial to social cohesion. A minority of religious leaders would call for dialogue and co- 
existence with the NHI. As hostile intent clarified, religions of every kind would join together 
to invoke divine protection and preserve public hope and faith. 

The media would become a de facto arm of government. All non-essential programming 
| would stop. Select channels would become 24/7 emergency broadcast, others would go off air. 
The internet would be rife with rumor and conspiracy, but would also be a crucial information 
and organizing tool. 
| As NHI hostility became evident, mass hysteria would break out in many places, along with 
widespread looting, flight from cities, survivalism and proliferation of armed paramilitary 
"| groups. The majority would try to follow government guidance, mainly staying home, off 
| streets, using available supplies sparingly, tending to loved ones. Many would stay glued to 
| TV or internet for news, as long as those organs remained functional. Despite terror, there 
| would be a sense of hope based on NHI familiarity. There would also be a sense of social 
| solidarity across all ethnic and economic divides. 

Fast-strange-negative is perhaps the worst of all worlds, with all three critical 
uncertainties working against human survival. 

The government’s first concern would be to make the threat comprehensible by penetrating the 
strangeness. Standard military assumptions might not apply; the NHI’s vulnerabilities, if any, 
are unknown. Intelligence gathering would be paramount, along with buying time by any 
| means necessary. Government would commandeer media to control information, downplay the 
strangeness and rally hope. All nations would try to cooperate in the effort to find advantage. 
| Maintaining public order would be increasingly difficult as the NHI’s strange-hostile nature 
became known. Government would abandon the streets to chaos and retreat to underground 
-) bunkers. In the end, two things would matter: mounting a credible military defense, and 
_| finding ways to preserve some fraction of humankind in case military victory is impossible. 

_| Science would be under maximum pressure to penetrate NHI strangeness; humankind’s 
survival might depend upon it. All relevant science facilities would become arms of the 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Science | government/military overnight. Along with finding vulnerabilities, science would be pressed 
___| to discover means of communication to permit diplomatic dialogue. Some scientists would 
| argue for constructive engagement with the NHI; some might try independent contact, with 
unpredictable results. Given NHI strangeness, the risk would be its unknown capacity for 
covert manipulation or infiltration. 
ee Business response would again resemble WW II mobilization, time allowing, with the 
Business” | difference that government and science might not provide clear direction. Consequently, 
terse business efforts to support defense might founder. All non-essential business activity would 
| stop; most workers would stay home. Absent other directives, business leaders would try to 
maintain basic public services as long as possible. However, supply lines and energy would be 
highly vulnerable to disruption. Social cohesion might quickly unravel, and with it the ability 
of business to make much difference. = 
NHI strangeness would introduce ambiguity into religious response. Conservatives might 
| immediately assume total evil; liberals might take wait and see attitude, unless NHI is overtly 
| violent. Church leaders would be crucial to public order but would be working at the same 
disadvantage as government. For many people, the local church would become a haven of last 
resort, both spiritual sanctuary and a place of communal safety, however illusory. Government 
would strongly support churches in this role, time permitting. NHI would also provoke a wide 
array of quasi-spiritual reactions, from doomsday mass suicides to hysterical cult worship. 
Government would quickly commandeer broadcast media in effort to control public perception 
of NHI, direct emergency preparedness and rally morale. All non-essential programming 
would cease. Risk would be that NHI could easily commandeer media itself, in which case 
government would try to disrupt/destroy all but secure military communication. Internet would 
be chaotic and totally unreliable. Most people would stay glued to TV/radio for info and 
reassurance that all is not lost. If media crashed, public morale and cohesion would crash too. 
The moment strangeness-hostility is evident, panic would ensue. Many people would become 
disoriented, wandering the streets dazed and confused. Many more would turn survivalist or 
Vigilante, arming themselves, looting for essential supplies, barricading homes or churches, 
forming paramilitary gangs, vacating cities. As government abandoned the streets, grassroots | 
leaders would emerge, for better or worse. Society would fracture along unpredictable lines. 
| People would not know how the greater conflict was going, or if they would live another day. _| 

The SciFi Channel series Threshold depicts a strange-negative NHI arrival that 
confounds military attempts at containment/control. The NHI craft is depicted as trans- 
dimensional; among other powers, the NHI can invade the minds of humans and animals. 

In a slow-familiar-negative scenario there is time for strategic response, but also the 
strongest likelihood of government secrecy and gradual corruption. This scenario 
encompasses the alien abduction/government cooperation model favored by many 
Ufologists. The NHI are humanoid; their presence is so surreptitious that most people are 
unaware of it; their motives are inscrutable but may lead to the gradual infiltration and 
takeover of the planet, as well as the genetic manipulation of human beings. As a survival 
strategy, governments may be secretly complicit. 

etl a 

it Fee ne OM ee me eA 

_| Government would assume that enemy is comprehensible 

| contact would imply NHI caution or ambivalent motives. Government would go on high 
defense stance, maximize intelligence gathering, rally science to assess NHI vulnerabilities. 
Media would be used to bolster public confidence, downplay danger and provide selective info 
about NHI. Alongside military preparations, government would attempt back-channel 
communications, diplomacy and deal-making. High risk of sell-out and double-cross as some 
in government attempt private deals, seeking advantage. Layers of secrecy would proliferate; | 


Scenarios of Contact 

| before long, it would be hard to know who to trust. NHI could win simply by waiting for 
human institutions to collapse under weight of paranoia and corruption. However, 
| governments might cooperatively rise to the occasion, buying time but keeping human values 
and institutions paramount. The standoff could be prolonged. A key challenge would be to 
| maintain public morale, civic order and semblance of normal economic function in face of 
| hostile threat. If the NHI finally retreats, humankind could emerge more united than ever. 

The science community would work closely with government and intelligence agencies to 
| assess and counter NHI technology and find physical vulnerabilities. Research would require 
top secrecy and unlimited funding. Over time, this could have a distorting/corrupting effect on 
science as well as government. The social sciences would be engaged to manage public 
perceptions and reaction to NHI threat and to assess NHI psychology and culture. 

Business would work closely with government and science on a wide range of big-budget 
| projects aimed at countering NHI threat. Inevitably, some in business community would seek 
opportunity to establish independent dealings with NHI, in time resulting in treasonous 
activities. At the same time, business would have big stake in maintaining economic stability. 
As far as possible, people would keep going to work; stores would stay open, services would 
| function. 

Most religious authorities would demonize the NHI. Some would counsel preparation for 
doom, but many would invoke divine protection and foster hope. Overall church attendance 
would be way up, along with pastoral counseling and other church-based social services. 
| Government would support the church role in maintaining social cohesion. Religious 
orthodoxy would be challenged by schismatic movements, new cults and doomsday prophets. 
Some religious leaders would urge understanding and brotherhood with the NHI; some of 
these might unwittingly become susceptible to NHI manipulation. 

Media would go in many directions. Government would seek to control public perceptions of 
NHI through media manipulation, while also welcoming the distractions provided by media 
entertainment. Many in media would seek to directly communicate with the NHI; some might 
| be seduced into collaboration with the enemy. NHI might infiltrate or commandeer media for 
its own purposes. The slowness of contact, or the ambiguity of hostile intent, would result in a 
wide array of theories, “inside stories,” rumors and disinformation, intentional and otherwise. 
| Consequently, government pronouncements via the media might be met increasingly with 
| skepticism. People would not know who or what to believe. In the face of plummeting morale, 
government would have to assert much greater control over media activity. 

A key risk in this scenario is loss of public trust in authority. People would become skeptical 
of all official information. Public morale would slowly disintegrate. Lawlessness would rise. 
Many would assume that government is lying, that the truth is top secret, that no one knows 
what to do about the NHI. Absent the immediate threat of violence, many would try to 
maintain normal life patterns. For many, churches would provide the last bastion of hope and 
trust. Many others would gradually turn to survivalism or paramilitary activity. If overt war 
broke out, much of the population would already be demoralized. To counter this, the 
government would have to win back trust with a convincing show of candor and leadership. 

An insightful take on the slow-familiar-negative scenario was presented in the TV series 

The slow-strange-negative world would be very unpleasant, with deteriorating hope 
exacerbated by loss of confidence in human institutions. 

* To maintain public order, government would require total cooperation of media. Intelligence 

gathering would be unprecedented; science would be pressed to penetrate NHI strangeness and 
assess vulnerabilities. All efforts would be made to communicate with NHI or at least fathom 
its motives. Military would prepare for the widest possible range of contingencies. Behind 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

closed doors, the biggest question would be humanity’s chances of survival. Secrecy and 
_) security would be paramount concerns. Government would stay engaged with the public and 
_| key stakeholders but prepare to retreat to bunkers. Due to strangeness, public would be more | 
inclined than in previous scenario to give government benefit of doubt and follow leadership. 

But strangeness would also provoke unpredictable reactions in wide segments of society. To 

head off chaos, government might institute various civic projects meant to focus people’s 

_|_attention on the here-and-now and give them a sense of purpose. 

The science community would be pressed above all to penetrate the NHI strangeness and seek 

for vulnerabilities in the life form and its technology. Secondarily, science would seek ways to 

communicate with or influence the NHI. Almost all relevant science would become de facto 

top secret. Security measures would become ubiquitous. Non-relevant science would see its 

government funding disappear, putting many scientists out of work. J 
The business community would fragment. Relevant enterprises would become virtual arms of 
| government with strong ties to secret science/military. Firms providing essential goods and 

services would be pressed to stay productive regardless of economic trends. Firms doing non- 

essential production would see cuts in energy and raw materials as well as sales; before long, 

many would close doors, putting millions out of work. Due to NHI strangeness, few in 

| business sector would be tempted to seek side deals. Savvy stockholders would cash out 

| quickly, crashing all financial markets. Government would intervene to keep basic services 


| As hostility became evident, most religious leaders would demonize the NHI. End time 

preaching would escalate. The NHI strangeness would cause much fear and _ spiritual 

confusion. Many mainstream believers would question their faith or turn to radical forms of 
cult worship. At the same time, churches would be essential to maintaining a semblance of 
public order and hope, and government would support this role. Religious leaders would face a 

| rising tide of despair, disorientation, cynicism, suicide and rejection of traditional beliefs. 

| NHI strangeness would tend to keep the media willingly allied with government, with few 

efforts at independent engagement of NHI. In face of growing public disorientation and 

| despondency, media could prove crucial in maintaining order and bolstering morale. How well 

| governments maintain the trust and cooperation of media could prove decisive in whether 

society survives this scenario. _ : 
As NHI strangeness and hostility became evident, public morale and social order would 
| plummet. Many would adopt a fatalistic attitude: try to keep living as usual, because nothing 
| else will help. Rising unemployment would lead to more desperation, acts of looting and theft, 
rising street violence. Because of NHI strangeness, most people would give government 
benefit of doubt, but as social services disintegrated, many would feel abandoned and their 
loyalty would fold. Many would turn to their church as refuge of last resort; many others 
would leave cities, turn to survivalism or paramilitary activity. Public hopelessness and 
| demoralization could give NHI decisive edge without resort to open violence. 

Implications for Humanity 

Each different scenario world would generate different types of impact on humanity, both 
collectively and in varying ways across the identified stakeholder groups. Considering the 
foregoing estimates of stakeholder reaction, we attempted to create an overarching list of 
likely implications that could be the basis for developing policy recommendations and 


- While apparent familiarity would aid in assessing positivity, fast occurrence would 
raise doubts and concerns. Some would judge positive to be possible deception. 


Scenarios of Contact 

- Familiar-positive implies very big opportunities for humankind, up to total social 
transformation and "heaven on earth." 

- Optimal response would require high-level international and _ stakeholder 
coordination, but there would be large temptation in many quarters to seek advantage. 

- Fast occurrence would be well managed only with prior preparation; otherwise, much 
ad-lib and misfire is unavoidable. 

- Governments must lead, setting tone and pace of interaction with NHI, and 
interpretation of events. 

- Maximum information flow is essential to reduce public and parochial uncertainties; 
maximum public education about nature, purpose and actions of NHI is required to 
minimize unintended consequences. 

- Knowledge and technology windfall must be shared among human groups/nations to 
avoid major conflict. 

- Maximum emphasis on familiar aspects — "They're like us in so many ways” — will 
work for minimum social disruption. 


- Both strangeness and fast occurrence would raise doubts and concerns, making 
assessment of positivity difficult. 

- Broad inclination to disbelieve positive might require military intervention to protect 
NHI and maintain order in short run. 

- Because many will be slow to trust, exploitation of positive benefits could be 

- In atmosphere of uncertainty, some risk-takers will see clear opportunity for early 

- Governments must lead, but will need immediate and firm support of religious 
leaders as well as scientific community. 

- Science will be pressed to demystify NHI strangeness with solid facts. 

- Maximum information flow is essential to reduce public and parochial uncertainties; 
maximum public education about nature, purpose and actions of NHI is required to 
minimize unintended consequences. 

- Knowledge and technology windfall must be shared among human groups/nations to 
avoid major conflict. 

- Perceived "God-like" or "magical" attributes of NHI, if any, could arouse highly 
disruptive and uncontrollable public sentiments. 


- Both apparent familiarity and slow occurrence would aid in assessing positivity, 
creating maximum opportunity for large-scale benefit with low disruption. 

- Familiar-positive implies very big opportunities for humankind, up to total social 
transformation and "heaven on earth." 

- Optimal response calls for high-level international and stakeholder coordination, and 
slow occurrence gives best opportunity for such coordination to evolve, even lacking 
prior preparation. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

This scenario world affords best chance for governments to maintain status quo while 
society adjusts current belief systems to accommodate new realities. 

Displays of advanced technology, seeming magical to many, could provoke science 
to new heights of creative fervor and discovery. 

Unless restrained by government and business peers, fast-acting private sector risk 
takers will undoubtedly seek advantage, to the possible serious detriment of other 
stakeholders. In worst case, global security and/or relations with NHI could be 

Despite positivity, slow unfolding of contact scenario could result in widespread 
angst, emergence of new strains of paranoia and nervous disorders, nihilism, collapse 
of morale. 

Slow-familiar-positive might raise maximum public doubts and recriminations toward 
governments regarding prior withholding of “UFO secrets.” 


Slow would aid in assessment of positive, but strange would work against it. Degree 
and kind of strangeness would be very important. 

Given time to coordinate plans and actions, governments might seek to mask/deflect 
public awareness of unfolding contact to avoid possible downside of strangeness. 

If masking is not an option, maximum information flow and public education would 
be critical to maintaining order. 

Slow-positive could mean very large potential benefits to humankind, but strangeness 
could make assessing and exploiting such benefits very difficult. 

Among scientists and religious leaders, widespread bunkering and "wait and see" is 
likely. Leadership vacuum is one potential risk. 

Strangeness would provoke wide spectrum of interpretations and reactions, including 
militant demonization, with numerous possible unintended consequences. 

Despite apparent positivity, strangeness would result in widespread angst, paranoia, 
nervous disorders, nihilism, collapse of morale. 

Understanding the nature and intentions of NHI would be critical to preserving social 

Perceived "God-like" or "magical" attributes of NHI, if any, could arouse highly 
disruptive and uncontrollable public sentiments as well as extreme reactions in some 
religious groups. 



This equates to the "Independence Day" scenario in which there is high potential for 
the extermination or total subjugation of the human species. 

Apparent familiarity will make negative assessment easy, but speed of occurrence 
will make coordinated response very difficult. 

Without prior preparation, humankind will be at a huge and possibly fatal 

However, this scenario provokes maximum global effort to meet challenge 
cooperatively — "all for one and one for all" — despite low odds of success. 

Scenarios of Contact 

- If contact takes the form of a military-style assault, global communication, command 
and control will be gravely at risk and low-tech alternatives will be needed. 

- Governments will call on all stakeholders to mount unified effort; martial law could 
happen quickly. 

- Extreme public reactions will occur, including widespread panic, looting, vigilantism, 
survivalism, mass exodus from population centers, runs on banks and stores. 

- If contact takes the form of overwhelming threat or ultimatum rather than overt 
warfare, global alliances and cooperative impulses could fold, as all stakeholders seek 
any possible advantage, willing to cut any survivable deal. 


- Depending on degree and kind of strangeness, assessment of negativity could be 
delayed, though tendency might be to shoot first and ask questions later. 

- Loss of planetary control or extermination of humanity could happen before any 
coordinated response begins. 

- Without prior preparation, including means of recognizing essence behind 
strangeness, humankind's prospects for survival are slim to none. 

- All critical uncertainties in this scenario world work against effective response. Chaos 
and confusion, mass panic, vigilantism, social breakdown are unavoidable. 

- Human viability would depend above all on buying time — time to assess nature and 
capabilities of NHI, time to coordinate global response, time to shore up social order. 


- This has the greatest similarity to a typical war-preparation, war-fighting scenario. 

- Government leadership and international coordination will be of paramount 

- Slowness allows time for coordinated stakeholder response. 

- As threat becomes clear, governments will insist on absolute civilian cooperation and 
obedience. Constitutional rights could be set aside; martial law could become 

- Science will be turned to assessing vulnerabilities of NHI and creating 
countermeasures. Effort could dwarf Manhattan Project in complexity and cost. 

- Religions will be called upon to uphold public faith and morale by all possible means. 
Demonization of the NHI will be all but universal. 

- A minority of peace advocates will try to counter religious demonization and will 
denounce headlong preparations for war. Governments will show little tolerance for 
such sentiments. 

- Social schisms will proliferate. Vigilantism and survivalism will be rampant, with 
many people fleeing population centers. 

- Up to the point of overt conflict, the global diplomatic community will strive to 
establish communication and conduct negotiations with NHI, mainly to buy time. 

- The most extreme intelligence-gathering effort in human history will be directed at 
the NHI. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

- Very likely some government(s) and/or private entities will pursue back-channel deal- 
making, willing to “sell out.” In the event the NHI are successfully beaten back, any 
would-be collaborators would face a dire fate. 

- This scenario world has as one possible outcome the total unification of world 
governance and a highly positive future if the NHI threat is eliminated. 


- Slow unfolding of contact could work to humankind's advantage; but because of 
strangeness, accurate assessment of danger could be delayed. 

- Uncertainty works against effective response. Sense of foreboding could erode public 
morale before threat is clear. Chaos and confusion, mass panic and social breakdown 
are possible, though not inevitable. 

- Government leadership and international coordination will be of paramount 
importance. Slowness allows for coordinated stakeholder response. 

- Because threat may be hard to assess, governments may have difficulty mobilizing 
civilian cooperation and obedience. Public education and indoctrination will be 
essential — the alternatives range from chaos to tyranny. 

- Science will be turned to assessing vulnerabilities of NHI and creating 
countermeasures, Effort could dwarf Manhattan Project in complexity and cost. 

- Religions will be called upon to uphold public faith and morale by all possible means. 
Demonization of NHI will be widespread. But cults favorable to the NHI will also 

- A minority of peace advocates will try to counter religious demonization. Social 
schisms will proliferate. Denial of the threat, even denial of the NHI’s existence will 
be widespread. 

- Vigilantism and survivalism will be rampant, with many people fleeing population 
centers. Anti-government sentiment may grow. 

- Society could experience a slow downward spiral into hopelessness; NHI could “win” 
without firing a shot. 


Though the foregoing analysis is at best preliminary and incomplete, the organizers of the 
Contact Planning Sessions are not aware of any other similar effort, before or since, to 
conduct in a non-classified forum a systematic assessment of the possibility of direct 
contact with non-human intelligent life. 

Given the implications that emerged from this study, it seems evident that further efforts 
to assess the prospects of contact, with the aim of developing robust policy and strategies 
for managing various possible contact events, is more than justified. 

Few astronomers, astrophysicists, philosophers or theologians working today would deny 
the possibility, even likelihood, of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe. In 
the past decade, astronomers have positively identified scores of planets circling other 


Scenarios of Contact 

stars in our sector of the Milky Way galaxy. Soon, new space-based telescopes will make 
it possible to identify planets approximating the size of the Earth circling hundreds of 
sun-like stars. Any one of those planets might harbor intelligent life that is centuries or 
millennia more advanced than ourselves. Perhaps beings from such a planet are already 
exploring within our own solar system, even surreptitiously operating on the Earth. And 
this takes account only of the standard extraterrestrial variety of NHI. Countless others, 
perhaps both nearer and stranger, may exist. 

Therefore, to ignore the possibility and implications of contact is, as Mr. Spock would 

say, illogical. The organizers of the Contact Planning Sessions offer this report as a first 
step in the right direction, and strongly encourage others to further the work. 

Appendix: Related Studies and Reports 

After Contact: The Human Response to Extraterrestrial Life, Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D., 
New York: Plenum Press, 1997. 

Confirmation of ETI: Initial Organizational Response, A.A. Harrison, Department of 
Psychology, University of California, Davis CA. 

An Extraordinary Event, Allen Tough to be published by Foundation for the Future. 
Available in draft form at 

Sharing the Universe: Perspectives on Extraterrestrial Life, Seth Shostak, Berkeley, CA: 
Seth Shostak, 1998. 

UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare for? COMETA, France. Originally 
published in a special issue of VSD in France, July 1999. 

Unique Moment in Human History, Michael Michaud in First Contact: The Search for 
Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Byron Press Visual Publications, 1990. 


After the Fire: 
How the Government Responds to Top Secret Crashes 

By Peter W. Merlin 

Copyright 2006 Peter W. Merlin 

Andy Hoyt was tired. It was almost 2:00 a.m., and it had been a long drive from Los 
Angeles to Bakersfield. Now, as he negotiated the narrow winding road up the Kern River 
gorge, his sister and her teenage son were growing restless. Hoyt pulled over so the three 
could stretch their legs. 

The canyon was dark, the silence broken only by the rush of the Kern River pouring 
down from the dam at Lake Isabella and winding its way to California’s Central Valley. 
Suddenly a load roar caused Hoyt to glance skyward. 

As he scrambled to snap a few pictures with his pocket camera, a dark triangular shape 
with three red lights disappeared behind a ridge. Hoyt saw a bright flash, followed shortly by 
the sound of an explosion. He reported the fire on a roadside emergency phone then 
continued driving toward Lake Isabella. 

Meanwhile, 200 miles away, a team of Air Force personnel was mobilizing to descend 
on the crash site. Their mission: to eliminate all traces of Top Secret technology that had just 
been scattered on the mountainside in Sequoia National Forest. 

How does the government respond when a Top Secret aerospace vehicle crashes on 
public land? Is the site sanitized? Do they remove every trace? 

When such an incident occurs, official sources release little (if any) information to the 
public. Sometimes disinformation is given to the news media to hide the truth. This policy 
breeds rumor and speculation, and has even led to a widespread belief that specialized 
recovery teams routinely sanitize crash sites of “black” (secret) airplanes and weapon 

How can we learn the truth of the matter? People are unreliable sources of information. 
They can, intentionally or inadvertently, make misleading statements. Speculation and 
disinformation muddy the water. Physical evidence, however, is just evidence. It has no axe 
to grind, no agenda to promote. Determined researchers can learn the truth about crash 
retrievals by finding and studying physical evidence at crash sites. This can best be described 
as aerospace archeology. 

Aerospace archeology involves a substantial amount of research involving witness 
interviews, official documents (manuals, accident reports, photos, etc.), and published 
material (newspaper and magazine articles). The greatest challenge is separating the wheat 

from the chaff in order to get the most accurate information possible regarding the location 

of the crash site. 

After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

Once the site location has been confirmed, the aerospace archeologist has a number of 
tools available to help identify aircraft/spacecraft/weapon debris. These include geographic 
location, materials and construction methods, paints and coatings, part numbers and 
inspection stamps and, finally, identifiable components. 

I have researched crashes of numerous exotic and experimental aircraft, especially those 
tested at Edwards Air Force Base, California, and the Groom Lake (Area 51) facility in 
Nevada. Since many of these accidents involved vehicles and weapon systems classified as 
Secret or even Top Secret at the time of their loss, visiting the crash sites today and studying 
the remaining physical evidence provides insight into the effectiveness of 
government/ military crash-retrieval activities. 

In this presentation I examine three accidents involving then-classified aircraft. In each 
case I present a brief history of the aircraft, describe the events surrounding the accident and 
summarize the results of my visit to the crash site. I also investigate a UFO crash retrieval 
reported by Kevin D. Randle in Appendix A of A History of UFO Crashes (Avon Books, New 
York, 1995). 

For the purpose of this presentation, | have selected case studies most closely 
resembling UFO crash retrieval stories. I chose them because they share these 

- The programs had the highest level of classification (SECRET/TOP SECRET Special 
Access Required). 

- The vehicles crashed on public land in close proximity to a civilian population. 

- Civilian witnesses were interrogated and/or warned by government officials to “forget 
what you saw, don’t talk about it.” 

- The crash sites were secured and controlled by government personnel for as long as 
deemed necessary to conduct recovery operations. 

- Recovery crews had high levels of manpower and motivation (cleanup was top 

OXCART (Article123) 

The Lockheed A-12, code named OXCART, was built as a high-speed, high-altitude spy 
plane for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It was designed, by engineers from 
Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects division (better known as the Skunk Works), 
to be difficult to detect by radar and equipped with state-of-the-art defensive electronic 
countermeasures. Because the mere existence of the A-12 was initially classified Top Secret, 
it was tested at the CIA’s Area 51 facility at Groom Lake, Nevada, with support from the 
USS. Air Force. 

The prototype, known to project personnel as Article 121, made its first flight in April 
1962. Lockheed constructed several variants of the A-12 (collectively known as the 
Blackbirds) including the YF-12A interceptor, M-21 mothership (to launch the D-21 drone), 
and SR-71 reconnaissance plane (for the USAF). In 1964, the YF-12A variant became the 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

first Blackbird to be revealed to the public. Until then the aircraft was unknown outside of a 
tight circle of people who had been briefed into the program on a need-to-know basis. The 

existence of the original A-12 variant was not declassified until 1981. 

Article 123 (Fig. 1) was the third A-12 built, the second to fly, and the first to crash. It 
was lost early in the program, before the YF-12A had been publicly surfaced. At the time of 

the accident the A-12 was still a Top Secret, Special Access, program. 

ze ay 

On 24 May 1963, CIA pilot Ken Collins (Fig. 2) took Article 123 up for its 79th flight. 
He was scheduled to perform subsonic engine tests and gain proficiency with the inertial 
navigation system. He took off from Area 51 with Jack Weeks flying safety chase in a 
McDonnell F-101B. They climbed to cruising altitude and entered the restricted area on the 
edge of Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert. Struggling to avoid cloud formations, they turned and 

flew southwest, back toward Area 51. 


After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

Cruising at Mach 0.85 at an altitude of 34,000 feet, they neared the Nevada border as 
heavy cumulus and cirrus cloud formations built up below. At a waypoint near Wendover, a 
small town on the Utah/Nevada border, they began a planned left turn and climb. About a 
third of the way through the turn, Weeks heard a warning horn that signaled his airspeed was 
getting too slow. To avoid stalling, Weeks extended his turn and built up airspeed, but he 
intermittently lost sight of the A-12 due to the cirrus overcast. 

Collins, meanwhile, noticed an anomaly on his instrument panel. Soon the A-12 began 
to shudder and stall. Collins attempted to lower the nose, but the A-12 suddenly pitched up, 
rolled to the right, and entered an inverted flat spin at 30,000 feet. After making several 
attempts to right the aircraft, Collins realized it was unrecoverable. As the stricken plane 
dropped through 25,000 feet, he ejected. 

Collins parachuted to a safe landing about 12 miles south of Wendover and two miles 
from the crash site. Soon, he spotted a pickup truck bouncing toward him across the rugged 
terrain. The four men in the truck had seen him descending in his parachute and thought he 
might need help. On the way, they had stopped just long enough to pick up his ejection seat. 

Collins was taken to the nearest Highway Patrol station where law enforcement 
personnel assisted him with setting up security for the crash site. 

Meanwhile, as Jack Weeks circled above the clouds, he tried in vain to raise Collins on 
the radio. Unable to see the crash site through the clouds he headed back to Area 51. As 
soon as he was in radio range of Groom Lake, he transmitted as much information as he 

The response was immediate and dramatic. A Top Secret aircraft had apparently 
crashed on public land in close proximity to a sizable population center. A fleet of search 
aircraft was dispatched from Area 51 while a few were held on standby alert to transport 
medical personnel. But as soon as Collins reported from Wendover, all efforts began to 
focus on securing the crash scene and recovering the debris. Within a few hours two 
transport planes arrived at Wendover with security personnel and crash investigators. 

A T-33 pilot made a pass over the crash scene to photograph the wreckage. He reported 
that the front of the airplane was completely destroyed; the engine nacelles had broken free 
of the wing structure and both tails had separated, but the aft section was still identifiable as 
a twin-engine, delta-wing configuration. Ground crews immediately made arrangements to 
cover any large pieces with tarps to prevent unauthorized viewing. 

Brig. Gen. Jay T. Robbins, director of aerospace safety for the Air Force traveled to 
Wendover to coordinate the accident investigation. Meanwhile, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, 
supplied flatbed trucks, a crane, and other equipment to recover the debris. There was some 
debate over whether to dynamite the large sections of wreckage to make identification by 
unauthorized personnel more difficult. The suggestion to use explosives came from Dr. 
Brockway McMillan, director of the National Reconnaissance Office (an organization whose 

very existence was then classified), who felt that the accident investigation was subordinate 


4'n Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

to the security of the program. McMillan urged that recovery operations continue 
throughout the night if at all possible. 

Since the A-12 had crashed in rugged, roadless terrain, and no electric lighting was 
available, work halted after darkness fell. Recovery crews began loading and removing the 
wreckage the next morning. The A-12’s center section and wings were cut apart with 
blowtorches and loaded onto the flatbed trucks along with the tails and other large pieces. 
Smaller debris was packed in boxes. To conceal the final destination of the wreckage, it was 
decided that the debris would be transported by air from Wendover rather than trucked 
directly to Area 51. By late afternoon, two C-124 transports were loaded and secured. The 
next morning, they delivered their cargo to the secret base. 

One item was never found. During the bailout, Collins lost his emergency kit containing 
several official letters and $1,000 cash. Five security guards in civilian clothes walked the 
crash area for two full days after the cleanup effort ended. They covered an area four miles 
long and two miles wide centered on the impact location of the airplane’s canopy, but had 
no luck. Subsequently, three paramedics and a First Sergeant from the 1129th Special 
Activities Squadron systematically covered the impact point and surrounding area on 
horseback for nearly a week in early June. They, too, failed to find the packet and the search 
was abandoned. Since the letters did not contain any information regarding the airplane, its 
mission, configuration, or manufacturer, their exposure would not endanger the program. 
Additionally, it seemed that someone finding the packet would be more likely to keep the 
money than to publicize the letters. 

Security concerns necessitated creating a cover story to prevent public exposure of the 
OXCART program. Brig. Gen. Boyd Hubbard, Jr., commander of the 4520th Combat Crew 
Training Wing at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, announced to the news media that a 
Republic F-105 operating from Nellis had crashed 14 miles south of Wendover. The pilot 
was described as a Hughes Aircraft Company employee who was testing electronic 
equipment. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, was given as the home base for the F- 

Two factors helped keep the cover story intact. First, since the mission had been flown 
at low altitude, Collins wore a standard cloth flight suit instead of a full pressure suit. Had he 
been found wearing a space suit, there might have been unwanted questions about his 
airplane’s performance capabilities. Second, the A-12 had crashed out of sight of the 
highway, preventing unauthorized personnel from getting a view of the airplane’s 
configuration. The pilot’s name was not initially released, leading the press to speculate that 
he might have been involved in the space program or possibly a famous test pilot. Attempts 
by reporters to follow up various details of the story led to confusion as personnel at Nellis, 
Wright-Patterson, and the Pentagon denied knowledge of the aircraft and even the accident. 
In spite of such glaring inconsistencies, the cover story held up and news coverage was 



After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

Debris recovery was top priority, even above determining the cause of the accident. In 
fact, a formerly Secret memorandum to James A. Cunningham, deputy director of the CIA’s 
Office of Special Activities, stated that, "all traces of 123 had been removed from [the] crash 
scene by late afternoon on 25 May." The writer further asserted "all small bits and pieces 
[were] meticulously picked up by hand and carried in boxes back to Wendover." This was 
not a cover story. At the time, there was no reason to expect the classified memorandum 
would ever be seen by the public. This was an official communication between the crash 

scene commander and his superiors at CLA Headquarters. 

I located the A-12 crash site (Fig. 3) in 2003, using 
information from the accident report, now declassified. 
The impact crater was still reasonably well defined, even 
after 40 years, and the surrounding terrain was littered 
with thousands of small pieces of debris. 

I found turbine blades and other components from 
the engines. Using an illustrated parts handbook, I was 
later able to identify these as elements of a Pratt & 
Whitney J75 turbojet, the same type used in the first A- 

12 airframes. I also found pieces of titanium structure 
(Fig. 4) bearing A-12 part numbers and Lockheed Skunk 
Works inspection stamps, several component data plates, part of the interphone control 
panel and other identifiable cockpit 
items. Much of the titanium skin was 
unpainted, as would be expected on the 
early A-12 airplanes. Some titanium and 
composite material from the chines 
(side fairings on the forward fuselage) 
was painted black, also characteristic of 
the paint scheme used at the time. I 
found some skin with light gray paint 

against a natural metal background and 
some pieces with dark blue paint against light gray. The early A-12 airplanes had Air Force 
markings and national insignia painted over a light gray background. I found a small access 
hatch and a couple of drain ports that are unique to the A-12, and a camera lens. I excavated 
a few buried items, but most of the material was lying on the surface. 

The physical evidence clearly contradicted the official statement (in a classified memo!) 
that all traces of the wreckage had been removed. | was not surprised, considering the level 
of destruction, the size of the debris field, and the short duration of cleanup activities. 

TAGBOARD (Article 501) 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

During the early 1960s, Lockheed’s Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson began to study 
potential design outgrowths of the A-12 OXCART reconnaissance airplane. One idea 
involved an unmanned drone capable of carrying a camera package to altitudes above 90,000 
feet while flying at speeds in excess of Mach 3. The drone, launched from an OXCART-type 
aircraft, would be smaller and faster than the A-12 and have an even smaller radar signature. 

Johnson pitched his idea to officials at the CIA and, on 10 October 1962, they gave him 
the go-ahead to begin a formal development study for the drone. The project was 
codenamed TAGBOARD. 

Each drone would be used only once. It was designed to overfly a target, take pictures, 
fly to a pre-programmed location and jettison its camera package. The drone would then 
self-destruct while the camera was recovered in mid-air by the crew of a JC-130 flying far 

A mothership, based on the A-12 design, was built to carry the drone to launch altitude 
and speed. It had provisions for a dorsal launch pylon and a launch control officer’s station 
behind the cockpit. Johnson ultimately designated the mothership M-21 (reversing the digits 
in the number 12) and the drone D-21. The mated combination was called M/D-21. Two 
M-21 motherships, Article 134 and Article 135, were delivered to Area 51 in 1964. 

Several test launches over the Pacific Missile Range proved the viability of the system, 
but a fatal accident during the fourth launch, on 30 July 1966, almost doomed the 
TAGBOARD program. The drone climbed slowly through the mothership’s shockwave and 
suffered an asymmetrical engine unstart. The crew of the other M-21 (Article 134) watched 
in horror as the drone rolled sideways and crashed down onto the mothership. Article 135 
pitched up and broke apart, raining debris over the Pacific. The pilot ejected successfully, but 
his launch control officer drowned in the ocean. 

The tragic accident spelled the end of the M/D-21 program. Johnson concentrated on 
modifying the remaining drones for launch from beneath the wing of a B-52H. The 
modified drone was designated D-21B. 

Because the B-52 was subsonic, a rocket booster was required to propel the D-21B to 
Mach 3 speeds so the ramjet engine could ignite. Lockheed Missiles and Space Company 
developed a solid-propellant booster to be mounted on the underside of the drone. 
Lockheed technical manuals refer to the mated configuration as the D-21/DZ-1 system. The 
booster’s steel nose cone contained hydraulic and electrical systems driven by a ram-air 
turbine to provide power and hydraulic pressure to the drone during the captive-carry and 
launch phases of flight. 

The operational mission profile for the D-21B required the launch control officer 
(LCO) on the B-52 to release the drone/booster stack from the pylon at an altitude of about 
38,000 feet. About five seconds after release, the booster ignited and propelled the D-21B to 
a speed of Mach 3.3 while climbing to altitude. Passing through 63,000 feet, the drone’s 
destruct mechanism armed, allowing the LCO to destroy the drone if it veered off course. 

The ramjet was programmed to ignite at 74,000 feet. After a rocket burn time of nearly 90 


After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

seconds and at an altitude of about 80,000 feet, explosive bolts separated the D-21B from 
the rocket and the drone began its programmed sortie. 

Following completion of the mission the D-21B flew to friendly territory and jettisoned 
its camera package for mid-air recovery. The drone itself then self-destructed. 

Technicians attached the launch pylons to the B-52H at Area 51 in the summer of 1967 
and conducted fit checks with a D-21B known as Article 501. 

Initial captive-carry flights of Article 501 (Fig. 5) included an inert rocket booster (Unit 
1) that had no actual 
propellant. These flights 
allowed engineers and flight 
crews to determine the 
handling characteristics of 
the mated aircraft and study 
the drone’s low-speed 
aerodynamics. In late 

September 1967, technicians 

readied the B-52H to carry 
two drones on a captive-carry flight over northern Nevada. Article 501 was attached to the 
left wing pylon and mated to a DZ-1 booster. A second D-21B/DZ-1 was mounted on the 
right wing. Experiencing some difficulty mating Article 501 to the pylon, a technician used a 
thread-tap on one of the forward attachment bolts. Although this facilitated the connection, 
it also weakened the threads on the bolt, leaving it vulnerable to stress. 

On the morning of 28 September, ground crews at Area 51 prepared the B-52H and its 
experimental cargo for departure. Maj. Hal Rupard and Maj. Jack Reed, Air Force project 
officers for TAGBOARD, oversaw the preparations and then went to the control room to 
monitor the flight. 

The eight-engine jet, piloted by Lt. Col. Marvin R. Leitzel, his co-pilot and navigator, 
took off on Runway 32 and passed over Groom Dry Lake. As the plane climbed over 
Emigrant Valley, the pilot executed a gentle turn to the north. 

Launch control officer John Wallis, Lockheed’s senior flight test engineer for the D-21, 
immediately began in-flight checkout (FCO) procedures for Article 501 while a second 
LCO checked out the drone on the right wing. Because the mission involved testing 
complete systems compatibility and integrity, the drones were fully configured for an 
operational mission. Live rocket boosters were installed even though they were not to be 
launched during this flight. 

About 50 nautical miles north of Area 51, the B-52H was climbing at about 1,500 feet 
per minute at around 225 knots. As the bomber neared 20,000 feet altitude, Wallis was 
conducting a Group 5 IFCO that required him to manually activate the drone’s control 
surfaces to check their movement. This additional aerodynamic loading may have proved 

too much for the damaged bolt. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

As the forward attachment bolt failed, the D-21B/DZ-1 stack pivoted, shearing the aft 
attachment. Wallis watched helplessly as the vehicle dropped away from the B-52. Five 
seconds later, the rocket engine ignited (Fig. 6) as the automatic sequencing took over. 


Because the drone’s inertial navigation 
system had not yet been programmed, the 
vehicle was unguided. It continued on a 
northerly heading over the Quinn Canyon 
Range and Railroad Valley. The rocket pushed 
the vehicle to supersonic speeds but instead of 
climbing, it lost altitude. It never climbed high 

enough to allow arming of the destruct 

mechanism or ignition of the drone’s ramjet 
engine. In a few minutes its flight ended as the vehicle struck the ground and broke apart, 
scattering pieces of the secret drone and its booster across the desert. 

Recovery crews from Area 51 departed immediately for the crash site by helicopter and 
ground vehicle. 

In Railroad Valley, rancher Carl Hanks rode his horse out of a ravine and confronted a 
strange sight. Something was burning intensely a few miles away. As he approached, he saw 
scattered metallic debris and other material. Soon, other locals arrived on the scene. They 
included several ranchers and some men from a county road crew. Bill Gibson arrived with 
his wife Miriam and took several pictures. 

They soon heard the sound of rotors as an approaching Air Force helicopter flew in 
over Cherry Creek Summit and dropped down into the valley. The chopper landed, 
disgorging several security guards who ushered the civilians back and took control of the 
crash site. 

Col. Frank Hartley, USAF/CIA liaison, was put in charge of the cleanup detail. For the 
remainder of the afternoon, the helicopter flew back and forth between the crash site and 
Area 51, ferrying personnel and supplies. A temporary bivouac was set up and trucks were 
brought in to haul the wreckage back to the test site. The only harrowing moment came 
early in the cleanup activities when the drone’s destruct package suddenly exploded. 
Recovery team members lined up in a shoulder-to-shoulder search of the debris field. 
Cleanup efforts ended when darkness fell and resumed at first light. 

By early afternoon the following day, the operation was completed. The wreckage was 
loaded onto the trucks, the base camp was dismantled and Air Force personnel departed. 

After reading about this incident in 1993, 1 decided to hunt for the crash site. A book 
called Lockheed’s Skunk Works: The First Fifty Years by Jay Miller (the first-ever authorized 
history of the Lockheed Advanced Development Projects division) contained a tantalizingly 
brief description of the incident. 

In 1999, I interviewed Hal Rupard and John Wallis. They recalled the B-52 was about 
50 miles or so north of Area 51 at the time the drone launched. When I showed them a map, 


After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

they described the route of flight and were able to indicate an approximate location for the 
crash site. Both men provided additional details about the proximity of roads and other 
features as best they could recall. The scale of my map precluded a high degree of accuracy, 
but it was a start. 

Hal warned me not to expect to find anything. He said the cleanup crew walked the 
desert, line abreast, picking up every piece of debris. “The site was clean as a hound’s tooth 
when they finished,” he insisted. 

The following year, my friend and colleague Tony Moore tracked down two people who 
had been present in the Railroad Valley area in 1967. He managed to contact one current 
and one former resident and send them more detailed maps of the area with a request for 
any information they could provide. 

Carl Hanks had lived in the Railroad Valley for many years and recalled the incident in 
detail. He marked the spot on the map as he remembered it, but warned us not to expect to 
find much because “the government people that were involved in the clean-up were very 
concerned about picking up every piece of the wreckage.” Hanks also noted that Air Force 
personnel told the locals “it would be better if they forgot this ever happened.” 

Norman Sharp recalled with bitterness how Air Force personnel ordered him out of the 
area with a warning to forget what he had seen. He claimed the recovery crews “spent days 
policing the area, picking up every piece” of debris from the accident and added: “There is 
nothing left to indicate it ever happened.” 

Carl had marked a spot on the map that was in the same area indicated by Hal and John. 
Tony and I planned to search several square miles of desert. The first search attempt yielded 

nothing of interest 

Our second expedition took place on 27 May 
2005. This time, we found what we were looking 
for. Debris included pieces of titanium, steel, 
aluminum, and plastic. We found components 
marked with D-21 part numbers and Lockheed 
Skunk Works inspection stamps (Fig. 7). 

The largest piece was the nose cone 
from the rocket booster (Fig. 8). It had 
several access panels that I recognized 
from studying photos of the vehicle. On 
the inside surface was stenciled: DZ82- 
29 UNIT 2. I also found some 
electronic components and one of the 
two blades from the ram-air turbine. 
Obviously, the site had not been 

completely sanitized. 


41h Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

SENIOR TREND (Article 792) 

The Lockheed F-117A, code named SENIOR TREND, was the first combat aircraft 
iia to be virtually invisible to radar (Fig. 9). Designers used sophisticated techniques 
S involving radar-absorbent materials, special 
avionics and the aircraft’s shape to make it 
“low observable” or “stealthy” to radar and 
infrared sensors. Developed as a clandestine 
“black” program in the late 1970s, tested at 
Area 51, and deployed to operational units at 
nearby Tonopah Test Range (TTR), 
existence of the F-117A was a closely guarded 
secret for nearly a decade. 

The eighth production F-117A, Article 
792, was delivered to the test site at Groom Lake on 6 November 1982 inside a C-5 cargo 

transport. After final assembly and a series of engine runs and taxi tests, Lockheed test pilot 
Skip Holm flew the first flight of Article 792 on 9 December. Holm and two other pilots 
completed the contractor and customer acceptance tests in five flights, including verification 
of the aircraft’s low radar cross-section. After acceptance by the Air Force on 22 December, 
Article 792 was assigned to the 4450th Test Squadron Nightstalkers (part of the 4450th 
Tactical Group) at TTR. The aircraft spent its career engaged in operational test and 

By 1986, news media had been publishing stories for several years regarding rumors of 
50 to 70 “F-19 stealth” airplanes allegedly based at TTR. Spokesmen for the Air Force 
denied such rumors, but something was about to happen that threatened to expose the truth. 

On the morning of 11 July 1986, Major Ross E. “Mule” 
Mulhare (Fig. 10) took off from TTR in Article 792 on a one- 
ship training mission. His mission was the last on the flight 
schedule in the pre-dawn hours. Mulhare’s aircraft was not 
operating in low observable “stealth” mode. His navigation 
lights were switched on and radar reflectors allowed civilian 
air traffic controllers to track the aircraft. 

After executing a turn over the town of Tonopah, 
Mulhare climbed to 20,000 feet under the supervision of 
Oakland and Los Angeles air traffic control centers. Los 
Angeles Center granted Mulhare’s request to descend to 
17,000 feet. He then cancelled his IFR flight plan, a routine 
procedure when leaving controlled airspace. 

As Mulhare turned to the east, the lights of Bakersfield 
vanished, replaced by the darkness of the Greenhorn 

Mountains. His aircraft soon entered a steep dive and 


After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

impacted in a rugged canyon about a mile above the Kern River. The jet struck the ground at 
a 60-degree nose-down angle, and may have been supersonic at the time of impact. Mulhare 
made no attempt to eject, and was killed when the aircraft disintegrated. 

Investigators later surmised that the pilot, who earlier had reported being fatigued, 
became disoriented during the turn to the southeast because he had no visual cues. Also, the 
unusual air-data system on the F-117A does not function properly above Mach 1. If 
Mulhare’s aircraft exceeded the speed of sound during its dive, attitude and airspeed data 
would have been degraded making recovery almost impossible. 

The accident occurred at 1:45 a.m. PDT. Local fire and police department officials were 
the first to respond to the accident scene. Air Force personnel from Edwards Air Force Base 
arrived shortly thereafter, but found that a brush fire made access to the impact site virtually 
impossible. At 3:00 a.m. PDT, a Divert Team was initiated at TTR and arrived at the crash 
site approximately eight hours after the plane struck the mountainside. Delays due to 
difficulty arranging transportation prevented the team from arriving sooner. 

Containment of the 150-acre brushfire hindered the team’s access to the site as it took 
16 hours for county firefighters, who were not allowed into the immediate area of the crash 
site, to extinguish the blaze. A Kern County coroner was turned away by military officials 
who said they were “taking care of the remains” of the pilot. 

The crash site (Fig. 11) was declared a National Defense Area to prevent entry by 
' unauthorized personnel. Civilian 
overflights were restricted within a five- 
mile radius. Armed military guards and 
Kern County Sheriffs deputies manned 
roadblocks at outer perimeter 
checkpoints. Local and federal officials 
involved in firefighting, crash 
investigation, and other activities 
surrounding the incident were ordered 

by the Air Force not to discuss what 

they had seen or heard. 

Air Force personnel were shuttled to the site with helicopters from Edwards and 
Bakersfield. Other support personnel and heavy equipment were trucked in from Edwards 
and helicopter gunships patrolled the skies above the crash site. Air Force personnel set off 
small explosive charges to excavate buried items from the impact crater. 

Robert M. McGregor, an aeronautical engineer from McLellan Air Force Base, studied 
wreckage and photos of the crash site for a fire pattern investigation. He noted that the post- 
crash blaze had burned surrounding hillsides but “the aircraft fire had effectively self- 
extinguished before civilian or military personnel arrived.” McGregor determined that “post- 
crash fire damage to the airframe was remarkably light, while structural break-up was almost 

absolute.” Most of the parts were lightly sooted, and evenly sooted along broken or torn 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

edges, indicating damage from the post-impact fire. Some parts were thrown clear of the 
blaze and escaped any fire damage or sooting. 

Civilian witnesses Andy Hoyt, his sister Lisa Gjerde and her son Joey had witnessed the 
crash and then spent the weekend camping at Lake Isabella. On Monday, Hoyt called Air 
Force officials at Edwards and told them about the photos he managed to take as the jet 
plummeted from the sky. Hoyt, his sister and nephew were flown to Bakersfield the next day 
and interviewed at the spot where they made their sighting. Air Force officials also 
confiscated Hoyt’s film. 

Cleanup activities continued for several weeks. Responding to news media requests, Air 
Force spokesmen refused to identify the type of aircraft involved in the accident. This 
proved a terrible public relations gaff and security blunder. It drew unwanted public and 
media attention, and rampant speculation. The fact that much of this speculation was 
reasonably accurate was even worse. 

Ironically, the media frenzy could have been avoided. Federal Aviation Administration 
air traffic controllers had been briefed that the airplanes operating out of Tonopah were A-7 
attack aircraft. At Nellis Air Force Base, personnel frequently saw A-7s with 4450th Tactical 
Group insignia parked on the ramp. They often were surrounded by an unusual amount of 
security and were reputedly involved with classified avionics testing. This elaborate sham 
provided a cover for personnel assigned to the 4450th and could have served as a perfect 
foundation for a contingency cover story. If Air Force spokesmen had said Mulhare’s 
airplane was an A-7 there likely would have been little attention from the press or public. 

The first outsiders to visit the mystery crash site were members of a news crew from 
KERO-TV in Bakersfield. They flew in by helicopter on 8 August; a day after the military 
had departed, and found a scorched section of the canyon that had been considerably 
disturbed by recovery crews. They noticed that someone had erected a memorial to the pilot, 
consisting of an American flag on a pole supported by a rock cairn. They also found the 
ground covered with small fragments of metal and plastic. It took only a short time to fill 
several plastic sandwich bags with debris. Photos of these pieces (the largest was less than 
two inches across) were displayed on the evening news and in 
various newspapers. Air Force representatives subsequently 
confiscated the debris. 

Other visitors followed. Bill Marvel and Dave Lewis hiked 
to the site on 18 October. In an interview with the Los Angeles 
Times, Marvel remarked on the flag and displayed a large aircraft 
component (seven inches across and weighing about six 
pounds) that he found partially buried at the site. Air Force 
officials requested the return of this item, as well, and Marvel 

I first visited the crash site in December 1986, just five 

months after the accident (Fig. 12). To reach the site from 


After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

public land required crossing the Kern River and hiking about a mile up a steep, brush- 
covered mountain (gaining nearly 1,000 feet of elevation in the process). When | arrived, 
fresh green shoots of grass had begun to sprout on the blackened earth. In contrast, the 
impact point stood out as a white indentation of pulverized granite. It looked like a sand trap 
on a golf course. Some nearby trees were still charred black and a smoky odor pervaded the 

I had no idea what to look for. The existence of the F-117A was not declassified until 
November 1988, so I had no reference data. | examined the remaining debris, ranging in size 
from tiny fragments to pieces over 12 inches long. Materials included aluminum, titanium, 
stainless steel, graphite-epoxy thermoplastics, fiberglass composites and ceramics. There also 
were fragments of thin sheets of plastic and rubber, some with aluminized Kapton coatings 
on one side. One recognizable component was a sway brace from a weapon pylon (bomb 

Over the next 12 years I revisited the site six more times. After the F-117A was 
declassified, more reference material became available for comparison. Various 
photographers and authors documented the airplane extensively. It could be examined at 
relatively close range during air shows and to an even greater extent when one was placed in 
the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Pieces of F-117A airframes that 
underwent routine maintenance were sold as scrap and found their way into the hands of 
collectors. Two more of the stealthy airplanes crashed on publicly accessible land, providing 
an additional comparative reference. The wreckage of at least one was sold to a civilian scrap 

Each time I visited the Bakersfield site, I had more knowledge about what to look for. I 
recognized inspection stamps from Lockheed Advanced Development Projects (ADP), the 
famed Skunk Works. Some of the stamps even included the letters ADP. Part numbers bore 
a “20” prefix followed by a letter, and then more numbers. This is the correct format for F- 
117A part numbers. For example, a part with an ADP stamp and number 20F123-1 RH 
would come from the right-hand side of the fuselage assembly of a Lockheed F-117A. Pieces 
of metal or composite covered on one side with gray or black plastic were pieces of skin 
with radar absorbent material (RAM) coating. The gray rubber with Kapton was also RAM. 
The plastic or rubber serves as a matrix for microscopic iron spheroids called ferrites, so 
pieces of RAM can be picked up with a magnet. Fragments of ferrite-impregnated ceramics 
were remnants of heat-absorbing tiles designed to reduce the infrared signature of the 
airplane’s exhaust. 

As soon as the F-117A was declassified, Defense Department officials acknowledged 
that the Bakersfield crash involved one of the radar-evading airplanes. Shortly thereafter 
someone involved with the F-117A program began to spread disinformation about the 
Bakersfield recovery operation. In a 1989 interview, SMSet. Roy Pruitt told author James C. 
Goodall that the recovery crew dug and sifted every cubic inch of soil at the crash site to a 

depth of six feet and as far as 1,000 feet beyond the last recognizable debris, removing every 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

trace of the airplane. He further claimed that they “broke up an old F-101 Voodoo that 
crashed at the [Groom Lake] test site 20 years earlier” and spread the parts at the Bakersfield 
site to confound treasure hunters. Several years later, F-117A Flight Test director Richard 
Abrams repeated the story to the proprietor of an aviation memorabilia shop. 

When I first read this story in one of Goodall’s books, I lacked the most important 
reference material needed to identify F-117A parts, but I felt that the narrative did not pass 
the “ring of truth” test. It just felt false. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the 
most fundamental error; the site had not been excavated to the level described in the 

On my first visit 1 had seen numerous remnant bushes surrounding the impact crater. 
They were charred black but still rooted to the ground. If the site had been excavated and 
sifted, there would have been no original foliage left; the entire site would have resembled 
the impact crater. The scale of the excavation would have been enormous since debris had 
been blasted at least several hundred feet from the impact point. If the recovery crews had 
set their perimeter 1,000 feet beyond the last recognizable debris, the total surface area for 
the dig site would have been vast (perhaps exceeding 10,000,000 square feet). With a six- 
foot depth of excavation the volume (60,000,000 cubic feet of material!) to be sifted would 
have required enormous expense and manpower. Such an effort would be difficult on flat, 
loamy ground. In a rugged canyon with rocky outcrops it would be nearly impossible and 
would definitely be impossible to disguise. I had seen no evidence of an excavation of this 
magnitude; therefore this portion of the narrative was clearly false. 

But what of the cover story’s other parts? The recovery crew had plenty of time to 
remove debris from the site and replace it with material from another airplane. Over a 
period of several years I was able to study the Bakersfield debris and compare it to known F- 
117A parts as well as to debris from two other F-117A crash sites. Based on this information 
the Bakersfield debris was clearly identifiable as pieces of a Lockheed F-117A. 

Conversely, I found no debris at the Bakersfield site that could be identified as part of a 
McDonnell F-101 Voodoo. 1 did confirm that James S. Simon, Jr., had been killed in the crash 
of an F-101B in September 1967 while flying chase for an A-12 training mission at Groom 
Lake. It was the sort of detail that only old-timers from Area 51 would remember, and then 
only in general terms. Those I talked to could not recall the exact date or even the year. A 
researcher might be lured into thinking this event helped confirm the authenticity of the 
cover story, but there was no physical evidence at the crash site to support it. 

I had the opportunity to study two F-101 crash sites, as well as complete and 
disassembled F-101 airframes, for comparative analysis purposes. The materials and 
construction methods used in the F-101 and F-117A are very different. So are the paints and 
coatings. The F-101 contains no thermoplastic composites or RAM, for instance. The F- 
117A, unlike earlier aircraft, was assembled with Torx fasteners whereas the F-101 was 
assembled with Phillips fasteners. The part numbers and manufacturer’s inspection stamps 

for both aircraft are entirely different, as well. 


After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

Based on physical evidence, it was clear that the site had not been sanitized after all. 
Contrary to some accounts there was no evidence of large-scale excavation and sifting of the 
soil. There were clearly identifiable F-117A parts and materials in the debris field. Finally, 
there was no evidence of foreign (ie. F-101) material having been planted at the site as a 


Follow the evidence 

I could provide quite a few additional case studies covering a span of half a century. A 
few examples would include a Northrop N-9M one-third-scale technology demonstrator for 
development of the XB-35 flying wing bomber, a Lockheed XP-80A prototype for the 
second operational U.S. jet fighter, the Lockheed U-2 prototype that was lost while testing 
anti-radar coatings for the CIA, a Mk.17 thermonuclear bomb that was accidentally dropped 
from a B-36 on the edge of a major U.S. city, and a Lockheed SR-71 that crashed next to a 
highway during a classified avionics test. 

I have visited more than 100 crash sites in the western United States. Many of them 
represent aircraft and weapons that incorporated what were sensitive technologies at the 
time the accidents occurred. The sites were located in areas that could easily be controlled by 
the responsible government agencies during the accident investigation and cleanup. The 
government had the ability to maintain control of the site for as long as necessary. In many 
cases the agency involved had sufficient motivation to completely sanitize the site in order to 
protect advanced materials and design configurations or other classified information. 

In some of the incidents, cover stories were used to discourage interested parties from 
visiting the crash sites. In at least one case, we have seen that cleanup personnel blatantly 
mislead higher headquarters regarding the thoroughness of their work. 

Material evidence indicates that the crash sites were not sanitized despite good reason 
and opportunity to do so. In each case described above I have found positively identifiable 
debris surrounding the point of impact. The amount of debris and proportion of identifiable 

material was no different from that found at crash sites of unclassified aircraft. 

KEDLOCK (Article 1003) 

Some years ago, I read a book called A History of UFO Crashes by Kevin D. Randle. It 
lists an incident that occurred in the summer of 1971 “near Edwards Air Force Base.” A 
witness described hearing “a loud roaring sound and then a loud crash,” and seeing a cloud 
of dust rising “several blocks away.” She claimed to have walked to the crash site and joined 
a group of civilians who were “studying the craft” and “taking pictures.” Air Force personnel 


soon arrived, allegedly “smashed the camera,” and ordered the civilians to depart “or be 

The witness said the mysterious vehicle “had no markings but seemed to be scratched. 
There were no windows or seams, and it appeared to be molded in one piece. It was a dark 

grayish color with greenish highlights. The texture was smooth.” 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

The witness said military personnel “covered the craft with a large canvas and lifted it 
with cables” before hauling it away. The witness claimed “there was no mention of the 
incident in the newspapers.” 

Randle was unable to determine if the incident was genuine or a hoax. He simply 
labeled it: “Insufficient Data.” 

I decided to investigate this incident since it occurred relatively close to where | live. 
After interviewing a number of local residents and personnel from Edwards, I suspected the 
story might be a garbled description of the accident involving a Lockheed YF-12A known as 
Article 1003. 

The YF-12A, developed under project KEDLOCK, was the interceptor variant of the 
Blackbird (Fig. 13). Initially tested at Area 51 in August 1963, the three prototypes were 
moved to Edwards in the summer of 1964. Article 1003 was eventually assigned to a joint 
program involving the Air Force and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

After extensive review of historical records and interviews with Edwards personnel and 
area residents, | determined that there were only two aircraft accidents at Edwards in the 
summer of 1971 and they occurred just one day apart. On 23 June, a B-57 flown by two Test 
Pilot School instructors was returning from a routine training flight when it crashed 25 miles 
northeast of Edwards, killing both crewmembers. The next day, the two-man crew of a YF- 
12A (Article 1003) was forced to eject because of an engine fire. 

The latter incident occurred just west of Boron, a community located on the 
northeastern edge of Edwards Air Force Base. The accident occurred just west of town and 
not far from Highway 58, just inside the base 
boundary. Proximity to Boron and _ the 
highway, and the lack of boundary fences, 
made the accident site (Fig. 14) relatively 
accessible to the public. 

The description of the mysterious object 
reported by Randle’s witness sounded very 
much like a damaged YF-12A engine nacelle 

(Fig. 15). From a distance, it could easily have 

appeared to be a smooth, grayish, windowless 

The lack of press 
coverage is also consistent 
with the YF-12A incident. 
It was scarcely mentioned, 
even in local newspapers, 
as the fatal B-57 accident 

was considered more 

After The Fire: How The Governement Responds To Top Secret Crashes 

newsworthy. In fact, news of the YF-12A crash was included, almost as an afterthought, in 
one B-57 story. 

Using descriptions from eyewitnesses, I located the YF-12A crash site in 1996. I found 
a variety of debris including fragments of titanium skin and structure, engine parts, and the 

entire right elevon (Fig. 16). Part numbers and inspection stamps clearly identified the 

aircraft as a YF-12A. The lack of composite anti-radar treatments on the edge of the elevon 

also was diagnostic of the type. Eventually, I was able to obtain a declassified copy of the 
accident report and also interview the flight crew. 

Since a UFO is by definition unidentified, it is reasonable to assume that many UFO 
crashes involve experimental (but entirely terrestrial) aircraft. In my opinion, the Boron 
incident is one of those cases. 

All UFO crash retrieval stories are worth investigating. Some will inevitably turn out to 
be hoaxes. Some will be misidentified terrestrial objects. If they involve real events, then 
evidence should remain to determine the nature of those events. 

Professor Edmond Locard (1877-1966), a pioneering forensic scientist, once wrote: 
“Physical evidence cannot be wrong, it cannot perjure itself, it cannot be wholly absent. Only 

human failure to find it, study and understand it can diminish its value." 


The Flatwoods Monster Incident — 
The Night They Were Here 

Frank Feschino 
Copyright 2006 Frank Feschino 

And now - the 10 o’clock headline news. The breaking story at the top of the hour for 
September 12, 1952, “A brilliant flame—apparently a meteor—flashed across the sky near 
the nation’s capital tonight. Newspaper offices were flooded with calls by persons 
wondering about flying saucers. Most witnesses agreed that a blazing object had moved 
horizontally and came ‘awfully low.’ The National Airport Observation Tower said the 
object was definitely not a flying saucer.” 

More than forty years later, I discovered this long forgotten news story that was 
broadcasted across a panic stricken Washington D.C. and eventually learned that this flying 
saucer incident was part of a much larger news story that gained world wide notoriety. 

In September of 1991, I visited a cousin’s farm in Frametown, West Virginia, located in 
Braxton County in the center of the state. I soon discovered that UFO sightings and 
incidents were frequent in this region of the mountains and the Frametown locals had been 
sighting UFOs for years. A number of these sightings actually occurred over and near my 
cousin’s farm. 

I was overwhelmed when I saw dozens of crop circle rings and markings that had 
appeared on his property over night. I studied and documented these anomalies and a friend 
suggested I should show my research to someone. Shortly after, I was put in touch with 
crop circle enthusiast Colin Andrews. I then met with Andrews in Connecticut and showed 
him my research, including all of my data and photographs and we talked for hours. I also 
told him about an old UFO incident I had heard about while I was in the mountains of West 

I continued to visit Braxton County and documented everything I saw in the mountains 
and kept talking with Colin Andrews. Simultaneously, I began trying to learn more about 
the UFO incident I had heard about. It was the story that was about to change my life over 
the next 15 years, it was the story of the “Flatwoods Monster.” 

On September 12, 1952, the small town of Flatwoods located in Braxton County, West 
Virginia, slipped into a nightmare when a damaged UFO went down in their town during a 
full-scale flap. On that early summer night, a group of neighborhood boys were playing 
sandlot football on the Flatwoods Elementary School playground when they looked up and 
saw a large fiery spheroid-shaped object pass over a nearby mountain. 

At first, it was heading south in their direction. The low-flying object then changed 
direction, heading east as it passed over the playground, over the boys, and over a road, and 
barely cleared the treetops on the crest of a knoll located on a farm on the other side of the 

road. The object then passed over a flat-topped mountain located on the back of the farm 

and crash-landed to the ground. 

The Flatwoods Monster Incident 


The excited boys shouted among themselves, “it’s a meteor!” and some yelled “it’s a 
flying saucer!” as they ran up the road in hot pursuit of the object. They stopped at the 
home of Mrs. Kathleen May, mother of two of the boys in the group. Mrs. May and a 
visiting cousin, 17 year old Eugene Lemon, grabbed their flashlights and escorted four of the 
curious boys onto the farm located directly behind the house in search of the mysterious 
object. The rest of the boys decided not to go on and went home. Mrs. May and the five 
boys proceeded up to the farm and were joined by another boy, a six year old, who straggled 
along behind the group. 

By the time the group arrived at the farm, it was dusk. They walked up a dirt path 
where a wooded area was located on their left and a large gulley field was down on their 
right. Mrs. May led the group with Eugene Lemon and the remaining boys trailed behind as 
they headed toward the back of the property. A nauseating mist began to permeate 
throughout the area and sickened some of the group but they continued. Mrs. May and 
Lemon then heard strange noises coming from the area of a huge oak tree about four feet 
back from the path and to their left. 

As they continued to walk toward the tree, they looked up and saw something near it in 
the darkened area of the woods that resembled two large glowing eyes. They were situated 
about twelve feet in the air and just below a large hanging branch. Mrs. May and the Lemon 
boy then turned their flashlights on and directed the beams into the woods at the two 
gleaming lights. 

At that instant, a nearly 12 foot tall metal figure revealed its presence by radiating an 
illuminating glow and lighting up the entire area. Beams of light projected from the eye 
areas and it lifted from beside the tree as it emitted an exhaust gas from a portion of its 
lower torso. It then hovered across the dirt path in front of the nearest witness, Mrs. May, 
and sprayed an oily substance on her. At this point, Mrs. May and the group of frightened 
boys fled down the path screaming in terror and ran off the farm. Within a half hour, the 
word about this frightening incident spread like a wild fire throughout Braxton County. 

Shortly after the incident occurred, it made worldwide headlines and the “Flatwoods 
Monster” story was broadcasted over the radio and television networks across the United 
States. It was also ranked as one of the biggest news stories of 1952 and was said to be one 
of the world’s greatest mysteries. 

I became the first primary investigator involved in this case since Ivan T. Sanderson, 
Gray Barker, and Donald Keyhoe investigated it back in 1952-1953. To date, I have 
conducted the longest and most in depth investigation into the “Flatwoods Monster” 
incident in history. 

My investigation began out of sheer curiosity when I heard about the incident while in 
Frametown and then made a trip through the mountains to nearby Flatwoods. Upon 
reaching the Flatwoods town limits, I saw a large wood sign that was engraved, 

to the side of the road and thought, “There really must be something to this story.” 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

After I saw the Flatwoods welcome sign, I had hopes of talking to some of the locals 
about the green monster. The welcome sign was the only greeting that I received that day. | 
thought the locals would be very receptive to me and talk about the story. 1 was dead 
wrong. I walked around Flatwoods and eventually spoke to a few people in town. The 
conversations, if you could call them that, were very short. A couple people said, “Ah, there 
was nothing to that story” and “We don’t know anything about it.” At least that is what they 
told me. I left Flatwoods very disappointed and returned home with more questions than 
answers. I kept thinking, “How could people living in a town with a ‘Green Monster 
welcome sign’ say there was nothing to the story or they didn’t know anything about it?” 

I then began to research the “Flatwoods Monster” incident on a historical level. I read 
every book that I could get my hands on that referenced the story. The monster had several 
nicknames over the years. Early on, it was called “The Phantom of Flatwoods” and the 
“Braxton Monster,’ then later the “Flatwoods Monster” and the “Braxton County 
Monster.” Most of these books show a famous photograph taken in 1952 of Mrs. May 
holding a large poster-sized drawing of the “Flatwoods Monster.” One week after the 
incident occurred, Mrs. May had appeared on a nationwide television talk show in New York 
called “We the People.” Mrs. May sat down with an artist in the studio before the show 
aired and spoke of her encounter. He then drew a pencil illustration of the so-called 
“Flatwoods Monster” from her description. 

By working with witnesses, I discovered that the artist’s depiction of the figure was not 
accurate and that he had incorrectly portrayed it as a Hollywood-style monster, a claw 
waving creature that wore a cloth garment similar to a monks outfit. It was depicted as 
wearing a tunic top, a pointed hood that covered its large red head, and a long flowing 
pleated dress. This inaccurate rendition was shown to the national television audience, who 
thought it to be the actual likeness of what the witnesses saw, and it continues to be shown 
over fifty years later. 

I began to study this case more intently and discovered the “Flatwoods Monster” was 
not just some local legend or folklore tale. I was amazed to find how widespread and far- 
reaching the story of this incident actually was. I was also puzzled because everything that I 
had read about this UFO incident in books was very brief in length and considering the 
magnitude of this incident, the lack of in-depth information and detail surprised me. The 
stories that were written about this incident were also very fragmented, disjointed, and 

On another trip to Braxton County, I visited Flatwoods and several neighboring towns, 
including Gassaway and the county seat of Sutton in search of more answers. I discovered 
that most of the locals were not too receptive to outsiders, including me, asking questions 
about the monster. They knew I wasn’t from “those parts” and it was very obvious because 
of the “foreign language” 1 spoke, a heavy New England Connecticut accent that 
immediately made me stick out like a sore thumb. I didn’t fit into this close-knit community 

and it was very obvious. 


The Flatwoods Monster Incident 

I started spending more time out of the mountains when I went to Braxton County and 
visited the town areas more frequently. The locals started to notice me hanging around their 
town more often. Yes, I was back again asking questions and spent a lot of time in diners 
and coffee shops. Still, they would only talk briefly with me about the incident and I was 
getting on their nerves. When we did talk, many scoffed at the “monster”’ story, laughed at 
it, while others would actually get nervous and agitated with me when I raised the topic. 
Some just glared at me with a distrustful look and countless umes I heard, “we don’t talk 
about the monster ‘round here no more”. Why were the locals so reluctant to talk with me, 
especially the elders who lived there back in 1952? 

The way that the locals were acting around me was more mysterious than the mystery of 
the “Flatwoods Monster” incident itself. After repeated visits, many locals realized I wasn’t 
an average drop-in tourist and started to ask where I was from, what I was doing there, and 
“Why are you so interested in that darned monster story?” I explained that I had family in 
these parts and would stay with them up in the mountains when I visited Braxton County. 
Yes, I was kin. I then explained that the monster story intrigued me and that | was 
researching the history of the incident and trying to get to the bottom of it and wasn’t there 
to mock them or the story. When some of the locals realized that I had relatives and family 
ties to Braxton County, | was no longer treated like an outcast or a stranger who was spying 
on them. Furthermore, 1 wasn’t a newspaper reporter who was there to do another silly 
season Halloween story on the “Flatwoods Monster” for the millionth time. I was there to 
find the truth. 

J eventually befriended some of the locals in Gassaway, Sutton, and Flatwoods who 
began to help me. In Flatwoods, they told me that their town and entire area went through 
hell back in 1952 when the story first hit. More than 10,000 people had visited Flatwoods in 
those first few weeks. The “Flatwoods Monster” story had grown overnight, made nation- 
wide and worldwide headlines shortly thereafter, and broadcasted as far away as Europe and 

This was a lot for a small town of 300 country people to handle. It is hard to picture, 
but in 1952, there were only a few cars and one television in all of Braxton County. The 
telephones in Flatwoods were still run by a local switchboard operator and connected to 
party lines. Listening to the radio and hanging out in front of the Flatwoods General Store 
on weekends were still the main forms of entertainment. If you wanted to hear the latest 
gossip, the general store was the place to be. 

In Flatwoods, people got around by walking or riding their bikes and dirt roads and cow 
paths outnumbered the tar roads. Several people lived off of their land and everyone 
bartered with their neighbors. The children could walk to school by themselves and people 
didn’t have to lock their doors at night when they went to bed. In 1952, the small town of 
Flatwoods was a quiet place and definitely not considered the metropolis of West Virginia. 

The people weren’t rich here but they were happy. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

In 1952, when Flatwoods was the focus of the world, the locals were getting tired of the 
attention. Strangers wandered into the area from around the country day and night asking 
questions about the monster. The calm, routine life of their once quiet town was turned 
completely upside down and shattered. The townspeople were getting frustrated and the 
rumors ran rampant over the “monster” story. This peaceful town had entered into a 
nightmare of events that they did not ask for. 

The opinions of the locals in the area were also divided concerning the story of Mrs. 
May and the boys who walked up on the farm that night and claimed they saw a monster. 
The town was divided among skeptics, believers, and people who didn’t know what to 
believe. Some said it was mass hysteria and the group saw an animal or an owl in a tree and 
misinterpreted it for a monster. Others said it was an elaborate hoax made up by the entire 
group just to get attention. 

Some Flatwoods residents I spoke to felt that the story was bad publicity for the town 
because the public “might think we were crazy up here.” 

A number of people that I spoke with said they knew the witnesses very well. Mrs. May 
was a well-respected woman and the boys were good old-fashioned country kids and not 
your common street punks. Several people that I spoke with knew the boys growing up, 
knew their families, and said they were well respected in the community. They believe Mrs. 
May and the boys did see something on the farm that night, but what it was and where it 
came from was another question. 

I was eventually referred to and was able to speak with the key witness involved in the 
incident, who had actually seen the monster, Mrs. Kathleen May. At the time, she lived near 
Flatwoods in the town of Gassaway. When I called Mrs. May on the phone and introduced 
myself, she already knew who I was. Word travels fast in a small community and she knew I 
was researching the monster incident. I asked her many questions and she explained what 
happened to her and the boys that night. She was very kind to me considering the amount 
of questions | bombarded her with. 

I learned a lot about the incident and Mrs. May informed me about a number of things 
that were not in the books that I had read. She also introduced me to her son, Freddie, who 
was also a witness to the so-called monster. I interviewed Freddie several times and he 
actually took me to the farm where the monster was seen and explained the series of events 
that led up to the encounter. Both of them described the appearance of the “Flatwoods 
Monster” in explicit detail and I discovered that the monster was not a living entity wearing a 
cloth garment. 

On one occasion I sat down with Freddie for hours and, with his help, worked up a 
police-style witness drawing of the “monster.” After talking with Freddie, it became clear to 
me that what had been referred to as a “monster” was actually a metal shelled body that was 
mechanical in nature and resembled either a small rocket ship or some kind of vehicular type 
of space suit that acted as a probe. The body was actually a metal shell that was aluminum in 

color. It was about nine feet in length from the shoulder area to the bottom and flared out. 


The Flatwoods Monster Incident 

The top shoulder area was about three feet across and about four feet wide at the bottom. It 
was topped by a large ace-of-spades shaped helmet about three feet high that sat on the 
upper plane shoulder area. The front of this large helmet was covered by a clear flat glass- 
looking windowpane. What was said to be a head that was red in color was actually an inner 
helmet that was enclosed by the larger helmet. 

The so-called arms and claws were actually antennae protruding from the plane of the 
shoulder areas on both sides. The pleats of the dress that hung in great folds from the waist 
area to the bottom of the lower torso were actually thick metal pipes. These vertical pipes 
were spaced around the lower shell of the torso and about five feet long. They were 
equivalent to exhaust pipes and emitted the gaseous odor that the witnesses smelled. These 
exhaust pipes were likely part of a propulsion system that lifted the figure above the ground 
and gave it the capability to hover. The aluminum colored body actually reflected the green 
color of the wooded environment around it when it lit up...hence the nickname of the 

I continued to speak with Mrs. May and her son, Freddie, and after several 
conversations started to piece together the events of this incident. I also expanded my 
research into other directions and traveled to several libraries throughout West Virginia in 
search of original newspaper stories. 1 spent countless hours on microfilm machines 
reviewing spools of film and looking for stories about the monster. As I discovered more 
and more information, I would call Mrs. May and Freddie and talk with them and ask them 
questions. I also met with some of the other locals who gave me private tours around 
Braxton County and helped to familiarize me with the area while I was putting together a 
time line of events for September 12, 1952. 

The plot of the story began to thicken when I discovered another news story that made 
headlines across West Virginia on the following morning of Saturday September 13, 1952. 
The Flatwoods Monster story did not reach the press in time for the Saturday morning 
papers. The newspaper headlines across West Virginia on Saturday morning told about 
flaming objects that flew across West Virginia on Friday night. One newspaper, the 
“Charleston Daily Mail” reported, “Fiery Objects Flash Across Sky In W. Va., - Many From 
Wheeling To Bluefield Puzzled Over Weird Spectacle.” According to this article, 
commercial airline pilots said “they saw meteoric objects flash by their planes while aloft” 
and reported them to the Civil Aeronautics Administration. It was also stated, “One pilot 
said an object had nearly clipped the wing of his aircraft.” 

“The Charleston Gazette” also reported an object sighted across West Virginia. In an 
article, “Meteorite Spotted in Kanawha Area,” the Gazette stated, “A large meteorite 
presumably landed or exploded within a 50 mile radius of Charleston last night, according to 
reliable reports received by the Gazette.” Although it clearly stated the object was a meteor, 
it then stated, “The object was also variously reported to have made hissing sounds and to 

have backed up and started over.” 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

On Sunday morning, September 14, 1952, the first of two newspaper articles about the 
monster appeared in regional print. They appeared in the two newspapers of West Virginia’s 
capitol city, Charleston. The “Charleston Daily Mail” newspaper reported a straight 
forward, no frills, and accurate version of the incident. Their headline read, “Braxton Co. 
Residents Faint, Become Ill-After Run-In with Weird 10-Foot Monster.” 

“The Charleston Gazette” also reported the monster story in an article, “Did it Ride A 
Meteor - Boys Spot Appalling Creature Near Flatwoods, Link It To Fiery Objects In Skies.” 
This newspaper linked their two stories into one headline and story. The writer of this 
article was not far off in his explanation of these two events. 

The scope of my research again expanded when I looked through other eastern United 
States newspapers in search of other strange flying object reports. I discovered there were 
actually several other reports of UFOs and fiery objects seen on the night of September 12, 
1952. On that night, strange objects were seen flying over the skies of several eastern states. 
Up and down the East Coast, military installations, police stations, airports, newspapers, and 
even the Pentagon were flooded with calls from frantic citizens. The eastern United States 
was actually besieged by overwhelming numbers of Unidentified Flying Objects. 

Early in my research, Mrs. May put me in touch with another key figure involved in the 
incident. Colonel Dale Leavitt lived in Sutton, was a World War I] combat veteran, and in 
1952 was the commander of the West Virginia National Guard, then located in Gassaway. | 
jearned that during the time when Flatwoods was being overrun by thousands of visitors, 
Leavitt and several National Guard troops stayed in the area to provide crowd control. 

1 met with Colonel Leavitt on several occasions. On two occasions, Colonel Leavitt 
took me to the Fisher Farm in Flatwoods where the incident occurred. During the second 
trip to the farm, I was granted an interview and I videotaped the Colonel’s story. Colonel 
Leavitt revealed that on the night of the “Flatwoods Monster” incident, he received a call 
from Washington D.C. telling him that the Air Force wanted him and his troops to 
investigate an alleged plane crash near Flatwoods and look for survivors. He was also 
ordered to then go to the farm and retrieve any and all samples from the crash-site. 

Colonel Leavitt gathered and led 180 troops throughout Braxton County that night. 
Leavitt and fifty troops also went to the farm in Flatwoods and gathered several specimen 
samples. He told me that the Air Force “wanted to know what it was” that landed on the 
farm. Leavitt also told me that the 50 troops “stayed the night” at the crash site on the farm 
“in case something else happened.” 

I continued to research library archives and discovered two September 13" articles that 
referred to a “blazing object” that passed “awfully low” over Washington D.C. on 
September 12, 1952. “The New York Times” headline read, “FLAME OVER 
WASHINGTON - Brilliant Streak Across Sky - Probably a Meteor” and the Massachusetts 


“Springfield News” reported, “Flaming Object Seen at Capital.” It was said that this 

apparent meteor prompted “jittery Washingtonians to believe they were in for another flying 


The Flatwoods Monster Incident 

saucer scare.” This was in reference to the July 19-20 and July 26-27 UFO sightings that 
occurred over Washington D.C. during the “big flap” of 1952. 

Furthermore, I discovered that some of the UFO sightings reported by the press for 
September 12 stated that some of these objects had crashed. 

The next phase of my research consisted of obtaining the Project Blue Book records for 
September 12, 1952. After getting the file segment on microfilm, 1 reviewed it and was 
astounded to find nearly two hundred pages of documents that referenced UFO sightings 
for September 12" and 13", 1952. Most of these documents had to do with the UFO events 
on September 12 and the Flatwoods Monster case. There was also a connection concerning 
the events of the 13" as well. 

I discovered that the majority of the September 12° documents pertained to what the 
United States Air Force called a single “meteor” sighting over the mid-Atlantic region. 
Specifically, they called it the “Washington area meteor.” According to a “confirmation” 
letter from the Akron Astronomy Club, it was sighted at “approximately 7:00 P.M. EST” 
and had a “Duration: 5-6 seconds” with an “Actual Velocity: 27 miles per second.” 

The “Flatwoods Monster” incident was heavily documented in this file and pages of 
published books about the story were copied in it. An official document, “Project 10073 
Record Card ATIC Form 329,” gave the details of the case. It stated, “The West Virginia 
monster so called. Actually the object was the well-known Washington area meteor of 12 
Sep landing near Flatwoods, W. Va. Have confirmation of an Astronomy Club from Akron, 
Ohio. Letter from E.C. President - Akron Ast. Club.” This 10073 document also stated, 
“Location: Flatwoods, West Virginia” as well as the time of the sighting, “1930 EST” which 
translates to 7:30 P.M. EST. This is a thirty-minute span from the time the “Washington 
area meteor” passed over the Capital until it allegedly made its “landing near Flatwoods.” 
The actual velocity of the meteor was said to be “27 miles per second.” Flatwoods, WV is 
located 206 miles west of Washington and if this alleged meteor was traveling at “27 miles 
per second,” it would have reached the Flatwoods area in about 7-8 seconds. 

Shortly after the incident, Donald Keyhoe spoke with Albert Chop, an Air Force 
spokesman about the “Flatwoods Monster” incident. Chop told him the Air Forces 
explanation of the incident and stated, “The glowing object seen by Mrs. May and the boys 
was actually a meteor.” The Air Force gave a speculative explanation of the monster and 
stated, “The group did see two glowing eyes, probably those of a large owl perched on a 
limb” and “underbrush may have given the impression of a giant figure.” 

Additional sightings were also reported that night up and down the eastern seaboard 
and were also said to be the same meteor, called a “fireball.” The government insisted that 
all of these sightings around the country were all attributed to the same meteor. I discovered 
that these sightings were made at different times, over different locations, and were flying on 
different directional headings. I then researched the astronomical history of meteors for 
September 12, 1952 and worked with astronomers to find out more about the “well-known 

Washington area meteor.” I discovered this alleged meteor was not so well known outside 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

of the Project Blue Book files. According to the astronomers, there was no meteor and not 
any meteor shower activity anywhere near that area on September 12, 1952. Furthermore, 
there have only been three recorded meteors that have ever landed in the state of West 
Virginia according to their official records and none of them landed on September 12, 1952. 

Next, I took all of the information from the sightings that I found in all of the 
newspaper articles and combined them with the Project Blue Book sightings. I discovered 
that what was said to be a single meteor was actually one of several questionable objects that 
flew over a total of eleven states. 

The number of sightings and events were growing and making it difficult for me to 
track on small maps. To solve this problem, I combined several aeronautical maps together 
and made one gigantic map of the eastern United States to get an overview of all of the 
sightings. 1 then pinpointed the locations and times where these sightings occurred 
throughout the east, connected the dots, recreated flight path trajectories, and started to 
piece the entire story together. 1 could finally see the big picture as it occurred over the 
entire eastern United States. 

The results of my investigations were that the “FLAME OVER WASHINGTON” 
actually flew over the Capitol on a western heading at 8:00 PM. EDT/7:00 PM.EST. I 
tracked its flight path across the country and it continued to fly on a western trajectory. The 
flaming object traveled about 206 miles due west where it crash-landed in Flatwoods, West 
Virginia about 30 minutes later. 

I also tracked two other flaming objects that passed over the eastern United States 
shortly before the object that passed over Washington D.C. When I stepped back and 
looked at this big map hanging on the wall, I realized these three objects actually fanned out 
across the United States on western headings from the east coast. 

The first object flew on a southwest trajectory toward Tennessee. The object actually 
flew more than 100 miles through the restricted airspace of the Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory (ORNL) and continued on a direct course heading toward this facility located in 
Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It landed in the small town of Arcadia just before reaching ORNL 
then departed the area shortly after and proceeded in the opposite direction. The second 
fiery object flew on a northwest course heading toward Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, 
Ohio. Shortly before reaching the base the object turned, redirected its course heading, then 
proceeded in the opposite direction toward the West Virginia panhandle. It nearly hit a 
commercial passenger plane in the vicinity of the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport shortly 
before going down in the panhandle near Wheeling. This object then took off and was seen 
flying southwest over West Virginia toward the Capitol city of Charleston. Upon reaching 
this area, this fiery object actually crash-landed then lifted off three times on the outskirts of 
Charleston. The object finally departed the area and I tracked it heading south over West 
Virginia. The last documented area where the object was sighted was over the town of 

Bluefield near the southern border of West Virginia. The third fiery object that flew over 


The Flatwoods Monster Incident 

the eastern United States was the “Flame Over Washington.” It passed over the nation’s 
capital on a due west trajectory. 

These three objects displayed several of the same characteristics along their flight paths. 
All of them were reported to be on fire and had pieces falling off them. These objects were 
disintegrating in mid-air along their flight paths and then reappearing shortly after in other 
nearby areas. Each one of these objects crash-landed in the United States and took off 
shortly after and one actually went down then lifted off on four separate occasions. These 
three objects were sighted and reported passing over more than forty locations of six 
different states within a time span of about thirty-five minutes. 

As a result of my research, it was clear that the “Flatwoods Monster” incident was 
definitely not an isolated event. I continued to search through regional and nationwide 
newspapers looking for more information about the “Flatwoods Monster.” I found several 
more headline stories about it. On Monday September 15, 1952, “The Charleston Gazette” 
reported the incident in an article titled, “Braxton Monster Left Skid Marks Where He 
Landed.” This article was a “Special to The Gazette” edition and, in all my research, was the 
most accurate version ever printed about the incident. 

It was accurate because it was written by A. Lee Stewart, Jr., the first Braxton County 
reporter in Flatwoods shortly after the incident occurred. He covered the story and also 
broke the eventual story to “The Charleston Gazette.” Stewart, the co-owner of “The 
Braxton Democrat” newspaper, actually spoke with the witnesses involved in the incident 
that night and shortly after went to the crash site on the farm. He was the first person to 
have interviewed all of the seven witnesses. 

During my research, I tracked down Mr. Stewart and was invited to his home and spent 
a few days with him. I interviewed him on videotape and he gave me an in-depth account of 
all the events in which he was involved concerning the “Flatwoods Monster” incident. 
Stewart was a key participant in most of the events following the encounter and set the stage 
for the story by telling me the timeline of events that occurred that night and the following 

For this September 15" Gazette article, he was given the details of the story by the 
witnesses and Mrs. May gave him a detailed description of what was called a “monster.” 
This article was the first and only article to give the correct description of the so-called 
monster as told by an eyewitness. It states that, “It left tracks from six to eight feet apart. 
Wore a suit of green armor. Looked like a mechanical man. Was 10 feet tall, four feet wide. 
Had a blood red face. Sported a black, spade-like cowl which extended a foot or more 
above its head.” Further details state, “It had claw-like ‘toy’ hands, too, and eyes the size of 
half-dollars, according to Mrs. Kathleen May. 

When the story about this incident hit the United Press on Monday September 15, 
1952, it struck like a clap of thunder but the “(UP)” version of the giant figure was 
inaccurate. It did not give the correct description of the giant figure as described to A. Lee 
Stewart Jr. by Mrs. May in the “Charleston Gazette” article. Several newspapers throughout 


4'h Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

the United States carried the UP story, including a front page headline story in the “New 
York Daily News” that read, “The Thing 10-Feet Tall, Terrifies Party of 7.” This UP article 
reported the storyline of the incident accurately but gave a quoted description of the figure 
as, “an evil-smelling fire-breathing monster’. 

Another UP article in the “Manchester Union-Leader” from New Hampshire ran the 
headline, “Huge Monster on West Va. Hill Frightens Woman and Six Boys.” This paper 
gave a quoted description of the giant figure and stated, “The thing, described by witnesses 
as ‘half-man, half-dragon’ had not been reported since Friday.” This UP article also called 
the giant figure “a Frankenstein monster with BO”. 

The United Press information that described the giant figure as a “half-man, half- 
dragon” and “an evil-smelling fire-breathing monster” actually set up the incident to be 
turned into a joke. The inaccuracies in reporting the incident were horrendous and writers 
had a field day with the story. 

As I continued to research this amazing story, I discovered The West Virginia State 
Police got involved in the debunking end of the incident. A West Virginia newspaper “The 
Wheeling News Register” printed the following “(UP)” headline, “Officers Shake Heads 
Over W.Va. Ogre Tale” in part it stated, “Authorities said they believed the ‘flying saucer’ 
which Mrs. May’s sons saw was a meteorite. The incident occurred during a meteor shower 
over a three state area.” Several “(U.P.)” articles stated that, “Police laughed. They said the 
so-called monster had grown from seven to 17 feet high in 24 hours.”” Other articles stated, 
“Police Discount Half-Man, Half-Dragon Figure Seen in hills as ‘Saucer’ Hysteria.” Another 
headline read, “Police Say Braxton Monster Product of ‘Mass Hysteria” while another article 
stated, “police figured the smelly man boogie-man was the product of ‘mass hysteria.” 

Did a 32 year old woman and six country boys all misinterpret an animal or a bird 
perched in a tree and all describe the same vision of a monster? Is it possible that Mrs. May 
and six boys pulled off a perfectly executed and elaborate hoax that reached world wide 

I continued to research the story and came across several articles concerning a missing 
USAF Interceptor jet that vanished into thin air on September 12 shortly before the 
“Flatwoods Monster” incident. For several years I investigated this incident and was told by 
government officials that there was no record of this incident and was given the run around. 
1 also discovered that there were also other reports of mysterious incidents involving jets 
that night and my research took on a whole new perspective. I discovered that the United 
States Air Force had actually issued orders to their pilots to shoot down UFOs if they 
refused orders to land. This was revealed in July, 1952 of that year and only weeks before 
September 12, 1952 when several damaged UFOs crashed in the United States. 

With the assistance of Stanton T. Friedman and several other researchers, J amassed a 
collection of data concerning the little known “shoot them down” story from 1952. In my 
new book, “Shoot Them Down - The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952,” I retrace the roots 

of the United States Air Force’s involvement with the UFO’s earlier that year and the 


The Flatwoods Monster Incident 

relationship between those events and my ongoing research into the “Flatwoods Monster” 
incident. 1 will also reveal my new military findings. This includes the extensive and 
unimaginable United States fighter aircraft accidents, unusual mishaps, and fighter plane and 

pilot disappearances that occurred during this amazing period of UFO activity. 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

Dr. Robert M. Wood 

Copyright 2006 Robert M. Wood 


Dr. Wood, a long-time researcher and UFO document examiner, will deal with the issues 
surrounding the introduction of alien diseases into our society, as triggered by revelations in both 
leaked documents and the open literature. Two fictional stories link the topic in the mind of the 
public: "The War of the Worlds" and the "The Andromeda Strain." These fictional stories have 
played a critical role in the perspective of the cover-up over the decades. He will specifically 
identify relevant documents and phrases therein that deal with human deaths, and show possible 
relationships with alien pathogens. The control of epidemics arising from exposure to alien 
pathogens has always been a sensible worry, and there have been several alien crashes that have 
been followed by local deaths. Several examples of alien infections will be explored, with some 
consideration of the possibility that cattle mutilations may be experiments by both aliens and our 
own covert forces to better understand the long term effects of viruses and prions--the latter the 
apparent source of deadly “mad cow” and related diseases. Alien pathogens have played and are 
playing a critical role in our global society and are certainly being studied both by human forces 
and by also by the aliens themselves. 

Introductory perspective: there is no magic and there’s just one science 

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I don’t believe 
in magic...but I have seen it at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Magicians are trained to 
know how to fool people using the real world of science, and since they foo] so many 
people successfully, some of them may become arrogant. When trained physicists feel 
they can replicate most of the known phenomena, they too can become arrogant, until 
they encounter some data that are anomalous, that “don’t fit.” Some scientists are 
inclined to discard the data and preserve the order they thought they knew, and make 
statements like, “Space travel is utter bilge.” (British Astronomer Royal, 1956.°) Others 
attempt to classify the anomalous data and see if theories can be modified to 
accommodate them. These new theories then become the science of tomorrow. The 
seeming “magic” has been explained with new equations. 

All living creatures have unique characteristics for their species. Some “lower 
order” insects like bees have remarkable skills at finding nectar; different bird species are 
highly adapted to finding their own kind of food. The societal aspects of ant colonies are 
well known. Some of them use techniques that we, as “intelligent life”, have difficulty 
explaining. So, what characterizes “intelligence”? I choose that it is “logic and the 
attendant mathematical lore that goes with it.” So, intelligent life in the universe” is 
expected to be logical and probably to be able to understand equations, and design useful 
tools. Now, one could argue that ant colonies are sophisticated, and that their society is 

: Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future, 1961 
° Sir Richard Wooley, British Astronomer Royal, 1956, one year before Sputnik 
* Shklovskii and Sagan, Intelligent Life in the Universe, 1966 

Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

complex. However, if we found ant colonies on another planet, | doubt we would declare 
them intelligent. They, and the birds and the bees seem to survive more as a result of 
sophisticated instinct than logic. 

Fred Hoyle, a brilliant cosmologist, once wrote a science fiction book called “The 
Black Cloud’” which described the psychic attack on Earth of a cloud of particles (each 
of no consequence by itself) dooming Earth. Since some alleged aliens have been 
reported as having psychic abilities, it is conceivable that they might be able to do all this 
logic and mathematics psychically, thereby suggesting lack of a logical thought process. 
However, I would argue that the logic and math exists in their society even thought they 
may not put it on paper. For example, the process of remote viewing has been enhanced 
by a logical treatment of the procedures, and random number generators are yielding a 
wealth of impressive data in both time and space.° 

Therefore, in discussing alien societies and motives (and we will be doing some 
of that), I’m going to assume that it is reasonable to assess their motives, means and 
opportunity on a logical basis, and that they have access to no different set of equations 
or physics or biology than we do. If their society is older, they could logically be able to 
understand our universe more clearly with even better concept and attendant equations 
than we have. In summary, it is logical to assume that the laws of nature apply equally 

Alien diseases and the science fiction classics 

The public, the government, and the media have all been influenced by two powerful 
stories, both made into movies, and they have affected how we potentially view alien 
creatures. The first one, the famous “War of the Worlds”’ by H.G. Wells, has been made 
into at least one famous radio broadcast* and two movies. Here the invading Martian 
aliens (big, destructive, seemingly mechanical) attempt to kill everyone in sight until at 
the end they die, killed by one of our own infections. 

In the second classic story, “The Andromeda Strain”, an exploratory craft is 
brought back to earth ahead of schedule for classified regions, and crashes in a rural area, 
and those who investigate, including the town’s doctor, are killed by a deadly pathogen 
which turns out to be classified as a virus having a fascinating structure and mechanism 
of action. We have been preparing for this event for decades, so with multi-levels of 
biologic security at the disease control center, and by clever reasoning, we are able to 
defeat the disease just before it kills everyone in the story, and subsequently, the earth’s 
population. This too has been made into a movie very effectively.’ 

These stories have major significance towards the perception of UFOs by the 
Government and by the public. The War of the Worlds left the impression, partly because 
of media hype, that millions of people were panicked by the potential threat of aliens. 
Actually, according to historians, two people died, one from a heart attack and one from 

° Fred Hoyle, The Black Cloud, 1957 
° For example, go to www.princeton and look for the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research 
H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds, 1898 
* Orson Welles, 1938, War of the Worlds, on the Mystery Theater 
° Michael Chrichton, The Andromeda Strain, Knopf, 1969 
'° One in 1971 and one in 1992. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

running a red light.'’ Those who were upset were pretty much limited to those who were 
near the alleged landing locations of the aliens. Nevertheless, the image stuck: aliens will 
cause panic if they are really here. This assumption, in my opinion, significantly 
influenced governments to suppress the genuine potential extraterrestrial sightings and 
indeed -- the early indications that we thought they were extraterrestrial.'” So, avoiding 
panic became one of the centerpieces of policy for UFO management by the U.S. 

The second book, “The Andromeda Strain” is also significant in that it deals with 
the potential panic, but introduces a reality found today in service for the study and 
control of communicable diseases in both mostly unclassified (Center for Disease 
Control, Atlanta) and classified (Fort Detrick, Maryland) research institutions run by the 
Government. Similar highly sophisticated multi-level containment facilities exist in 
industry for research. The sophistication of these facilities transcends those in this fiction 
book, both here and in the former Soviet Union at Biopreparat and indeed at Porton 
Down, to be mentioned by my colleague Nick Redfern in the next talk. 

Leaked classified documents describe a robust UFO recovery program since the 40s 
The concerns for the containment of alien pathogens probably began with the Cape 
Girardoux alien, allegedly held up for a photo by two federal agents.'* We have no data 
on whether they became ill after the recovery; however, The Majestic Documents’ 
include three rather specific and significant references to crash recoveries. The first is the 
“Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit” preliminary report on the Roswell crashes signed July 
16. The second is the “1° Annual Report” (published after March 1951, based on an 
internal reference), dealing with extensive review of all the technology from UFOs to 
date. The third is the Special Operations Manual, or SOM 1-01, entitled “Extraterrestrial 
Entities and Technology Recovery and Disposal”'’. The first two of these leaked 
documents appear to be drafts of final versions, whereas the SOM 1-01 is a final, 
proofread, professionally produced field manual printed in 1954 on a hot lead printing 

There are several quotations that deal with crashes, aliens, illness and mutilations. 
From the 1‘ Annual Report’®: 

“7. There were five recovered bodies, two of which were found in a severely damaged 
escape cylinder, and the remaining three were found some distance away from the 
cylinder. All five appeared to have suffered from sudden decompression and _ heat 

(Recovery and autopsies of the occupants are covered in detail in separate study GRAY 
SUIT within Projects 612 and 621, ULATT EXPLOITATION-MAJESTIC SERIES 4, P. 
40-102) and as a result of damage from unknown causes. 

8. The Panel was concerned over the contamination of several SED'’ personnel upon 
coming into contact with debris near the power plant. One technician was overcomed 

'! Hadley Cantril, The Invasion from Mars, Princeton Univ. Press, 1940 

'? For example, the /etter from George Marshall to FDR dated March 1942 after the LA “air raid”. 
'S The Secret DVD, Wood and Wood LLC, 2003 

'* Wood, Robert M. and Ryan S., The Majestic Documents, 1998 

'S Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual dated April 1954 

'© Wood R.M. and Wood, R.S., The Majestic Documents, pages 87-103 

'’ Sandia Engineering Division 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

(sic) and collapsed when he attempted the removal of a body. Another medical technician 
went into a coma four hours after placing a body in a rubber body-bag. All four were 
rushed to Los Alamos for observation. All four later died of seizures and profuse 
bleeding. All four were wearing protective suits when they came into contact with body 
fluids from the occupants. 

9. Autopsies on the four dead SED technicians are not conclusive. It is believed that the 
four may have suffered from some form of toxin or highly contagious desease (sic). 
Tissue samples are currently being kept at Ft. Detrick, Md.” 

In addition, in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit report, the quote is... 

“12. The most disturbing aspect of this investigation was — there were other bodies 
found not far from LZ-1 that looked as if they had been dissected (sic) as you would a 
frog. It is not known if army field surgens (sic) had performed exploratory surgery on 
these bodies. Animal parts were reportedly discovered inside the craft at LZ-2 but this 
cannot be confirmed. The team has reserved judgment on this issue.” 

This quote makes it clear that there were two crash sites with bodies of some sort in the 
Roswell events, and this may have been among the first of animal mutilations. 

It is clear from the 1“ Annual Report that the medical and biological warfare 
inferences from the New Mexico events were significant (page 4): 

(After the Panel’s review was initiated, GHC/IPU published in March 1951, two 
summary “MAJESTIC SERIES,” No. 98 and No. 99, of the series titled “New Medical 
Facilities for Biological Warfare; New Genetic and Pharmaceutical Development 
Programs.” These summary reports have apparently made of much of the AEC" file 
material since 6,014 items are now reported as published “Medical Items” in the 
“Interrogation Reports” - see MAJESTIC SERIES, No. 98, page 1.) 

More on bodies and autopsies: 

“11. As to the bodies recovered at LZ-2, it appeared that none of the five crew members 
survived entry into our atmosphere due to unknown causes. DR. DETLEV BRONK has 
been asked to assist in the autopsy of one well preserved cadaver to be done by MAJOR 
CHARLES E. REA. From what descriptions the team was able to learn and from 
photographs taken by intelligence photographers, the occupants appear in most respects 
human with anatomical differences in the head, eyes, hands, and feet. They have a slight 
build about five feet tall with grayish-pink skin color. They have no hair on their bodies 
and clothed with a tight fitting flight suit that appears to be fire proof (some of the bodies 
looked as if they hand been burned on the head and the hands.) Their overall stature 
reminds one of young children. It is believed that there were male and female genders 
present, but was hard to distinguish.” 

It is interesting to compare this description with the forensic drawing taken from the 
description of EBE Type | in the Special Operations Manual, page 6. See Figure | at the 
end of this paper. 

'S Atomic Energy Commission 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

And on biological warfare (BW), 1 Annual Report, page 5: 

“BW programs in U.S. and U.K., are in field test stages. Discovery of new virus and 
bacteria agents so lethal, that serums derived by genetic research, can launch medical 
science into unheard of fields of biology. The samples extracted from bodies found in 
New Mexico, have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not totally understood, but, give 
promise of the ultimate BW weapon. The danger lies in the spread of airborne and 
bloodborne outbreaks of diseases in large populations, with no medical cures available.” 

An item on page 9 reinforces this view: 

13. In the opinion of the senior AEC medical officer, current medical equipment and 
supplies are wholly inadequate in dealing with a large scale outbreak of the alien virus.” 

These last quotations unite the discovery of lethal pathogens with the application 
to biological warfare for all to see. The storage of tissue samples at Ft. Detrick makes it 
very clear that these issues will not be studied by those without proper security 
clearances, and that the leading edge research undoubtedly went right to classified 
facilities and has stayed there. It would be totally reasonable to conjecture that the state of 
the art understanding of retroviruses probably BEGAN there, and leaked into the outside 
literature years later. This might explain why the search for “retro-virus” prior to 1951 in 
the open literature has been fruitless. In addition, the hyphenated version of the word has 
never been found in the unclassified literature. Some skeptics have argued that this 
suggests that the document is a fake because of this error. However, a careful evaluation 
of the 17 pages of the 1“ Annual Report reveals 37 hyphenated verb, adjectives and 
nouns. The author of the report clearly favored the use of hyphens when in doubt.'? Each 
reader can decide whether the author of the 1“ Annual Report was “hyphen-happy.” 

It would be reasonable to imagine that the study of all epidemics (epidemiology) 
would be often if not mostly classified. The preceding history and quotations augur to the 
ambitious student of biological warfare that the creation of a super weapon might well be 
possible. In the military research of the late 1940’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) 
were quite in vogue, both in the USA and the USSR. 

What facilities deal with biological warfare and epidemiology? 

The facilities designed for safely studying pathogens include increasingly effective types 
of filtering systems that prevent the intrusion of specific sized particles, with the higher 
the number of the level indicating the smaller the size of filtration methods employed. 

'9 List of 37 hyphenated words in the 1* Annual Report: other-world visitation, long-range flight, human- 
like (occupants), post-1947 incident, un-published documents, bio-medical intelligence, multi-layered 
security, psy-op development, over-all intelligence, stand-by fighters, all-encompassing defense, well- 
functioning (order), micro-circuitry, low-power transmission, electro-magnetic research, retro-virus, high- 
temperature alloys, electro-hydrodynamic technology, super-aerodynes, out-weighed, inter-active program, 
mid-air collision, body-bag, air-borne release, south-westernly (sic) course, small-disturbance theory, three- 
dimensional body, Indo-China, air-sea rescue, Wright-Patterson AFB, near-miss incidents, cylindrical- 
shaped aircraft, right-angle course (this hyphen is at the end of line), dogfight-style encounter, elliptically- 
shaped object, low-level flights, on-and-off (periods). 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

The facilities are divided in Biosafety Levels. Note the following is from Ft. Detrick’s 
own literature: 

“Appropriate precautions should be observed in collection, handling, shipping, and 
processing of diagnostic samples. Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
(CDC, Atlanta, Georgia.) and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious 
Diseases (USAMRIID, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland.) have diagnostic laboratories 
operating at the maximum Biosafety Level (BL-4; see The U.S. Biological Warfare and 
Biological Defense Programs manual, for further discussion of BLs). Viral isolation 
should not be attempted without BL-4 containment.” 

The facility USARMIID at Ft. Detrick, MD consists of four levels of Biosafety as was 
communicated to me: 

Biosafety level I—minimal biohazard, Study of low risk infectious elements such as 
pneumococcus and salmonella 

Biosafety Level II—moderate biohazard, examples of infectious agents studied: hepatitis, 
influenza, Lyme disease. 

Biosafety level I[]—high biohazard, multiple vaccinations required, examples of 
infectious agents studied: anthrax, typhus, human immune deficiency virus. 

Biosafety level IV Maximum security— examples of infectious agents studied: Viral 
Hemorrhagic Fevers: Ebola, Hanta, Lassa virus—all highly virulent with no known cure. 

Other U.S. facilities include the well-known Center for Disease Control, Atlanta 
that interacts with the media and public, and the Dugway Proving Ground, an Army 
facility in Utah reported to be a storehouse for and testing of biological weapons. Would 
it be reasonable to assume that there are black ops here with unknown organisms of 
uncontrollable lethality? Are there black ops with EBE-related pathogens at Area 51 as 

In the United Kingdom, the oft-mentioned facility for biological warfare is Porton 
Down, and my colleague Nick Redfern will be mentioning their possible role in alien 
crash retrieval in the next presentation. It is possible that there is another more covert 
facility with BL-IV capability. 

In the former Soviet Union, the leading facility is Biopreparat, assisted by support 
facilities of the Anti-Plague Institute in Rostov, Vektor in Novosibirsk, the Bacterial 
Warfare Facility at Oblensk and Compound 19 in Sverdlovsk. In all there were 47 
Facilities located across former USSR that deal with various aspects of biological warfare 
and epidemiology. 

Also, the Pasteur Institute in Paris should be mentioned. They did early good 
work during World War II on Nazi biowarfare plans, and have a non-trivial capability 
and were arguably the most instrumental in identifying HIV-1, since many researchers 
and professors consider Montagnier at Pasteur more persuasive than Gallo at the NIH. 

Have some past epidemics been due to alien viruses? 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Our current perception of life on Earth has been a monotonically increasing number of 
humans, with occasional reductions due to plagues, wars or famine. Epidemiologists 
study this history in more detail, as evidenced by this record:*” 

Native South Americans use curare or amphibian toxins in poison darts. 

Soldiers catapult corpses and dead animals into besieged cities. 

1346: Tatar forces besieging Kaffa (now Feodossia, Ukraine) catapult plague corpses into 
the city 

1347-1351: Bubonic plague (the Black Death) kills 25 million people in Europe. 

June 24, 1763: Capt. Ecuyer, a British officer under the command of Gen. Sir Jeffrey 
Amherst, distributes smallpox infected blankets to Indians during the French and Indian 
War in North America. 

1881:Louis Pasteur develops bacterial vaccination. (Rabies is a virus). 

1918-1919: Spanish flu kills 50 million people around the world (did this start with 
reports of the IRA firing on a UFO during the post Easter Rebellion Conflict and can this 
withstand epidemiological vector explanation?) 

1925: Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of Use in War of Asphyxiating. Poisonous or 
Other Gases and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare. 

1932-1945: Japanese establish biological weapons program, known as Unit 731, at Pin 
Fan, Manchuria and other cities in China. Human experiments were used and 3,000 
prisoners died. 

1941: Japanese attack the city of Changteh with cholera. It is estimated 10,000 civilians 
and 1,700 Japanese soldiers die. 

1942: British test anthrax on sheep on the Scottish island of Gruinard. The uninhabited 
island is still believed to be contaminated and is still off-limits. 

1942: United States begins research into biological weapons 

WWII: Czech resistance uses anthrax as a weapon against German occupiers by 
spreading spores on envelopes. 

1960s: Vietcong smear excrement on pungi sticks used as booby traps; the United States 
develops a biological warfare arsenal. 

1968: U.S. conducts biological weapons tests at Johnston Atoll in the South Pacific. 

1969: U.S. and U.K. officially end their offensive biological weapons program 

May 1971- February 1973: United States destroys biological weapons stockpile. 

1973: Soviet Union begins Biopreparat biological weapons program. 

March 1975: Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention comes into effect 

1978: Bulgarian agents assassinate Georgi Markov in London, using a Ricin pellet and 
attempt to assassinate Vladimir Kostov. 

1978 — 1980: Natural anthrax epidemic in Zimbabwe. Estimated 10,000 cases 

April 2, 1979: Anthrax accident at Sverdlovsk, Russia. More than 66 civilians and an 
unknown number of military personnel are killed. Records seized by KGB. 

1980: World Health Organization eradicates smallpox. Officially, two labs have the virus, 
the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and the Ivanovski Institute in Moscow. It is 
believed biowarfare units may still have smallpox stocks 

1980-1988 Gulf War (Iran-Iraq): Iraq uses chemical weapons and works on biological 

1984: Soviet Union reportedly creates super plague. 

1985-1989: Ken Alibek (Kanatjan Alibekov) develops Alibekov Anthrax, a weapons 
grade strain. 

?° The source here is a former Soviet scientist who studied these matters. 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

= 1989: Valdimir Pasechnick defects to the U.K. and reveals Soviet biowarfare program. 

=» 1990-1991: Gulf War (Desert Storm) Iraq prepares biological weapons for possible use. 

* April 11,1990: U.S. and U.K. demand that the Soviet Union cease their biological 
weapons program. Gorbachev later 'officially' cancels the program. 

* January 1991: U.S. and British experts inspect a Biopreparat facility 

=» 1991: Ken Alibek quits Biopreparat and defects to the United States, now works at Ft. 

* 1992: Boris Yeltsin ‘officially’ cancels Russia's 'offensive' weapons program 

* 1993: NATO creates working groups on biological warfare defense. 

=" 1995: Aum Shrinikyo releases Sarin gas in the Tokyo subway. Aum also researches 
biological weapons, tries to obtain Ebola. 

=» 1995: U.S. accuses Russia of continuing its bioweapons program and helping Iran 
develop a biowarfare program 

* 1996: United Nations Special Commission on Iraq (UNSCOM) inspectors destroy Iraqi 
biological weapons. 

* 1997: Soviet scientists publish details of genetically altered anthrax in Vaccine. 

* February, 1998: FBI arrests two men, including Larry Wayne Harris in Nevada, alleging 
they are carrying anthrax. They are later cleared. 

* March 1998: United States orders that all troops receive anthrax vaccination. 

* Spring 1998: Canada orders troops in the Gulf to receive anthrax vaccination. 

While it is true that any one of these epidemics noted COULD have started from 
an alien pathogen, we need to look at the evidence, beginning with those few cases where 
there seems to be some. 

Four examples of possible death from alien pathogens 

Casel: The SED Technicians. First on my list is the death of the four SED technicians 
alluded to in the 1*' Annual Report. The SED technicians were transported in such a way 
that the virus entered the air. See the next major section for a report on the possible 
correlation of these deaths with the epidemic near the Four Corners more than forty years 
later. Remember that outside of a host organism a virus is latent and can be present for an 
indefinite period of time. 

In the Korean War, several thousand U.S. troops died from an insect-borne Viral 
Hemorrhagic Fever unknown at the time. Later when Bolivian Fever was discovered in 
late 1960s, an expert was sent from Ft. Detrick and Walter Reed, who treated some of 
these patients in Korea to assist a crack team of researchers. Extra-sensitive question: did 
the U.S. employ this pathogen as a test of biological warfare predicated on the R and D of 
what was sent to Ft. Detrick from the bodies of the SED techs, and were the troops 
collateral damage? 

Case 2. Varghina, Brazil death of Corporal Chereze. Recently, A.J. Gevaerd and 
Dr. Roger Leir”' have investigated the crash retrieval at Varghina and report that: 

* EBE’s were encountered and recovered 
= Corporal Marco Eli Chereze, Secret Service of Military Police (P2) encountered EBE on 
20 January 1996 

*! Recent report on research results from Brazil. Varginha, Brazil ET Case -More Incredible New 

Brazilian UFO Magazine # 102, January 2005 


4't Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

= Chereze and partner recover living EBE and take it to hospital for medical treatment 

=" Chereze touched EBE without any protective gloves 

= _Chereze developed symptoms post exposure 

* Symptoms develop on 6 February 1996 

« Presenting symptom was left axillary furuncle 

* Chereze was Athletic Hispanic male, Healthy, Age 23, prior to exposure (no Hx of 
Splenectomy ) 

= Chereze pronounced dead at 1100 hrs on 15 February 1996 

In both cases, we have the deaths of military personnel from an unknown cause 

Case 3. The Chihuahua Disk Crash. Nick Redfern’s presentation that follows 
provides detail on the deaths of a number of Mexican recovery personnel after the 
recovery of a crashed disk in state of Chihuahua. Although the trail is cold, shipping the 
disk to Atlanta (Center for Disease Control was established by then?) is suggestive of 
concern for an epidemic. 

Case 4. Antonio Villas-Boas, abduction, sex, followed by death. The Villas-Boas 
story is a classic in the UFO literature.” In summary, Villas-Boas was a 23 year old 
farmer in Brazil on a tractor in October 1957 about 1 AM (to avoid the heat of day) when 
an alien craft landed nearby, some aliens forced him into their craft. He was placed in a 
room, undressed and rubbed down with a liquid. Then the room suddenly filled with 
smoke, followed by an alien female with nice-looking breasts, pointed chin and red hair 
under her arms, who obviously wanted to have intercourse, after which he was released. 
Over the next few months, his health declined, and in a few years he was dead. He passed 
through the following symptoms: 

* Exposure to Gas and Liquid/Gel 

= Sex: multiple levels of histological contact with EBE 

* Later displays ‘radiation’ burns on arms 

» “Pains throughout the body” 

= Nausea 

* Headaches 

= Loss of appetite 

= Ceaseless burning sensations in the eyes, 

* Cutaneous lesions of light bruising...which went on appearing for months, looking like 
small reddish nodules, harder than the skin around them and protuberant, painful when 
touched, each with a small central orifice yielding a yellowish thin waterish discharge. 

* The skin surrounding the wounds presented a hyperchromatic violet-tinged area. 

A Case Study in Medical Cooperation: was the Hantavirus lingering from 1947? 

What follows is a study in cooperation between highly disparate cultures, vainglorious 
rivalry between researchers, and the coevolution of various rodents, voles, and their 
passenger viruses, precipitated in large part by changes in ecosystems as well as 
mutations. A retrospective analysis disclosed that from 1991-1994 and later, patients 
ranging in age from twelve to sixty-nine years were infected by Viral Hemorrhagic Fever 

” See, for example, Coral and Jim Lorenzen, Flying Saucer Occupants, Signet Book, 1967 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

(Hantavirus), with a 62% mortality rate. Due to the disease vectors, at the very least, 
more than half of the victims were Native Americans in the Four Corners Area.” 

A highly proficient long distance runner, Merrill Bahe, a nineteen year old Native 
American of the Navaho nation on 14 May 1993 found himself gasping for air due to 
unexplained paroxysmal hypoxia, becoming febrile and overcome suddenly and 
dramatically with headache and extreme respiratory distress while driving with his grief- 
stricken relatives; (he expired mere minutes later, DOA after heroic resuscitative attempts 
in an ambulance). Bahe was gasping for air on the way to the funeral of his 24 year old 
girlfriend who had died less than 60 miles away from an identical siege of acute onset 
respiratory illness. Thus began a series of deaths in the Gallup, N.M. area. 
Epidemiologically speaking, the first observed case in a disease outbreak is called the 
Index Case: Bahe’s girlfriend was the Index Case for the Four Corners Outbreak, having 
passed away in a small Indian Health Clinic; in the space of one week, her brother and his 
girlfriend, neighbors of Bahe’s contracted the same mysterious illness, with the young 
woman, who resided in a trailer nearby, succumbing to symptoms virtually identical to 
the first two victims.” 

Such symptoms in a patient as young and athletic as Bahe were shocking enough 
to motivate the attending physician, Bruce Tempest, M.D.., to initiate what would become 
a widespread epidemic investigation: At the close of the day of Bahe’s death, Tempest’s 
networking attempts produced a list of five healthy, youthful adults, all expiring from an 
acute respiratory distress syndrome. Tempest then took the critical step of notifying the 
New Mexico Department of Health, along with Indian Health Service (hereinafter IHS) 
Epidemiologist, Dr. Jim Cheek, a former CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, on 
19 May.” 

Autopsy results disclosed that pulmonary edema was extremely pronounced: the 
lungs of Bahe and his girlfriend were greater than twice that of the usual adult of their 
height-weight ranges. The cause of death was listed as Acute Respiratory Distress 
Syndrome of unknown source, with a presumptive determination of pneumonic plague. 
Dr. Cheek’s investigations of Bahe’s trailer disclosed the presence of rodent feces, of 
which he took samples. Cheek phoned the CDC, and not long thereafter, the State of 
N.M. and the IHS formally requested CDC involvement. 

The administration had made severe budget cuts both to the CDC and Ft. Detrick. 
Fortunately, Dr. C.J. Peters, while being cut from Ft. Detrick’s staff had been able to 
secure a position at the CDC Special Pathogens Branch. All blood and tissue samples 
were handled on a BL-3/BL-4 basis at the CDC. Peters dispatched epidemiologist Dr. Jay 
Butler to the Four Corners area where he and his staff compiled lists of possible causes of 
death, and proceeded to eliminate as many as was reasonable—the list which fit the 
observed disease pattern of fever, muscle aches, headaches leading in a few to 48 hours 
to intensive coughing and irritation in the lungs, (which had been disclosed by autopsy to 
consist of leakage in the capillaries feeding the lungs, inducing hypoxia and ultimately 
death via pulmonary edema or cardiac failure) finally came down to the following: 

*3 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Update: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome—United States, 
1993, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 42 (1993): 477-78. 

41 Garrett, “The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance” (U.S.A, Farrar, 
Straus, and Giroux, 1994) 

* Tbid. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

1. A new virulent influenza strain 

2. A new coxiella (sheep-borne) bacterium 
3. Anthrax 

4. Hantaan Virus 

5. An unknown chemotoxin 

6. “Something completely new” 

A rash of consultations ensued at the CDC, culminating with Dr. J. Hughes, Director of 
the CDC for Infectious Diseases to summon Dr. Joseph McDade, who isolated Legionella 
in 1977. 

McDade was quick to suggest a viral cause and that an algorithm for isolation of the virus 
was highly crucial. Peters’ Special Pathogens group worked overtime analyzing samples, 
while Cheek and Butler were canvassing possible witnesses. Press attention had 
developed and a Navaho taboo of speaking of the dead immediately after their demise 
was indiscriminately violated. The process deteriorated until journalistic curiosity began 
to be discouraged at gunpoint on the reservation. Cheek, himself a member of the 
Cherokee Nation contacted Dr. John Hubbard, a Navaho physician, and they jointly 
approached the Tribal Council, where accommodations were made. 

A triumph of epidemiology followed: Medicine Men and Elders were consulted, 
deferentially, and they disclosed two salient facts to the Doctors: 1. the pinyon nut 
harvest had been excessive the preceding spring and 2. The mouse population was out of 

We should note here that the mouse population was cited to have only twice been 
observed at such a peak, last in 1936, and most notably in a terrible epidemic in 1918. 

The most probable disease vector then centered on mice. The investigation 
continued in that direction, with a breakthrough coming from Peters’ Special Pathogens 
unit. On 3 June 1993, antibodies to Hantaviruses cross-reacted in patients’ blood 
samples—Proving Koch’s postulates, patient blood injected into mice produced an even 
stronger antibody reaction to Hantavirus reagents. Peters contacted his former Ft. Detrick 
colleague Tom Ksiazek, a molecular biologist who had also migrated to the CDC, who 
began analysis to identify the virus from a DNA-RNA perspective, which, coupled with 
the fortuitous attention of Drs. James LeDuc and Jamie Childs, who had done extensive 
work with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, an RNA quantification method, on 
rodents and Hantaviruses at Johns Hopkins. PCR evidence dismissed the fears of some 
medical personnel that Hantaviruses must all demonstrate renal symptoms, as one 
LeDuc-Childs study even indicated that only pulmonary tissue was the locus from which 
viruses could be easily extracted over the full course of the infection.*° Peters’ team 
succeeded, based on evidence that the deer mouse carried a strain of Hantavirus, 
confirmed by PCR, in discovering that the Four Corners Virus was a new type of 
Hantavirus, previously unrecognized.”’ Hantavirus patients were later identified from 
Florida to Oregon, all of whom confirmed the symptoms, and otherwise both the novel 
nature of the virus, and its rodent vector. In January of 1994, the four Corners virus was 
finally given its nom de voyage “Muerto Canyon Virus”—“Valley of Death Virus.” 

26 : 

*’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Update: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome—United States, 
1993, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 42 (1993): 816-20 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

Nephrologist Dr.Guy Neild of Middlesex Hospital in London was prompted by 
the Four Corners investigation to question whether the venerable mystery of the ‘trench 
nephritis’ of the American Civil War was due to Hantaviruses with a co-entrenched rats 
and mice vector.** We should note here, that trench nephritis was followed by the 
Spanish influenza, and renal Hantavirus symptoms seen in Korea preceded the pulmonary 
symptoms seen in the Four Corners. Renal symptoms, then pulmonary symptoms, do we 
have enough to see a pattern here? One is tempted to question here—are there samples at 
Ft. Detrick, Dugway proving ground or elsewhere of four SED techs, which contain, in 
the characteristic three discrete pieces of RNA, a related hantaviral strain or a related 
genetic primer to confirm or refute the presence or absence of a similar pathogen, as yet 
unknown to the American people? 

In summary, the sequence of possible events to go from the alien virus from the 
four SED technicians to today is quite credible: 

= The samples were sent to Ft. Detrick in 1947 

= The virus was accessible to native flora and fauna 

* Outside a host organism a virus is latent and can be present for an indefinite period of 

* Site of LZ-3 is less than 300 miles from Four Corners 

= Ft Detrick would very likely want to test it for biological warfare purposes at Dugway 
Proving Ground. 

* Dugway is less than 300 miles from Four Corners 

= A small epidemic occurred in the 1993 near Four Corners 

* The pinyon nut harvest and the rodent population were both huge that year 

« The epidemic (later identified as Hantavirus) might have started either from escaped 
Dugway testing or natural migration from the landing site, accelerated by the vectors of 
mice and Pinyon Jays. 

New pathogens, new diseases? 
We have now four examples from the past of apparent alien-caused illnesses, followed by 
death. It is evident that some of the best microbiologists of the world would have been 
working to understand causes and controls. 
What is the ideal pathogen to use against inhabitants of earth? What would its 
characteristics be? 

1. Rapid incubation period - VHFs 
Rapid O/D (onset/death) some retroviruses, VHFs 
Stable pathogen, difficult to kill—prions, retroviruses. 
Overwhelms or bypasses the immune system. VHF, retroviruses 
Biologically sophisticated “Surgical Strike” on the immune systems (e.g. HIV on 
selected T-cells) 
Selective in action—should be defeated by sophisticated countermeasures known to 



One does well to consider that after the late Howard Temin, working 
independently of David Baltimore, discovered reverse transcriptase, after having positing 
the provirus theory and the focus assay, shared with Baltimore the Nobel prize in 1975— 

*8 G. Neild, Mysterious Respiratory Disease in USA (letter) Lancet 342 (1992):61 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

it has been noted by several groups with rigorous commands of population biology and 
ecosystem analysis that a wave of intensified animal mutilations occurred in 1976, one 
year after Stockholm’s gold lined Temin’s pockets. 

Meanwhile, today there are new threats and challenges emerging upon our 
society. Most people are aware of AIDS (auto immune deficiency syndrome), HIV 
(human immune deficiency virus), “mad cow” disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) 
and chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). 

This is a good time to introduce some essential definitions. As a physicist, I found 
immediately that one needs to know some definitions of the biological/genetic terms. So, 
here are some definitions that you’ll need to know to understand the substance of the 
arguments if you are not trained in biology or medicine. 

Pathogens are biological agents with the potential to induce disease and illness in their 
host(s) There are five kinds of pathogens: 
1. Bacteria are microscopic, unicellular organisms with a highly diverse 
Virus means poison in Latin, and is a microscopic particle which may infect the 
cells of a living organism. It is important to differentiate in our discussion 
specifically between an HIV-like retrovirus, a Viral Hemorrhagic Fever like 
Hantavirus, neither of which we know how to cure. 
3. Fungi are eukaryotic (complex cell(s)) that digest its food externally and absorb 
the nutrient molecules into its cells 
4. Protozoa are single celled eukaryotes which commonly display characteristics 
usually associated with animals, most notably mobility, and require other 
biological structures to get its carbon for growth and development. 
5. Prions (short for proteinaceous infectious particles) is a type of infectious agent 
recently identified, made only of protein. 


Each of these pathogens have a range of sizes depending on their molecular structure. 
Generally, they are listed in order of smaller size, with the smallest of bacteria being 
about 400 nm, which is the very largest size for the virus: viruses from 400 nm (Ebola is 
200 nm in diameter) to 20 nm prions. The earlier identification of the Biosafety Levels at 
Ft. Detrick also identified which diseases were involved at level III and IV. Recently, 
research is suggesting that some of the more lethal pathogens are not viruses but are 
prions. Prions are infectious agents which (almost certainly) do not have a nucleic acid 
genome. It seems that a protein alone is the infectious agent. The infectious agent has 
been called a prion, defined as “small particles which resist inactivation by procedures 
that modify nucleic acids". Prion derives from (pro)teinaceous (in)fectious particle. 

The discovery that proteins alone can transmit an infectious disease has come as 
a considerable surprise to the scientific community. Prions are abnormally-structured 
forms of a host protein, which are able to convert normal molecules of the protein into 
the abnormal structure. Though the exact mechanisms of their actions and propagation 
are unknown, it is now commonly accepted that prions are responsible for a number of 
previously known but little-understood diseases classified as transmissible spongiform 
encephalopathies (TSEs). 

Prions are different from bacteria and viruses. The discovery that prion diseases 
were transmissible led researchers to the natural conclusions that the infective agent had 
to be a bacterium or a virus. When, however, infectious tissue remained infectious after 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

treatment with both heat (which destroys most bacteria) and ultraviolet light (which 
should inactivate viruses) the conclusion was that some other kind of infectious agent 
was responsible. In 1982, neurologist Stanley Prusiner of the University of California 
provided the first direct evidence that the infectious agent was a protein. The idea, 
originally put forward by the British investigators Griffith and Patterson, was highly 
unusual and even heretical at first-although it has slowly gained acceptance over the 
years. Nobel laureate Carleton Gadjusek discovered kuru in New Guinea, in a 
cannibalistic tribe, brought cerebral matter from infected patients back to Ft. Detrick and 
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, where they were injected into apes and other lower 
forms of life--then the apes escaped from Ft. Detrick and prion-based diseases spread 
throughout North America.”” 

Abnormal prions are infectious proteins, Proteins are essential to life. They are 
molecules made up of thousands of smaller chemical units called amino acids, joined 
together like beads on a necklace. Once formed in a living cell, a protein molecule folds 
in a curl. Protein molecules are fairly flexible and can adopt a number of subtly different 
shapes: in this simple chemical fact may lie the heart of the whole prion enigma. The 
prion protein, PrP, can exist in two forms: 
normal and abnormal. The normal form exists in the human brain and in other parts of the 
body. It is also found in many other mammals and even in birds. However, its function is 

The strange behavior of abnormal prions. The abnormal form of prion protein has 
unusual properties. First, unlike the normal form, it is not broken down by enzymes. It 
also forms tiny fibers called scrapie associated fibrils (SAFs) in the test tube. It has been 
found that tissue that forms a lot of SAFs is often the most infectious. Finally, the SAFs 
often clump together to form a chemical structure called amyloid. In some cases of CJD 
and other prion diseases amyloid deposits, known as plaques, are also found in the brain 
under the microscope during microscopic examination of the brain obtained at autopsy. 
Plaques are also found in other non-prion diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and in 
aging brains, although the plaques in these cases are not made of prion protein). 

Ways in which abnormal prions are transmitted. Dr. Stanley Prusiner’s idea is 
that a single abnormal molecule could convert normal molecules into the abnormal form. 
These newly converted molecules could in turn, “corrupt” more normal molecules 
leading to a cascade effect which would eventually cause brain damage. It may be that 
once in a while (very rarely) a molecule spontaneously converts into the abnormal form, 
setting the scene for sporadic CJD and that would explain the relatively low incidence of 
CJD, one case per million per year. In familial CJD, it is known that there are mutations 
in the gene which are inherited from one parent. These may produce forms of the 
molecule which are more likely to be converted into the abnormal form. Finally, in CJD 
acquired by transmission abnormal molecules enter the body from an infected source, and 
set about corrupting the normal PrP of their “host”. 

Humans might be infected by prions in 2 ways. The first is by an acquired 
infection (diet and following medical procedures such as surgery, growth hormone 
injections, corneal transplants) i.e. infectious agent implicated. (Horizontal) The second is 
by apparent hereditary Mendelian transmission where it is a dominant trait. (Vertical) 

*’ For a nice perspective of the spread of prion diseases, see Colm Kelleher, Brain Trust, Paraview Pocket 
Books, 2004 


4'n Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

This is not consistent with an infectious agent. This is one of the features that single out 
prion diseases for particular attention. They are both infectious and hereditary diseases. 
They are also sporadic, in the sense that there are also cases in which there is no known 
risk factor although it seems likely that infection was acquired in one of the two ways 
listed above. 

Animal mutilations: who’s doing it and why? 

The evidence and history of animal mutilations has been treated in depth by many 
researchers, including Linda Moulton Howe who is presenting a talk at this conference. I 
shall not try to dwell on the evidence supporting their reality, but rather try to relate this 
to the medical issues and to where the data point. Since the mid-1960s, farm animals, 
mostly cattle, have been found mutilated with their sex and other organs surgically 
removed, without bleeding apparent. Sometimes broken legs suggest that they have been 
dropped, and some researchers feel that it is credible that the surgery takes place on a 
craft, and then the animals are released. Two kinds of craft are prominently noted: 
unmarked helicopters and UFOs. Serious study of all the data rule out any significant 
source due to ordinary animal or human malevolence. We are talking about either “our 
own” helicopters or “their” flying saucers. An analytical summary of the features 
dominant are: 

1. Sudden Death 
2. Missing Body Parts commonly include:*” 

« Lips 

= Tongue 

» Skin and muscles of lower jaw 
* Rectum 

= Genitalia: (Penis, testicles and scrotal contents in males, and, on occasion, the 
prostate, vulva, vagina, and sometimes the entire uterus, even in pregnancy 
stages in females.) 
* Eyeball, with or without eyelids, often only the upper eyeball if animal is on its 
* Tail 
* Mammary glands (either teats or entire udders) 
« Ears (often only the left ear) 
* Exsanguination (blood) 
= Teeth (somewhat less frequent than the others) 
* Cervical lymph nodes 
* Colon and small intestines 
3. Tissues removed with surgical precision, leaving most frequently either round or oval 
surgical wounds. 
4. No relevant tracks around the dead animal 
5. No signs of ante mortem struggle 
6. Skin or soils around bodies do not demonstrate presence (even trace) of blood 
7. During the investigation farmers or other observes note strange behaviour of animals in the 
herd or wild animals in proximity. 

*° See Figure 2 at the end of this paper for a chart of frequency of occurrence. Source: Colm Kelleher’s 

NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science) report. 


Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

Logical basis for Homo sapiens involvement. The steady growth of prion-based 
diseases in the world (“mad cow” in cattle, scrapie in sheep, transmissible mink 
encephalopathy (TME), chronic wasting disease (CWD) in elk, kuru in cannibals and 
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) in humans) have caused tremendous apprehension in 
the cattle, game, and meat packing industry in the UK, Canada and the U.S. Our smarter 
scientists would have seen this coming years ago, and the “classified world” could easily 
have contemplated a research program to fully understand the causes of these diseases to 
prepare to control them. Anyone wanting to understand how to vaccinate against new 
diseases would find that studies of infected cattle might be helpful. “Our” concerns deal 
with preventing epidemics and panic as well as gaining control of the human immune 
virus or potential alien threat pathogens, both retroviruses and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. 
Or, in the case of military application, their merit would be considered for biological 
warfare. Knowing perfectly well that an open unclassified project would have caused the 
very panic we would be trying to prevent, a covert monitoring project would have made a 
lot of sense. Get big choppers, make them as silent as possible, install the latest in laser 
cutting tools, anesthetize the targets with accurate darts, pick them up, get the bovine 
samples, and drop the carcasses near where they got them, and do it all in 15 minutes or 
so. Presumably it would also be easy to spot the sick ones by using an infrared signature 
discrimination technique (FLIR) if required. Such procedures allow a group so motivated 
to exploit a wide variety of ecosystems. Evaluation of some of the drugs and technology 
administered seems to demonstrate a link to current day German pharmaceutical 

Logical basis for extraterrestrial biological entity involvement. Since many UFO 
researchers, including myself, consider that the data suggest many more than one race, 
there would be of course a large number of motives to contemplate. However, some races 
seem to be protective of our interests and might be motivated by the same objectives as 
Homo sapiens. Therefore, the preceding arguments might also work for some EBEs. 
Other EBEs, however, could be assumed to be contemplating how best to take over the 
planet with viruses or prions, thereby reducing the turmoil and property damage. “Their” 
concerns might be (1) the detailed understanding of earth-based genetics, perhaps for 
breeding purposes or (2) for the development of long-term lethal pathogens and their 
vaccines for removing Homo sapiens from this particular planet. Prion-based diseases are 
invariably fatal, but the disease takes years to decades, e.g. CJD. This would be a good 
‘extinction disease’, as it is categorically fatal, jumps species, and the pathogen is nearly 
indestructible. Clearly, their first visits in the 40s were relevant to causing some Homo 
sapiens deaths. The use of special fluids used in the Villas-Boas case suggests advanced 
chemical technology applications. They could want to perfect the optimum procedure to 
kill all the Homo sapiens except those that would be vaccinated. 

We have postulated that there is no magic; the laws of science are the same everywhere, 
and that the common element of intelligence is logic and the attendant equations. 
Therefore, there is no genuine caveat: “You’re not smart enough to understand our 
science.” This is even true in the presence of psychic phenomena. We just don’t know the 
equations yet. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Two fiction stories involving pathogens have substantially influenced our 
UFO/alien policy, and leaked classified documents describe a robust UFO recovery 
program since the 40s. There are major hints from these documents about infections, 
death, mutilations, biological warfare, pharmaceutical research as well as the ever-present 
psychological warfare programs. 

Three countries have major laboratories for handling potential alien pathogens 
and biological warfare. BW and the study of alien pathogens are intellectually entwined. 
Therefore, is it reasonable to ask whether it is possible or likely that some of our recorded 
epidemics are due to alien viruses. There are several alien crashes that have been 
followed by local deaths. There is logical possibility that the Hantavirus was the original 
pathogen from the Roswell deaths of four technicians. There are modern concerns that 
new pathogens are neither understood nor controllable, causing diseases about which we 
need more data. In particular, retroviruses, Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHFs) and prions 
warrant attention because the diseases they cause are poorly understood compared with 
bacteria, fungi and protozoa. 

Anyone wanting to understand how to vaccinate against new diseases would find 
that studies of infected cattle might be helpful. The evidence strongly suggests that both 
“our” guys (earth covert military forces) and alien craft are mutilating animals, mostly 
cattle for similar but different reasons. “Our” concerns deal with preventing epidemics 
and panic as well as gaining control of the human immune virus or potential alien threat 
pathogens. “Their” concerns might be the detailed understanding of earth-based genetics, 
perhaps for breeding purposes or for the development of long-term lethal pathogens and 
their vaccines for removing Homo sapiens from this particular planet. 

Alien pathogens (viruses and prions) have played and are playing a critical role in 
our global society, and are being studied both by our covert forces and by the aliens 


. This foren 

Alien Viruses and Leaked Documents 

sketch was prepared for Dr. Bob Wood by William McDonald, based on 
the descriptive information in the Special Operations Manual for EBE Type 1. 

G Skeletal muscles 
@ Tongue 


@ Ear 

@ Teats 

m Udder 

B Vulva/vagina 

@ Tail 

0 Surgical prec 

Figure 2. These data show the number of cattle parts removed for the samples described the NIDS 
report. The tallest three bars represent the ear, rectum, and tongue. 



Nick Redfern 

In 1974, two highly controversial events occurred: the first, an alleged UFO crash in the 
British Isles and the second a similar event in the harsh, hot deserts of Mexico, Taking into 
consideration the sheer geographical distance between the two incidents, one might be 
forgiven for thinking that there would be no connection. Not so. Both cases - in what is a 
clearly defined time period - have at their heart intriguing accounts and whistleblower 
testimony suggesting that Government agencies may have secretly uncovered a dark and 
disturbing link between crashed UFOs, dead alien bodies, lethal extraterrestrial viruses, and 
biological warfare. And it all began late at night on the dark slopes of a harsh Welsh 

On the night of January 23, 1974, an event occurred on the Berwyn Mountain range 
in North Wales that for some within the UFO researcher community has come to be known 
as the definitive British Roswell. As researcher Andy Roberts stated: “Prehistoric man lived 
and worshipped on the mountains leaving behind him a dramatic, ritual landscape dotted 
with stone circles...Folklore tells us that these mountains are haunted by many types of 
aerial phenomena, including the spectral Hounds of Hell: those who saw them recalled how 
they flew through the night sky baying as though pursued by Satan himself. To the south of 
the Berwyn’s at, Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant, the locals were plagued by a ‘flying dragon’ — 
intriguingly, a common name for UFOs in times gone by.” 

And as Roberts also carefully noted: “It is against this backdrop of history and myth 
that on the evening of January 23, 1974 an event took place on the Berwyn Mountains that 
was to perplex locals and spawned a veritable cascade of rumours, culminating in an 
incredible claim that, if true, would irrevocably change our view of history and make us 
revise our plans for the future of both our planet and our species. The claim was that a 
UFO piloted by extraterrestrials crashed, or was shot down, on the mountain known as 
Cader Berwyn and that the alien crew, some still alive, were whisked off to a secret military 
installation in the south of England for study.” (1) 

Since then, the issue of what did or did not occur on the Berwyn Mountains on the 
fateful night in question has been the subject of several books, intense controversy, heated 
debate, and, at times, unbridled fury. That something happened at around 8.30 p.m. on the 
night in question is not in doubt, however. 

“T saw this bright light hanging in the sky,” said Mrs. Anne Williams of Bro Diham, 

Llandrillo. “It had a long fiery tale which seemed to be motionless for several minutes, going 

dim and then very brilliant, like a dormant fire which keeps coming to life. It would have 

1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

been like an electric bulb in shape, except that it seemed to have rough edges. [It] then fell 
somewhere behind the hills at the back of my bungalow and the earth shook.” (2) 

That the events caused considerable excitement and concern was something also 
noted by Police Constable Gwilym Owen, who was off-duty at the time and having a pint of 
beer in the nearby Dudley Arms public house. He stated shortly afterwards: “There was a 
great roar and a bang and the glasses shook. The sky was lit up over the mountains. The 
color was yellowish but other people in the valley described seeing blue lights.” Five miles 
away, Police Sergeant Gwyn Williams was at home in Corwen: “The walls shook and the 
mirror swung away from the wall,” he recalled. “My first thought was that a big lorry had hit 
the cinema — it was that kind of a roar and bang. Everyone ran into the street.” (3) 

At 8.38 p.m., the Global Seismology Unit of the Institute of Geological Sciences at 
Edinburgh, Scotland, recorded an earth tremor between 3.5 and 4 on the Richter scale. In 
response to questions posed by eager journalists, Dr. Roy Lilwall, the Senior Scientific 
Officer at the Institute, said that he had been told that a meteorite had possibly come down 
on the mountain and, had it been responsible for the “earthquake” that had been recorded at 
Edinburgh, it would have to have weighed several hundred tons. (4) 

Approximately ninety minutes after the events on the Berwyns, Ken Haughton of 
Betws-y-coed viewed a “luminous sphere,” some 400 feet across and traveling at an 
approximated height of 15,000 feet. It was Haughton’s opinion that as he watched the 
sphere, it proceeded to descend into the sea in the area of the town of Rhyl, or possibly in 
the Dee Estuary. (5) 

On the following day, January 24, a Royal Air Force mountain rescue team from 
Anglesey was dispatched to the Berwyn Mountains and, along with personnel from 
Gwynedd Police, searched the location for any sign of the object or its impact point. In turn, 
they received assistance in the search from the RAF station at Valley, Anglesey, who flew 
two aircraft to conduct a detailed photographic survey of the area. Nothing was reportedly 
found. (6) 

And only hours later, an unusual aerial object was seen by David Upton at nearby 
Gobowen. As he went out of the backdoor of his home at about 7.15 p.m., he was 
immediately struck by the brightness of an object in the western sky and quickly ran back 
into the house for a pair of field glasses. To his complete amazement, these revealed a disc- 
shaped object that seemed to be divided up into four distinct sections, each of which was of 
a different color — red, green, yellow, and purple. David Upton’s sister, Elizabeth, a twenty- 
year-old bank clerk, then took over the glasses, followed shortly thereafter by their mother, 
Mary Upton. Both verified David’s description. 

“T had been watching it for about ten minutes and thought perhaps I should tell 
someone about it,” said Elizabeth Upton. She telephoned the local police, and they said that 
they would dispatch someone to the area. A minute or so after the call, the UFO 
disappeared behind a cloud. “We waited for the cloud to pass and when it did the disc had 
gone too,” she explained, adding: “When I first came out of the house the light from the 


4h Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

object was dazzling, like a street lamp. When we looked through the field glasses we could 
define its overall disc-shape and the four sections.” (7) 

Two people known to have been involved in the affair were Doctors Ron Maddison 
and Aneurin Evans of Keele University. Both expressed the theory that a meteorite was 
possibly the culprit. However, if the object was a meteorite they said, then it had to have (a) 
completely disintegrated upon impact; and (b) not left a crater, as Dr. Maddison noted 
carefully that: “the only changes we could see were recent disturbances of surface soil in 
some areas, but we were hampered to some extent by light snowfall.” (8) 

Two days later, it was stated in the local press that “police and RAF rescue experts” 
had come to the conclusion that the strange lights seen throughout the area were due to 
meteorite activity seen — coincidentally - at the same time that a group of men were out on 
the mountain range hunting hares with powerful lamps. Any link with the “earthquake”’ was 
entirely coincidental. RAF search team leader, Sergeant H. Oldham, said that another search 
of the area was “unlikely” to occur unless further information surfaced that attributed the 
lights to another source. (9) 

Perhaps not surprisingly, the “hare” explanation received short shrift with the local 
witnesses, as can be seen from the following extract taken from a letter sent to the Wrexham 
Leader newspaper: “Regarding your front page article ‘Mystery Tremor in the issue of January 
25, I find the explanation given absolutely ludicrous. The tremors shook houses over a 60- 
mile radius, and the lights were seen clearly miles away — this was reported by the national 
press and radio. 1 know nothing about ‘Hare hunting’ but unless the hunters use aircraft 
searchlights and kill their prey by lobbing a small atom bomb at them then I fail to see how 
anyone can accept such an explanation.” (10) 

So what, exactly, did happen on that fateful night of January 23, 1974? Did the strange 
lights provide firm evidence that a malfunctioning UFO was hurtling towards its doom on 
the Berwyn Mountains? And was the so-called “earthquake” evidence that this same UFO 
had almost immediately thereafter slammed at high speed into the bleak and harsh mountain 
known as Cader Berwyn? Or was the entire event the result of a large-scale misperception of 
a curiously synchronistic combination of a meteorite shower, an earth tremor, and a group 
of men hunting for hares on the mountain and armed with powerful lamps — all in the same 
location and at practically the same time? 

Andy Roberts firmly believes the latter theory to be the correct one. He also cites the 
fact that some of the tales about a crashed UFO having been found on the mountain range 
may have had their origins in the 1982 crash in the same area of a Royal Air Force Harrier 
jet-plane that was carrying top-secret equipment. Other British investigators of the case, such 
as Jenny Randles, Margaret Fry, Tony Dodd and Matthew Williams, are less certain that 
Roberts has resolved all of the many and varied aspects of the Berwyn affair. 

Of the many controversies that continue to surround the Berwyn enigma, there can 
be no doubt whatsoever that the most sensational allegation is that, three nights before the 

incident on January 23, 1974, a number of alien bodies and several still-living extra-terrestrial 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

creatures were recovered from the mountainside by an elite team of military personnel, and 
were transferred under cover of tight security to an official installation in the South of 
England for study. Moreover, that official installation was allegedly Porton Down — the 
British equivalent of Fort Detrick, home to decades of research into lethal viruses and 
biological and bacteriological warfare. 

Of course, this sounds like a conspiracy theorists’ wildest dream come true; and 
despite vociferous attacks from the more skeptical researchers in the UFO research 
community, it has steadfastly remained an integral part of the story ever since it first surfaced 
— publicly, at least — in 1996. 

The original source of the story was the UFO investigator Tony Dodd, a retired 
North Yorkshire police sergeant with a quarter of a century of service in the Force to his 
credit. At the time that the account was first revealed in the pages of the popular newsstand 
publication, UFO Magazine, Dodd refused to reveal the real name of his source for the story, 
as he continues to do to this very day, and instead gave him the pseudonym of “James 
Prescott.”’ Dodd also claims to have seen Prescott’s military records. (11) 

According to Prescott, in January 1974 he was stationed at an Army barracks in the 
south of England. “I cannot name my unit or barracks as they are still operational,” Prescott 
stressed to Dodd as he detailed how on 18 January 1974 he and his colleagues were put on 
“stand-by at short notice.” Twenty-four hours later, the unit was directed to make its way 
towards the city of Birmingham. 

“We then received orders to proceed with speed towards North Wales,” Prescott 
elaborated. “We were halted in Chester in readiness for a military exercise we believed was 
about to take place. On 20 January, the communication to us was ‘hot.’ At approximately 
20.13 hours we received orders to proceed to Llangollen in North Wales and to wait at that 
point.” On arrival at Llangollen, recalled Prescott, the unit noticed a great deal of “ground 
and aircraft activity” in the area. Extraordinary events were unfolding. But it was shortly 
after 11.30 p.m. when things really began to take shape. 

“We, that is me and four others, were ordered to go to Llanderfel and were under 
strict orders not to stop for any civilians,” said Prescott. The team soon reached Llanderfel, 
whereupon they were ordered to load two large oblong boxes into their vehicle: “We were at 
this time warned not to open the boxes, but to proceed to [the Chemical and Biological 
Defense Establishment at] Porton Down, [Wiltshire], and deliver the boxes.” A number of 
hours later, they reached Porton Down and the mysterious cargo was quickly taken inside 
the facility. “Once inside,” explained Prescott, “the boxes were opened by staff at the facility 
in our presence. We were shocked to see two creatures which had been placed inside 
decontamination suits.” 

The staff at Porton began the careful task of opening the suits. “When the suits were 
fully opened it was obvious the creatures were clearly not of this world and, when examined, 
were found to be dead. What I saw in the boxes that day,” Prescott told Dodd, “made me 

change my whole concept of life. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

“The bodies were about five to six feet tall, humanoid in shape, but so thin they 
looked almost skeletal with a covering skin. Although I did not see a craft at the scene of the 
recovery, I was informed that a large craft had crashed and was recovered by other military 

Most remarkable was what Prescott had to say next: “Sometime later we joined up 
with the other elements of our unit, who informed us that they had also transported bodies 
of ‘alien beings’ to Porton Down, but said that their cargo was still alive.” 

In conclusion, Prescott added that this was “the only time I was ever involved in 
anything of this nature. This event took place many years ago and I am now retired from the 
Armed Forces.” (12) 

Although work at Porton Down had originally begun in March 1916; it was not until 
1940 that the installation became the central hub of British interest in biological warfare. 
Following the start of the Second World War, a highly secret and independent group — the 
Biology Department, Porton - was established by the War Cabinet, with a mandate to 
investigate the reality of biological warfare and to develop a means of retaliation in the event 
that biological warfare was utilized against the United Kingdom. By 1946, the name of the 
wartime group had become the Microbiological Research Department. A decade later, the 
biological warfare research of Porton Down’s staff had become solely defensive in nature; 
and in 1957 it was re-named the Microbiological Research Establishment. 

By the 1970s it was decided that the MRE should be placed under the aegis of a civil 
authority, and on 1 April 1979, it became known as the Center for Applied Microbiology and 
Research. In 1995, the Establishment became part of the Defense Evaluation and Research 
Agency, and six years later DERA split into two organizations: QinetiQ, a private company, 
and the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory) which remains an agency of the 
Ministry of Defense. Today, Porton Down is known as DSTL, Porton Down. (13) 

Were live aliens really loose on the Berwyn Mountains? Did an incident that pre- 
dated the key events of January 23, 1974 by three days occur? Can such claims be 
substantiated and corroborated or should we relegate them to the worlds of myth and 
fantasy? Or can there be yet another, even more intriguing, explanation? 

A whole variety of UFO researchers, authors, and investigators have looked into the 
claims surrounding James Prescott, including Matthew Williams, who says: “I spoke to Tony 
Dodd at the Cardiff UFO Conference just after this story came out, and I also spoke with 
him on the phone. Tony won’t reveal the real name of James Prescott because he thinks that 
the guy will be traced back to the Army camp or the operational unit he worked for. So if 
Tony does reveal his name, he’ll end up being given a very hard time by the government. 

“But as I said to Tony: “There aren’t going to be many people who (a) were at a UFO 
crash-retrieval in North Wales with a specific set of circumstances; and (b) who are now 
talking about it. I’m pretty sure that the government is going to find out who he is, anyway, 

aren’t they?” 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

“The obvious problem was that if the Army or the government got to Prescott 
before he had the chance to speak with anyone else, he would be in a lot more trouble than 
if his name was out in the open. That way, if the Army did anything against him, they'd be 
seen doing it. 

“If Prescott does exist — and I think he probably does exist — he’d be far better off 
talking to people. But Tony said that the guy was on an Army pension and was concerned 
that he’d end up losing it. 

“Tony says that he has checked the credentials of James Prescott. How far that goes 
and what it means, I don’t know. But he’s happy with them. Tony was happy that after all 
the research he’d done, Prescott was who he said he was.” 

From his conversations with Dodd, Williams was able to fill in some of the blanks 
with respect to what allegedly occurred between the time that Prescott and his unit departed 
from the crash site with the bodies and their arrival at Porton Down: 

“The crates were loaded on to the back of an Army vehicle. They eventually got on 
to the main road and headed on to the motorway. At one point, they decided to pull off the 
motorway and stop at one of the services — just for a cup of tea. They weren’t particularly 
worried, because at that point they hadn’t been told what was contained in the crates. 

“They stopped at the services; however, as they went to get out of the cab, they 
realized that they’d been followed by another vehicle. The people in the vehicle came up to 
the cab and said, ‘No. Get back in your cab and get straight back on the road. Don’t stop. 
Just get straight down to Porton Down.’ And apparently they were shadowed all the way to 
Porton.” (14) 

Researcher Margaret Fry also has strong opinions with regard to the Prescott 
controversy: “I think Tony Dodd definitely interviewed James Prescott. The military were 
definitely there that night between nine and eleven. That’s definite. But the bodies? I don’t 
know. Who would ever know? James Prescott isn’t going to say anything [on the record]; 
he’d be killed if he did. 

“Tony told me that James Prescott said that his unit was parked on the B4391 road, 
and they were given the bodies. I don’t know how. Either Tony has been told, or he hasn’t 
told me. But there were, apparently, some soldiers already on the mountain and it was they 
who brought the bodies down to the little road. James Prescott was handed the bodies on 
the road; he didn’t go on to the mountainside at all. 

“Some people...some lorries took away pieces, debris. Others took away bodies. 
And, according to this man, at least one was still alive. This is just evidence of one man, but 
all I can say is that everything I’ve collected since all points to the fact that this was correct.” 

According to Fry, Dodd told her that after the story was publicized, Prescott was 
indeed contacted by officialdom: “Tony says that he thinks that Prescott is perfectly genuine. 
But he’s very afraid. He’s had all sorts of individuals from the Ministry of Defense coming to 
him. The MoD don’t know [sic] for certain that it’s [Prescott] who is talking, but they’re 

hinting darkly of the things that can happen if he says anything. And now, Prescott has said 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

that he wants to let it lie. He’s sorry; he doesn’t want to say anything further for the moment, 
because he’s too afraid. As I say, they don’t know for certain that it’s him. But his house, it’s 
a military house; he got it by ‘grace and favor’ when he retired. Now they’re telling him that 
if it is him who told Tony, he could end up losing his home. He wasn’t just your common- 
or-garden private; he was very high up in the military. He’s got a hell of a lot to lose.” (15) 

But how had the military been able to access the alleged crash sit with such apparent 
ease? According to Matthew Williams: 

“Margaret [Fry] invited me up to North Wales and I went through some of the 
witness statements. Where the event was supposed to have taken place, we actually went 
there. We drove up there, stopped the car and had a look across the range to where the crash 
supposedly happened. It’s quite a long walk, so I first looked at it from a distance through 
binoculars for ten to fifteen minutes. We looked at the topography to see whether or not it 
was possible to get somebody up there in such a short time, and Margaret’s impression was 
that it would have to have been done on foot. It would have taken a long time to walk up 
there: possibly up to an hour or more. 

“The fact that the military were already there to recover the bodies and maybe the 
UFO suggests they must have had advance notice that the crash was going to happen. We 
know that James Prescott said that they had a couple of days notice. So the things we found 
at the crash site did tend to support his account.” (16) 

While Williams and Fry appear convinced that the Prescott story (and all of its 
attendant controversies) is essentially genuine, not everyone who has addressed this aspect of 
the Berwyn affair is convinced that this is necessarily the case. Neither, however, are they of 
the opinion that this is evidence of a simple hoax, as the UFO authority and author Jenny 
Randles explains: 

“[I]n 1995, I was lecturing in London at the Fortean Times [magazine] Unconvention 
Conference; | gave a talk on crashed UFO incidents and mentioned the [Berwyn] case. It was at 
the end of my lecture that a man came up to me. He was attached to the science editorial 
team of the Sunday Express. He said that he was fascinated by what | had to say because of 
something which had happened around 1993, 

“The Sunday Express had been approached by a doctor living in the area around Bala. 
This doctor had told the Express that he had been building up a dossier over the previous 
twenty years, to indicate that there was definitely some cause of higher levels of childhood 
cancers in the area; and his thesis was that this was connected with a nuclear power station in 
the area. He’d reported it to the Swnday Express in that context. 

“The science journalist who was at the Unconvention had gone to North Wales to 
investigate it, and spent a couple of days trying to find whether there could have been a 
scenario that might have caused this. He said that he couldn’t find any substance to these 
allegations, and so the Express just simply wrote off the story. But as he said: ‘Of course, if 

you are now introducing another potential source of radiation in the area twenty years ago 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

that might have provoked things which the doctor had never even known about, it might 
make the story more interesting.”’ (17) 

Indeed it might. And what of the account given to retired police sergeant Tony 
Dodd? Randles’s views on this matter are illuminating: 

“The whole scenario of this is curious. About six weeks prior to the ‘alien bodies’ 
story breaking, I had written a big article on the case for Szghtngs magazine. In that article I 
mentioned the possibility that the UFO story could be a cover for a nuclear accident —~ as I'd 
always done when referring to the incident. 

“Then, shortly afterwards, the story appeared in which this soldier came forward to 
Tony Dodd, and who told Tony how he had ferried the bodies from the area. But the very 
day on which that story appeared in the newspapers, there was a World in Action program on 
TV which dealt with a nuclear accident at Greenham Common in the late 1950s in which 
radiation leaked from a nuclear weapon. Local doctors had since noted that this was 
apparently related to a rise in childhood leukemia in the area, and they had been trying very 
hard to establish a link through government documentation. 

“World in Action stated that they had been pressuring the Ministry of Defense for the 
last few weeks to admit things, and they were getting the runaround. So it did occur to me 
that in the period between July and September 1996, you had the [Berwyn] case brought into 
the open in a big way through Sigh#ngs magazine — which [sold] about thirty to forty 
thousand copies per issue — and linking it with a nuclear accident at the same time. 

“By coincidence, Granada Television — the makers of World in Action — were 
pressuring the Ministry of Defense on another incident which might have been very similar 
in nature. It’s conceivable that someone in the Ministry of Defense might well have got 
tetchy about this, and was fearful that if Granada Television made a case for the incident at 
Greenham Common in the 1950’s, someone might start to dig into other possibilities. 

“It might have been the ideal opportunity that the Ministry of Defense needed to try 
to emphasize the alien-contact aspect of the [Berwyn] case by bringing out a story which 
reaffirmed that. Now, that is pure supposition on my part because I have no idea who this 
anonymous soldier is. I don’t know if he believes what he’s saying. But the tming was 
certainly interesting.” (18) 

If the only source for the James Prescott story about strange, humanoid creatures 
being found on the mountainside was Prescott himself, then one might be tempted to 
dismiss it out of hand as nothing more than a fanciful hoax generated by some unfortunate 
Walter Mitty-style character. However, other sources — some with official backgrounds - 
claim to have heard of distinctly similar stories and rumors that link the Berwyn saga of 1974 
with Porton Down, the British equivalent of Fort Detrick. 

“T spent thirty years in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft engineer,” explains Bob. “1 
had various postings, including at Akrotiri in Cyprus, RAF Honnington and at RAF Valley in 
North Wales from 1971 to 1974. My wife [and] her family came from Corwen. At the time 

that the thing on the Berwyns happened, they lived up on the side of the mountain and her 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

mom still lives there to this day. Corwen is part of the Berwyn range. From where their 
house is, if you walk up the path that goes behind the houses up and onto the top of the 
mountains, you’re talking perhaps a mile and a quarter away from where it all occurred; so 
it’s not very far away at all. 

“{She] still remembers what happened on the night of 23 January [1974]. She said to 
me when I spoke to her about it just recently: ‘I saw aircraft and heard aircraft shot down 
during the Blitz and it was like an aircraft coming down, but the sound was louder, bigger, 
heavier that anything you could imagine to do with an aircraft.’ 

“They didn’t know what it was. They heard the noise first of all and ran out into the 
road. They weren’t the only ones: all their neighbors ran out as well. It got louder and louder 
and louder and they couldn’t see anything in the sky but then they felt the impact where the 
houses shook and she had things fall off the mantle-piece in the house. 

“It was [my wife’s] dad, who told me the story about bodies being found on the 
mountain. His name was Harold but everyone called him Mick. One day we got talking and 
got on to the subject of UFOs and he said to me: ‘Oh, well, you obviously don’t know about 
the incident up on the Berwyn Mountains.’ 

“I first heard the story from him around 1976. At that time he only told me that 
bodies had been brought down from the mountain and didn’t say anything more. Nothing 
about who brought them down or where they were taken. But from 1979 to 1982 I was 
posted to Germany and Mick and [my wife’s mother] came out to stay with [us] for a month 
and it was here that he told us a lot more. 

“] remember that the information that he told us had apparently come from {a] 
person in the North Wales Fire Service whose son was in the Army. But it’s not surprising 
that he would have been told: Mick was a well-respected man and knew people throughout 
the North Wales Fire Service including at Bala and Wrexham. Mick told me that while the 
police weren’t involved, the Army was — heavily. I can’t give you an exact date when they 
visited and he told us this, but it was definitely between 1979 and 1982. He said that there 
were definitely lorries from Porton Down at the scene; that there was a lozenge-shaped 
object on the mountainside; and that bodies were taken off the mountain and driven to 
Porton. And to this day, [his wife] can also confirm that Mick told her the story about 
Porton Down and bodies too — either in the late 1970s or the early 1980s. 

“I do remember Mick saying that when he had first told me this story in 1976, he 
didn’t know that it was the Army who had taken the bodies off the mountain and he didn’t 
know at the time that they’d been taken to Porton Down. So he must have learned that 
between 1976 and when he came to see us in Germany.” (19) 

One of the strangest — and somewhat unsavory — aspects of this affair surfaced in 
1998 when rumors began circulating to the effect that the pseudonymous James Prescott 
was somehow connected with a very real James Prescott who lost his life in the Falklands 

War in 1982. It was May 17, 1982 when Staff Sergeant James Prescott of the Royal 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

Engineers was killed while attempting to defuse a bomb on board HMS Antelope. He was 
later awarded a posthumous Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for his bravery. 

According to Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins, in their book The Battle for the 
Falklands. “A broadcast from the bridge announced that the bomb-disposal team would try a 
new method of defusing the bomb. Prescott and Phillips detonated a small charge, then 
walked forward to inspect the results. As they approached, the bomb exploded. Prescott 
seemed to be hit by a door blown free by blast, which killed him immediately.” (20) 

Needless to say, the fact that Tony Dodd was not related the tale until the mid-1990s 
effectively means that the James Prescott killed in the war of the Falklands fourteen years 
previously could not have been his source of the story. Moreover, a former colleague of 
Dodd’s, and editor of the newsstand publication on espionage Eye-Spy Magazine, Mark 
Birdsall, has stated that while his brother, the late Graham Birdsall, believed that Dodd’s use 
of the name James Prescott for his source did have some particular significance to it, Mark 
recalled that Dodd had told him that it had xo significance and that he, Dodd, had merely 
conjured it up as a suitable pseudonym. In other words, the fact that there existed a rea/ 
James Prescott in the British Army, and that Dodd decided to use that same name for his 
Army source, was something that amounted to nothing more than an unfortunate 
coincidence. (21) 

Curiously, however, there #s a Falkland’s link to this story. Regrettably, it comes from 
another anonymous soldier who claims to have been told of the Berwyn UFO recovery by 
military personnel while traveling in the convoy of ships that headed for the Falkland’s when 
war was declared. Is it possible — as as been postulated — that Dodd’s source for the 
“Berwyn alien body recovery” was involved in the Falkland’s campaign and that the 
pseudonym of James Prescott was adopted as a tribute to his fallen colleague (and perhaps as 
a “signal” to other colleagues) who may also been told the story on the journey to the 
islands? To date, this is a question that remains unanswered. (22) 

The James Prescott saga aside, another account links anomalous aerial phenomena 
and strange, humanoid creatures in the North Wales area on the night of January 23, 1974. 
From Anne Owen, comes the following: 

“We had bought two, derelict, four-hundred-year-old cottages which we were 
converting. This was on a mountain above Trefriw and Llanrwst near the River Conwy. 
We'd taken a caravan up and a horse, as well, and our two children. We had a friend of ours 
visiting us at the time — a lecturer and mathematician from Toronto University — and we 
converted a small barn into a bit of a house with a window for him. We were in the caravan 
with the children, as we couldn’t move into the cottages yet. That night — January twenty- 
three — the horse was very restless, so we put him near our caravan. But later in the night he 
started rocking the caravan and was in a terrible state. 

“Then we suddenly saw this thing outside the window. It was like a white ball, very 
slow-moving. It was difficult to know how far away from us it was as it was pitch black 

outside, but it looked about two or three feet wide. Then suddenly there was an enormous 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

bang, absolutely colossal. At first, we thought it had hit the place where our friend was. 
Luckily it didn’t hit him, so we weren’t actually sure where it ad hit. But in the morning, our 
friend was outside looking at a rowan tree that had been forced out of the ground. What was 
strangest of all was that the tree had been stripped of all its bark and had been up-rooted and 
thrown four hundred feet. 

“The only other person who was local to us was an old lady who was staring at it too. 
Well, she came up to me and said that she’d been woken by the bang. She also lived on the 
mountain and had gone to her bedroom window and had seen these ‘little men’ that were 
very small and all dressed in black — about three to four foot tall. She thought, because she’d 
seen the military on the mountain before that this was something to do with them. But she 
found it rather odd that they were so small! She described a ‘little gathering’ of them, about 
four or five, very, very early in the morning and near where the tree was. But she said that 
they didn’t look too different, only smaller. 

“When she went down to the village to tell the story, everyone thought that she was 
mad and then when we asked her again she wouldn’t talk about it anymore. Although we did 
know of people in Trefriw who had had their windows broken by this thing. 

“But we had a group of people come from Cardiff University and they started to 
photograph the tree and all around it. They said they had had some instances of UFOs in the 
area and had been ‘sent to investigate’ what had taken place. This happened within one day 
of this taking place. They sent us a photograph that showed a white cylinder where the tree 
had stood and that wasn’t there when the picture was taken — you couldn’t see it with the 
naked eye. They asked us if we knew what it was, but we had no idea. 

“The oddest thing of all, though, was how the people from the university knew what 
had happened. They were in their forties and fifties then; so they weren’t students. But the 
day before, and the day after, this happened: a weird mist came down out of nowhere. This 
was nothing like a normal mist and I still remember it now. I wish I had the answers to it all, 
but all I can do is tell you what I remember.” (23) 

Having digested the witness testimony and the available evidence, can we come to 
any firm conclusions with respect to this particular aspect of the broader mystery of what 
may have occurred on the Berwyn Mountains thirty years ago? 

Certainly, there is now demonstrable proof (albeit in the form of second-hand 
testimony) that the alien body angle of the controversy, as well as the Porton Down 
allegations, had been quietly disseminated amongst the closed-knit North Wales community 
at least as far back as 1976; and were later elaborated upon in the early 1980s to a then 
serving member of the Royal Air Force. In other words, Tony Dodd’s informant — James 
Prescott — appears not to have been the original source of this account: it does have a 
precedent. Also, the account of Anne Owen demonstrates that the stories of live aliens being 
seen on the mountainside (as James Prescott asserted that he had heard was the case) also 

have some form of limited corroboration. 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

Of course, questions remain: why, for example, was James Prescott so adamant that 
the incident in which he was involved occurred on the evening of January 20 when — 
unanimously — all of the other available evidence points to January 23 as being the correct 
date? Was this an error in recollection on his part, or were the events of January 23 only a 
part of a larger and even more bizarre mystery? And what of Anne Owen’s mysterious 
visitors — allegedly from Cardiff University — who turned up conveniently out of the blue to 
discuss her experiences? 

To this day, as is the case with so many alleged crashed UFO incidents, we are left 
with a mountain of questions and very few definitive answers. But the controversy 
surrounding crashed UFOs, alien bodies and Porton Down does not end there. 

In 1999, Nick Pope, who investigated UFO reports for the British Ministry of 
Defense from 1991 to 1994, wrote a novel titled Operation Thunderchild that centered upon a 
hostile attack on the British Isles by alien forces. At the time, stories and rumors were in 
circulation to the effect that Pope was telling in a fictionalized format, “the truth” that he 
was unable to reveal in a non-fiction book. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, in 
Operation Thunderchild, alien bodies recovered from a UFO crash are taken to the Chemical 
and Biological Defense Establishment at Porton Down — precisely the same location where 
it, was alleged, alien bodies found on the Berwyn Mountains, North Wales were taken in 
January 1974. (24) 

When Operation Thunderchild was published, I questioned Nick Pope vigorously 
regarding the claims that the book was base more on fact than fiction. His comments were 
illuminating, to say the least. 

“Even to you, Nick, I can’t comment on that,” said Pope. “But let’s put it this way: 
Operation Thunderchild is going to be more controversial than Open Skies, Closed Minds or The 
Uninvited [Pope’s previous non-fiction titles]. And, indeed, the Ministry of Defense may have 
more of a problem with it. Mainly because it’s going to feature real locations, real weapon 
systems, real tactics, real doctrine and real crisis management techniques. It’s going to blend 
my knowledge and experience of UFOs with my knowledge of crisis management — such as 
my involvement in the Gulf War where I worked in the Joint Operations Center.” 

“Given that you won’t comment on the hypothesis that Operation Thunderchild relates in 
a fictional format the sorts of things that you were legally unable to relate in a non-fiction 
book, are you saying that there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye?’ I 
asked Pope. 

Positively oozing uneasiness, Pope replied: “Well, it’s very difficult to go into the 
details, but I’m a bit more inclined to think that there’s perhaps more to this than meets the 

“More to what?” I pressed. 

Pope elaborated: “There are one or two things about the Ministry’s stance over the 
last few years that have caused me to question things perhaps a little bit more than I did 

previously. I do think that there’s a little bit more going on than perhaps I previously 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

thought. I have to be very careful with every single word I say, because I know that every 
word, every sentence, every nuance, will be picked over by ufologists, the Ministry of 
Defense and a number of other agencies.” 

I continued: “Excuse me, Nick: a number of other agencies? What do you mean by 

“T mean, a number of other agencies,” was Pope’s tight-lipped — and only - reply. 

Moreover, by Pope’s own admission, he had a great deal of inside help when it came 
to researching the subject matter - as he stated in the Acknowledgements section of the book: 

“Finally, but perhaps most crucially, there are those who, for a number of reasons, I 
am not able to name. I was helped with this book by a wide range of experts from various 
different agencies, who supplemented my own knowledge with their insights into the world 
of politics, science, military doctrine and much else besides.” (26) 

Given this statement, it is of course interesting that Pope’s novel included a section 
on alien bodies being taken for analysis to none other than Porton Down. Of course, Pope, 
a regular contributor to UFO Magazine, would have been keenly aware of the James Prescott 
controversy, and may simply have included the Porton Down angle in his book to help 
perpetuate the air of mystery and intrigue about himself that he has been careful to cultivate 
since publicly announcing his belief in the existence of aliens. 

However, at the same time that (a) the National Archive, London, was declassifying 
files on UFOs and biological warfare, (b) leaked MJ12 documents on those same topics were 
surfacing in the United States via Timothy Cooper; and (c) Nick Pope’s Operation Thunderchild 
was published, the British Ministry of Defense, in an unprecedented move, gave a huge 
amount of technical assistance and support to a BBC television production titled Invasion 
Earth that dealt with an attack on the planet by hostile aliens. 

Inevitably, this led to rumors that this was all part of a less-than-subtle attempt on the 
part of the British Government to get the general public thinking about the possibility of 
humankind waging war with an alien species. Does the MoD know something that we don’t? 
A Defense source specifically referred to me directly by Nick Pope had a number of 
perceptive comments to make. 

“It’s extremely strange,” he began, “that on the one hand the MoD is publicly so 
dismissive about UFOs; and yet on the other it bent over backwards to provide assistance to 
a TV company producing a science-fiction drama which starts with the RAF shooting down 
a UFO. 

“Normally,” he continued, “the Ministry of Defense only helps film and TV 
companies where it believes that significant benefits will fall to the MoD in terms of 
recruiting, training or public relations. This was the case, for example, with our participation 
in the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. What, one wonders, did the MoD think it had to 
gain from helping to perpetuate a view that the Royal Air Force were virtually at war with 

extra-terrestrials? Questions about our participation in this project were raised at the highest 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

level within the Ministry of Defense.” (27) And, most notable of all, in Invasion Earth, aliens 
from a captured, crashed UFO were taken to Porton Down. 

And there is another, final intriguing footnote to the Porton Down controversy: 
Although the famous UFO incident at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England of December 
1980 has been the subject of half a dozen books, and is considered by many to be an 
example of a UFO landing event rather than a crash, there are several indicators that 
“something” may have been retrieved from the forest. 

The basics of the account are that between December 26 and 29, 1980 multiple UFO 
encounters occurred within Rendlesham Forest that involved United States’ military 
personnel based at the nearby Royal Air Force stations Bentwaters and Woodbridge. 
According to numerous U.S. Air Force personnel, a small, triangular shaped object was seen 
maneuvering in the forest — as well as strange, almost spectral, alien-style entities. 

In a July 31, 1994 lecture at Leeds, England, Charles Halt (formerly Colonel Charles 
Halt, USAF, one of those that had witnessed the strange object in Rendlesham Forest) 
divulged his recollections of what had occurred fourteen years previously. During the course 
of his lecture, Halt astounded the audience by revealing something that had been hitherto 
unknown: an unscheduled C141 transporter aircraft arrived at Woodbridge just hours after 
the initial encounter and a group of “special individuals” departed from the aircraft, headed 
straight out of Woodbridge’s East Gate, and disappeared into the forest. (28) 

It should be noted, too, that the C141 is a huge aircraft, fully equipped to carry 
freight, vehicle payloads or, alternatively, up to 200 troops — ample space to also secrete a 
relatively small object (as the Rendlesham vehicle was described) of unknown origin. (29) 

It may be relevant that during its life as an active military station, RAF Woodbridge 
was home to a squadron with an intriguing history, as Captain John E. Boyle of the U.S. Air 
Force reveals: “In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the 67" Aerospace Rescue and Recovery 
Squadron stationed at RAF Woodbridge [provided] standby rescue coverage for the 
American space flights. Of course, they were never needed to provide emergency rescue 
actions, but at the time, the unit was trained and available to rescue astronauts with their 
HH-53 and HC-130 aircraft. In early 1988, the 67" ARRS was re-designated as part of the 
39" Special Operations Wing, their primary mission changing from that of rescue to 
supporting US Special Operations forces. Their secondary mission remains that of search 
and rescue and they would provide any assistance necessary in future space missions.” (30) 

Although the 67"’s rescue and recovery skills were not needed during NASA’s space 
missions, the question has to be asked: were they implicated in the recovery of something 
that originated with somebody else’s space program in December 1980? 

On this path: in her book on the Rendlesham affair, titled You Can't Tell the People, 
British writer Georgina Bruni reported on a rumor that shortly after the events at 
Rendlesham Forest a number of personnel from Porton Down were reportedly dispatched 
to the area and, dressed in some sort of full-body protection suit, entered the woods — for 
reasons that remain unknown. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Notably, the late British Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Hill-Norton, who had a personal 
interest in UFOs, tabled questions at an official level with British authorities on January 11, 
2001 in an attempt to resolve the issue of the Porton Down allegations as they related to the 
Rendlesham case. Predictably, the response to Hill-Norton’s questions, that surfaced on 
January 25, 2001, was to the effect that staff at the Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) 
laboratories at Porton Down had made a check of their archives, but had found “no record 
of any such visits.” Of course, it should be noted that this carefully worded statement does 
not state that such records did not exist; only that the specific personnel who made the 
search were unable to locate anything of relevancy. The controversy surrounding crashed 

UFOs, biological warfare, and Porton Down seems destined to continue. (31) 

Let us now turn our attention to the events in Mexico that occurred practically 
seven months to the day after the controversial activities on the Berwyn Mountains. 
The following document, titled Research Findings on the Chihuahua Disk Crash is 
dated March 23, 1992, and was mailed to the researcher Elaine Douglas in July 
1993. It was also sent to a number of British UFO investigators in early 1996, 
including me and Matthew Williams, bearing a Maryland postmark. If true, the 
document seems to have been written at an unofficial level by a source with deep 
knowledge of the incident at issue and who desired the release of the official 
evidence to interested parties. The document reads thus: 

“On 25 Aug. 74, at 2207 hrs, U.S. Air Defense radar detected an unknown 
approaching U.S. airspace from the Gulf of Mexico. Originally the object was tracked at 
2,200 (2530 mph) knots on a bearing of 325 degrees and at an altitude of 75,000 feet, a 
course that would intercept U.S. territory about forty miles southwest of Corpus Christi, 
Texas. After approximately sixty seconds of observation, at a position 155 miles southeast of 
Corpus Christi, the object simultaneously decelerated to approximately 1700 (1955 mph) 
knots, turned to a heading of 290 degrees, and began a slow descent. It entered Mexican 
airspace approximately forty miles south of Brownsville, Texas. Radar tracked it 
approximately 500 miles to a point near the town of Coyame, in the state of Chihuahua, not 
far from the U.S. border. There the object suddenly disappeared from the radar screens. 

“During the flight over Mexican airspace, the object leveled off at 45,000 feet, then 
descended to 20,000 feet. The descent was in level steps, not a smooth curve or straight line, 
and each level was maintained for approximately five minutes. 

“The object was tracked by two different military radar installations. It would have 
been within range of Brownsville civilian radar, but it is assumed that no civilian radar 
detected the object due to a lack of any such reports. 

“The point of disappearance from the radar screens was over a barren and sparsely 
populated area of Northern Mexico. At first it was assumed that the object had descended 
below the radar’s horizon and a watch was kept for any re-emergence of the object. None 



1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

“At first it was assumed that the object might be a meteor because of the high speed 
and descending flight path. But meteors normally travel at higher speeds, and descend in a 
smooth arc, not in “steps”. And meteors do not normally make a thirty-five degree change in 
course. Shortly after detection an air defense alert was called. However, before any form of 
interception could be scrambled, the object turned to a course that would not immediately 
take it over U.S. territory. The alert was called off within twenty minutes after the object’s 
disappearance from the radar screen. 

“Fifty-two minutes after the disappearance, civilian radio traffic indicated that a 
civilian aircraft had gone down in that area. But it was clear that the missing aircraft had 
departed El Paso International with a destination of Mexico City, and could not, therefore, 
have been the object tracked over the Gulf of Mexico. It was noted, however, that they both 
disappeared in the same area and at the same time. 

“With daylight the next day, Mexican authorities began a search for the missing plane. 
Approximately 1035 hrs there came a radio report that wreckage from the missing plane had 
been spotted from the air. Almost immediately came a report of a second plane on the 
ground a few miles from the first. A few minutes later an additional report stated that the 
second ‘plane’ was circular shaped and apparently in one piece although damaged. A few 
minutes after that the Mexican military clamped a radio silence on all search efforts. 

“The radio interceptions were reported through channels to the CIA. Possibly as 
many as two additional government agencies also received reports, but such has not been 
confirmed as of this date. The CIA immediately began forming a recovery team. The speed 
with which this team and its equipment was assembled suggests that this was either a well- 
rehearsed exercise or one that had been performed prior to the event. 

“In the meantime requests were initiated at the highest levels between the United 
States and Mexican governments that the U.S. recovery team be allowed onto Mexican 
territory to ‘assist’. These requests were met with professed ignorance and a flat refusal of 
any cooperation. 

“By 2100 hrs, 26 Aug. 74, the recovery team had assembled and been staged at Fort 
Bliss. Several helicopters were flown in from some unknown source and assembled in a 
secured area. These helicopters were painted a neutral sand color and bore no markings. 
Eyewitness indicates that there were three smaller craft, very possibly UH1 Hueys from the 
description. There was also a larger helicopter, possibly a Sea Stallion. Personnel from this 
team remained with their craft and had no contact with other Fort Bliss personnel. 

“Satellite and reconnaissance aircraft overflight [sic] that day indicated that both the 
crashed disk and the civilian aircraft had been removed from the crash sites and loaded on 
flat bed trucks. Later flights confirmed that the convoy had departed the area heading south. 

“At that point the CIA had to make a choice, either to allow this unknown aircraft to 
stay in the hands of the Mexican government, or to launch the recovery team, supplemented 
by any required military support, to take the craft. There occurred, however, an event that 
took the choice out of their hands. High altitude overflights [sic] indicated that the convoy 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

had stopped before reaching any inhabited areas or major roads. Recon showed no activity, 
and radio contact between the Mexican recovery team and its headquarters ceased. A low 
altitude, high speed overflight [sic] was ordered. 

“The photos returned by that aircraft showed all trucks and jeeps stopped, some with 
open doors, and two human bodies lying on the ground beside two vehicles. The decision 
was immediately made to launch the recovery team but the actual launching was held up for 
the arrival of additional equipment and two additional personnel. It was not until 1438 hrs 
that the helicopters departed Fort Bliss. 

“The four helicopters followed the border down towards Presidio then turned and 
entered Mexican airspace north of Candelaria. They were over the convoy site at 1653 hrs. 
All convoy personnel were dead, most within the trucks. Some recovery team members, 
dressed in bioprotection [sic] suits, reconfigured the straps holding the object on the flatbed 
truck, then attached them to a cargo cable from the Sea Stallion. By 1714 hrs the recovered 
object was on its way to U.S. territory. Before leaving the convoy site, members of the 
recovery team gathered together the Mexican vehicles and bodies, then destroyed all with 
high explosives. This included the pieces of the civilian light plane which had been involved 
in the mid-air collision. At 1746 hrs the Hueys departed. 

“The Hueys caught up with the Sea Stallion as it re-entered U.S. airspace. The 
recovery team then proceeded to a point in the Davis Mountains, approximately twenty-five 
miles north east of Valentine. There they landed and waited until 0225 hrs the next morning. 
At that time they resumed the flight and rendezvoused with a small convoy on a road 
between Van Horn and Kent. The recovered disk was transferred to a truck large enough to 
handle it and capable of being sealed totally. Some of the personnel from the Hueys 
transferred to the convoy. 

“All helicopters then returned to their original bases for decontamination procedures. 
The convoy continued non-stop, using back roads and smaller highways, and staying away 
from cities. The destination of the convoy reportedly was Atlanta, Georgia. 

“Here the hard evidence thins out. One unconfirmed report says the disk was 
eventually transferred to Wright-Patterson A.F. Base. Another says that the disk was either 
transferred after that to another unnamed base, or was taken directly to this unknown base 
directly from Atlanta. 

“The best description of the disk was that it was sixteen feet, five inches in diameter, 
convex on both upper and lower surfaces to the same degree, possessing no visible doors or 
windows. The thickness was slightly less than five feet. The color was silver, much like 
polished steel. There were no visible lights nor any propulsion means [sic]. There were no 
markings. There were two areas of the rim that showed damage, one showing an irregular 
hole approximately twelve inches in diameter with indented material around it. The other 
damage was described as a ‘dent’ about two feet wide. The weight of the object was 

estimated as approximately one thousand, five hundred pounds, based on the effect of the 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 

weight on the carrying helicopter and those who transferred it to the truck. There was no 
indication in the documentation available as to whether anything was visible in the ‘hole’. 

“It seems likely that the damage with the hole was caused by the collision with the 
civilian aircraft. That collision occurred while the object was traveling approximately 1700 
knots (1955 mph). Even ignoring the speed of the civilian aircraft, the impact would have 
been considerable at that speed. This is in agreement with the description of the civilian 
aircraft as being ‘almost totally destroyed’. What was [sic] being taken from the crash site 
were pieces of the civilian aircraft. The second damage may have resulted when the object 
impacted with the ground. The speed in that case should have been considerably less than 
that of the first impact. 

“No mention is made of the occupants of the civilian aircraft. It is not known if any 
body or bodies were recovered. Considering the destruction of the civilian light aircraft in 
mid-air, bodies may well not have come down near the larger pieces. 

“Unfortunately what caused the deaths of the Mexican recovery team is not known. 
Speculation ranges from a chemical released from the disk as a result of the damage, to a 
microbiological agent. There are no indications of death or illness by any of the recovery 
team. It would not have been illogical for the recovery team to have taken one of the bodies 
back with them for analysis. But there is no indication of that having happened. Perhaps 
they did not have adequate means of transporting what might have been a biologically 
contaminated body. 

“Inquiries to the FAA reveal no documents concerning the civilian aircraft crash, 
probably because it did not involve a U.S. aircraft nor did it occur over U.S. airspace. 

“It should be noted that the above facts do not tell the complete story. Nothing is 
known of the analysis of the craft or its contents. Nothing is known about the deaths 
associated with the foreign recovery team. Nor is it known if this craft was manned or not. 

“Other questions also remain, such as why would a recovered disk be taken to 
Atlanta? And where did the disk come from? It was first detected approximately 200 miles 
from U.S territory, yet U.S. air defenses extend to a much greater distance than that. If the 
object descended into the atmosphere, perhaps NORAD space tracking has some record of 
the object. Alternate possibility is that it entered the Gulf of Mexico under radar limits then 
‘jumped’ up to 75,000 feet. Considering prior behavior exhibited by disks of this size, it is 
probable that the entry was from orbital altitude. 

“The facts that are known have been gathered from two eye witness accounts, 
documentation illegally (sic) copies, and a partially destroyed document. This was done in 
1978 by a person who is now dead. Only in February of this year did the notes and 
documents come into the hands of our group.” (32) 

While the description of the crash and recovery of the unknown object in Mexico 
broadly conforms to the data revealed in other crash-retrieval reports throughout the 
decades, the reference to an apparently deadly biological agent present at the scene is very 

worrying. Moreover: the fact that biological materials found at the Berwyn Mountains site in 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

the same_year — and possibly in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, too — were of major concern to 
experts trained at Porton Down, England in the field of biological warfare, strongly suggests 
that the official world is ever-ready to cope with the outbreak of a lethal virus of alien 
origins. Let us hope that they are never required to do so at a worldwide level. The 

consequences could be devastating for all of us. 


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OP I Oy en i Se 


1974: The Year of Crashed UFOs, Alien Viruses And Biological Warfare) 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies 
About Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

Linda Moulton Howe 

Copyright 2006 Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter, Editor 

“NORAD was talking back and forth to us and they 
were as flabbergasted as we were about the speeds we were seeing. 
There was no way the bogies were from Earth because they were going too fast." 
- Dennis, Richmond USAF Station, Miami, Florida 


Emmy Award-winning TV producer and investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, 
is also Reporter and Editor of the Award-winning science, environment and Real X-Files 
website, Earthfiles;ccom. Former New Mexico State Representative, Andrew Kissner, 
approached her in the mid-1990s. He wanted Linda to know about his official and off-the- 
record research concerning the 1947 Roswell and other alleged UFO crash retrieval incidents 
in New Mexico. Rep. Kissner had assembled many old newspaper articles and leaked 
government information from his sources. 

Rep. Kissner asserted there had been an American government policy to shoot down 
unidentified aerial discs in the late 1940s to early 1950s, until the discs retaliated. That 
retaliation included the deaths of many pilots and forced a change in American military 
aggression toward the “enemy weapons systems.” Former State Rep. Kissner’s military and 
intelligence sources contend that the Truman Administration ordered a strict policy of denial 
in the interests of national security about all matters related to UFOs and crash retrievals, a 
policy in force to this day. 

Linda will present firsthand testimonies about American military interactions with 

advanced aerial discs and their non-human occupants. 

Slide 1; Military Voices Title Slide 
Last year I began reporting about the research that former New Mexico State 

Representative, Andrew Kissner, did in the 1990s about the history of White Sands Proving 

Slide 2: “Peculiar Phenomenon” Newspaper Headline 
Employees at White Sands and the Naval Research Lab housed there, leaked 
information to Andy about the American government’s missile and artillery attacks on 

unidentified aerial discs that the Base Commander called “peculiar phenomenon.” 

Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

Slide 3: Roswell Crashed Disc Newspaper Headline 
Rep. Kissner was told that from the 1940s onward, some of those discs crashed and 
were retrieved, along with their occupants. The most famous publicly reported crash was 

between Roswell and Corona on July 4, 1947. 

Slide 4: SOM1-01 Training Manual Title Page 
Our own government’s TOP SECRET/MAJIC documents about the UFO crash 
retrievals have been leaked to investigators and describe the beings as “extraterrestrial 

biological entities.” The acronym is “EBEs”, or “EBENs.” 

SLIDE # 5 —- Disc Interference w/V-2 Rockets (Para. I) 

The Majestic-12 Special Studies Group was appointed by President Harry S. Truman in 
1947 to study the “interplanetary” presence, as it was then called by insiders. 

Five years later in 1952, MJ-12 assembled its First Annual Report. In Paragraph I, their 
report states: “V-2 rocket launches at the White Sands Proving Ground, N. M., have been 
knocked down by undetermined jamming. The source of the jamming is believed to come from UFO 
sightings on or near the range. (Howe’s emphasis.) Guidance systems are believed to be 
vulnerable and this presents a clear and present danger. Such keeper flights carrying nuclear 

weapons are too horrific to contemplate. Shielding of systems and circuits are underway. 

SLIDE # 6-E. T. Electromagnetic Jamming Abilities (Para. K.) 

“As to purpose and modus operandi, we are not certain, but it is clear that if these visitors 
had conquest in mind, it would not be difficult for them, given their ability to penetrate our 
airspace at will, and their ability 0 jam radio, telephone, television, and teletype transmissions, 
let alone power grids.” Did the United States government share these astonishing facts with 

any other leaders on this planet? 

SLIDE # 7 — Classified Above H-Bomb (Para. L) 

Paragraph L of the 1952 First MJ-12 Annual Report said: “To date, only Great Britain, 
Canada, and the Soviet Union, are contacted and appraised in the event invasion is 
imminent. It is the current policy of the Administration that no other foreign countries will 
be consulted or advised. The national security status of the MAJESTIC operation exceeds that 

of the H-bomb development. 

SLIDE # 8 — ANNEX C - Disappearing Pilots and Planes 
The MJ-12 panel added an Annex C, Paragraphs 2 to 3, in their First Annual Report 

that warned: 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

“Men, equipment, weapons — vanish without a trace. (Howe’s emphasis.) In all instances, 
the disappearances occurred in tropical climate and in the heat of battle or near combat 

“3. Missing aircraft, pilots and crew, are of special concern to the military when no 

explanations fit the usual reasons outside of combat.” 

SLIDE # 9 — Navy Flight 19 Five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers 

“One such incident is the disappearance of a flight of five U. S. Navy TBM-3 Avenger 
torpedo bombers from the Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 5 December 
1945. ... it is believed that Flight 19 encountered a phenomenon of celestial nature. The last 
known radio transmission from the instructor pilot was heard by a ham operator: “Don’t 
come after me ... they look like they are from owter space. ...’'m at 2,300 feet. Don’t come 

after me.”’ (Howe’s emphasis.) 

SLIDE # 10 - Disappearing B-36 Bombers, Pilots and Atomic Bombs 

MJ12’s Annex C, Paragraph 5 continued: “From 1949 to late 1950, there have been 
several crashes of B-36 bombers on routine Arctic patrol that bear all the earmarks of the 
USAF Capt. Thomas Mantell incident. 

[Editor’s Note: USAF Capt. Mantell’s plane mysteriously disintegrated on January 7, 
1948, over Kentucky while he was chasing a large silver disc. The plane’s metal 
wreckage was covered with many small holes as if exposed to an energy source.] 

None of the crews were found. The atomic bombs were not recovered, thus creating a serious 
problem for the Air Force when nuclear weapons are lost over friendly countries.” (Howe’s 

Bottom line, government insiders say that the Majestic-12 group under President Harry 
S. Truman was at first trying to carry out a “secret war” against the disc technology until the 
human military effort proved futile. 

Details about the secret war began to emerge for me first from UFO investigator, 
Leonard Stringfield, who had served in the 5" U.S. Air Force unit during World War II. Len 
told me in the mid-1980s that he knew firsthand the United States Air Force had a standing 
order to shoot down UFO discs, triangles and other unidentified aerial craft (UACs). But 
Len said, “We lost so many planes and pilots trying to carry out the order, it was rescinded in 
the early 1950s.” 

Then in the mid-1990s, former New Mexico State Representative Andrew Kissner told 
me he had also learned about America’s secret war. From off-the-record conversations with 
military and intelligence operatives from White Sands Missile Range and the Naval Research 
Lab housed at White Sands, Andy was told that in the 1940s to early 1950s, there was an 
American government policy to shoot down unidentified aerial discs. But the discs retaliated. 
Many of our pilots died, which forced an end to the “shoot down” orders. Andy Kissner 

said he learned that President Harry S. Truman ordered a policy of denial in the interest of 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

national security about all UFO crash retrievals — a classified Executive Order that allegedly 

is still in force to this day. 

SLIDE # 11- Real X-Files Report, 

Since filing several reports at Earthfiles, Dreamland Online and Coast to Coast AM radio 
about American military efforts to attack the disc technology with unexpected consequences 
of retaliation,1 have received dozens of emails from people who have served in U. S. 
military or intelligence. They describe their own firsthand knowledge about government 
cover-up of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth. I now have two military eyewitnesses of a 
remarkable radar tracking of UFOs east of Miami, Florida, in March 1967, over the Bermuda 
triangle region. Neither man is willing to be identified beyond his first name, but the two are 

cousins who were in the American military in the late 1960s. 

SLIDE # 12 —- RADCOM Army Patch, 1967 

(Army Air Defense Command patch in 1967. provided by Bill.) 

In April 1966, Bill signed up for the Army Air Defense Command called RADCOM 
after Army basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. RADCOM no longer exists. 

SLIDE # 13 — Aerial B&W of Four Missile Batteries, Key West region 

(Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Missile Batteries highlighted, provided by Bill.) 

By March 1967, Bill was working as both a missile crew launchman and fire control 
operator in the Army’s “B (Bravo)” Battery, 6th Battalion, 65th Air Defense Artillery in Key 
West, Florida. This aerial photograph provided by Bill shows the distribution of the Alpha, 
Bravo, Charlie and Delta missile batteries. 

SLIDE # 14—- Ground photo of radar outside B Battery 

(One of four Batteries in Key West region in 1967, "B" (Bravo) Missile 
Battery with Pulse Acquisition Radar (PAR). Photograph provided by Bill.) 

This photograph provided by Bill was taken in 1967 outside the B Battery Control 
Center in which he could use a Doppler shift technology known as Pulse Acquisition Radar, 
ot PAR. 

SLIDE # 15 —- B&W diagram of interior 1967 Battery Control Center 

(Left side cutaway view. Each Battery had six launchers, with three missiles on each 
launcher. Each Battery had one PAR radar and three fire control radars. The Batteries were 
capable of operating independently; or if the Batteries worked together, the combination 
could destroy entire squadrons of enemy aircraft. 1967 diagram provided by Bill.) 

Inside the Battery Control Center, or BCC, was all the radar equipment necessary for 

watching the Miami skies and launching a missile, if necessary, at a perceived enemy target. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

SLIDE # 16 - HAWK Missiles, 1967 

(Photograph of HAWKS provided by Bill.) 

Back in 1967, the U.S. Army Air Defense Command operated HAWK and 
HERCULES missile sites throughout the United States. Almost every major city was 
protected by such missiles. HAWK was an acronym for “Homing All the Way Killers.” 

[Editor's Note: The HAWK surface to air missile system provides medium-range, 
low to medium altitude air defense against a variety of targets, including jet and 
rotary wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles. This mobile, all- 
weather day and night system is highly lethal, reliable, and effective against electronic 
countermeasures. The Hawk was originally named for the predatory bird but later 
the name was turned into an acronym for "Homing All the Way Killer." Source: FAS 
Space Policy Project. | 

SLIDE # 17 — Map of Key West and Miami, Florida 

The story Bill and his cousin, Dennis, are about to tell involves Key West, shown on 
this map in the lower left corner where Bill was in the U. S. Army. And 129 miles to the 
northeast near Miami is where Dennis was in the 644" Radar Squadron at Richmond Air 
Force Station ten miles south of Miami. Next door was a CIA antenna farm. UFOs had been 
reported over Miami, the Bermuda triangle to the east and over Cuba several times in 1966 
to 1967. In fact, one of the most dramatic incidents was the disintegration of a Cuban MIG 
jet while scrambling after a UFO “bogey.” 

March 1967 Cuban MIG Disintegrated After Radar Lock On UFO 

SLIDE # 18 — Cover of book, Clear Intent: The Government Cover-Up of the 
UFO Experience © 1984 by Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood. 

The incident was reported to nuclear physicist and UFO investigator, Stanton 
Friedman, and published in the book, Char Intent — The Government Cover-Up of the UFO 
Experience © 1984 by Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood. 

Fawcett and Greenwood wrote: “The Cuban jets were guided to within 3 miles of the 
UFO by Cuban ground control intercept radar personnel. The flight leader radioed that the 
object was a bright metallic sphere with no visible markings or appendages. When a try at 
radio contact failed, Cuban air defense headquarters ordered the flight leader to arm his 
weapons and destroy the object. The leader reported his radar was locked onto the bogey 
and his missiles were armed. Seconds later, the wingman screamed to the ground controller 
that his leader’s jet had exploded.” 

But there was no smoke or flame - only disintegration. Within hours, the U.S. Naval Air 
Station on Boca Chica Key east of Key West, which monitored all Cuban Air Force 

communications and radar transmissions, was ordered by the National Security Agency to 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

ship all tapes and data to NSA and to list the Cuban jet’s destruction as “due to 


March 1967 Key West Radar Lock On UFO Provoked Another 

SLIDE # 19 — Map of Key West and Miami, Florida 

Bill and Dennis were also eyewitnesses to UFOs on American radar in which a lock on 
a UFO resulted in a retaliation from the unidentified object. The retaliation was the 
instantaneous polarity reversal of all the radar equipment in the HAWK B Battery Control 
Center in Key West. All of it shut down and much of the valuable American military 
equipment was damaged. As in the Cuban incident, government superiors ordered a phony, 
publicly acceptable explanation for what happened and said the Miami bogies that sped 
between 1,100 and 5,000 miles an hour and caused the destructive polarity reversal were only 
“a NORAD exercise.” But that night in March 1967, Bill, Dennis, and many others in the 
Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, NORAD, Pentagon and intelligence agencies knew the 
government’s public explanation was a lie. 

Bill and Dennis talked with me because they know the truth and were only told, “Keep 
your mouth shut.” The cousins were never asked to sign non-disclosure agreements about 
the UFOs and radar drama. 

Bill and Dennis tell what happened beginning around 11 p.m. on a night in March 1967. 
Their voices go back and forth, beginning with Bill who was in the Army HAWK B-Battery, 
65th Artillery, and Battery Control Center radar room in Key West 

Audio Interview: 

Bill, in March 1967, Missile Crew Launchman and Fire Control Operator, U.S. Army’s 
“B” Battery, 6th Battalion, 65th Air Defense Artillery, Key West, Florida (about 129 miles 
southwest of Miami): “My cousin, who was also in the military, was in the United States Air 
Force. My cousin was in communications for the North American Air Defense Command. 
Since I was part of NORAD, too, we would get in there and chat because we grew up 
together. We were like brothers. So, we would chat on the COMNET. We would chat on 
the NORAD net. 

Well, one night, he went away. He said, ‘I’ve got to take something.’ He came back and 
he said, ‘I want to let you listen in on something, but don’t say nothing.’ So we opened up 
the COMNET and I heard chatter between various air defense locales about unidentified 
targets — bogies — off the coast of Florida. I believe initially they were like 150 to 200 miles 
east of the Miami-Dade County area (Bermuda triangle region). 

Dennis, in March 1967, 644th Radar Squadron, Richmond Air Force Station (about 10 
miles south of Miami and 129 miles northeast of Key West): “We started seeing things on 

the scope and asking other locations, ‘Do you see the same thing we’re seeing?’ I got on the 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

phone to Bill and he said he saw the same thing I was seeing. So, we scrambled the F-104s 
from Homestead AFB because there were UFOs. We didn’t know what it was — whether or 
not it was somebody coming in from Cuba? Or what? But they were so fast on the scope! 

They were moving at 5,000 miles an hour.” 

Slide 20: F-104 by Lockheed 

(In 1967, F-104 was fastest jet, having broken one speed record at 1,400 mph. Image 
provided by Bill.) 

Bill: “I had a pulse acquisition radar, which is the radar you'll see in all the movies 
where the sweep goes around and around the dial and you see your targets. I brought up my 
screen for my pulse acquisition radar, which had a range of — well, never mind — anyway, | 
could see Miami! (laughs) 

And the targets were clear. There were three or four targets and they were east of 
Miami. Just as I brought the radar up, I noticed what appeared to be jets from Boca Chica 
Naval Air Station, which was in Key West, were being scrambled and headed north. The jets 

were heading north toward Florida. 

Slide 21: Boca Chica Key U. S$. Naval Air Station, Florida 

(U. S. Naval Air Station on Boca Chica Key launched F-104s after unidentified targets 
under orders by NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, as Bill and Dennis listened on 
the COMNET and NORAD net. Map provided by Bill.) 

At the time, Homestead AFB, which is in Miami, was a SAC base — Strategic Air 
Command — and a very, very secure location. These items out there in the Atlantic really got 
them upset because that’s close to their SAC base. 

The first thing that I noticed that was really amazing was that as the Phantom jets 
leaving Boca Chica got close to the bogies — probably 40 miles away — the bogies simply 

UFO Speeds On Radars Between 1,100 and 5,000 MPH 

Dennis: “When the UFOs were just hovering over Miami, there were several of them. 
Then all of a sudden, they took off — off my screen and went to Bill’s. 


According to the radar, yes. 


He saw them when they were just starting up. He saw the same image I was seeing. He 
had a bit more sophisticated radar than | did. ] don’t know if you have ever heard of Semi- 
Automatic Ground Environment, the SAGE radar? That’s the one you see that dips, like at 

airports. That’s what I was using.” 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

Bill: “They just disappeared. Now, with a pulse acquisition radar (PAR) that is sweeping 
through an are every few seconds — probably every 15 to 20 seconds — there is only one way 
for an aircraft to do that (disappear). You have to either go straight up, or straight down. If 
the bogies went in any other direction than that, I would have picked them up on a sweep. I 
would also have seen their trails. So, they just disappeared. 

Now, I have no idea what the communications was with the fighters there on a 
completely different network. But the fighters remained in the area awhile and then came 
back. When the jet fighters were about 50 or 60 miles south of Miami, the bogies returned 
the same way — between sweeps. That means they returned to the location, either going 
straight down or straight up. They just popped up again. 

This kept going for two or three hours. And as | watched the bogies track their various 
routes, in my mind it looked like they were searching. It looked like some kind of a search 
pattern because they were definitely working a grid. Every time the jet fighters would come 
to check them out, the bogies would disappear. 

Now, when I finally got to talk to Dennis again, he told me the local radio was talking 
about people who were seeing these UFOs, these bogies. People were calling in about UFOs 
over Miami. So, now we were getting not only our electronics feedback, but people were 

actually visually seeing things. 

NORAD "Flabbergasted" 

Dennis: “There were several sightings in the Miami area on different occasions. But 
this was the first time that we actually picked them up on radar. They were traveling at very 
high speeds. We had nothing that we knew about at that point that could do that speed. 


Well, we were all flabbergasted. But when we saw them start speeding up, we did 
contact NORAD. That’s who we were under — North American Air Defense Command. 


They were able to see every scope in the United States — every one that was online at 
that point. They could see the same thing we were seeing and we were talking to them. At 
that one point, the commander that was on duty that night at Cheyenne Mountain — he went 
ahead and scrambled the F-104s. We didn’t have anything faster than an F-104 back then in 
the 1960s. 


Yes, they called them ‘UFOs.’ 



4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

That’s what we thought, yeah! (laughs) 

There was nothing else in the world!” 
Bill's PAR Radar Locked On UFO, Followed By Retaliatory Damage 

Bill: “After awhile, one of the bogies broke off and headed south. He headed straight 
toward our location (in Key West). The other three or four were just flying their grid. 1 was 
curious because now | had a good track between sweeps and any radar operator can watch a 
target move between sweeps and have a pretty good idea of how fast it’s going. 

In my mind, I was thinking this thing is moving about 1,100 mph. Now, in 1966, 1,100 
mph was not done every day! (laughs) It is now, but not in 1966. I used to track B-52s and 
Phantoms. Again, I won’t tell you the maximum speeds they got on them, but it wasn’t 
nowhere (sic) near 1,100 mph. 

Now, we have another radar that I’ll tell you uses something called the Doppler Effect. 
What happens with Doppler, if you can listen to it, it’s when the signal comes back, you can 
actually hear the target. It’s a little bit distorted, but I could definitely pick out helicopters, 
you could pick out turbo jet engines, you could pick out jet engines. After a long time on the 
scopes, you could hear it and pick them out. So we knew what they sounded like. 

The difference between this Doppler radar and the pulse acquisition radar is that the 
Doppler svays on the target. In other words, the target is not being swept. This radar stays right 
on the target. The other thing about the Doppler radar is that it is used to control the flight 
of the missiles. I think whoever was in that UFO thing knew what it (Doppler radar) was. 

Like I said, it was moving about 1,100 mph. I put the Doppler radar on it — not to lock 
on it, but just to see if I could pick up a Doppler shift and hear it. And I did. It was a high- 
pitched whine, very solid, very consistent — a little higher than jet engines. I only heard it for 
a second before we were hit with what is called ‘electro-counter measures.’ 

Whoever was in that craft KNEW that he was locked on. And he shut us down. He 
shut us down by reversing - what appeared to be reversing the polarity of every piece of 
equipment on the site. That led to complete system failure and a lot of damaged equipment. 
And just as I was trying to turn the equipment off so it would not be damaged any more, 
one of the launcher crewmen who were outside — guys who are out on the pads — came 
running into the BCC and said, ‘1 saw it! It just went over. It was moving like a meteor. It 
looked like a meteor!’ And it went north to south out of sight. 

What happened interestingly the next day, we were advised the entire event was a 

NORAD drill and that we should disregard everything and consider everything confidential. 

Dennis: “NORAD was talking back and forth to us and they were as flabbergasted as 

we were about the speeds we were seeing. There was vo way the bogies were from Earth 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

because they were going too fast. We knew the Russians and the Chinese and whoever did 
not have air traffic that could go that fast. 


No. They hushed it up after that. They didn’t want to talk about it and they told us that 
we weren’t supposed to talk to the press or anything about it. 


Not really. They just told us that it never happened! (laughs) 


Oh, three or four times. 




Right. For some reason, the UFOs liked to hover over Miami. I don’t know what they 
were doing. Nobody seems to know. But that one night — I got on the phone with Bill 
because we (in Richmond) had a direct line to Key West because we had another Army site 
right next to us that had missiles, also. We had no missiles on our site, but the Army did 
right next door. So, they were getting their missiles ready, too. They had the same type of 
setup as Bill had down in Key West. 

When the UFOs went down south over Key West, | was talking to Bill while he was 
tracking and all of a sudden, I lost contact with him. 


Yeah, I called him up later on another line, but we were told not to speak. We all had 
TOP SECRET clearances and we weren’t allowed (to talk) because of the sensitivity, I guess, 

to talk about it.”’ 

Bill: “Whatever it was — and only God knows what it was — it was visually seen along 
with electronically tracked. So, it could NOT have been targets that NORAD was putting 
up. The thing that didn’t make any sense was there were too many units involved. You had 
the United States Navy or Marine — whoever flew those jets from Boca Chica Naval Air 
Station. You had the Air Force. You had NORAD. You had radio stations in Miami. It 
happened! There is no denying it. I know there are hundreds of other members from the 
North American Air Defense Command that know what happened that night and can tell 
you the same story. 

It was an amazing thing! I stood outside of that BCC and I looked into the sky and | 
realized that I had experienced something that had changed my life because 1] KNEW I’m 
one of the only people on the planet — several hundred of us — that know there is something 

flying around our skies. 1 know what I saw on the scope. I know it was there. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 


Yes, countered it with something that was absolutely — as a Fire Control Operator, | had 
seen all kinds of electro-counter measures, ECMs. We continually played tag with the Air 
Force. They probably still do — Air Force bombers and Air Force fighters will attempt to 
penetrate our air space for testing and we played games with each other trying to do electro- 
counter measures against each other. 

This (that night) was something I had never seen. It was something that no one I’ve 
talked to has ever seen. It took incredible power to do what it did. But the interesting thing — 
the thing I always thought about was: it disabled us without hurting anyone. If it had that 
much power, it could have just put us away, | think! (laughs) But it disabled our capability to 
hurt it without hurting a single person. 

If you can imagine taking your car while it’s running, taking the battery terminals off 
and reversing them. That’s pretty much what happened. The polarity reversed on much of 
the equipment and I have NO idea what could do that. 


Yes, the commanding officer that night came into the control center and said, “What the 
hell happened?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, sir, we’ve just been shut down.’ I think he said, 
*That’s impossible!’ I said, ‘Well, we’re shut down, sir, and I don’t know what did it.’ 

Then he went and probably called the commanding officer of the unit. The next 

morning, they said it was just a NORAD test, don’t panic about it. It was not a big deal.” 

Dennis: “They had special devices on the radar to photograph anything that we saw on 
that radar. Everything that night that was photographed was sealed and marked TOP 
SECRET and I don’t know where it went from that day forward, whether it went to 
NORAD or went to Washington, D. C.? I don’t know where it went. Nobody told me. 




Yes. NORAD came on the line and told us it was no exercise. 


From the very get go. We contacted NORAD. They saw what was on our radar and 

they told us, “This is no exercise. This is the real thing.’ 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 


Yeah, well, that’s the way they used to do it. They were afraid maybe we were being 
attacked! (laughs) So, they are not going to tell us (the night of the event) that it was an 
exercise until days later. Then they said, ‘Just forget it — it was just an exercise.’ 


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. 

Bill: “I’ve always been wanting to tell this to somebody responsible. Linda, there’s got 
to be hundreds of military people who know what’s going on. There are people that 
outranked me that night. There were people in command who knew exactly what was going 
on. And they are all senior citizens now and hopefully some of them will get the guts to 

come forward.” 

Disc Crash At Cedar Breaks Radar Site, Utah 

In that same time period of 1966 to 1967 while Bill and Dennis were watching bogies 
from other worlds fly around on their radars and knew the U. S. government was covering it 
all up, other military crews at TOP SECRET places such as Area 51, Nellis AFB, in Nevada, 
and Cedar Breaks Radar facility in Utah, had their hands literally on crashed discs - and 

sometimes even entities. 

Slide 22: Map of Cedar City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada 

(About 250 miles as crow flies from Area 51 to Cedar Breaks Radar Site) 

One man trained in an Area 51 radar facility was assigned to move about 250 miles to 
Cedar City, Utah, in 1966 to 1967, to construct a sophisticated radar station under the 

direction of Area 51 - and to serve Area 51. 

Slide 23: Map of Groom Lake and Papoose Range, Nellis AFB 

(Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Testing Site in which the U. S. Navy allegedly 
operates Area 51 underground dry Groom Lake and inside the Papoose Range.) 

I learned about this from the son of the Area 51 engineer, a man now 47-years-old, who 
I will call “Paul.” Currently, he is an independent truck owner/operator based in Michigan. 
He sent me an email that outlined information he knew about Area 51 because his father 
had worked there. 

I followed up with a phone call on August 20th and learned that Paul’s father had begun 

a radar engineering career at Hill AFB in Utah. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Slide 24: Photo of dry Groom Lake, Area 51, Nellis AFB, Nevada 

(Area 51's dry, light-colored Groom Lake bed.) 

After that, his father had moved the family to Las Vegas while he studied more 
advanced radar technology in 1964 to 1965 at what he called “Jackass Flats,” or Area 51, 

beneath the dry Groom Lake and _ inside the Papoose Range. 

Slide 25: Map of Cedar City and Cedar Breaks, Utah 

By early 1966, when Paul was seven-years-old, the family had moved to Cedar City, 
Utah, about 250 miles as the crow flies from Nellis AFB and Area 51. Paul’s father was 
assigned to design and build a new radar facility at the Blowhard Mountain Facility ID Z-216 

that had first become operational in 1962. 

Slide 26: Facility Z-216, Blowhard Mountain, Cedar Breaks, Utah 

(Blowhard Mountain Radar Station, first operated by the Federal Aviation 
Administration (FAA) in 1962.) 

Paul got to join his father two or three times a month at work. The construction was 
outside the town of Cedar City in the remote Cedar Breaks National Monument area. The 
Air Force called it the Cedar Breaks Radar Site. 

Paul said he often saw with his own eyes two or more silver discs stacked up in the dead 
zone above the Cedar Breaks radar facility in Utah — as if the discs played with, or taunted, 
the U. S. government. Then one day there was a terrible crash. 

Paul said he would make drawings of the discs in the air and what he saw after the crash 
and mail them to me for an Earthfiles and Dreamland report. Further, he agreed to meet me 
in Albuquerque in order for me to videotape his information for this November crash 
retrieval conference, But, after two weeks and no word from Paul, I began to call his number 
and email him. On September 10", I received this short email: 

“Dear Linda, Thank you for your interest in my story. However, I have been warned to 
not contact you again. Use my story, if you can. I dare not call you again. Are they watching 
my email, too? Thanks for all you do. Paul.” 

So, today, I am sharing what I was able to learn about Paul’s firsthand story in the only 
phone-recorded conversation we had on August 20", with his permission. Please remember 
as you listen that Paul’s recall and details were reinforced over his life in conversations with 
his father, who is still alive, but would not agree to talk with me. Even on August 20", Paul 
was at first nervous about talking on the phone. But his desire to finally tell what he saw and 

learned about UFOs in his father’s radar work was greater than his fear — at least on that day. 

Audio Interview: 
Paul, Truck Owner/Operator, Michigan: “First of all, 1 want to say I am very 

nervous about this and I want to say I’m glad to be able to say something about this because 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

I grew up with this as normal. As I got older, people told me it was abnormal and it was 
wrong and I was crazy. But I grew up seeing what I saw, hearing what I heard, by 
government officials that so-called E.T.s did not exist. I was told that all this did not exist 
because the public was not ready to hear or see it. 

I remember my very first encounter with this kind of thing at 5 years old because on my 
birthday at that time, we were living in Las Vegas, Nevada, because my dad worked at a place 

that radar techs called ‘Jackass Flats.’ Jackass Flats was Area 51. I grew up thinking it was at 

Jackass Flats. They called it Jackass Flats because only a jackass would believe what was 

going on out there. But that’s what all the radar technicians called Area 51. 
(At the end of 1965) my Dad was transferred to Cedar City, Utah, where he was one of 

the radar techs at Cedar Breaks Radar, up on top of a tall mountain. 

Slide 26: WIDE of Steep Hill Side Beneath Radar Facility (Photo supplied by 

Andrew Kissner.) 


No, but what my father did tell me was that we were working with — he did not say 
‘people,’ but he said we are working with intelligence that brings us the technical data that we 
have. One of the very first instances | can remember was the radar site at that time ran at an 
average of 3 megawatts, that’s 3 million watts. It was time for an upgrade. The upgrade was 
from tubes to transistors. During that upgrade, the radar site was shut down. I spent a full 
week with my Dad at the radar site while this upgrade was going on. It was upgraded from 3 
megawatts to 10 megawatts, that’s 10 million watts. The radar site covered southern Utah 
and southern Nevada and just a huge area. 

During the process of the conversion from tubes to transistors, I was able to sit at the 
counters. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the game, Centipede. It’s an old game that was 
popular in the late 1980s where you had a ball that was sticking half out of a console and 
with that ball you were able to roll around a little thing on the screen and you were able to 
shoot at aliens. 

In a radar site, there are three screens built similar to that, but the screens are round and 
show the sweep of the radar. As a kid, I used to play at those. Instead of there being some 
kind of gun on there, there would be a square. We could run the square around on the radar 
site and put it on any object or any X, Y, or O on the screen and we could put the square 
over the X, Y, or O and hit a button and the button would give us altitude, direction, 
projected flight path and the whole nine yards. 


No, it was X, Y, O. X was military aircraft. Y were commercial aircraft. And O would 
be private aircraft. When something would come over the screen that was unknown, it 
would flash X. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Yes. So, if the tech was to put the box over an X that was flashing and punch up the 
information for that particular aircraft, then it would print ‘Unknown.’ So, they would call it 

an Unknown. 
Discs Hovering in the Radar Dead Zone 

I came to find out that these, well, ETs., if you will, used to play with us. They used to 
play with the information we had. You see, above a radar site, there is a dead zone. Directly 
above any radar site, there is an area above that big white dome where no information can 
come from. 

And the UFOs used to stack up on top of the radar site and just sit there. 1 used to walk 
out as a little kid and stare at them while they were sitting above the radar dome. The first 
ume I saw them, that’s when my Dad’s supervisor literally threatened me with imprisonment 
with my Dad. My Dad 1 guess felt it was good (what the Supervisor did), so | would not say 
anything. But my Dad’s supervisor threatened me with prison and with all kinds of bad 
things that would happen to me if I was ever to say anything to anyone about what | was 
looking at. 


Absolutely. Everything I saw was changeable in shape. Everything had a very high 
chrome look to it. I would say size ranged anywhere from 15 feet across to 100 feet across. 
All of the vehicles that I stared at for years were — it looked like to me they could reflect or 
deflect any form of light, so that if they wanted to, they could actually bend the light that was 
around them so you could not see them. They looked like they could take the light that was 
coming down through the clouds and bend it and once it was bent, you would never see the 
craft. They were able to bend light and they could put on color, take off color, they could do 
anything they wanted to. And they moved at an incredible amount of speed. The most I ever 
saw stacked above the site at one time was five. 




Yes. That is correct. I'l tell you something that happened in 1966 that I'll never forget. 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

Disc Crash At Cedar Breaks Radar Site, Utah 


Exactly. So, that weekend when we went up there, my Dad was installing all of the new 
equipment and I watched him and they fired it up. When they fired it up, a red telephone 
went off. It was a red phone, but they called it the “Black Line.’ The Black Line was a direct 
connect to Jackass Flats. This direct connect, when they called, my Dad would say, “This is 
D,’ He’d go, ‘Yes, sir, 1 apologize, sir.’ 

On the radar screens as I would play with them, I would always ask Dad why, when it 
swung around to that area, 1 would ask him why it was blacked out? He was resetting the 
computers and when it would swing around, it would make a pass over Area 51. In a matter 
of seconds, he got a phone call getting his rear end chewed out because he allowed that radar 
to sweep over Jackass Flats. Government radars — especially at that particular radar site (in 
Cedar City, Utah) was not allowed to sweep over the airspace over Area 51. 

My Dad mainly designed and helped install, but he ran the portion where he had 
actually helped to design the circuits and he would take the drawings given him and he was 
the one who directed the work to have the new electronics installed. When they were finally 
switched on, he did not input the computer to block out those particular coordinates (of 
Area 51) and that’s when he got the call and he got his rear end chewed out big time! 

The next day on Sunday, they went on through the night tweaking the computers and 
radar and setting the new ranges because a 10 megawatt radar site is able to pick up much 
further than the old tube types were. So, as they were tweaking all of the computers and 
working on the equipment, I was able to sit at one of the three consoles that were set up for 
the radar site. The radar site has a main console, a back-up console and has an emergency 
console. So, there are two back-ups to the main console of the radar site. Sitting at the main 
console, I called my Dad and said, ‘Dad, what’s this?’ 

He goes, ‘I don’t know. They are flashing.’ So, 1 put the radar square on them. At that 
moment, we had a huge explosion go off on the south side of Cedar Breaks. All I can 
remember my Dad saying was, ‘Oh, my God!’ 

The techs all gathered together and ran outside toward the Breaks, the cliff of the 
Breaks. In this confusion, I could not figure out what was happening. I ran outside and as I 
ran outside, there were two (discs) sitting directly above the dead spot in the radar. 

The radar techs ran through the trees over to the edge of the canyon wall. It looked like 
steam. It looked like smoke and steam mixed, no black smoke. Very little. Looking up there 
were two discs sitting directly above the dead zone of the radar site. I got really scared 
because they were flashing different colors, different. I ran back inside and sat down because 

there was an air of urgency. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

E. T. Body Crushed in Disc Console 

So, during that following day, there was a huge amount of government people showing 
up in vans and in trucks and in big trucks to the radar site. They went out and plowed the 
road (of snow) to get big trucks up to that radar site. My Dad, being how he was a lead 
investigator, they brought a lot of equipment that I did not recognize into the radar site 
building itself. Dad was sitting at a desk with all this mangled — I guess it was metal with 
markings on it and all kinds of stuff. 

I said, “Dad, what’s that?” 

He was sitting there at a console that had been just completely disintegrated. And he 
had a pick in his hand. He was picking out this hair-like stuff. 

I said, ‘Dad, what is this? What are you doing?’ 

He looked up at me straight and I guess he looked around to see that the boss was not 
around. He said, ‘Son, this is E. T.’s chest. Don’t tell anybody I told you.’ But from what | 
gathered from what he told me, he was picking the burned remains of an E. T. out of a 
console as he was tearing the console apart. 

It came from the edge of the cliff because Dad told me, to the best of his knowledge, as 
these craft were flying overhead, one of them was doing Mach 3 or 4 straight into the side of 
the cliff. The trucks that came lowered men and equipment down and picked up the 
wreckage, as little as there was — very small pieces of wreckage — and put them in baskets and 
hauled them up into the radar site. My Dad, being that he did what he did which was as a 
crash investigator, he tore that equipment up to determine what possibly could have gone 


Exactly. That was the question as far as I know to this day that has never been 


U. S. Military Effort to Bring Down Discs 


That was the only reason, as I understood, that they used to shoot at them. They used 
to do all kinds of things to bring one down. I think that we were allowed to examine that 
because they had no way of retrieving it at the time. 

Dad and the rest of the techs were on the scene. They had government aircraft flying all 
over the place. There were more jets and choppers that day than I had seen in my entire 
lifetime. And I used to sit there and play with the computer finding out who all of them 
were. | know that information was used and taken back to Jackass Flats. There’s no doubt in 

my mind about that, because all of the equipment that came was from Jackass Flats. It’s all 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

marked as such. When they all came, every crane, every single truck, every single car came 

from Jackass Flats.” 

U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological 
Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs 

“The alien creature had a whitish kind of appearance, but you could tell it had some color to it. And if 
I had to describe it as matching any other type of animal that I know of, it would have been like that of a 
white snake.” 

— Thomas C. Sheppard, Chief Yeoman, U.S. Navy (Retired) 

Slide 27: 1980 U. S. Navy Photo of YN2 Thomas C. SHEPPARD 

(Thomas Colman Sheppard, Yeoman 2™ Class, 1980, U. S. Navy, Naples, Italy. Image 
courtesy Tom C. Sheppard.) 

Moving forward ten years to 1976, I’ve had other communication from one of the few 
people willing to go on the record with his full real name and military records. Thomas 
Colman Sheppard served in the U. S. Navy from September 1975 until his retirement in 
1995 as an E-7 Chief Petty Officer, Chief Yeoman. He was born in 1957 and is now 49-years 
old. Here he is shown in one of his photo I.D.s as Yeoman 2” Class in 1980 with the U.S. 
Navy in Naples, Italy. Earlier this year, he contacted me to talk on the record because he 

strongly feels that the public should be told the truth. 

Slide 28: Sheppard “Naval History of Assignments” 
(Includes March 26, 1976 to March 16, 1978, Amphibious Group One, 
Pac-White Beach, Okinawa. Provided by Tom C. Sheppard.) 

Slide 29: Sheppard “Certificate of Discharge,” Nov. 30, 1995 

(Thomas Colman Sheppard's "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty," as 
E-7 Chief Petty Officer, Chief Yeoman, U. S. Navy, on November 30, 1995, after twenty 
years of service. Provided by Tom C. Sheppard.) 

Slide 30: Sheppard in dress uniform at retirement party 
(Thomas Colman Sheppard at his retirement on November 30, 1995, as E-7 Chief Petty 

Officer, Chief Yeoman, in Austin, Texas. Photo courtesy Tom C. Sheppard.) 

Slide 31: Map of Okinawa, White Beach and Kadena City 
(Kadena Air Base at Location E; White Beach Naval Facility at tip of eastern peninsula 
jutting below Okinawa City. Map courtesy U. S. Navy.) 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Now, we’re going back thirty years to Thanksgiving night in 1976. Tom was stationed at 
White Beach Naval Base at the southern tip of Okinawa, Japan. At the time, he was a 

Seaman Apprentice to the staff of Commander Amphibious Group I. 

Slide 32: White Beach, Okinawa, Japan, seen from ship 

He was in the Administration building with two other men, Robert Toppen and Craig 
Howard. Howard was mechanically gifted, but a fellow who liked to prove he could get into 
sensitive areas that were off limits. 

Howard had gotten into the vault that contained classified material and was yelling for 
Toppen to join him. Tom Sheppard watched as Toppen ran by into the administration office 

that contained the vault. 

Four Photographs of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) 

Videotape Segment 1: 

Tom Sheppard, U. S. Navy Chief Yeoman (retired 1995): “‘And I saw Howard and 
Toppen go into the vault. They were in there for about five minutes and Howard comes out 
first. Toppen follows. Toppen has kind of got tears in his eyes and he said, ‘It’s true.’ Well, 
this really caught my attention. I was really astounded to hear that kind of reaction from 

So, Howard calls me over and says, “Come on in.’ I go in there, right, and it’s a vault and 
it’s a small room. It’s got big filing cabinets and the safes. It’s got a table right there in the 
middle of the vault. The table was about the size of this (gestures to his rectangular 5-foot- 
long living room coffee table), but square and taller. On that table, he had this file laid out. 
This file was like all spread out on the table, OK, and it had photographs and documents 
and the covers and everything. He said, “This is what it’s all about,’ and he handed me one of 
the photographs. 

] looked at it and had no idea what I was looking at. It was an old B & W photograph 
that had an old truck in it. On the ground — and you could tell they were out in the desert — 
was some sort of a creature. It looked like — well, what I would call now — an alien creature. | 
had no idea what I was looking at back then, so I said to Howard, “What am I looking at 

He goes, “Well, what do you think?’ 

I said, ‘I don’t know.’ 

He said, ‘It’s an alien creature from outer space, you big dummy!’ 

I went, ‘Oh, no, it is not!’ (laughs) 

He said, “You’re looking right at one of these things and you still can’t believe it? Won’t 
believe it? That’s incredible!’ 

I looked at that photograph and I looked at another photograph that had the aliens 
layed out on a skid. I looked at two other photographs that had a very dark black 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

background. One of them was a head shot. Another photograph of it was an elongated shot 
on a type of gurney. 

I looked at the documents and there was a lot of red ink, TOP SECRET. One of the 
words was ‘MAJIC’ and MAJIC was spelled with a ‘J.’ 

I made a comment to Howard. I said, ‘Look here, they can’t even spell magic right. 
They spelled it with a 4.’ 

It just looked like an old file, but the gauge of the year would have to be from the 1930s 
or 1940s, just based on the truck. The aliens sort of looked like that one down in the Roswell 
UFO Museum, but different, too. 

Because it was black and white, you couldn’t really get a lot of tone with the kind of skin 
it had, but if I had to describe it at all, it would have been like snake skin in a sort of way. 


The alien creature had a whitish kind of appearance, but you could tell it had some color 
to it. And if I had to describe it as matching any other type of animal that I know of, it 
would have been like that of a white snake. 


No, not really. But you could tell there were - they looked like bumps. Who knows 
what they were? And it was throughout. But mostly on the arm area and on the head area. 


No, you could tell that. 

[Sheppard picks up one of several drawings to show.] 

And here are some renditions of drawings that I made of the photographs that I saw in 
Okinawa. What we have here is a desert and the alien entity. Here is the guy in the jeans and 
cowboy boots. Here is the truck. And here is the entity in the truck looking out. In the actual 
photograph, you could barely make him out because of the angle of the sun and what it was 
doing from the truck slats to him (casting shadows). So, I actually had to have this (alien 
creature in truck) pointed out to me (by Howard). This is what we called Photograph 
Number 1. 

This is another rendition at the aircraft hangar. Pretty much, this is really a rendition 
because of the angle. I really am not an artist, so 1 could not really draw it to the right angle. 
But over here is the military man in his khaki pants and brown shoes and this is the front of 
the aircraft hangar, the opening here. What really stood out to me in this photograph was the 
angle of the slants from the panes of the windows from the hangar, the style of hangar that it 
was. (On a riser) here is the alien that was mostly intact. Next to him, or it, is the other alien 
that was crumpled in a fetal position. Most of its side had been badly damaged. And here’s 
the alien next to it. I tried to make a rendition of the crumpled (bodies), but I didn’t do a 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

very good job really. But most of its head, as I recall, was badly damaged, either through 
charring of some sort or other damage. 


Or burns, yeah. 

Here is another rendition (Photograph # 3). Now, in the photograph, this is all black, 
OK? But what you are seeing is where the flash took the photograph of what you see here. 
And it’s a gurney in an elongated fashion and the alien entity lying on top of the gurney. 

(Picks up drawing of Photograph # 4) Evidently in the same space, they got a close-up 
of the alien’s head from the neck on up with the same black background. Here it is, as I best 
recall it. 

I tried to get as real as I could by not giving too much detail in the eyes. But the eyes, 
the sockets were very almond-shaped and they are fatter up here (on upper corners) and 
skinny down. Fatter here and skinny down. The blotting I am trying to describe here looks 
sort of veiny, I guess you could say, or just bumps. That is the best I could describe it here. 


Yeah, you could tell it was sort of reptilianish. But at the same time, you could not 
because of the black and white photograph. I do recall that its neck was — in comparison to 
its head — was really this skinny and it had a lot of wrinkles. 


No, as if it was the way it was. 



[Picks up another drawing of alien hand.| I tried to make a description of how long its 
fingers were and in comparison to its wrist. This is a better drawing of its palm in this 
fashion without a thumb. If it had a thumb, it was just sort of a nib-looking thing here. And 
it did have these slanted tipped fingertips and on the tips there was a roundness, or what I 
call a suction cup. 

Linda, there is nothing on this Earth that we know of that looks anything like this. It’s 
not a human being — I’m telling you straight up. It was not a monkey. It wasn’t an animal of 
any kind. It was like nothing I had ever seen and that’s all I could say. It was definitely not a 
human and definitely not an animal that we know of. 


] was in shock! What can I say? I did not want to believe it. 1 couldn’t even accept it at 
the time. It took hours for me to even accept what I had seen, even with a guy who was 
older than me who was telling me, ‘Look at what you’re looking at here, OK?’ These were 

not fakes. These were the real stuff. I was overwhelmed.” 

Slide 33: White Beach and Kadena AFB, Okinawa Map 
Tom Sheppard and his two Navy colleagues, Craig Howard and Robert Toppen, 

thought they had been able to enter the classified vault without anyone finding out. But on 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

the Monday after that 1976 Thanksgiving weekend, the three men were summoned by a very 
angry chief James Seeley. Tom saw the other two men had put on their dress uniforms for 
some kind of punishment — and he was kept in office detention for several hours. But 
Thomas Sheppard was never asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, swearing him to 
secrecy for the rest of his life. 

Two weeks after their vault adventure, Capt. Seeley ordered Tom Sheppard, Robert 
Toppen and Craig Howard to drive with him to a dentist at Kadena AFB about an hour 
from White Beach. Tom was put to sleep and never told what the dentist did. He thinks the 
other two men were treated the same way. But his Navy records mysteriously never included 
the Kadena AFB dentist visit. 

I asked Tom if the dentist might have implanted monitoring devices in their teeth. Tom 
said that a few years later he learned that was possible to do and figured that’s what had been 
done. But the tooth that bothered him after the Okinawa dentist visit was finally pulled in 
the 1990s by a civilian dentist in the United States who asked, “When did you do intelligence 
work?” Tom told the dentist he had never done intelligence work, but he did zof talk about 
what had happened in Okinawa. 

Several months after the three men were taken to the Kadena AFB dentist, Tom finally 
learned more from Craig Howard that the vault photos and files were from a disc crash near 

Roswell, New Mexico, in the late 1940s. 

Videotape Segment 2: 
“It was probably a couple of months after the incident that I finally came up to 

Howard and said, ‘OK, what was all that? And tell me what you know about what we saw.’ 

And he told me about Roswell. He said two things really. He said he had heard of 
Roswell before and that he did see Roswell in those documents. And that flying saucers, or 
whatever you wanted to call them at the time, did crash in New Mexico in the 1940s and the 
government, or military, whatever you want to call them, recovered the bodies and have 
been hiding them ever since. 

I eventually transferred in March of 1978. Toppen got accepted for a Naval Officer 
candidate school program. Howard transferred some time in 1977. And I'll never forget that 
day, either. He had made 2™ Class, which was E-5. I thought he was doing really good. But 
there at the last minute, or within weeks of having to have gotten to re-enlist, he backed out. 

So, I came up to him on the day he was leaving. He was in his uniform. | said, ‘Howard, 
what gives, man? You know, life is good. You made 2™ Class. Why are you getting out?’ 

He said, ‘Tom, | just can’t do it no more.’ 

I asked, ‘Does it have anything to do with that vault, what we saw in that?’ 

He looked at me and got beet red and he was shaking his finger at me. He said, “Don’t 
you ever bring that up to me again!” That was the last thing I ever heard from him. I haven’t 

seen him (Howard) in over thirty years now. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 


I believe that — well, it’s either one of two things. | think they jacked with him, myself. I 
think they gave him threats. But it could have been just that he knew a truth and it was not 
going to go anywhere and he did not like that. 


No, never. 
1989-1990, Stationed with COMNAVAIRLANT in Norfolk, Virginia 

And let’s jump ahead to 1989. Unsolved Mysteries comes on TV and it was a popular show 
then. One night, they played with Robert Stack hosting, “The Roswell Incident.” And I had 
no idea at the time that this was in books or had already been talked about. I was literally 
blown away. I thought to myself, ‘Well, if national TV is going to come out and blast it out 
all over the place, what’s to stop me?’ So, at the time, 1 worked at a 3-star command there in 
Norfolk, Virginia. It was COMNAVAIRLANT (Commander Air Force, Atlantic Fleet 

[Editor’s Note: COMNAVAIRLANT was formed in Norfolk in January 1943 under 
the flag of Rear Admiral Alva D. Bernhard. The new command was to take the place 
of three older organizations: Commander Carriers, Atlantic Fleet; Carrier 
Replacement Squadron, Atlantic Fleet; and Fleet Air Wings, Atlantic. A similar 
reorganization had produced AirLant's West Coast counterpart, Commander Air 
Force, Pacific Fleet, three months earlier.] 

I worked for the Operations Department, Code 30, and one of the people in Code 30 
was a man named Captain Wood. He had a person who worked for him who was a Lt. 
Commander, and I don’t remember his last name. 

But one day, it was shortly after it was played on TV — “The Roswell Incident” on 
Unsolved Mysteries - the subject of E.T.s came up. We were just talking and even though I had 
been — I had run into a lot of trouble in other commands. Maybe not a lot of trouble, well, 
somewhat anyway. But I had opened my mouth before (about UFOs and E.T.s) and I was 
ured of keeping it closed. So, I told that Lt. Commander who worked for Captain Wood 
what | knew. I told him the whole Okinawa story and the file and the photos and the whole 

I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack. He went into shock. He got really 
angry. He wanted to tape record me. He started making threats on me. We got into sort of a 
heated argument and he said he was going to have to tell Capt. Wood about this. So, I said, 
‘Fine, tell him.’ 

A couple of hours later, Capt. Wood called me into his office. He said, ‘Sit down. 1 

heard you did some talking today.’ 


Military Voices: Firsthand Testimonies Abut Non-Human Aerial Craft and Entities 

I said, ‘Yes, sir, I sure did.’ 

He said, ‘Do you want to tell me what you told the Lt. Commander down there?’ 

So, I told him the whole Okinawa story. He said, ‘Alright, I’m pretty convinced that you 
saw what you saw. But just so you know, we don’t call them aliens.’ 

I said, ‘We don’t?’ 

‘No, we call them EBEs for extraterrestrial biological entities.’ 

‘I guess that makes sense.’ 

Then we had a conversation and it was basically like this: 

I asked him why we (U. S. military/government) had kept this under wraps for all these 
years and what did it have to do with the military and the whole thing? 

He gave me some descriptions about it. He said since that period of time and on up to 
present day... 


Yeah, from the 1940s to 1990. They had been using this and it was all for good reasons. 


Well, I never really understood that either. They've been using the technology that the 
aliens gave them? Or using the crashed vehicles? Even though he said that, it was just sort of 
an inference that the whole thing that we recovered. So that’s how I took it. 


Yes, what we had recovered. 


For purposes of military advantage. I asked him if the U. S. President knew and he said, 
‘Can’t go there.’ 

I asked him how this might have an effect on society and religion. 

Basically the whole thing was that people could not handle it. There would be too much 
shock. ‘We’ve got to maintain this under wraps. It could be disruptive to society. It could be 
disruptive to the Bible.’ 

I asked him, ‘Look, yeah, you have the Bible, OK? But it’s not like people are just going 
to quite believing in Jesus or anything. Come on!’ 

He said, ‘No, but this could open the door to several other things in the Bible that we 
wouldn’t want religions to have to deal with. It could just open the door to many things that 
would be so disruptive, we can’t go there. So, you just need to keep this under wraps. You're 
not in trouble or anything, OK? And that’s it. If you said we had this conversation, it didn’t 
happen. So, if you know what’s good for you, you’re going to keep this under wraps. You 
want to make Chief, don’t you?” 

I said, ‘Yes.’ 

‘Alright, then let’s play ball by the rules.’ 



4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

‘Probably never.’ 


That’s what he said, “Probably never.’ 


Yes, of course it does, especially when you accept that when you’re in the military. You 
accept that because you’re working with SECRET material all the time and you understand 
that the United States maintains military advantage over our enemies. You accept that. That’s 
an OK answer for a military guy. 


We went there and J respectively (sic) tried to argue with him. I said, “Yes, we recovered 
the aliens, but that was in the 1940s. That’s completely different from today. This is the 
1990s. People would be able to handle it. 

He said, ‘Oh, yeah, you think so? Could you handle it?’ 


‘Did it scare you?’ 


‘Would it be old news in two weeks?’ 

‘I don’t know.’ 


Oh, that’s a big question! How does that make me feel as an American? (Long pause) | 
think the public should be given the truth. That’s all there is to it. Enough is enough. For 
years, I’ve understood the need for secrecy. But I can’t accept it no more. Not for this! Not 
to arrogantly and outlandishly just come out with books and media to say Roswell did not 

happen. It hurts.’ 

Speaker and author: 

Linda Moulton Howe 
Reporter and Editor; 
Investigative Reporter 
Premiere Radio Networks 
and Dreamland Online 

P. O. Box 21843 
Albuquerque, NM 87154 


The Mystery of December 6, 1950 

Dr. Bruce Maccabee 

Copyright 2006 Bruce Maccabee 


For an hour the United States military was under a condition of national emergency 
during the morning of December 6, 1950. Two days later the FBI was informed that the 
Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps had been placed on Immediate High Alert for any 
information related to fhing saucers. Were these two documented events related? This paper 
contains a discussion of the possibility that a flight of saucers caused the emergency and that 
the crash of one of them near the Texas-Mexico border on or about December 6, 1950 
caused the immediate high alert. 





TIME: 10:30 AM 

(President Truman is preparing for a conference with British Prime Minister Clement 
Attlee. The secure phone rings. It is the Undersecretary of Defense Robert Lovett.) 

“Mr. President. I don’t know whether this is related to the war in Korea and the recent nuclear 
threats by the Soviets, but it might be. Our northern tier radars have picked up a flight of several dozen 
aircraft approaching our east coast. They are unidentified and do not respond to our signaling. They could be 
Russian bombers. If they proceed on the present course they will be over Washington D.C. in several hours, 
having passed over major cities along the East Coast. The Continental Air Command has scrambled and is 
on high alert. We have begun preparations for a National Emergency and handling of the press. I suggest 

you take any precautions you think necessary in the event that this is an attack. I'll keep you informed. 
After I hang up all civilian communications with the Pentagon will be cut off. 1 will keep _you informed as 
the situation develops. Goodbye.” 

Shock! Could this be the realization of his worst nightmare? By resisting the North Korean 
and Chinese aggression had President Truman brought on the most-feared consequence, 
nuclear war with the Soviet Union? Were these Soviet bombers loaded with atomic bombs 
to drop on Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.? 

“Impossible,” he thought as he placed the phone in its cradle. “I don’t believe it. 
The CIA has not reported any troop movements or aircraft activity that would suggest the 
Russians were preparing to attack.” 

And yet, the radar had detected something. It must have been something big to 
cause this much activity by the Continental Air Command. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Despite his apprehension he proceeded to the meeting with Mr. Clement Atlee as if 
nothing were happening. 
But, in the back of his mind he knew that some objects were approaching the 
United States. What were they? 
What you have just read is partly fiction and partly fact. Something DID happen 
that morning, something that has been glossed over in the history books as an “accident” of 

the radar. But was it? Read on. What follows is NOT fiction. 

Historical Background to December 6, 1950: 

As you read the following discussion keep in mind that the global political situation was 
“hot”. There were two wars and two races: a Cold War between the USA and the Soviet 
Union and a Hot War in Korea, a missile race and an atomic bomb race. Russia and China 
were becoming potent Communist adversaries of the capitalist democracies. Their stated 
purpose was to overthrow the capitalism. They were investing major portions of their 
country’s resources into armaments and armies. The war in Korea was viewed as the first 
real military contest between communism and capitalism, and it was not going well for the 
USA and South Korea. Ever since the beginning of the war in June, 1950, the U. S. 
government had been worried about the Chinese response to the attempt of the United 
Nations to preserve the independence of South Korea. These worries increased after 
General MacArthur landed at Inchon in September and succeeded in driving the North 
Korean army back across the 38th parallel, the agreed-upon northern boundary of South 
Korea. In October and November, U. N. troops pushed into North Korea under 
MacArthur’s orders to destroy the North Korean army. Then, on November 25, the 
Chinese counterattacked with about 200,000 men, a number which doubled over the next 
month. U.N. forces, numbered at about one half the Chinese force, were once again in 
danger of complete defeat. This was causing a near panic situation in the USA. By the end 
of November, Congressmen and newspaper editorials were calling on President Truman to 
“drop it’ on China. Truman worried about the possibility that the war would widen, even 
bringing on World War II], which could necessitate a nuclear response and “nuclear 
Armageddon.” The Joint Chiefs of Staff (the “top brass” of all the armed services) had sent 
a warning to U. S. forces commanders throughout the world of a heightened possibility for 
world war. When Clement Atlee arrived in Washington, DC, on Dec. 4 there were news 
stories of an impending nuclear attack on the USA by Russia, apparently in retaliation for the 
publicized threat to use nuclear weapons against Chinese troops. The night of Dec. 5, 
Truman wrote in his diary that it seemed that WWIII was at hand. Secretary of State Dean 
Acheson went to bed thinking he wouldn’t be surprised if, during the next day or the next 

few days there would be an announcement of a global war. 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

It was against this background of war jitters that, during the morning of December 6, a 
large group of “unidentified aircraft” was suddenly detected approaching the USA from the 
north, from the general direction of the Soviet Union! Was this the feared attack? Some 
high government officials were afraid it was! 

The Radar Emergency 

There are three published versions of what happened that morning. The first version 
comes from the autobiography of Dean Acheson, Present at the Creation (W.W. Norton Pub., 
NY; 1969; pages 479-480). The second version, published in The Wise Men by Walter 
Isaacson and Evan Thomas (Simon and Shuster, NY; 1986; pages 544-545) is based in an 
interview done more than ten years later with Mr. Acheson. It differs slightly from Mr. 
Acheson’s own version. The third is found in Memoirs of Harry S. Truman: Years of Trial and 

Hope 1946-1952 (Vol. 2, page 405; 1956). 



Looking first at Secretary Acheson’s autobiography we find that, during the morning of 

December 6, 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

“soon after my arrival at the (State) Department, Deputy Secretary of Defense Lovett telephoned a 
report and an instruction from the President. Our early warning radar system in Canada had picked up 
formations of unidentified objects, presumably aircraft, headed southeast on a course that could bring them 
over Washington in two or three hours. All interception and defense forces were alerted. I was to inform but 
not advise the Prime Minister (Clement Atlee of Britain). The Pentagon telephones would be closed for 
all but emergency defense purposes and he could not talk again. Before he hung up, 1 asked whether he 
believed that the objects that were picked up were Russian bombers. He said that he did not. Getting Oliver 
Franks (the British ambassador) on the telephone I repeated the message. He asked whether the 
President had canceled the eleven-thirty meeting with Attlee, and was told that he had not. We agreed to 
meet there. Before ending the talk, he wondered about the purpose of my message. I suggested fair warning 
and an opportunity for prayer. As we finished, one of our senior officials burst into the room. How he had 
picked up the rumor I do not know, perhaps from the Pentagon. He wanted to telephone his wife to get out 
of town, and to have important files moved to the basement. I refused to permit him to do either and gave him 
the choice of a word-of-honor commitment not to mention the matter to anyone or being put under security 
detention. He wisely cooled off and chose the former. When we reached the White House, Lovett told us that 
the unidentified objects had disappeared. His guess was that they had been geese.” 

There are several important points in the above version which you should keep in 
mind as you read the following versions of what happened. Acheson said that “early warning 
radar in Canada” had detected “formations (plural) of “unidentified objects, presumably aircraf?’ 
which were headed “southeas?’ in a direction that could put them over Washington, DC in 2 
to 3 hours. Using an estimated top speed of 300 mph for Soviet bombers, this would put 
them a mere 600 - 900 miles from Washington. Acheson’s story indicates that at the time he 
received the first notification of the radar detections President Truman already knew about 
the unidentified aircraft and wanted Acheson to inform the British ambassador. Acheson 
ended his story by saying that, after he arrived at the White House Defense Undersecretary 
Lovett told him he “guessed” that the objects were geese. The White House phone log for 
December 6 shows Acheson called Lovett at 11:15 AM and again at 11:19 AM. Then Lovett 
called Acheson at 11:20 and again at 11:23 AM, I presume returning Acheson’s call. The log 
says nothing about the subject of any phone call. Hence all one can gain from this is that 
Acheson, who had left the State Department building, was at the White House by 11:15 AM. 

The next version of the story, told in The Wise Men, is based on an interview with Mr. 

“For a moment on the morning of December 6, he thought his nightmare (of World War ITI) had 
come true. At 10:30 AM Bob Lovett called him from the Pentagon and abruptly informed him in his 
laconic voice: When I finish talking to you, you cannot reach me again. All incoming calls will be stopped. 
A\ national emergency is about to be proclaimed. We are informed that there is, flying over Alaska at the 
present moment, a formation of Russian planes heading southeast. The President wishes the British 
ambassador to be informed of this and be told that Mr. Attlee should take whatever measures are proper for 
Mr. Attlee’s safety. I’ve now finished my message and I’m going to ring off.’ Acheson cut in, ‘Now wait a 

minute, Bob, do you believe this?’ ‘No,’ Lovett replied, and hung up. Acheson sat in his office and waited. 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

The Air Force scrambled. A senior official burst in asking permission to telephone his wife to get out of town 
and wondering if he should begin moving files to the basement. Acheson tried to sooth him. A few minutes 
later Lovett calmly called back. The radar blips were not Soviet bombers after all. They were flocks of 

This version makes it seem that the alert period was very short, only a few minutes. 
However, by combining the information in this version about the beginning time, 10:30 AM, 
with the information in the White House phone log we find that the alert lasted about 
hour. This version is more specific as to where the objects were: they were detected over 
Alaska, which is over 3,000 miles from Washington, D. C. If that were true it would have 
taken not just two to three hours but much more than 10 hours for the assumed Russian 
planes to arrive over Washington. 

President Truman wrote about the same episode: 

“Shortly before we went into that morning meeting, Under Secretary Lovett called from the Pentagon, 
reporting that the radar screens of some air defense installations in the far north were reporting large 
formations of unidentified planes approaching. Fighter planes were sent up to reconnoiter and alerts were 
flashed to air centers in New England and beyond. But about an hour later -- while I was meeting with 
(Clement) Attlee -- Lovett notified me that the report had been in error. Some unusual disturbance in the 
Arctic atmosphere had thrown the radar off.” 

President Truman’s version of the event suggests that the objects may have been 
detected north of the eastern United States, in the New England area, rather than over 
Alaska. The fact that fighter aircraft were scrambled indicates that this alert was treated as a 
serious event by the Continental Air Command. Truman’s explanation is somewhat 
different from Acheson’s. Here we learn that the radar detections were caused by some sort 
of atmospheric disturbance. (Note: there is no White House log notation indicating Lovett 
called Truman. However, as will be seen below, this could have been because Lovett sent a 
courier to inform Truman.) 

An unpublished version of the ending of this event is found in the official transcript 
of the meeting between Truman and Atlee which is preserved at the Truman library: 

“At this point (in the meeting) Mr. Connelly entered the room and handed the President a report 
from Deputy Secretary of Defense Lovett. Mr. Lovett was reporting that the ‘alert’ that had reached the 
President an hour earlier when it was thought that a large number of unidentified airplanes were approaching 
the northeast coast of the United States, had now been due to erroneous interpretation of atmospheric 
conditions. The President informed the Prime Minister that the report of the planes was in error. The Prime 
Minister expressed rehef and gratification.” 

This version, based on notes made at the time rather than upon memories years 
afterward, says the unidentified objects were approaching the zortheast coast of the United 
States, clearly contradicting assertion in The Wise Men that they were detected over Alaska, 
unless, of course, there were fvo groups of objects. Furthermore, this version indicates 

Lovett was the source of the “atmospheric effects” explanation mentioned by President 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 


Truman. But Lovett was also the source of the “geese” explanation reported by Acheson. 
So, which explanation was right? Or was neither correct? 
A story carried by the International News Service reported yet another explanation: 

‘Washington D.C., 6 December 1950 (INS): A warning of an impending air attack. resulted in a 
false alarm in this capitol city today. No air raid alarms were sounded, but functionaries charged with the 
Civil Air Defense of Washington were alerted that an unidentified aircraft had been detected off the coast of 
the State of Maine at mid-day. Later, a spokesman for the Air Force stated that interceptor aircraft had 
been dispatched, and that the object in question had been identified shortly thereafter as a North American 
C47 aircraft which was approaching the continent from Goose Bay, Labrador. The warning was said to 
have been useful in verifying the efficiency of the Washington Civil Defense System. Civil Defense officials 
declined to comment on the incident.” 

This report, supposedly based on an Air Force statement, says the radar target was 
from a single C-47 (capable of up to 220 mph at altitudes up to 24,000 ft) approaching 
from Goose Bay, Labrador, a location about 500 miles north-northeast of the northeastern 
“top” of Maine. It says nothing about unknown aircraft over Alaska. Detection of planes 
near or over northeastern Maine (coming from the direction of Goose Bay) would be more 
compatible with the claim in Acheson’s autobiography that the planes were several hours 
from reaching Washington, DC (the northeastern corner of Maine is about 700 miles from 
Washington, D.C., 2 1/3 hours at 300 mph). 

It appears that this supposed attack did have repercussions in Alaska. The New 
York Times published a story with a December 7, Anchorage Alaska, dateline which said 
that “A// military personnel in Alaska were called on ‘alert’ tonight (i.c., Dec. 6), but Air Force officials 
said that the order was purely a ‘precautionary measure.’ Military police rounded up soldiers and theatres 
and radio stations made special announcements that troops were to return to their posts. Within a few hours 
there were no military personnel to be seen on Anchorage streets. Officials at Elmendorf Air Force Base 
said the alert had been in effect since the outbreak of the fighting in Korea. But they added that the air force 
had increased its vigilance here in recent days.” 

Further evidence of the official “jitters” that were quite independent of the Dec.6 
“emergency” is in the statement in the Washington Post on December 10 that “Presedent 
Traman is ‘seriously considering declaration of national emergency which could lead to an “immediate all-out 

Over Alaska? Over Labrador? Flocks of Geese? Arctic atmospheric effects? A 
single C-47 aircraft? Or something else? Not until 1987 was further information on this 
event released by the Air Force, and sparse information at that! What follows was found by 
Don Berliner, quite unexpectedly, during a search of declassified files of the Office of the 
Secretary of Defense, Record group 330, July 1, 1950 to December, 1951 (at the National 

On December 6, Air Force Colonel Charles Winkle, Assistant Executive in the 
Directorate for Plans, wrote a memorandum for Secretary of Defense George Marshall 

about this event. It confirms the alert: 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

SUBJECT: Air Alert - 1030 Hours, 6 December 1950 

/. The ConAC (Continental Air Command) Air Defense Controller notified the 
Headquarters USAF Command Post that at 1030 hours a number of unidentified aircraft 
were approaching the northeast area of the United States and that there was no reason to 
believe the aircraft were friendly. 

2. This information was further amplified at 1040 hours as follows. By radar contact it was 
determined that approximately 40 aircraft were in flight, at 32,000 feet, on a course of 200 
degrees in the vicinity of Limestone, Maine. 

The emergency alert procedure went into effect immediatel. 

The Office of the President was notified. Brigadier General Landry returned the call and 
stated that the President had been notified and that: 

a. All information in this matter was to be released by the Department of the Air Force. 

b. Office of the President would release no information. 

c. The substance of a and b above was to be passed to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

5, At 1104 hours the ConAC Air Defense Controller state that the original track had faded 
out and it appeared that the flight as originally identified is a friendly flight. 
6. ConAC took immediate action to dispatch interceptors on the initial contact. 


The technical information in this document is sparse, but there are details which, 
when combined with the known capabilities of radar, call into question all of the previous 
explanations. To find out why one must learn about the capabilities and locations of early 
warning radar installations in Maine. 

By the beginning of WWII radar technology had developed to the point that aircraft 
detections at 150 miles were common. After the Japanese attack in December, 1941, the 
Army deployed, along the east and west coasts of the US, radar sets capable of detecting 
aircraft at 150 mile range at 20,000 ft elevation. By the late 1940’s there were radar sets 
capable of a 200 mile range at 40,000 ft. It is reasonable to assume that the radar 
installations in Maine were at least that good. 

A valuable reference in this regard is “Searching the Skies; The Legacy of the United States 
Cold war Defense Radar Program” published by the USAF Air Combat Command (David 
Winkler, June, 1997) which recounts the history of the early warning radar that was set up by 
the Air Defense Command. These radar installations were dedicated to the detection of 
incursions into US airspace from the north. Generally they were located at sites where there 
already were radar installations used for other purposes such as air traffic control of military 
and civilian aircraft. Of course, there were also search radar installations at civilian airports 
and Air Force bases. One of these probably was at Loring AFB at Limestone, Maine, or at 
Presque Isle AFB at Presque Isle, Maine. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

According to “Searching the Skies,” in December, 1950 there was an AN/CPS-5 and 
also an AN/TPS-10A radar at Dow AFB near Bangor, Maine. These are Army/Navy (AN) 
search radars. The CPS-5 was a search radar and the TPS-10A was a “height finder.” The 

combination of these radars gave a “solid search of up to 60 miles at 40,000 ft” but often 

“had success tracking aircraft as far as 210 miles away.” 

By combining the known 
radar capabilities with the 
information in Winkle’s 
document one can make a 

crude estimate of the speed of 

LORING AFBo ils the objects. If one makes the 
LIMESTONE st ¥ conservative estimate that the 

initial detection (10:30 AM) 
was made, not by the 
northeastern-most station at 
Loring AFB (see map), but 
rather at the limit of the 
detection range of the radar at 
Dow AFB, then at that time 


oe ; ve Bangor. According to 

ee the objects were about 200 

miles north-northeast of 

Winkle’s memorandum, about 
10 minutes later (10:40 AM) 

the objects were “in the 

Eitan vicinity of’ (over?) Limestone, 
Maine, (near Loring AFB) which is about 150 miles north-northeast of Bangor. Hence these 
objects would have traveled about 50 miles in 10 minutes corresponding to a speed of 300 
mph, which is probably pushing the upper speed limit for long range Soviet bomber aircraft 
in 1950, but was easily attained by fighter aircraft. 

A more probable speed calculation is based on the assumption that the initial 
detection was made by radar installations that were closest to the northern border of Maine 
rather than by radar at Dow AFB, well south of the northern border. According to 
“Searching the Skies,” there was an AN/TPS-1B long range search radar that came “on line” 
at Loring AFB for use by the Air Defense Command or by ConAC in February, 1951. Since 
it requires months to build and calibrate a radar system for its maximum range operation, it 
is quite likely that by December this radar (or one like it) was already operating with some 
standard range capability as an air traffic control radar at either (or both) Loring and/or 

Presque Isle AFB. Traffic control radar had a capability of detecting aircraft at altitudes up 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

to 10,000 ft at a range of 120 miles. At closer ranges it could detect aircraft at higher 

Assuming the greater probability that either Presque Isle or Loring AFB made the 
initial detection, then the estimated speed is considerably larger than the 300 mph calculated 
above. Assume that at the initial detection was made at only 100 miles from Loring AFB at 
Limestone. Then, ten minutes later the objects were “in the vicinity of Limestone, Maine.” 
That would mean they had traveled nearly 100 miles in 10 minutes for a speed of 500 - 600 
mph, far in excess of anything but the fastest fighter jets of the time. Similarly, if the 
detection had been made from Loring AFB by a radar with a range of 200 miles, then the 
initial detection could have occurred when the objects were about 200 miles from 
Limestone. To travel 200 miles in 10 minutes requires a speed of 1,200 mph. What, in 
those days, could fly at 500 or more mph? Certainly not Soviet bombers. 

As the preceding discussion shows, there is not enough information about the radar 
detections to allow us to be certain of the speed of the objects. However, it appears that 
they were traveling at least 300 mph and quite likely twice that and perhaps over 1,000 mph. 

According to Winkle’s memorandum, the radar operators tracked the objects for ten 
minutes and determined that there were 40 objects (“aircraft”) flying at a rather high altitude 
(32,000 ft) and traveling south-southwestward (a course of 200 degrees). This course would 
take them over the eastern USA, roughly toward Washington, D.C. 

The fact that the air force bases scrambled aircraft to intercept and identify the 
intruders means the radar images were so clear or “solid” that the operators were certain that 
these objects were real, unidentifiable targets or objects, presumably aircraft, and not 
accidents of the radar. This is decidedly different from what the operators would have 
concluded had the radar showed relatively slow moving geese or “atmospheric effects” such 
as a radar mirage due to temperature inversion. Geese and atmospheric effects don’t travel 
at hundreds of miles per hour along continuous tracks for many minutes. 

The statement that there was “no reason to believe the aircraft were friendly” means 
that the Continental Air Command radar operators were not able to identify the aircraft 
from a known flight plan, nor were they able to communicate with the aircraft by radio. 
Had the aircraft been a single C-47, as claimed in the newspaper account, they certainly 
could have identified it as friendly since it would have responded to the numerous requests 
to identify itself. Furthermore, it would not have been as high as 32,000 ft or flying as fast as 
300 mph and there likely would have been a flight plan. The intruders, on the other hand, 
were flying high and fast and were radio-silent. 

According to Winkle’s document the radar track “faded out” at 11:04 AM, or about 
24 minutes after the objects were near Limestone. If the objects had continued on the 200 
degree course at a speed of 300 mph they would have traveled about 100 miles from 
Limestone and would have been nearing the limit of a 120 mile radar range. If they had 

been traveling at 600 mph, they would have been beyond the range of the Limestone radar 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

which would explain the fading of the track. (One would expect, however, that they would 
have been tracked by the Dow AFB radar as they continued southward.) 

The most puzzling statement in the document is: “it appears that the flight as 
originally identified is a friendly flight.” What does that mean, “it appears?” Didn’t they 
know for certain? Didn’t they track the “friendly aircraft” until they were positive? Are we 
to believe that the Continental Air Command scrambled aircraft and put the USA into a 
state of high alert and then weren’t able to positively identify the aircraft? 

One would expect, if there had been upwards of forty friendly aircraft coming from 
the north toward the USA border, someone would have been aware of it. There would have 
been a flight plan. At the very least these aircraft would have acknowledged the attempts to 
contact them by radio, attempts which must have been made numerous times starting with 
the first detection by radar. Either the flight plan or the radio identification would have been 
passed to the local commanders of the Continental Air Command aircraft to prevent 
needless scrambling of aircraft. 

If these intruders were group of friendly aircraft why did Undersecretary of Defense 
Robert Lovett tell Dean Acheson that flocks of geese flying over Alaska caused the radar 
targets? Why did Undersecretary Lovett tell the President that arctic atmospheric conditions 
caused the radar targets? Why did the Air Force tell the press that a single C-47 caused the 

Presumably these were the explanations offered by the Top Brass after being told the 
details by the people who were directly involved with the radar detections and the scramble. 
Were the Top Brass embarrassed by the initial misidentification of a “friendly flight” and 
afraid to admit it? (I doubt that. They “admitted” to the press that it was a single C-47.) Or 
did the Top Brass, for whatever reason, not tell the President and the Undersecretary of 
Defense what these targets really were? Or were these people told but, when writing about it 
years later, they could not recall or could not reveal the exact nature of these objects to 
anyone else? 

There must be other, deeply buried, Air Force documents not yet released which 
clarify this situation. However, based on the information available in this document 
combined with information in an FBI document to be discussed, I can suggest another 
explanation: perhaps the radar targets were objects that can fly at high speed. Perhaps they were flying 



What? Flying saucers? How could they have caused the radar alert? After all, the 
government says they aren’t real. And, if you can’t trust the government..... who can_you trusf? 
(Merely a rhetorical question.) 

Apparently the military part of the government, at least, did think flying saucers were 
teal because two days later the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps was put on Immediate 

High Alert for information about flying saucers. 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

WHAT? The CIC was wanted information about flying saucers? Don’t they have 
better things to do than scramble around searching for flying saucers...that don’t exist? 

Apparently on that day they didn’t have more important things to do. I found the 
following document in the FBI files on “flying discs.” 

(WHAT? The FBI had a file on things that don’t exist?) 

‘URGENT. DECEMBER 8. RE: FLYING SAUCERS. This office very confidentially 
advised by Army Intelligence, Richmond, that they have been put on immediate high alert for any data 
whatsoever concerning flying saucers. CIC here states background of instructions not available from Air 
Force Intelligence, who are not aware of reason for alert locally, but any information whatsoever must be 
telephoned by them immediately to Air Force Intelligence. CIC advises data strictly confidential and should 
not be diseminated (sic).” 

The above teletype message is contained in file 62-83894, the “flying disc” file of the 
FBI, the REAL X-Files! (The Truth is In Here!) 

How very strange for the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) to be put on 
immediate high alert for any data regarding objects/phenomena/craft which the U. S. Air 
Force had repeatedly and publicly claimed can all be explained and are no threat to the 
security of the United States! Are we to presume the CIC has nothing better to do than to 
run around chasing “will o’ the wisps” and similar ethereal things of no consequence to 
national defense? Of course not! We may imagine that Air Force Intelligence, headquartered 
in the Pentagon, requested the immediate high alert because something had happened, 
something related to flying saucers, something BIG, that demanded immediate attention. 
Evidently whatever had happened was so serious and “Above Top Secret” that the CIC was 
not told the reason for the high alert. Not only that, but the high alert condition was 
considered “confidential? and “not to be disseminated’ which suggests that the CIC agent broke 
security by telling the FBI agent in Richmond! (Bad boy! Bad boy!) 

What had happened? | requested the release of further information from the Army 
Security Agency under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIPA). I was told 
that there were no records related to the FBI document. (There probably are records buried 
deeply somewhere.) Nevertheless, based on other information we can make a guess as to what 
might have happened that was so important that the Air Force requested that the CIC be 

placed in émmediate high alert! 


In 1977 Retired Air Force Col. Robert Willingham filed a report with NICAP 
regarding his observation of what he believed to be a Crashed Saucer. 


Did he say a Crashed Saucer? 

Yes, he did. And here is what happened, according to the affidavit he filed with the 
National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and now in the file of 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). (NICAP was a civilian UFO research group founded 
in the latter half of the 1950’s. It was the largest such group in the 1960’s but it closed in the 
late 1970’s. CUFOS, founded in the early 1970's, still exists in Chicago.) The complete 
affidavit is presented in A_History of UFO Crashes by Kevin Randle (Avon Books, NY, 

1995). Supplemental information is in parentheses: 



j i a i 

{ i, ia es , 

\ cangdio A an | 

ia ©. Amarillo OKLAYIOMA | 
: ee o™, 2a a A 
} oe, - nl R 
( : © Lubbock 
( : Irving | 
3 Ne, Ft. Wortho oy 
% i ilene © Arlington 
ae az Dyess AFB 
tes aa o Wac 
untains— < ean — spn! 

Seed AFB 

Brooks AFB 
Kelly AFB 

El no“ ™ 

Guerrer ‘ 
) Laredo AF 

80 mi t 
120 km Brownsville o: 

F-94 C 

“Down in Dyess Air Force 
Base in (Abilene) Texas, we were 
testing what turned out to be the F-94 
(Lockheed Starfire, jet fighter, top 
speed about 600 mph, operational 
in 1950). They reported on the scope 
(of a ground radar set) that they had 

The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

an unidentified flying object at a high speed going to intercept our course. It became visible to us and we 
wanted to take off after it. Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We 
got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn’t a missile 
of any type. So then, we confirmed it with the radar control station on the DEW (Distant Early 
Warning) dine (NORAD - North American Defense Command) and they kept following it and 
they claimed that it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border. We got a light aircraft, me 
and my copilot, and we went down to the site. We landed out in the pasture right across from where it hit. 
We got over there. They told us to leave and everything else and then armed guards came out and they started 
to form a line around the area. So, on the way back, I saw a little piece of metal so I picked it up and 
brought it back with me. There were two sand mounds that came down and it looked to me like this thing 
crashed right between them. But it went into the ground, according to the way people were acting around it. 
So we never did get up to the site to see what had crashed. But you could see for, oh I'd say, three to five 
hundred yards where it went across the sand.” 

‘Tt looked to me, I guess from the metal that we found, that it either had a little explosion or it 
began to disintegrate. Something caused this metal to come apart.” 

“Tt looked like something that was made because it was honeycombed. You know how you would 
make a metal that would cool faster. In a way it looked like magnesium steel but it had a lot of carbon in it. 
I tried to heat it with a cutting torch. It just wouldn’t melt. A cutting torch burns anywhere from 3200 to 
3800 degrees Fahrenheit and it would make the metal hot but it wouldn't even start the metal to yield.” 

According to Willingham, some time later he took the metal to the Marine Corps 
testing lab in Hagerstown, MD and gave it to some person for testing. When he returned 
for the results a few days later he was told there was no such person working there. Later he 
was told never to talk about the incident and he signed a secrecy oath (which he apparently 
broke in 1977). 

The first person to follow up on Willingham’s story was Todd Zechel, who was 
active in UFO research in the latter 1970’s. He told me that he first learned about 
Willingham in 1977 from a story in a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania newspaper that had been 
published in 1967. (According to Zechel, a copy of this newspaper story was in the UFO 
file of NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), but no one had 
followed up on the story by contacting Willingham.) The news story discussed sightings by 
members of the local Civil Air Patrol and included the comment that Robert Willingham had 
seen a crashed saucer in Mexico in 1948. Zechel decided to follow up on the story so he 
contacted Willingham in May, 1977. Willingham confirmed that he had seen the crashed 
saucer but he was not sure of the date or exact location. He at first thought it occurred in 
1948 and near Laredo, TX, but he had no independent information to confirm either the 
date or location. During a later interview he decided that the location was not Laredo, but 
rather near Del Rio, about 150 miles northwest of Laredo, along the Texas-Mexico border 
(see map). He also subsequently recalled that shortly afterward he was called to active duty 
and sent to Korea as a fighter pilot. This call-up to duty could have been an immediate 

reaction to the Chinese entry into the Korean War near the end of November, as described 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

above and, hence, the crash could have occurred in early December before Willingham 
received his duty call. Zechel was already aware of the immediate alert FB] document above 
and its date of Dec. 8, so he speculated that the document might relate to the crash if the 
crash had occurred several days earlier. It was Zechel’s opinion based on Willingham’s 
story and a document (discussed below) that the crash occurred on December 5, the 
recovery occurred on December 6, a general alert to counterintelligence was sent out on 
December 7, and the FBI learned about it on December 8. (Randle lists the date as 
December 6.) Zechel told me that in 1978 he and a Japanese TV documentary team directed 
by Jun-Ichi Yaoi chartered a plane and flew, with Col. Willingham, to the location of the 
crash. It was roughly in the vicinity of Del Rio, Texas (Zechel did not tell me the exact 
location.). Del Rio is about 230 air miles from Abilene (see map). (Both I and Zechel have 
attempted to locate the interview video by contacting Yaoi through independent channels. 
We were told that the video was lost or destroyed years ago. Zechel still has audio taped 
interviews and video interviews made in 1979 and 1988.) 

According to Zechel, Willingham said that the UFO was at an altitude of about 
50,000 ft (nearly the maximum altitude of the F-94) and traveling 3 to 4 times faster than 
the jet, i.e., several times the speed of sound. It did a right angle turn, then slowed and 
started wobbling. Then it dropped downward continuously and went out of the pilot’s sight. 
Radar in Texas tracked the object until it went off the screen in a manner which suggested a 
crash. Willingham and the copilot returned to Dyess AFB, landed and got a small civil air 
patrol plane and flew to the border area where they thought it had crashed. (Depending 
upon the speed of the small aircraft and the exact location along the border, it could have 
taken two hours or more from the time the object appeared to crash until Willingham 
reached the site.) Willingham said that the Mexican military had reached the site before he 
got there. The Mexican military cordoned off the area and waited for US Air Force 
personnel to arrive 

Zechel further told me that in 1975 he was fortunate to obtain a declassified but 
formerly Top Secret document which stated that Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, 
Texas, had recovered some foreign object on December 6 or 7. He said the document 
referred to a high alert status because of the nature of the recovery, but the document did 
not specify what had been recovered. (Zechel did not provide me with a copy of this 

(For what it’s worth, the controversial “Eisenhower Briefing Document’ (EBD) 
teleased in 1987, first by Timothy Good and, shortly afterward, by William Moore, also 
claims a crash on Dec. 6 at the Texas-Mexico border but at a different location, the area near 
El Indio and Guerrero, an area which is about halfway between Willingham’s initial location, 
Laredo, and his subsequent location, Del Rio. The EBD is either completely real, partially 
real and partially false (disinformation) or completely false. Opinions differ widely on this. 
The FBI made a search in the late 1980’s for any organization or person who would admit to 


“owning” the document. They found none and promptly stamped it “hoax.” Of course, 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

that doesn’t prove it was a hoax...only that the source would not admit to it. Zechel’s 
opinion is that this document is a hoax by someone — he claims it was Bill Moore - who used 
Zechel’s research into Willingham’s story but decided to “average out” the location by 
picking a point halfway between Willingham’s locations. To me, this “averaging” argument 
does not make much sense. Fortunately one does not need to include the EBD in order to 
complete the discussion of the documented Dec 6 and Dec 8 events and Willingham’s 

crashed disc story.) 

“ >> 

Researchers of Willingham’s story have pointed out that there are two “glaring 
errors in Willingham’s story which probably is a result of faulty memory: there was no Dyess 
AFB nor was there a DEW line in 1950. The first error is, however, resolved easily. Abilene 
Army Air Field was established at Abilene, TX in 1942 and existed under that name until 
1948 when it became Abilene Air Force Base. It existed under that name until it was 
renamed Dyess AFB on (get this!) Dec. 6,...but in 1956. Hence Willingham, in 1950, was 
flying out of the “the future” Dyess AFB. 

As for the DEW line error, he said that the UFO was detected by “the radar control 
station on the DEW line” and that the DEW radar “kept following it and they claimed that 
it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border.” Apparently he was 
confused over the radar terminology. The DEW line, part of the air defense Command, was 
not established until late 1953 and it was located in Alaska and northern Canada, so it could 
not possibly have tracked an object over Texas. The closest official Air Defense Command 
radar at the time was at Walker AFB at Roswell, NM. However, this was too far away. On 
the other hand there were five Air Force bases in Texas which could have tracked the object 
to del Rio or some other location along the Teas-Mexico border. Abilene Air Force Base 
(“Dyess’’) was not one of these five since it was more than 200 miles from the Del Rio area 
of Texas. This is beyond the range of typical radar installations of the time. However, 
Goodfellow AFB at San Angelo, Kelly, Brooks and Randolph Air Force Bases near San 
Antonio and Laredo AFB at Laredo were all within 150 miles of Del Rio and one or more of 
them could have tracked an object to the vicinity of Del Rio (or any one of the suggested 

locations) without exceeding the range of the radar. 

So far we have three seemingly disconnected events and sources of information: a 
documented “national emergency” by the Defense Department on December 6, 1950, a 
documented immediate high alert for saucer related information on December 8 and witness 
testimony about a flying saucer crash near the Texas-Mexico border on or about December 
6, 1950. Could these be related? 

The existence of the FBI teletype message raises (at least) two related questions: why 
an immediate high alert, and why on December 8, 1950? Neither of these questions can be 

definitely answered at the present time because the CIC and Air Force records relating to 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

this simply have not been found. However, I can speculate that if a fleet of saucers had 
traveled over the northeastern USA and at least one had continued in a southwesterly 
direction and had crashed on December 6 and been retrieved on the 6th or 7th, the Air 
Force intelligence may well have issued requests for immediate information in order to find 
out if any sightings had been made or if any other saucers had crashed. The high alert 
condition could then have been communicated to the FBI in a confidential way a day or so 
later (i.e., Dec. 8). 

Whether the Air Force intelligence or the CIC received any special UFO information 
as a result of the alert is not known. However, from the file of Project Blue Book we learn 
that there were sightings on December 6: one at West Springfield, Massachusetts (near 
Westover AFB) at 8:16 AM (one object, half-moon shaped, fast, flying in a southerly 
direction) and one at Fort Myers, Florida at 5 PM (a former aircraft purchasing agent and 
four boys, using 10-power binoculars, saw a 75' object, 3-4' thick with a bubble on top, 
silver colored with a red rim and having two white and two orange jets along the side; the 
center revolved when the object hovered and _ then it flew away very fast). The first object 
was identified as an “aircraft” by Project Blue Book; the second was unidentified (one of the 
about 700 unidentified sightings out of about 13,000 reports receiver by Blue Book before in 
closed in 1969; the next sighting listed in the Blue Book file was in London, England, on 
December 9.) 

(SNAFU: situation normal: all fouled up) 
Perhaps one of them caused the 5 PM sighting in Ft. Myers, Florida. 
And perhaps one of them flew somewhat erratically over Texas and crashed in 
Perhaps. Will we ever know? 
I thank Don Berliner, Stanton Friedman, Kevin Randle, Todd Zechel, the FBI, 
Charles Winkle, Dean Acheson, Harry Truman, Ryan Wood and “approximately forty” high- 

flying “aircraft” for making this mystery possible. 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

Matthew E. Thuney 

Copyright 2006 Mathew E. Thuney 

To those brave True Scientists and all other challengers of the paradigm everywhere and 

everywhen. Your quest is not in vain. 


Thanks, first of all, to Phillip Lipson and Charlette Lefevre, curators of the Seattle 
Museum of the Mysteries. They brought up the idea that I look into the alleged crash of a 
purported UFO into Bellingham Bay somewhere off of Lummi Island, Washington. If the 
location was vague, the timeline was even more uncertain: sometime in the late 1970’s or 
early 80’s? Well, ’'d heard rumors about the alleged event, lived in that neck of the woods 
since 1985, and had contacts in the local community of UFO researchers, so how hard could 
it be? I’'d have this investigation wrapped up in short order, and be well prepared to present 
my findings at the Seattle UFO Conference a couple of months hence, right? Wrong! 

For one thing, since some twenty years had elapsed, most of the principal witnesses and 
participants involved in the Lummi Island Incident seemed to have completely disappeared. 
Except for two very helpful sources: Dominic Papetti, the captain/owner of the boat that 
hosted the retrieval effort; and Bill Cummins, a Lummi Island resident who vividly 
remembers the mystery concerning the incident and the particulars surrounding the strange 
object’s sudden disappearance. Both men proved to be a pleasure to interview and a 
wellspring of information. 

This report would not exist but for the diligent efforts of UFOlogist, Fortean 
researcher, and jeweler extraordinaire Doug Phillips. Just a few days prior to what would 
have been a very brief and singularly uninformative presentation by yours truly at the 
aforementioned Seattle UFO Conference (June 2005), I received a late-night phone call from 
Mr. Phillips, who roused me to semi-consciousness with a shout of, “Son of a bitch, I found 
it!” Unfortunately, Doug was not referring to the actual object that plunged into the murky 
depths off the shores of Lummi Island (his adopted home) in June 1984. But he had luckily 
re-discovered a stack of news clippings regarding the incident...and, most importantly, 
copies of the official U.S. Coast Guard reports. Words cannot express my gratitude. But 
how’s this: would it kill you to call a little earlier next time, Doug? 

Finally, huge thanks to my wife the genealogist. Due to Donna’s relentless research into 
our collective family history, she knows her way around such arcane instruments as libraries 

and microfiches. When you fail to find what you’re looking for over the Internet, it’s nice to 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

be acquainted with someone who still knows how to talk to people, turn pages, and twist 
True Science and the Spirit of Inclusion 

The basic contents of this report were first presented to a UFO conference in Seattle, 
June 2005. I had just completed my investigation of the Lummi Island Incident only a few 
days before, struggling to gather my notes together into some sort of cohesive form. Having 
previously served (in my capacity as Director of CONTACT, The Center for Ontological 
Action—please see Appendix 1 for further information) as primarily a facilitator of general 
discussion rather than a researcher of specific events, I worried that this relative rookie 
might be greeted with a great deal of skepticism. Maybe even derision. 

Not only that, but as the scheduling played out I was to follow an amazing presentation 
by Lloyd Pye, perhaps the world’s finest hominid researcher and theorist. Lloyd, as usual, 
had a great many things to say about the origin of the human species and our ongoing 
evolutionary involvement with beings from elsewhere. Tough act to follow! 

Apart from his rigorous observance of the methods of true scientific inquiry, what I 
admire most about Lloyd Pye is his unwavering adherence to a policy of scientific 
“inclusion.” That is, he wants all seekers, regardless of our petty individual agenda and 
private turf wars, to move forward together. That’s an important point. 

Because, let’s face it, those of us who pursue true science—whether it pertains to so- 
called “paranormal” experiences, the question of human origins, or the ongoing 
biological/metaphysical evolution of the human species—find ourselves battling a scientific 
and religious establishment that marches in lock-step. While we, the “true” scientists, 
struggle forward attempting to unravel the mysteries of human experience and the nature of 
reality, the “safe” scientists and their dogmatic religious comrades parade boldly around the 
town square, shoving us blithely aside. For, so they say, we are the foolish outsiders, stupidly 
tilting at ethereal windmills, while they, the courageous and decorated Defenders of the 
Paradigm remain certain in their faith that they know The Truth. 

How do they know it’s The Truth? Well, because It just Is. The current paradigm 
(trussed up with muscle provided by the ruling elite and tarted up by money supplied by 
corporate “research” institutions and fundamentalist religious cults from Christianity to 
Islam and every power-crazed us-versus-them dogma in-between) is The Truth, and 
everything outside it (i.e. the concept of beings and energies not-from-here) simply does not 

Why do these beings and energies not exist? Because, according the official paradigm, 
they cannot exist. Why not? Because, according the official paradigm, they do not exist. 
Why? Because they cannot, therefore they do not. And so on. Well, 1 think you get the 



The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

So, we true scientists, examining such fields as human origins, human consciousness, 
and human evolution in a whole new light, stumble along arguing with each other while the 
Defenders of the Paradigm laugh and point at our fledgling efforts. The Defenders are quite 
content to debunk, deny, and defame. As long as we are divided, quibbling and quarreling, 
that’s all the Defenders need to do. They can continue to preach their “scientific” and 

religious gospel of denial and dependence, sin and salvation, forever and ever, amen. 

Unless we true scientists pull together as a united front, based on the knowledge gained 
from human experience and tempered by simple logic and the innate reason of human 

I hope that we true scientists might agree on a few points: We know that humanity is 
worth something. We know that asking questions is often more important than finding the 
answers. We know that we aren’t just “stupid guilty sinners” whose only hope resides in 
embracing “The Truth,” or, even worse, waiting ever so patiently for the Glorious Hereafter. 

We know that to exist is to think. Thinking creates ideas, which create realities. These 
ideas and realities often conflict. So, we need to move forward together, not pull ourselves 
apart. We may agree to disagree, but we should all be able to agree that asking questions is an 
essentially human activity. Annoying at times, but essential. And good. 

Together, we will learn what is real. Learning is our meaning. That is what it is to be 
truly human. 

And so, it is in the spirit of inclusion that we must move forward, and it is in the spirit 

of true science that I humbly present the following findings 

PROLOGUE: Time to Go? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an abiding interest in space stuff. I recall as a 
young boy standing in our front yard with the rest of my family, staring up with a mix of 
wonder and terror watching as Sputnik, the first Russian satellite, cruised across the night 
sky. Likewise, I was fascinated and horrified by the amazing procession of science fiction 
films in the 1950’s and 60’s. In the early days of America’s space program, I made it a point 
to become suddenly ill so that I could stay home from school to watch the launches of such 
heroes as Scott Carpenter and John Glenn. With great interest, I followed the bizarre 
phenomenon that came to be collectively called “Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).” And, 
with an indefinable sense of awe, | sat glued to the television as Neil Armstrong set foot on 
the moon. 

The events detailed below occurred just a few months before I moved from San 
Francisco, California to Bellingham, Washington in March of 1985. As you will see, the 
Lummi Island Incident presents an extraordinary, well-documented case of an apparent 

UFO water-landing and subsequent recovery effort. Based on previous reports of UFO 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

“crashes” from the former Soviet Union to Pennsylvania to Roswell, New Mexico, one 
might have expected a sustained firestorm of publicity, speculation, and debate. Yet, by the 
time I arrived on the scene, with my intellectual antennae twitching toward anything out of 
the ordinary, it was months before | heard even the slightest rumor about this bizarre set of 

It strikes me as odd. On the one hand, we have a solid UFO sighting that flashed as 
brightly as the fireball that started it all. On the other hand, we see virtually no follow-up, 
and precious little of the aforementioned publicity, speculation, and debate that continue to 
smolder over similar events, such as Roswell, to this very day. 

Just like the enigmatic object that ignited this incident, it’s as if the entire episode simply 
vanished beneath waves. 

Until it was time to go? 

Perhaps the inquiry that follows will help bring the Lummi Island Incident back to the 


PART ONE: Splashdown. 

Summer 1984... 

It was mid-summer. Commercial fishing season. Back when there was still a commercial 
fishing season to speak of in Washington State. From pleasure craft to purse seiners, plenty 
of vessels plied the Puget Sound. 

The skies were brilliantly clear, with just a few scattered clouds skittering lazily by. The 
small town of Bellingham, Washington, located in the northwest corner of the Sound, was 
enveloped by a heat wave. In fact, the front page of The Bellingham Herald for July 26, 1984 
featured photos depicting an attempt to fry an egg on a local sidewalk. But, while the 
ongoing eighty-degree heat may have been sufficient to sizzle the tempers of the citizenry, 
it’s unlikely that anyone ate eggs a la concrete that day. 

In national news, Democratic nominees Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro were 
barnstorming the country in a vain attempt to oust President Ronald Reagan and Vice 
President George Bush. Meanwhile, here in the Northwest, plans were well underway for the 
advent of Expo ’86, the World’s Fair to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, just over 
the border. Sadly, ubiquitous pollster George Gallup had just passed away. (Or, at least, 86% 
of those polled believed he had died.) And, as usual, the Seattle Mariners were valiantly 
trying to battle their way out of last place in the American League West. 

All in all, a typical summer day in the Pacific Northwest, except for the excitement of an 
election year and the anticipation of an upcoming extravaganza to be hosted by our 
neighbors to the north. 

But that night, something strange happened. And the next day, July 27, 1984, United 

States Coast Guard Command in Seattle, Washington would receive an official report from 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

the Coast Guard Station in Bellingham describing an incident regarding an “Unidentified 

as : = . re 
Flying Object south of Lummi Island. 

July 27, 1984... 

What follows is a recreation of the events comprising the Lummi Island Incident as they 
occurred during the early morning hours of July 27, 1984. These events, quotes, and the 
timeline itself are taken primarily from the official United States Coast Guard reports, 
supplemented by local and national media accounts. 

Imagine yourself in the Pacific Northwest, on a boat in the Puget Sound. Bellingham 
Bay. Somewhere between Lummi and Eliza Islands, to be more precise (see Plate 1). It’s the 
middle of the night following what was yet another hot summer day. Even at this hour it’s 
still warm out. The night sky is clear, the seas are calm. 

Then, suddenly, out of the starry summer sky... 

3:39 AM, July 27, 1984: the United States Coast Guard Station in Bellingham, 
Washington receives a call from a local fishing vessel reporting that “a large flaming object 
throwing sparks landed in the water creating large splash approx 1500 yards northwest”” of 
their boat. The report is radioed in by Richard Dale Hartman, who captains the Fishing 
Vessel Steeva 10. This position would place the splashdown roughly 1,000 to 1,500 yards off 
of Carter Point on southern Lummi Island. The object’s color is reportedly white and 
orange, and its impact throws up a wall of water about 75 to 100 feet high. The surface of 
the bay continues to roil and bubble for several minutes following the object’s impact. 

3:41 AM: The Bellingham Coast Guard station receives another message. This call is 
radioed in from the tugboat Delores, located near Anacortes about five miles south of 
Lummi Island. The crew of the Delores reports a sighting in the same direction as that 
witnessed by the Steeva 10. The crew of the Delores describes the sighting as somewhat like 
lightning. Yet they also report the skies are completely clear.*? 

3:50 AM: Having sped to the scene of the splashdown, the Steeva 10 reports that they 
searched the area “and sighted no debris but did sight bubbles.”’ Apparently having 
monitored the Coast Guard calls, at about this same time KING Five News (a major Seattle 
TV station) puts in a request for information to United States Coast Guard Command in 

4:28 AM: Upon further questioning, the crew of the Steeva 10 elaborates that the object 
appeared to drop straight down, then flipped in a kind of U-turn motion and briefly reversed 
course before dropping again and plunging into the bay. 

" Report from US Coast Guard Station Bellingham, WA, to Coast Guard Command Seattle, WA, July 
27, 1984. 

* Thid. 
3 Ibid. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

4:37 AM: At the request of US Coast Guard Seattle, “Space Defense” (a term most 
likely referring to NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command) is asked to 
check for any orbital objects whose orbit might have decayed, resulting in the splashdown. 
The response of “Space Defense” is negative. “We'll check a few things and call you later,’** 
says “Space Defense.” There appears to be no record of a return call. 

4:42 AM: Richard Dale Hartman, the Master of the F/V Steeva 10 is taken on board a 
Bellingham Coast Guard vessel. He proceeds to direct the searchers to the crash site. 

4:50 AM: A third report is filed, this time directly from the Bellingham Coast Guard 
Station vessel with the captain of the Steeva 10 aboard: “Observed an object or light white in 
color moving across the sky from east to west over the south end of Lummi Island. 
Elevation could not be determined as duration of the event was extremely brief. Intensity 
was slightly less that that of a parachute illumination flare.”* 

4:55 AM: Seattle Coast Guard asks Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (a key military 
installation located between Seattle and Lummi Island in the Puget Sound) if they saw 
anything on radar about 3:45 AM. Whidbey Island responds negative. After a thorough 
investigation, the Federal Aviation Administration office at Bellingham International Airport 
will subsequently confirm that it had no reports of missing planes during this time period. 

5:18 AM: The Bellingham Coast Guard vessel completes its search of the splashdown 
area. No object or debris has been found. Officer in Charge Rich Rogala later tells the local 
daily newspaper (The Bellingham Herald) that there are no further plans to investigate the 
incident. Rogala estimates that the object sank in water roughly 270 feet deep. 

9:45 AM: US Coast Guard Bellingham receives a call from the Whatcom County 
Department of Emergency Services “requesting transportation to area of report for radiac 

oS 9936 

(radioactive) readin 

10:56 AM: A Coast Guard vessel is dispatched, with two Whatcom County Department 
of Emergency Services personnel on board. 

11:20 AM to 12:29 PM: The Coast Guard vessel is positioned near the southern Lummi 
Island shoreline. For over an hour, the shoreline is scanned for radioactivity. No positive 
readings are found. 

From news accounts of July 27: 

Seattle Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Gene Hoff describes the overall conclusion of 
the event as one involving an “unidentified flying object.” Officer in charge of the 
Bellingham Coast Guard Station, Rich Rogala, will eventually conclude that, “It probably 
was a meteorite. It seems to be the logical explanation.”* 

** Report from US Coast Guard Command Seattle, WA, July 27, 

°° Op. cit., Bellingham Coast Guard report 

*© Op.cit., Bellingham Coast Guard report 

*”” Klipsun magazine, March 1985. 


The Lummi Island Incident: A Watery Roswell? 

PART TWO: Recovery. 

Winter 1984-85... 

In contrast to the sizzling summer of the splashdown, the end of 1984 and beginning of 
1985 saw Bellingham digging out from a snowstorm, with intermittently strong northeast 
winds keeping the temperatures well below freezing. Although it was cold and windy during 
the subsequent recovery effort described below, skies were clear. 

The Seattle Seahawks had just lost in the playoffs (some things never change), but 
finished a respectable 13-5. The Mariners? Well, they were excited about their two new 
players, a couple of guys by the name of Alvin Davis and Mark Langston. Davis, a fine first- 
baseman, would enjoy a stellar career for lowly Seattle (he would soon come to be known as 
“Mister Mariner”); Langston, like most former Mariner pitchers, would find his fame with 
another team (the then-California Angels). 

Near the end of the year, in the cold, crisp light of day, a boat and crew set forth to 

discover what had happened during that warm summer night back in July... 


December 30, 1984... 

After five months of organizing and trying to scrape together funds and equipment, a 
team of divers from Emerald Marine Service in Seattle finally mounts an attempt to 
reconnoiter the mysterious object that crashed into Bellingham Bay. 

The team is directed by Sam Sudore and features two experience divers, John Walker 
and Richard Burke. Together, they charter a local 58-foot fishing vessel, the Diane, captained 
by a longtime fisherman and Whatcom County resident, Dominic Papetti. 

At first, as the crew searches the outskirts of the splashdown area, they find nothing. 
But then, on the Diane’s second pass, something is located by the boat’s depth finder. It is 
an object about ten feet high and thirty feet wide, and it appears to be wedged into the 
bottom of the bay. According to Papetti’®, the bay floor where the object was located is 
completely smooth. The object, he says, was embedded at the edge of a small depression, at 
an angle of about 45 degrees. Throughout the ensuing retrieval attempt, Dominic Papetti 
recalls watching unmarked airplanes circle constantly overhead. There is no communication 
between the aircraft above and the fishing vessel below. The Diane parks above its quarry, 
and the recovery effort begins. 

John Walker dives first. He reports seeing a metallic, gold-colored, object shaped like a 
satellite dish, with a clasp on one end. The object appears to have a four-inch lip running 
around its outer edge. “It’s not a boat and it’s not a plane,” Walker tells a Bellingham Herald 
reporter the next day, “It’s not rock and it’s not wood,” 

Richard Burke dives next. He reports standing upon an object shaped like an upside- 
down teacup. He describes seeing an oval-shaped hatch or cavity. Oddly, there is no sea 
growth on the object; unusual for something that’s been sitting on the sea floor for five 
months. Burke takes some footage with an underwater video camera, but his spotlight burns 
out, leaving him in relative darkness. Still, Burke exclaims into his helmet radio, 

wens : : 40 
“Whoooeee...I’m standing on the UFO!” 

He claims to hear or feel a humming sound 
emanating from the object. Burke, a seasoned diver, is so excited to relate his findings to the 
Diane’s crew that he quickly returns to the surface without pausing to decompress. When he 
reaches the boat, Burke is bleeding from the nose and mouth and he shows signs of a mild 
case of the “bends,” 

Those on board the Diane notice that Burke’s boots are covered with reddish dirt, 
presumably picked up when he stood on the object. A sample of the red dirt or film is later 
sent to the University of Washington for testing. The results were “inconclusive.” 

The group decides to return to shore in order to attend to Burke’s welfare, discuss the 
results of the mission, and check out the footage Burke shot with the video camera. 

Unfortunately, the film turns out to be blank, revealing nothing. 

= From an interview with Dominic Papetti, April 2005. 
* The Bellingham Herald, December 31, 1984. 
*° Ibid. 

Later that day, members of the expedition begin to believe that perhaps the divers were 

describing two different objects in two different locations. Although the divers dove on the 
same spot, their accounts of the object were largely divergent. And, as the bubbles rose from 

their air hoses, it appeared that the divers were in two separate locations. 

December 31, 1984... 

After an evening of heated discussion and acrimonious debate, John Walker is kicked 
off the recovery team. Another diver from Emerald Marine Service out of Seattle, J.R. 
Hoirup, takes his place. Hoirup and Burke again set sail for the splashdown spot aboard the 
Diane with Dominic Papetti at the helm. This time, the Diane’s depth finder detects nothing 
in the area where the target was located just the day before. Both Burke and Hoirup dive all 

around the vicinity, but to no avail. The object has apparently vanished. 

January 1-5, 1985... 

Wondering what happened to the recovery effort and the object it sought, businessman 
William Cummins—a longtime Lummi Island resident—starts asking questions around the 
Bellingham marina, which is home to hordes of fishing boats and pleasure craft of all kinds. 
Cummins discovers that several marine mechanics and fishermen reportedly witnessed a 
large vessel steam directly from the Seattle area to Lummi Island on the night of December 
30, 1984. These same witnesses recall the ship stopping off of Carter Point, where the object 
in question was originally sighted. The lights of the big ship could clearly be seen. 

Following this mysterious anchorage off the southern end of Lummi Island, the ship 
returns south, apparently sailing non-stop back to its destination. Nearly all the witnesses 
report that this ship belonged to NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric 

January 21, 1985... 

According to a letter from Donald Johnson," the Washington State Director of 
MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), diver Richard Burke is reportedly willing to undergo a 
polygraph examination. Efforts are initiated to raise funds for the lie detector test to be 
administered. As of this writing, it is unknown if the exam took place or what the results 

might have been. 
PART THREE: Conclusions, Questions, Theories... 
The fundamental facts of the Lummi Island Incident are as follows... 

In the early morning hours of July 27, 1984, a large object trailing fire and spening sparks splashed 
down approximately 1,000 to 1,500 yards off the southern end of Lummi Island, near the area known as 

4! See Plate 2. 


4'h Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Carter Point This is verified by numerous eyenitnesses whose descriptions of the event were undeniably 
congruent. The U.S. Coast Guard was so convinced that something had crashed into the waters of 
Bellingham Bay near Carter Point that it dispatched a vessel to reconnoiter the object’s point of entry that 
very night. This initial reconnaissance was followed the next morning up with a return visit to monitor 
radioactivity levels at the behest of Whatcom County Emergency Services. 

Based upon the evidence surrounding the event, certain conclusions can now be drann... 

Throughout the northern Puget Sound at the time, the weather was described as anything from 

“completely clear” to “clear with a few scattered clouds.” 

* Conclusion #1: It is very unlikely that this event can be attributed to any 
meteorological phenomenon, such as lightning. 
Further, no missing or disabled aircraft were reported or spotted in the region during the time of the 

event. No debris or crash residue was discovered during the Coast Guara’s search of the area. 

* Conclusion #2: This incident was not the result of the crash of any conventional 

Miktary (NAS Whidbey Island) and government (NORAD) tracking sources indicated no presence 
of orbital objects re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, planned or unplanned, at this particular place or point in 


* Conclusion #3: This incident was not the result of “space junk” burning up during 
re-entry around the area of Puget Sound. 
According to astronomical digests of the day, no major meteor showers were reported in the section of sky 

in question during the time of this event. 

* Conclusion #4: The possibility that this sighting and splashdown might be 
attributed to a standard astronomical occurrence (such as a meteorite) is negligible. 

No other major UFO activity was reported during the time or in the place of the event. 

* Conclusion #5: The Lummi Island Incident took place on a calm, clear, 
unremarkable summer night. There simply doesn’t seem to have been much action of any 
kind in the sky during this period of time in this particular place. 

According to the as-yet undisputed eyewitness testimony of the boat captain and divers involved in the 
private recovery mission, an object was subsequently found on the sea floor in precisely the spot indicated by the 

original sightine and splashdown. 
ons fos 5 

* Conclusion #6: We can presume with reasonable probability that the crew of the 

Diane did indeed locate the object that splashed down in Bellingham Bay. 


Both divers in the recovery mission, John Walker and Richard Burke, claim to have observed and stood 

upon something metallic which was apparently neither recognizable by the two veteran explorers nor 

indigenous to the sea floor. 

* Conclusion #7: An unknown physical object was discovered at this point in time in 
the exact area where an unidentified flying object had splashed down into Bellingham Bay 

some six months before. 

Still, a number of questions remain... 
Immediately prior to its splashdown, the mysterious object reportedly performed a bizarre “U-turn” 

maneuver. That is, it briefly flipped and reversed direction before plunging into the water. 

* Question #1: If, given the clarity of the night sky and the proximity of the 
witnesses to the event, this maneuver cannot be attributed to an optical illusion or trick of 
light, then can this strange dance be accounted for by any man-made or natural object 
following such a steep trajectory? 

During the recovery mission, divers Walker and Burke submitted significantly divergent descriptions of 
the object (or objects) they reconnoitered. Walker seems to describe something like an oversized 1980’s-style 
satellite dish, but with a rim around it and a clasp on one end. Burke’s description, on the other hand, 
sounds similar to a classic “flying saucer” configuration—an inverted teacup shape with some sort of hatch. 
In addition, those aboard the Diane claim that the bubbles surfacing from the two divers’ air hoses break the 

water's surface in two different places. 

* Question #2: Did divers Walker and Burke indeed dive upon two separate objects? 

Ai strange substance was found covering Richard Burke’s diving boots. 
io 3 o 

* Question #3: What was this mysterious material? 
In the short span of twenty-four hours, the olject(s) upon which the two divers had located and later 
described in detail had completely disappeared. The very next day after their amazing discovery, the crew of 

the Diane returned to the same spot and found nothing. 

* Question #4: How could the object(s), wedged into the bottom of Bellingham Bay, 

have disappeared literally overnight? 
Based on the evidence and eyewitness testimony surrounding the Lummi Island 
Incident, four theories regarding the event’s cause and outcome deserve 


The “Two-Objects” theory: Although only one projectile was seen streaking through 
the sky and splashing into Bellingham Bay, the findings of divers Walker and Burke would 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

appear to be at odds. And what about the mystery of the air bubbles? Walker and Burke 
apparently dove on the same spot only a short time apart, yet their air bubbles surfaced in 
different areas. Were there indeed two separate objects buried in the bay? 

It would seem highly unlikely that any such object that had survived re-entry into 
Earth’s atmosphere would simply break into two pieces as it collided with the surface of 
Bellingham Bay or as it sank down through the depths. Nor is there a high probability that 
the airborne object would have crashed into the bay and miraculously ended up right next to 
another sunken artifact similar in composition but variant in shape. Also, the Diane’s depth 
finder indicated only one discreet object. 

As for the distance between the divers’ air bubbles, the strong currents in that particular 
part of the bay could easily account for the two trails of bubbles beginning from roughly the 
same position (at different points in time), tugged by currents, traveling over 250 feet to the 
surface, and emerging far from each other. 

Apart from accomplishing little toward the goal of solving the mystery of the Lummi 
Island Incident, the Two-Object theory is simply not supported by evidence, logic, or 
probability. No, most likely John Walker and Richard Burke located and stood upon a single 
object. Seen from two distinct angles by two separate witnesses, it’s to be expected that the 
descriptions might differ markedly. Perhaps what Walker and Burke saw was something not 
of standard shape, but displaying variations from one side of the object to the other. In other 

words, it might not have had a uniform shape from stem to stern. 

The “Carried Away” theory: Is it possible that the mysterious object was taken, 
floated, or dragged away? It has long been assumed that the alleged NOAA vessel, which 
embarked on its odd mission in the middle of the night, somehow recovered the object and 
brought it back to base. This is an intriguing theory, supported by the timeline of the object’s 
unexplained disappearance. But there are some major difficulties with this hypothesis. 

First of all, if this object was a piece of space junk or orbital debris, how did it escape 
NORAD )’s notice? Or perhaps it was a secret (Soviet?) satellite’? or some super-classified, 
highly sensitive piece of equipment that the government didn’t want the public to know 
about. If that had been the case, then why wasn’t a recovery mission mounted immediately? 
This object was left in the depths of Bellingham Bay for several months, until a private 
retrieval team discovered it. Only then did the government apparently step in. 

Finally, the question remains: What, if anything, did the NOAA vessel find? With all the 
divers, chains, and cranes involved in bringing up an object of that size from 270 feet, it 
would surely have proved a prolonged and noisy effort. Witnesses reported seeing the lights 
of the ship, but there were no accounts of all the scramble and uproar of such an intense 

retrieval attempt. Had the object already vanished before the government vessel arrived? 

* The Zenit-4MKT FRAM series of Soviet reconnaissance satellites, launched frequently in the 
1970’s and 1980’s might be a likely candidate—see Plate 3 


Or maybe the object simply floated away. When Richard Burke stood on the object, 

could he have somehow managed to jar it loose, whereupon it was subsequently swept along 
by the strong currents in the region? Very doubtful, given the size of the object and the fact 
that it had been wedged into the sea floor for five months. 

Lastly, there was a rumor circulating that another fishing vessel had accidentally snagged 
the object in its net and dragged it to another location. But who would be drag-net fishing in 
the middle of winter, during the very early morning hours of New Year’s Eve? It would be 
extremely coincidental that some rogue fishing vessel just happened to grab the mysterious 
object and spirit it away during the very short 24-hour period in question. 

The “It Was All a Hoax” theory: If this was a hoax, it was a damn poor one. No photos 
or film (faked or genuine) were produced by anyone from the retrieval team. Nor was any 
hard evidence (manufactured or genuine) ever brought forth. No tall tales have been told, no 
bizarre claims have been made, no tell-all books have been written. In short, no one 
involved appears to have benefited, in terms of wealth or fame, from this unsolved mystery. 
All this despite the fact that everyone associated with the private mission made no secret of 
the fact that they were in it for the money. Presumably, it might have been in their financial 
interests to at least attempt some sort of hoax. But, in actual fact, virtually everyone caught 

up by the Lummi Island Incident remains genuinely puzzled by it to this very day. 

The “UFO” theory: It would seem that neither the original sighting of the object 
streaking into Bellingham Bay on July 27, 1984 nor the subsequent locating and 
reconnoitering of it on December 30, 1984 can be reasonably disputed. Given that none of 
the abovementioned theories seem to fully explain the enigma surrounding the Lummi 
Island Incident, might there be a non-traditional explanation? To be sure, much of the 
evidence and testimony regarding the events seems to defy the precepts of mainstream 
science while inviting unconventional answers. For instance... 

Why did the object, following its headlong descent toward Puget Sound, perform a 
bizarre flipping maneuver before entering the water? Did it require reorientation or a course 
correction before plunging into the bay? If so, does this indicate that it was an intelligently 
operated craft of some sort? Why did the object cause such a disturbance in the water for so 
long after it submerged? Was it venting something as it descended and came to rest? What 
about the humming sound or vibration that diver Richard Burke sensed? Might that again 
point toward a vehicle that was still “alive” or active? Why had no sea life attached itself or 
grown upon the object over a five-month period? If the strange substance covering Burke’s 
boots was of common terrestrial origin, why didn’t the test results from the University of 

’ or “red dirt”? Why couldn’t it be identified? 


Washington identify it as simply “rust, 
And finally, what really happened to this vexing thing? If it wasn’t carried away via any 
of the mundane means discussed above, then...what if, after having been discovered at long 

last, it simply left of its own accord? 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

True science is riddled with such “whys” and “what ifs.” That is as it should be. And the 
search to discover their meaning is what science ought to be all about. 

Dominic Papetti, who piloted his boat Diane during the private recovery mission, 
remains flummoxed by the entire affair. “Maybe something came out of the sky that wasn’t 
supposed to,” Papetti ponders. Now retired from commercial fishing, Papetti relates that for 
years after the incident, whenever he was headed out toward that perplexing spot between 
Lummi and Eliza Islands, he would invariably spend some time searching the area where the 
object splashed down. He’s still curious to know what happened to it, or, for that matter, 
what happened to the divers, the rust-colored film, the entire incident.*? 

“The object, the divers, everything just disappeared,” Papetti muses, “And that was the 

end of the journey.” Or perhaps, Dominic, it might just be the beginning. 
Appendix 1: CONTACT, The Center for Ontological Action. 

CONTACT hosts monthly meetings, featuring speakers and videos covering a wide 
range of topics of interest. In addition to these public gatherings, CONTACT offers a 
private support group for those who have experienced encounters with beings or energies 
from beyond the currently accepted paradigm of reality. If you are interested in either of 
these activities, or would simply like to receive updates regarding CONTACT’s events or 
related items, you are invited to join the CONTACT email list by getting in touch with the 
organization’s director at 

Here is CONTACT?’s mission statement: 

Since its inception (originally as “The Bellingham UFO Group”) in 1988, our gathering of fellow 
voyagers and seekers has studied a wide array of anomalous phenomena and intriguing theories. From 
Unidentified Flying Objects to Near Death Experiences, from Alternative Anthropology to Visionary 
Spirituality, from Hypnotherapy to Meditation, from Sasquatch to Chupacabra, from Earth to Mars, on 
and on... and beyond. 

The evidence has been and continues to be presented. The witnesses have been and continue to be heard. 
For those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, minds to think, and hearts to know, the verdict is in: 

We as a species are now — and have been throughout the ages — in contact with energies and beings from 
beyond from beyond our “normal” paradigm. Despite what we have been led to believe, the inevitable 
conclusion has now been reached: We are not alone. 

Given this conclusion, given these experiences and encounters, the question before us becomes, “What do 
we do now?” 

Tf, as events seem to suggest, we are being invited to evolve, then we must come into touch with who we 
are — as individuals and as a species — and what we are becoming. 

Ontology is the study of being. And, from this point forward, we will rededicate ourselves to the 

examination of how these experiences and encounters are affecting our very being. 

*° Op. cit., interview with Dominic Papetti. 


If — as individuals and as a species — we do not accept the challenge to welcome these contact experiences, 

to learn from them and move forward in a spirit of understanding and compassion, to expand our concept of 
reality, to become something new, then we will have failed our mission on this planet. 

For human beings are not meant to be spiritual slaves or existential puppets. To be human is to change, 
to grow, to become — to embrace our selves, others, and the world around us, all together on the wondrous 
wheel of life. Our task is to study this transition from human beings to human becomings. 

Come along with us as we accept this evolutionary invitation. Please join us in this quest. 

Together, we nill turn the wheel of life 

Appendix IT: Sources 

e The Bellingham Herald, various articles. 

e Cummins, William, personal interview. 

e Johnson, Donald A., State Director of the Mutual UFO Network (WA), letter to 
Ivan Harvard, January 21, 1985. 

e Klipsun, Western Washington University campus magazine, March 1985, “What 
Splashed Down Off Lummi Island?” by Leanna Bradshaw. Papetti, Dominic, 
various interviews. Saturday Oklahoman & Times, July 28, 1984, “Piece of 
Space Junk or Just a Fish Tale?” 

e United States Coast Guard, incident reports, July 27, 1984. 

e Weekly World News, April 30, 1985, “UFO Crash Mystery.” 

Plate 2: Letter from Donald A. Johnson to Ivan Harvard, courtesy Ivan Harvard and 
Doug Phillips. 

What splashed down in the waters of Puget Sound just off the coast of Lummi Island, 
Washington, in the summer of 1984? 

What was discovered during the subsequent retrieval efforts that following winter? 

What happened to the puzzling object that witnesses saw streaking into Bellingham 
Bay...that experienced divers located and stood upon...that a government agency attempted 
to retrieve? 

Follow along with the eyewitness testimony, news accounts, and official Coast Guard 

reports as we attempt to unravel the mystery of 

About the Author... 

Matthew Edward Thuney was born in Bethesda, Maryland (where alien bodies were 
allegedly hidden following the crash of a spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico); raised partly in 
Pennsylvania (attending Valley Forge Elementary School, one of the most pivotal sites of the 
greatest revolution in modern history); and moved to California with his family in the early 

Sixties (enough said?). 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Matthew studied psychology at Texas Christian University, comparative religions and 
anthropology at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and began training for the | 
Episcopal ministry at Yale University Divinity School. 

He currently works as a print manager, freelance journalist, and Director of CONTACT 
(The Center for Ontological Action). 

Matthew lives and writes in northwest Washington, in the loving company of his long- 

suffering wife Donna. 

Photo by Donna Thuney 

Published by: 

CONTACT Publishing 

P.O. Box 28983 Bellingham, WA 98228-0983 Voice/Fax 360.752.1824 

For further information, questions, comments, or additional observations concerning 
the events discussed in this publication, please contact the publisher or email the author at 


The Bigelow Foundation: 
Historical Review October 1992 — April 1994 

Dr. Angela Thompson! 
Copyright 2006 Dr. Angela Thompson 


Prior to the Bigelow Chair in Consciousness Studies at the University of Nevada Las 
Vegas (UNLV), before the Consciousness Research Laboratory at UNLV, and before the 
National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) in Las Vegas, there was the Bigelow 
Foundation *, 

During the summer of 1992, I had a telephone conversation with Nevada hotel 
developer Robert Bigelow and we discussed my going to work for him and his new 
Foundation. Bigelow proposed setting up a Chair of Anomalies Research at the University of 
Nevada, Las Vegas. His goal was to set up a laboratory at the university to coordinate with 
the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory at Princeton University, 
to replicate their human-computer interaction and remote perception work. Having worked 
at PEAR for five years **, I was to be the liaison between the two labs and would travel 
between Nevada and New Jersey. 

However, this plan was never put into action and my role at the Foundation took a 
different and interesting turn. Bigelow was interested in many other areas of anomalies 
research including UFOs, abductions, and crop circles and it was these areas that we 
investigated when I joined the Foundation as Research Coordinator in 1992. 

In preparation for my position, I attended the annual Mutual UFO Network 
Symposium in Albuquerque, NM and interacted with the speakers included Linda Moulton- 
Howe, Dick Haines, Jacques Vallee, Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins and many others. 
Specific topics ranged from UFO sightings, foreign research, physiological effects, 
abductions, MJ-12, and crop circles. Bigelow was later to fund many of these organizations 
and projects. 

During the time that I was preparing to relocate to Nevada my UFO abduction 
research was continuing °. There was the likelihood of human surveillance during this time. 1 
returned from a trip to California to find a device on my bookshelf, obviously forgotten by 
someone. I took the device in to an electronics expert who identified it as the plastic cover 
for a microchip. The company, Tetrad, produced microchips for covert surveillance. It was 

an eye-opening experience. 

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

The Bigelow Foundation 

In August of 1992, | finally met with Robert Bigelow at the Annual Parapsychology 
Meeting in Las Vegas. We visited departments at UNLV, and networked with colleagues 
from the nursing and mathematics departments. October 1°, 1992 marked my first official 
day working for Robert Bigelow and the Bigelow Foundation, The Foundation was a 
foundation in name only and was never officially established as a non-profit. This puzzled 
me as part of the role of the Foundation was to provide funding for research groups and 
individuals. Robert Bigelow did fund a great many people but the funding decisions were his. 
Sometimes people called with unusual ideas that they wanted the Foundation to fund, such 
as UFO novelty ideas and toys. One man wanted to open a UFO Pizza Parlor: someone else 
wanted to set up a UFO and futuristic theme park. In general, though, most of the proposals 
were well thought out and practical. 

There were speculations aired on the Internet, during my stay at the Foundation and 
following, that Robert Bigelow had been funneling “Black Budget” money through the 

Foundation to UFO and other researchers. However, I never saw any evidence of this 

The Library 

My first task at the Bigelow Foundation was to establish a library at the Bigelow HQ 
on South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas. The Foundation was located within a mock Tudor 
mansion that was originally designed as a home but eventually turned into the Bigelow 
Holding Company offices. The Holding Company was the management company for Robert 
Bigelow’s hotel development and management group. The house was elegant and spacious 
and I was allocated an office on the ground floor. The library eventually held a large 
collection of books on topics related to alternative health, the UFO and abduction fields, 
and paranormal (psi) topics; it was catalogued and open to serious researchers. A collection 
of papers was also begun containing research reports, conference proceedings, letters and 
other interesting papers from the psi, UFO, and alternative health fields. 

The Roper Report 

Prior to my working at the Foundation, Robert Bigelow, along with another donor, 
worked with several researchers to conduct a Roper Poll into unusual personal experiences. 
The Poll surveyed nearly six thousand adults® and dealt with the relationships between 
unusual personal experiences and “UFO abduction experiences.” The report was mailed by 
the Bigelow Foundation to over one hundred thousand psychiatrists, psychologists and 
other mental health professionals. When I started at the Foundation, health professionals 
and experiencers were already contacting us for further information and referrals. The 
Foundation had established a list of professional referrals and received numerous calls for 
assistance from therapists and experiencers. 

The Report was initiated by Dr. John Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard 

Medical School; Ron Westrum, Professor of Sociology at Eastern Michigan University; 


The Bigelow Foundation 

David Jacobs, Professor of History at Temple University in Pennsylvania; John Carpenter, 
psychotherapist; and Budd Hopkins, artist and abduction researcher. According to the 
Roper Report, the surveys concerned the relationship between unusual personal experiences 
and what the researchers called the “UFO abduction syndrome”. 

Interestingly, a proportion of executive/professional and white collar workers 
reported more mental events than other occupational levels. This group, identified by the 
Roper Organization as the Influential Americans, reported the greatest number of OBE 
events. This group also answered positively to four or more of five key indicator questions in 
the Poll suggesting that they may possibly have had other anomalous experiences. 

The Roper Report generated a great deal of criticism from the scientific community. 
However, the figures stand by themselves to indicate that not only do a great number of 
people experience paranormal experiences, but that the number increases with education 
level and social activity. This contradicts the popular idea that people who have these 

unusual experiences are uneducated and socially gullible. 

Mental Health Seminars 

During November, 1992 I flew with Robert Bigelow to Los Angeles where we took 
part in a one-day conference for mental health professionals regarding unusual personal 
experiences. About 150 psychologists, psychiatrists, and others attended. Prof. David Jacobs, 
Budd Hopkins, and John Carpenter gave presentations and Prof. Michael Swords officiated. 
This was the first conference of its type, specifically targeted at mental health professionals 
and there was great interest in the topic. Several more seminars of this type took place in the 
early years of the Foundation and included such speakers as David Jacobs and Dr. John 
Mack. Later the Foundation heard that Prof. John Mack had received a very large grant from 
the Rockefeller Foundation to hold a conference, and Prof. Mack was looking for matching 
grants. John Mack’s group planned to look for alternative explanations to the abduction 
experience and to focus on the intercultural and spiritual dimensions of the experience. The 
group planned to invite many of the world’s religious and spiritual leaders to a conference in 
Washington, DC. Unfortunately, Mack’s untimely death put an end to his continued 


Field Research in Nevada 
Some of the most fascinating aspects of the research side of the Bigelow Foundation 
were trips north of Las Vegas, in the fall of 1992 and spring of 1993, to small rural towns 
such as Caliente and Pioche. We interviewed people about their UFO experiences and made 
many interesting contacts. We decided to conduct a “snowball” sociological study, 
guaranteeing that no names would be used, and asking each person to recommend us to 
other witnesses. At first people were very reluctant to talk but we assured them that we were 

not reporters or from the government. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

The interviews were very interesting. For example, there was a local cafe owner and 
her husband who reported that, several months previously, they saw a huge, black, triangular 
craft fly silently down the canyon and over the town. The craft was accompanied by two 
military helicopters. The sighting was repeated every night at the same time, with such 
regularity that the woman and her husband brought out lawn chairs, every evening, to watch 
the flights. Other townspeople had seen the same black, triangular craft flying low over the 
valleys between Caliente and Pioche. We also heard from another woman who reported 
seeing a similar black, triangular craft flying low over Caliente. She said that it was as big as 
the hotel that it was flying over. She was with a group of three other people when the 
sighting occurred. However, we were suspicious that what these people might be seeing was 
advanced terrestrial technology that was being tested at the nearby Nevada Test Site. 
Another couple told us about craft landings near their coral that scared the horses. The 

number of experiences seemed out of proportion for such small rural towns. 

Nevada Test Site Visit 

During the early part of 1993, Robert Bigelow and I joined a group from UNLV to 
visit the Nevada Test Site. Many people do not know that Robert Bigelow has been a major 
financial donor at UNLV and has financed several programs in the university including the 
School of Nursing Studies and the Bigelow Physics Building. When I joined the Foundation, 
the School of Nursing was about to receive a gift of equipment from the Department of 
Energy’s Nevada Test Site. 

There has been much speculation that certain areas of the Test Site, such as Area 51 
and S2, house alien craft that have been back-engineered to aid human technology. 
However, the parts of the Test Site that we visited were not anywhere near these 
controversial areas. Because we were a University-sponsored group we were given special 
privileges and shown many areas of the Test Site that are off-limits to the general public. We 
visited many of the labs, one of which contained a total body radiation counter, we lunched 
at the Mercury staff restaurant, and watched videos of the early, underground bomb tests. It 
was impressive to see the ground rippling and the eventual cave-in of the blast holes. During 
the afternoon we visited the P Tunnels, which were managed by military personnel, where 
devices had been blasted with radiation to test their effectiveness. Later we went to Sedan 
Crater which was mind-boggling in its depth. The crater was blasted out to test the nuclear 
potential for peaceful engineering projects. Lastly, as the light was waning, we visited 
Frenchman’s Flat where the first above-ground nuclear tests were conducted. It was all 
intriguing and fascinating yet unsettling. In later years I] was again offered the opportunity to 
visit the test Site, with planned Family Day visits, but never saw as much as we did that day 
with UNLV. 


The Bigelow Foundtion 

UFO Field Detectors 
Since starting work with the Bigelow Foundation, I was invited to many sky watches, 
especially around Blue Diamond, just outside Las Vegas. David Smith, whom I had met right 
after I joined the Foundation ” accompanied me on the trips. David was asked by Robert 
Bigelow to construct several UFO detectors. As Dave worked for an engineering company 
with government contracts, he had to do this in his own time. Subsequently David 
constructed two small devices that could detect certain frequencies. The rationale for these 

Aeronautics Journal.” There was a 

frequencies came from an article in the Astronautics and 
reference to certain frequencies that had been associated with UFO sightings: 

“EMC reconnaissance operator #2 of Lacey 17, RB-47H aircraft, intercepted at 
approximately Meridian, Mississippi, a signal with the following characteristics: frequency 
2995 mc to 3000 mc; pulse width of 2.0 microseconds; pulse repetition frequency of 600 cps; 
sweep rate of r rpm; vertical polarity. Signal moved rapidly up the D/F scope indicating a 
rapidly moving signal source.” 

The skeptics claim that there are no physical traces of UFOs, especially radar or 
electromagnetic readings, but this article claimed otherwise. However, to my knowledge, 
David’s devices were never used as Robert Bigelow then believed that UFOs communicated 

using a form of semaphore or Morse code. 

The Skinwalker Ranch and Others 

In 2005 a book by Kelleher and Knapp, The Hunt for the Skinwalker “ was 
published. It reported on a scientific study of a ranch that Bigelow had been interested in for 
some time. Back in March of 1993, the Foundation received some information about 
another ranch, about fifty miles north of Pioche, where there had been reports of UFO 
sightings. The ranch was, historically, the site of many gunfights and early deaths. One of 
the ranch occupants told interesting stories of UFO sighting. He and his partner were in 
their pick-up truck one night and saw unusual lights that drew their attention. They saw 
seven lights in a boomerang configuration. The two men thought that each light was an 
individual object and that all the lights moved in unison. The colors were off-white and 
yellow-white. The men estimated that the lights were about a football field distance; there 
was no noise and no static on their radio. Later, they had another sighting of several lights 
over a dry lake bed. The lights were moving erratically and kicking up a lot of dust from the 
lake bed. A third sighting was of a single light that seemed to dart up and down above a 

Robert Bigelow and NIDS were later to buy a similar ranch in Utah that was 
showing very similar events and sent the NIDS team in to investigate. My group, the Nevada 
Remote Viewing Group provided three remote viewing projects towards the investigation. 
The investigation of the ranch by the NIDS team provided the material for Kelleher and 
Knapp’s book. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

Animal Mutilation Studies 

In the fall of 1992, when we visited the Nevada Test Site, someone in the group 
asked a question about whether cattle had been ranched at the Test Site during the nuclear 
tests. We were told that there had been cattle at the Test Site and various parts of the 
animals were removed when they died. The rest was barbequed! We were told that there 
were no longer test cattle at the Test Site. However, multiple, unusual cattle deaths, called 
cattle mutilations, had been occurring all over the country, including the counties 
surrounding the Test Site. It seemed that many of these unusual cattle deaths have occurred 
near military and government installations. 

Robert Bigelow was adamant that the cattle mutilations were solely the result of 
extraterrestrial interference with the cattle. He would not envisage any other explanation. | 
preferred to keep an open mind. His argument was that we had no technology that could 
account for the cauterized cuts and open wounds on these animals, or if we did, it would be 
too heavy to carry out into the field. Since then I have seen devices in engineering magazines 
regarding portable medical technologies. For example, Phillips Laboratories, located at 
Kirtland AFB, in New Mexico have developed a device called the Medpen. It is described as 
follows on an agricultural website: "” 

“Doctors and paramedics on the battlefield or at the scene of an emergency such as a 
highway accident will one day be able to cut and cauterize wounded patients with the laser 
Medical Pen, developed by the Air Force’s Phillips Laboratory. The Medpen, as it’s also 
known, is about 12 inches long and less than an inch in diameter, and weighs one pound. 

The 5-watt device is powered by 3-volt lithium batteries.” 

Fyffe Alabama Mutilations 

In April, 1993, Mr. Bigelow asked me to travel to Huntsville, Alabama to follow up 
on some UFO sightings and cattle mutilations that have been happening in the area. It 
seemed that over thirty animals had been found dead, at various times, in pastures around 
Fyffe, AL, with various internal and external organs missing. The incisions on these animals 
exhibited patterns like precise surgical cutting. In many of the cases there has been evidence 
of extremely high heat at the tissue incisions. 

While in Alabama, I met a couple of local newspaper owners, the Bakers, who had 
reported extensively on the UFO flap over Fyffe, Alabama, and a local policeman, Ted 
Oliphant, who was investigating the sightings. 1 spent most of the first evening at the home 
of the newspaper reporters and saw some of their video footage of local cattle mutilations. 
The footage was quite graphic, the cattle missing udders and genitalia and other parts of their 

After the visit with the Bakers, when we reached Fyffe, we stopped at the local police 
station where Ted Oliphant was on duty. We found Ted and he opened up the nearby 
Community Center so that we would have a place to meet and talk. Ted was initially 

suspicious of my interest but said he had already checked me out through the police station 


The Bigelow Foundtion 

and by talking with mutual colleagues. After we had talked for a while he opened up and 
talked very frankly about the UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and abductions that were 
happening in Alabama. 

During my initial interactions with the local folk, I was able to confirm my initial 
impressions that the locality and characteristics at Fyffe closely matched those of Caliente, 
Nevada, where Mr. Bigelow and I| had heard similar tales of mutilations. 

On my last day of my residence at the Lake Gunterville Lodge I had a rare UFO 
sighting. From the balcony of my room | saw a large, round, red and white light rise up 
vertically. It appeared to rise vertically out of the lake. It did not wink with strobe lights and 
soon disappeared into the clouds. 

Remote Viewing 

It is interesting that Robert Bigelow did not seem very involved in the remote 
viewing field although he did ask me once to remote view Area 51. What I perceived then 
drew and modeled were craft with curved backs and half circle bodies. Bigelow also turned 
down funding requests during this time from some very prominent remote viewing leaders. 

Consequences of Contact with a UFO 

During this time, Bigelow, Dave and I were concerned about how things would be 
handled if we actually were to have contact with a UFO. Would there be any consequences, 
either from the occupants or from the government? I was browsing the MUFON Bulletin 
Board System on the Internet and came across a Law that was passed back in 1982, called 
the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law '' It seems that on October 5, 1982, Dr. Brian T. Clifford 
of the Pentagon announced at a press conference that contact between U.S. citizens and 
extraterrestrials or their vehicles is “strictly illegal.’ It seems that this law was originally 
intended to apply to astronauts returning from space flights. Anybody found guilty of such 

“The NASA administrator is empowered to determine with or without a hearing that a 
person or object has been ‘extraterestrially exposed’ and impose an indeterminate quarantine 
under armed guard, which could not be broken even by court order. There is no limit placed 
on the number of individuals who could thus be arbitrarily quarantined. The definition of 
‘extraterrestrial exposure’ is left entirely up to the NASA administrator.” 

This legislation was buried in the 1,211th subsection of the 14" section of a batch of 
regulations and very few members of government probably bothered to read in its entirety. 
It was the proverbial “needle in a haystack” and was slipped onto the books without public 

Research Assistance 
Also, in the spring of 1993, Robert Bigelow asked to go to Manhattan, NY, to visit 
with Budd Hopkins, to help him with his Intruders Foundation '. Since Budd’s recent illness 
and travels he had got behind with much of the Foundation work. Budd is an artist and 

writer who was the first researcher to work with UFO abductees and use hypnosis to 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

uncover their experiences. He has written several books on the topic and conducted public 
surveys. Consequently, he had been inundated with mail. I considered it a privilege to work 
with Budd and viewed him as a mentor. 

During the two weeks that I spent with Budd I helped him respond to over one 
hundred pieces of mail from his backlog. Responses usually included a reprint of 
information and, if possible, a referral. We made a big dent in his backlog. During the week 
Budd and I worked on his extensive card file and 1 helped him type papers and book 

During my stay Budd traveled to Chicago to meet with the “Third Man’, a dignitary 
who, with two government agents, had witnessed a NY woman being abducted from her 
12" floor, Manhattan apartment building. Budd shared the name of the individual with me 
and showed me pictures of him in recent magazines. However, I promised Budd that | 
would not share the Third Man’s identity with anybody until that individual had agreed. 
Budd met with the Third Man in Chicago’s O’Hare airport and conveyed letters from him 
and the NY woman, plus a videotape. These were accepted by the Third Man, without 

question, thus establishing his identity. 

Area 2000 Radio Show 

In the summer of 1993, Robert Bigelow and I met with Art Bell who had a weekly 
radio show located down on Main Street, Las Vegas. Also present at the meeting was 
George Knapp and, later, Linda Howe joined the project. The idea was that Robert Bigelow 
would fund a radio program, running for two hours on Sunday evenings, called Area 2000. 
This program became the forerunner of Bell’s Coast to Coast. The first broadcast took place 
on July 4", 1993, with Dr. John Alexander as the first invited guest. I know it was July 4 
because I took a portable radio and earphones to the fireworks demonstration at the Las 
Vegas Silver Bow] to listen to the show! 

During the week, I would scour the Internet and news-cutting services for interesting 
guests and stories for George Knapp to read on the show. Linda Moulton Howe also 
appeared weekly with current animal mutilation news. At the time the Fyffe, Alabama 
mutilations were very prominent. My job was also to contact interesting guests for Art to 
interview on the show. The weekly guest was interviewed on Sunday night, over the 
telephone, by Art Bell with George and Linda providing newsbreaks. A local company, 
Quantum Software, (which is no longer in business) developed audiotape copies of the 
shows for sale to the public. 

The list of guests ran the gamut: John Alexander, Linda Moulton Howe, Brian 
O'Leary, lan Stevenson, Budd Hopkins, Walter Uphoff, Bruce Maccabee, Raymond Moody, 
David Jacobs, John Carpenter, Michael D. Swords, Stanton D. Friedman, Brian L. Weiss, 
Richard F. Haines, George Knapp, Don Berliner, Walt Andrus, Yvonne Smith, Richard C. 
Hoagland, Raymond Fowler, Ray Boeche, Stanley McDaniel, Chad Deekin, Bruce Goldberg, 

Andrija Puharich and Jim Marrs. From time to time, speakers would provide copies of their 


The Bigelow Foundtion 

books and an announcement would be made “on air’ that the first five callers the next 
morning would receive a free copy. The phones rang off the hook on Monday mornings! 

In February Robert Bigelow announced that he would be discontinuing his funding 
of the show. He had decided that it would be too difficult to get another six months of 
speakers, even though I had a whole roster of potential and available speakers available. We 
had several weeks of angry listeners phoning the Foundation when this announcement was 
made. There were many speculations about why the show had closed down, for example that 
some branch of the government had shut down the show. Perhaps it was becoming too 
popular! Art Bell, who had been hosting the show decided to carry on under another name, 
Coast to Coast, from his Pahrump, Nevada studio. There was a great audience following the 
show and he wanted to syndicate across the country. Robert Bigelow was not too happy 
with this idea. His objections were that people would still associate the show with the 
Foundation, that Art would not get quality guests for the show, and that the quality of the 
show would suffer. Art did well and all that was needed was a change of name and an initial 

disclaimer. Despite its short run Area 2000 was a great adventure. 

Strange Happenings 

One of the goals of the radio show, Area 2000, was to invite the public to call the 
Foundation with accounts of their personal experiences. This was moderately successful and 
it brought us into contact with some fascinating people. We had a fair share of fanatics, 
psychotics and people on the “fringe of the fringe” but overall the calls were from average 
people. These individuals had some weird and wonderful experiences and usually wanted to 
share them with someone who will listen with an open, non-judgmental ear. We followed up 
quite a few UFO sightings around the country. Many of the people having sightings were 
often seeing satellites going over or very bright planets but others had seen the huge, black, 
triangular craft that have also been observed in Europe. 

The radio show brought in many local folks from Las Vegas and the surrounding 
areas that had interesting stories to relate. The scariest person I met was a listener to Area 
2000 who brought his gun to the office! He sat opposite me and, when he opened up his 
briefcase, there was the biggest revolver I had ever seen. “Does it make you nervous?” he 
asked. I wondered how I should respond. So I replied “Well, 1 respect your right to have a 
weapon but I would prefer that you keep it behind your chair while we talk.” So, he carefully 
placed it behind his seat while we continued our discussion. I realized that this is the south 
west but Las Vegas, in many respects, is still the Wild West! 

Men in Black (MIBs) 

Then there were the people who reported experiences with Men in Black (MIBs). 
One local resident, seven years previous to the show, had a MIB walk across her patio, 
return back across the patio, then disappear. Another lady in Reno saw a total of nine 
oriental-looking MIBs while waiting at an Australian airport. She says that she may have had 

missing time, too. She asked me “How could I have spent three hours just writing 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

postcards?” Generally, 1 was able to reassure people that they were not alone in their 
experiences. | was also able to send them information, give them book lists, or refer them to 
support groups, if that is what they requested. Mostly, all they wanted was for someone to 

listen to their experience! 


At the time of the dissolution of Area 2000, before Bigelow or I could discuss it with 
anybody else, I got a call from an anonymous “listener” who asked about the show closing 
in mid-February! I asked him how he knew about the show closing and he said “You told 
me when we last talked.” I denied this and said that he was mistaken as I had not discussed 
the closing with anybody. During the twenty minute phone call he basically interrogated me 
about the show and the Foundation. He said that he was head of another “Foundation that 
studied human potential” and he was very skilled at questioning. 1 decided to go along with 
his questioning, being honest, without being indiscreet. At one point he asked “....[f you 
were to find out some information that would prove UFOs were real, would you put it on 
the air?” I told the caller that putting such information on the air wasn’t my decision to make 
but I would discuss it with a few key people in the UFO field. He seemed satisfied at that. 

The mysterious caller and I also talked about Hoagland’s Area 2000 interview and 
said that he was dismayed that Hoagland was making predictions about the date the Mars 
Explorer would come back on line. This was a very strange call and one that made me 
suspect that the Foundation’s activities and phone lines are not as private as we thought! 
Another remark, that this caller made, confirmed my suspicions. The caller referred to a 
publication on the Mathematics of the Face on Mars. '* The Foundation had been sent a 
copy by the author, McDaniels. The caller remarked that he had a fully bound version, not 
the ring bound version that we had in our files! How did he know what we had in our files? 

In the fall of 1993, I had a phone call from a local psychotherapist who expressed an 
interest in working with abductees using hypnosis therapy. He came round to the 
Foundation office, several times, and we exchanged some audio and video segments on 
UFO shows. At the third visit, he let slip that he had a brother in the military, “back east” 
who had some information that there were several members of the infamous MJ12 about to 
retire. He seemed to want to tickle my interest with the information but would give me no 
more information. He also mentioned that he also had some friends who were working for 
the CIA. However, it seems that everybody in the UFO field knows somebody who is 
connected to the CIA! 

At the next visit he leaned forward in his chair and asked “If someone wanted to 
give some information to the public, about UFOs and the aliens, without panicking them, 
how best could this be done?” My reply was that the information should be given to several 
top UFO researchers, who were very professional in their dealings with the public, and let 
the information “trickle down”, until it was accepted into general knowledge base of the 

population. The therapist leaned forward again and said “ through your radio show?” I 


The Bigelow Foundtion 

said “Maybe.” However, the next time he came by he didn’t want to talk about his ideas but 
said he was off to Virginia to see his brother. I worried, at the time that the “information” 
might turn out to be disinformation but he never brought up the subject again! The therapist 
continued his contact for several years after I left the Foundation and still sends a Christmas 

card every year! 

Physical Evidence 

Occasionally, interesting experiencers visited the Foundation office, such as a man 
who had a possible implant behind his ear. He told me that, about ten years before, he had 
an emergency surgery on his nose at a VA hospital in Loma Linda, California. The doctor 
operated and placed a piece of “something” behind his ear. He told the patient that it was a 
piece of cartilage. The patient showed me the area behind his ear and there was a very 
distinct, triangular, hard shape of “something” underneath the skin. He said that he had tried 
to locate his medical records from that surgery but they had gone missing. Since the surgery 
he has had many abduction-type experiences and often wondered if he had received an 
implant. He had worked all over the world, studied shamanism, and worked with 
conservation groups in Central America. It is interesting that his surgery took place at the 
Loma Linda VA hospital in California, where others have claimed to have had anomalous 
experiences and received possible implants. Loma Linda is also the location of a group 
which has conducted research on microwave effects on human physiology and behavior. “ 

There is a bar in Caliente, NV that has a chunk of aluminum alloy that is incredibly 
light. It is about two and a half inches thick and four inches square. It has been analyzed but 
the results were inconclusive. It is discolored on one side and has a bubble effect. Dave and 
I had visited this bar and handled the material. The finder was hunting deer, about twelve 
years ago, near Bend, Oregon. He was hunting in an area of lodge pole pines, which were 
growing closely packed together. He came to a clearing where he noticed that the tops of the 
trees had been broken off at a forty-five degree angle. He looked around the area but could 
not find anything to account for the damage. Then he sat down on a bed of pine needles and 
sat on the chunk of alloy! He made a guess that the area had been searched but the chunk 

was missed as it was hidden by the pine needles. 

Alternative Health Research 

Robert Bigelow has always been interested in the alternative health field as well as 
UFOs. In 2003 he funded research at UNLV to study adjunct modalities for cancer 
treatments. One of these studies had patients listening to taped reassurance messages from 
their physician while they underwent chemotherapy. Bigelow was also interested in healing 
and brought in speakers to special UNLV presentations including: Larry Dossey, Barbara 
Dossey and Janet Quinn. These were videotaped under the UNLV Alternative Health 
Lecture Series. During that same year, Robert Bigelow financed several UNLV nurses, 

lecturers and me to attend a conference on alternative health at Hilton Head Island, NC. 


4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference 

This conference tied in nicely with the UNLV lecture series and provided several speakers 
for Area 2000. 

Mediumship Research 

Robert Bigelow was also interested in life after death, having suffered a major family 
tragedy prior to working with him. He hired Barbie Taylor, a clinical psychologist, to 
conduct research. Her role was to locate quality mediums that Robert Bigelow could contact. 
I was also asked to conduct a study of mediums which asked how they became mediums, 
how they described their experiences, and how they practiced their abilities. This was 
fascinating as we had a couple of hundred responses, many from Lillydale, NY, a well- 
known town which hosts many mediums. What struck me was the ordinariness of these 
people with extraordinary abilities! The mediums were of all ages and backgrounds. 
Interestingly, many of them had suffered a life-threatening illness, accident or event that 

precipitated their mediumship abilities. 

Moving On 

In the spring of 1994, Robert Bigelow’s interests moved on to other areas and | 
decided to leave the Foundation to continue working on my Ph.D. and my writing. The 
Foundation was able to provide a base for future groups that were initiated by Robert 
Bigelow: the Bigelow Chair in Consciousness Studies at UNLV, the Consciousness Research 
Laboratory also at UNLV, and the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). It was 
an exciting and stimulating time. Today, Robert Bigelow has initiated civilian forays into 
space with the Bigelow Aerospace Company in North Las Vegas and moves forward with 
his creative ideas. One of the recurring questions that I was asked is “Was Robert Bigelow 
working for the government?” During my stay at the Foundation there was never any overt 
evidence for this but it was obvious that the Foundation was under surveillance and perhaps 

some level of government involvement. 

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